'Come back here!' a voice shouted while Rose tried to run away. She wasn't fast enough. She had to be quicker. He was catching up.

'Leave me alone!' Rose shouted back, tears running down her face. She had to reach the TARDIS before it was too late. Suddenly she saw a closed door. That was the end, now she couldn't get away from him anymore…

'You will learn not to run away from me,' a voice said from behind her.

'Jimmy, please, no…' Rose whispered.

'Look at me!' Jimmy shouted.

Rose lifted up her head and tried to look at Jimmy, but the next thing she saw was a hand that slapped her across the face. She felt blood on her cheek, but she knew that this was only the beginning.

'No one to save you here, you worthless, pathetic…' Jimmy began, but Rose interrupted him by screaming.

'SHUT UP!' Jimmy shouted and he slapped her again, so hard that Rose fell on the ground. Rose looked up and saw her so-called boyfriend towering above her, that was when she noticed the knife he held in his hand. He raised the knife, and…

'ROSE! Rose wake up!' a voice said.

Rose noticed that she was just lying in her bed, soaking in her own sweat. When she opened her eyes, she saw a dark figure standing next to her bed. No… no, not Jimmy again!

'No! Get away from me! Please!' she shouted and she tried to get away from the man who was still standing there, too close for Rose's liking.

'Rose… Rose, calm down, it's me, you were having a bad nightmare,' the man said, and suddenly Rose recognized the warm voice. He couldn't be Jimmy. It was the Doctor.

She quickly wiped away her tears and tried to calm down a bit. The Doctor sat down next to her, on her bed and he wrapped his arms around her to comfort her.

'It's okay, it's over,' he soothed.

'No, no it's not over!' Rose said, still panicked.

'No one is going to harm you here, you are safe,' the Doctor tried again, but somehow, he didn't succeed in reassuring Rose.

'What do you know?' Rose said a little bit harshly.

'Quite a lot,' the Doctor answered and he frowned, Rose was really scared for something and he didn't know why. 'Do you want to tell me what the nightmare was about?'

Rose just shook her head as tears were welling up again.

'It could help, you know, talking about it, maybe I can help,' the Doctor said, still holding her tightly.

'You can't, I don't want to talk about it,' Rose said and she started crying again.

'I am not allowing you to do this to yourself, Rose, tell me what's wrong,' the Doctor demanded. 'Look at me.'

Then Rose pushed the Doctor away. The way he told her to look at him was just too close to the way Jimmy had told her to. It scared her and it certainly didn't make her feel better.

'Please, I am not leaving you before I know what you are upset about. I don't want to see you like this, I want you to smile again,' the Doctor tried again and Rose saw that he was being honest. His warm eyes were nothing like the cold eyes Jimmy always had.

Still, she couldn't talk about it, it was too hard. She shook her head again and bit her lip, trying to fight back her tears.

'If you don't tell me, then I will find out myself,' the Doctor said with a determined look on his face. Rose got the hint, of course, the Doctor could get into her mind and read it. He could follow everything she had been through.

'You are not going to read my mind! That is private!' she said, but she didn't have the power to raise her voice. She knew she was going to lose this argument.

'Then tell me yourself.'



'I can't!'

'Then let me inside your mind. I promise, I won't hurt you, I won't look further than your nightmare, I only want to know what happened in your nightmare,' the Doctor said softly.

'Promise?' Rose hesitated for a moment.

'I promise. And I always keep my promises. I can help you,' he said, and he gently stroke her cheek to wipe away a tear that was falling down.

'Alright then…' Rose said and the Doctor gave her a small smile.

He put his hands on her temples, which was a great feeling. His hands were soft and it was as though they sent a cold wave through her brains. She knew that he was in her mind, she could feel it. But it was a nice feeling, almost familiar, she trusted him. Rose closed her eyes and waited for the Doctor to remove his hands.

When he was finished, Rose opened her eyes again. She saw the Doctor, still sitting on the bed, but with a very different expression. There was something in his eyes Rose had never seen before, they were cold, almost dark, and his look sent a shiver through Rose's body.

'Doctor?' she asked carefully.

'Who was that man?' the Doctor asked, but not gently this time. His voice sounded dangerously calm, he was angry, far beyond angry, and Rose had never seen this side of him before.

'Jimmy… Stone, he was… my boyfriend, four years ago,' Rose stuttered.

'He did all those things to you? The things I saw? The things from your nightmare? Is he your nightmare?' the Doctor said through gritted teeth. He was furious. How could that man even think of hurting Rose like that?

'Yes…' Rose answered with a very small voice.

