Alone at last, Joey and Chandler locked their door again and kissed hungrily.

"Finally!" Chandler pulled them toward his bedroom. "So how many times do I get lucky tonight?"

"Depends on how much 'Joey love' you can take," he teased.

They quickly got naked and made love for most of the night. In whatever positions they took, Joey proved quite versatile and could arouse Chandler in ways that no one ever had before.

Joey was passionate, but also incredibly sweet and tender at times. He cared about Chandler so much that it made their sex meaningful as well as hot. It pleased Chandler how much Joey moaned and responded to him, and it helped him forget about all the women Joey had slept with. Those women didn't matter; what mattered was the two of them now, as friends and lovers.

That night, Chandler was half asleep when he heard Joey slip out of the bed. "Joey?" he sat up.

"It's okay. You rest. I just remembered that I left all that food out. I gotta put the pots in the sink to soak, or I'll never get them clean. Ma would scream at me."

So Joey left the room, and Chandler pondered Joey's recent homemaker tendencies. Then again, growing up with seven sisters didn't necessarily mean that he never did anything domestic. Surely sometimes he got nagged into helping out around the house a little; Joey babysat for his nieces and nephews, after all. He liked being taken care of, but he also liked taking care of other people too. With Chandler, Joey had both relationships in one.

It seemed like they fit just perfectly together. Ever since they had become more than friends, Chandler realized that he was happy, really happy, and not freaked out about it at all. Could this happiness last a long time? Even forever? Maybe.

Joey returned from the kitchen and slid into bed. "I put the leftovers in the fridge. You eat some more tomorrow, Chandler. You're too skinny."

"You worry too much about me."

"I can't help it. I like you."

Chandler snuggled against him and smiled. *I love you*, he answered inside his head. Someday he would say it out loud, and Joey would too.