King of Dragons

Chapter 4

Rating: PG-13-R

Author: Moonchild DJ

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Another day came, and Mokuba, leaning over his brother anxiously, was thrilled to see those intense blue eyes open again. He beamed at his older brother, as the brunette slowly sat up, kneeling in front of him. "I knew it! I knew you would make it through, after I saw what he did!" he crowed happily.

Seth blinked at him blearily, rubbing his eyes with a low groan. "What are you talking about, little brother?" he murmured, reaching out to tousle the boy's hair. He wasn't sure what he was babbling about, but something had both him and Yuugi excited, so he looked from one to the other, quirking a brow.

Mokuba bounced in place, then pointed to his side, where a just-waking-up Katsu opened his eyes, curled at his side. "Katsu helped you! He healed you! Yuugi and I saw it with our own eyes! He took the poison in you and made you better!"

Seth blinked again, his eyes widening as he understood, glancing down at the blond seer as he got to his feet. A frown furrowed his forehead, the air ruffling the tousled mahogany hair as he considered him. "Why? Why did you do this?" he asked in confusion. Gods knew that the blond would be better off without him.

Katsu smiled softly up at him, raising a hand up to push his hair back from his eyes. "The people need you." he replied simply. Seth shook his head.

"The people aren't my concern. Mokuba, getting back home, is."

"The people and you share the same problem. Pega'asus. You're the only one who can stop him." And despite the poison nearly killing him, he knew the High Priest would be that much harder to defeat, with the blood of a dragon coursing through his veins. Pega'asus would have his hands full.


Pega'asus' men kept an eye out for the returning falcon, and once it had winged its way back to the palace, it was taken immediately to the silver-haired man, who was in conference with his army and its leaders in the throne room.

He grinned when he saw the bird, taking the message it carried quickly into his hands. "Finally. The High Priest is dead." he murmured triumphantly, opening the note. Only to have the pendant of the Eye, which what he wore--what O'toogi wore--tumble into his hand. Amber eyes widened, then narrowed to slits before clutching the pendant in his hand. O'toogi was gone..and so were his men. Damn the High Priest to the seven hells and back again. He would pay. He would make sure of it. Fury, mixed with sadness, twisted in his soul as he clenched the pendant from the High Priest.

"Is everything all right, sire?" One of the men asked, and he turned around, smiling grimly as he took a seat on his throne.

"Everything is fine. In fact, everything is going as planned. We will hold a celebration soon, to honor our victory over our enemy, when we will take all." he replied calmly, as if nothing was out of order. No need for them to know things had turned awry.

"Your pardon, sire, but the seer is always present for our meetings." One officer murmured hesitantly. "Where is he?"

Amber eyes narrowed again, and he crossed his hands, steeping the fingers before his chin as he glowered at the man. "He is presently indisposed." he replied calmly, his demeanor just a hair shy of exploding.

"Nothing serious, I hope?"

"If it was serious, you would know about it, now wouldn't you?" Pega'asus snapped, glaring at the man. "Now, go!"

When the men had left, he balled his fists, growling. "Taunting me, are you? You have him, but I'll get him back. And you, High Priest, will suffer for all the trouble you've caused me. I'll make sure of it."


Once it was certain that everyone was safe, the ragtag group again resumed their travels through the sun and sand, until a sudden explosion and a puff of smoke startled them, followed by a soot-covered young man crawling out of the dunes.

"It works! I told Yaami it would! All it needed was some salt..and the desert's full of it.." he muttered, glancing up. He beamed and started towards them. "Katsu! Mokuba! You're safe!" he cried, taking Katsu's hands in his, smiling at the blond's shy grin.

Seth felt a dart of jealousy jolt through him at the chocolate eyes smiling at Katsu, then shook himself out of it before quirking a brow at the soot-covered brunette, then at Mokuba.

"Oh! That's right, you don't know him, he came after you left, big brother." The boy smiled at the brunette, then at Seth. "Big brother, this is Hyonna, the palace's scientist and 'magician'. Hyonna, this is my big brother, the High Priest, Seth."

Hyonna kissed Katsu's hands affectionately, winking when the blond flushed, then bowed to Seth. "An honor to meet you finally, High Priest. Mokuba speaks highly of you."

Seth tamped down another swirl of jealousy and quirked a brow again at Hyonna before tousling Mokuba's hair. "Does he now?"