'I'll find him. I'll find him and I will make him pay for what he has done to you. No one is allowed to treat my Rose like that,' the Doctor growled.

Did she hear that right? His Rose? Rose couldn't help blushing, but she didn't really know how to speak at the moment.

'You are safe with me, you know that, don't you? I won't let anyone ever hurt you, I promise,' he said, his voice more gently now.

'Thank you,' Rose managed to say and then she felt two strong arms around her once again.

'Do you want to come with me?' the Doctor asked, a little bit brighter now, he sounded almost excited.

'What?' Rose asked confused.

'I meant what I said, I will find him. Do you want to come with me?' he asked again.

'I don't know…' Rose started.

'Come on, you don't want to miss all the fun, do you? It's part of the therapy. You should get rid of your nightmares and I will show you that you don't have to be scared of that Jimmy fellow when you have me around,' the Doctor smiled.

'I'd like to see that, human versus Time Lord,' Rose said, returning the smile.

'Tell me about that guy, what kind of human is it, besides the fact that he is a terrible boyfriend and that he has a sick mind?'

'Nothing special, really. He plays in a band, he doesn't have a lot of money, he drinks a lot, that's about it,' Rose answered. 'I thought I was over him, that I had forgotten about him.'

'Clearly you haven't, and I am going to make sure you will never be scared of him again,' the Doctor said. 'That man needs to know his place.'

'Let's go then,' Rose smiled and she took the Doctor's hand, leading him into the TARDIS.

'Do you know where he lives?' the Doctor asked.

'I'm not sure, no,' Rose said.

'Then I'll just ask the TARDIS, she would know where to go,' he said and he closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes, the TARDIS started working.

'So how do you know where we are going now?' Rose asked.

'I don't. But my ship does. I asked her,' the Doctor said simply. 'Right, here we are then!'

Rose blinked in surprise and she walked after the Doctor as he opened the doors of the TARDIS.

'Ah, Earth it is! London, if I'm right,' the Doctor said brightly.

'Then this must be his house, I recognize it, he still lives here,' Rose whispered with a suddenly pale face and she pointed towards one of the houses in the street.

'It must be, yes. Are you alright?' the Doctor asked carefully. 'You don't have to do this if you don't want to, you know.'

'No, I'm fine, I trust you,' Rose said. 'Wait, Doctor, what are you exactly going to do?'

The Doctor was already halfway there at Jimmy's doorstep when he heard Rose's question. It was a good question, he didn't really think about that. After what he had seen, what that guy had done to Rose, how he had scared her, how he had ruined her life, all the Doctor wanted to do was to kill that man as painfully as possible. The Doctor really cared for Rose and he had to protect her, that nightmare just filled him with an indescribable rage inside.

'I don't know,' the Doctor said, although it sounded more like a growl.

'You know that you are not going to kill him, you can't do that. I don't want to lose you, Doctor, you are a good man, well… alien. I really don't want to know what killing is going to do with you,' Rose said carefully.

'You really want to protect him?' the Doctor said more snappy now.

'Of course not, I only want to protect you. I don't want you to become a bad person,' Rose said.

'I promise you, I won't.'

'Don't kill him.'

'Alright, I won't kill him,' the Doctor sighed and he took Rose's hand. 'Come on, let's go bully your ex.'

Rose gave him a small smile, relieved that he had promised her not to do something stupid. Killing someone could have a very bad influence on him and she didn't want to know what was going to happen when he, a Time Lord, would lose his own inhibition.

They knocked on the door and a man opened it. He was tall, he had dark hair and very bright eyes. He was well-built as well, he was handsome enough. It certainly would not have taken him too much effort to make Rose fall in love with him.

'Yes?' the man said, not too kindly.

'Hi there! My name is the Doctor and this is Rose, you know here already, don't you?' the Doctor said, pretending to be cheerful.

'Why? Is that any of your business?' the man said.

'You are Jimmy Stone, I presume?' the Doctor asked, his smile still on his face.

'Yes, why do you want to know? Who the hell are you?' Jimmy said slightly irritated.

'Come on, don't be so rude, why don't you invite us in, I'm sure you want to talk with Rose here for a while.'

'I don't want to talk to that bitch, she is the one who left me. Now what do you want? Get the hell away from my house,' Jimmy said with a cold voice.

'That's no way to talk to her, apologize,' the Doctor ordered, his smile fading away as soon as he heard what Jimmy had called his Rose.

'Who do you think you are?' Jimmy said, raising his voice and he took a step forward. The Doctor was not intimidated in the slightest.

'I've already told you who I am. Now apologize to Rose.'