Hyonna nodded, then blinked at the other addition to the group, his eyes widening at the tiny street urchin. "Pharaoh? Is that you?" he gasped. "What are you doing out of the palace, and how did you get here?"

Yuugi blinked and looked around, sure that he was speaking to someone else, then pointed to himself. "Me? I'm not a Pharaoh!" he protested.

The dark-eyed brunette blinked as Katsu smirked. "I see you noticed it, too. His name's Yuugi, he was in the city of Pega'asus' palace. He's not related to Yaami, though he sure looks it, doesn't he?"

Hyonna nodded, stunned at the sight of the near-twin to the Pharaoh. "Amazing.." he murmured, then smiled at them. "Would any of you happen to have some water? When the Pharaoh sent me out here for tests, I forgot my water sack." he replied sheepishly as he rubbed his neck.

Seth smirked and waved an empty water sack. "Fresh out. But there's an oasis nearby, you can get water there." he replied, then begame to lead the way again with their new addition. When they'd reached the lush paradise, he allowed himself a small smile at Mokuba and Yuugi splashing each other at the water's edge, glimpsing the golden-haired seer out of the corner of his eyes kneel down gracefully at the edge and cup water into his hands.

"Do you think it's safe to drink?" Katsu asked hesitantly as he peered down at the liquid. He gasped and shielded his face when Hyonna whooped and cannonballed into the water. Seth rolled his eyes and wiped off his face, smirking at the grinning blond.

"It isn't, now." he replied dryly. Something in his heart flip-flopped when Katsu laughed, lowering his head to drink from his cupped hands. He watched the seer quietly, crossing his arms for a moment over his chest, then kneeled down beside him to fill up the water pack, enjoying the simple comradery between them that had sprung up from the time he'd healed him. He watched the little droplets of water cling to the blond's chin and run down his throat, down that pale skin, and suddenly he was thirsty, thirsty to drink of that water trickling down the blond's skin, to drink from that soft-looking skin. To taste those lips, sure to be paradise, itself, and he wanted a taste so badly.

Katsu turned his head to consider the brunette foremost in his thoughts, and blinked when he found those intense blue eyes staring at him. He flushed at the look on the High Priest's features, unsure of whether he was reading the hungry expression correctly or not. "Uh.." he stammered, light, talented fingers wiping away the droplets.

Seth blinked as if freed from a spell, then looked away, flushing slightly. "Sorry..I.." He paused, then listened, and held up a hand when Katsu would have spoken. "Sshhh. I hear something.." he murmured.

At that moment, several warriors popped from the surroundings, aiming their weapons at them. Seth growled softly and pushed Katsu protectively behind him, pulling Mokuba and Yuugi closer as he glared at the warriors. "Radammit." he hissed. He recognized them..

Hyonna burst to the surface, grinning and frolicing in the water like a child. "I'm alive! I'm alive!" he cried joyfully, then froze when he saw the warriors, swallowing. "...For the time being.." he finished, chuckling weakly.

With nary a word, the warriors gathered them up, tying them up and taking them somewhere, most of them knew not where. Except Seth..he had a bad feeling he knew where they were going. And it wouldn't be somewhere, or with someone pleasant.

They were taken to a hidden dwelling, high, rocky cliffs around them, rope bridges spanning from one place to another, several huts and tents filling the area. A crowd of men, women and children stared at the new arrivals as they were placed on a platform to be well-seen. Seth glared out at them, standing protectively in front of a wide-eyed Katsu and Mokuba and Yuugi.

"Well, well..if it isn't the High Priest. The gods have been good to me. Last time we saw each other, you said you would kill me for my offenses. Looks like I get to return the favor."

They glanced up at the owner of the masculine voice, attention drawn to a white-haired man with the dark skin of the native people of this land, dark brown eyes dancing with glee. He had a scar on his right cheek and was bare-chested, wearing leather breeches and a shenti that accented a slim waist, a sword tucked at his side. Bronzed skin gleamed in the sunlight as he grinned down at them impudently.

"You do remember me, don't you, High Priest?"

Seth growled softly and nodded. "I do. How can I forget an arrogant one such as you, Bakk'ura?"

Bakk'ura smirked and gave a little mocking bow. "I'm touched. The honored High Priest remembers me. If I have my'll be the last thing you remember."

Katsu gasped and glanced at Seth in horror, then Bakk'ura. He didn't know this man, but he'd wager that they weren't exactly the best of friends. He was starting to think Pega'asus was better than this.

The man's scarred face drew down in a scowl. "You're trespassers here. Our survival depends on this place being kept a secret." An unpleasant smirk drew up his lips. "So we have a problem. As long as you're alive." He was unmoved by the blue-eyed brunette's scowl, and by the other man's protests that they would stay quiet. "It's too late for that." he snapped, cutting off Hyonna's words.

"Bakk'ura!" A feminine voice cried sharply, a group of female warriors, their queen, a beautiful buxom blonde in leathers, glaring at the white haired man from their vantage point on one of the rope bridges. "This place is sanctuary for all of Pega'asus' enemies, you know that." she retorted, violet eyes snapping.

"This man is dangerous, Ma'aia. YOU know that." Bakk'ura snarled.

"Your judgement is clouded." Ma'aia accused.

"My judgement keeps all of you *alive*." he enunciated. "This man can't be trusted, he's a High Priest, after all! It's their lot to do what suits them. And I'll prove it." He motioned to Katsu. "Bring the seer to me!" he ordered his men, as one grabbed Katsu's shoulder and whirled him around.

Seth's eyes narrowed at that, blue eyes looking sharp and dangerous. He bared his teeth, striking quick and hard, smashing his elbow into the man's face, pushing Katsu back protectively, then whirled again, aiming his bound hands just so that another's attacking sword sliced the ropes in two, then grabbed the sword into his hand as he punched the man away. He snarled like the dragon he was accused of being, stepping in front of Katsu with the sword raised. "First man who dares to touch him will have to come through me."

Dark honeyed eyes widened at that, and Katsu gazed at Seth with awe, touched and flattered that the High Priest would defend him, after everything. He blushed lightly when Seth gazed at him, giving a little half-smirk, half-smile, before blue eyes glared out in challenge at the men before them.

Bakk'ura's eyes narrowed, before he gave a feral little smile and drew his blade from its sheath. "I'd hoped for nothing less." he growled, before he leapt from where he stood, as did the brunette, and the two rushed towards each other, swords raised.

The impact would've jarred any other man, but it didn't affect the High Priest or the chief leader of the people. Their swords gave way before they did, the long blades shattering to the hilts and leaving the two weaponless, before the weapons were tossed away. Fists could do just as well.

The white-haired man and the brunette were equally matched, fists flying and kicks aimed when there was an opening. Bakk'ura, however, was used to a rougher style of fighting, and he wasn't above using the other's body as a battering ram against one of the broad poles of one of the tents, dazing him by striking his forehead against it, then shoving him through the tent to the other side, turning it into an all-out brawl as the people shouted encouragements to Seth or Bakk'ura as fists were aimed to faces and jaws and stomachs.

Even simple pans were used as seen fit, the white-haired man striking the brunette with one so as to knock him off his feet, then grabbed a spear while Seth was trying to blink away the stars before his eyes. Quick and agile as always, though, the brunette rolled away from being skewered, and with fancy footwork, managed to obtain his own spear, pitting strength against strength as they grappled, until he was able to knock away Bakk'ura's weapon and pin him still, spear tip against his throat.

"Do you yield?" Seth panted after a moment of catching his breath.

"Never." Bakk'ura snarled.

"Then you're a fool. We're brothers in the same cause, fighting Pega'asus."

"Brothers?" Bakk'ura snorted. "You've brought death to my people. He'll come here. He'll come for his seer. And he'll stop at nothing and no one until he's returned!"

"He'll come that much swifter and deadlier once he has him!" Seth growled, shaking his head, and drew the spear away from Bakk'ura's neck, silently showing him mercy as he faced the people. "Hide as long as you like, but it's only delaying the inevitable when he finds you. And if he isn't stopped, now, he'll sweep across this land and kill all of you."

"Pretty words." Bakk'ura gave out a choked laugh as he got to his feet. "And who's going to stop them, High Priest? You? One man against his armies?" he challenged.

Blue eyes pinned to him intently, before he gave a firm "Yes."

Katsu's lips parted in a silent gasp, before he smiled to himself proudly. This was the man. His visions hadn't been wrong. He saw the surprise, the almost awe on the other's face. This was the man that would lead against Pega'asus, unite the people. He was certain of that, now.


~End Chapter 4~


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