'You are telling me what to do? I'm warning you, go away now or I'll make you leave myself. And you don't want that,' Jimmy threatened.

'Is that a threat?' the Doctor asked, still sounding very, very calm.

'It is. And now go, and take that whore with you,' Jimmy hissed.

Now the Doctor took a step forward as well, so that he was face to face with Jimmy. Something in his eyes seemed to be burning, he was really angry.

'You are not in the position to make the threats here, let that be clear. Now I've already told you to apologize to Rose and I will make sure that you do. I will be back tomorrow, same time, with Rose, and you are going to beg her for forgiveness. You'd better do as I say, because making me your enemy is really not a smart idea,' and with that, the Doctor wrapped his arm around Rose's waist and he took her back to the TARDIS, leaving a furious Jimmy behind.

'What was that?' Rose asked as she closed the door of the TARDIS behind her.

'That, my dear Rose, was just for fun. Leaving him confused, angry, and maybe slightly afraid, that would be great,' the Doctor smiled, his eyes sparkling with anticipation.

'You are provoking him,' Rose stated.

'Yes I am.'

'Why is that?'

'Because that is so much more fun! He has been rude, towards you and towards me, he tortured you in the past. It's time to torture him a bit now. Only he doesn't know how much he is going to suffer for calling you all those things and… you know, the other stuff he did to you,' the Doctor said seriously.

'Alright mister, I get it… But you seriously want to wait for a whole day?' Rose asked.

'Of course not, silly! Remember that this is a time machine…'

'Oh of course,' Rose said, feeling stupid now.

'Allons-y!' the Doctor said and the TARDIS did her work again. 'After you, ma'am.'

Rose stepped out of the TARDIS and walked directly towards Jimmy's door.

'May I?' Rose asked hesitantly, nodding towards the door.

'Of course, it's your party,' the Doctor winked and he stayed closely behind her when she knocked on the door.

'You really had the nerves to came back?' Jimmy said surprised when he saw the two standing on his doorstep. 'You're braver than I thought you were, Rose Tyler.'

'Wipe that stupid smirk of your face, Jimmy. I believe you have something to tell me,' Rose said a lot braver than she really felt. Inside she was trembling, but she knew that the Doctor was behind her.

'Oh, you can talk?' Jimmy sneered.

'The Doctor was serious about what he said,' Rose said.

'Don't be so rude, Rosie, I was serious about what I said as well,' Jimmy said.

'Don't call me Rosie!' Rose shouted.

'Or what?' Jimmy said, taking a step forward and Rose quickly vanished behind the Doctor.

'Or you will have to deal with me. I wasn't really expecting you to apologize, you are too cowardly, you are just a pathetic little human who can't even bring up the dignity to say something as simple as the word sorry,' the Doctor snapped.

'I am just as human as you are, don't you dare insulting me, you filthy…' Jimmy began.

'Just stop there. Just to make one thing clear; I am not as human as you are. I am a lot more than a human, and I will not be threatened by someone like you,' the Doctor said with a low voice.

'You really think you are something, don't you? Do you really think you are better than me?'

'But I am better than you. In fact, I know a lot of people who are better than you.'

'You really have a lot of nerve, you know? Why don't you come in so that I can kill you,' Jimmy sneered.

'You can't kill me, even if you wanted to. But sure, I'd love to come in, are you coming too, Rose?' the Doctor asked.

Rose nodded, curious to what the Doctor was going to do. He still seemed to be calm.

'Good. Now that you are in my house, no one can see us. I would run away if I were you,' Jimmy threatened and he rolled up his sleeves.

'You really don't want to fight me. I suggest you drop this attitude and then I will give you one more chance to apologize for what you did. One more. Your very last chance,' the Doctor said very calmly.

'Give me one reason why I would, one very good reason!' Jimmy snapped. Rose winced by the sound of his voice, she knew this tone and it never meant anything good. The Doctor noticed this wince.

'Because you hurt Rose. You hurt someone who is very important to me. And I can hurt you more than you could possibly imagine,' the Doctor said, now with a dark glare.

That glare made Jimmy take a step back, but it didn't stop him from snapping.

'Tell me what your name is, you creep!' he demanded.

'I have many names. The Doctor is one of them, do you really want to know the rest?'


'They call me the Oncoming Storm, the Destroyer of Worlds, the Bringer of Darkness, Child of Gallifrey, the Last of the Time Lords,' the Doctor said, walking slowly towards Jimmy.

'And what's that supposed to mean?' Jimmy asked, not really feeling like showing that he was starting to feel a little bit threatened by now.

'That means that you need to apologize. Right now. You wanted a very good reason, here you have it,' the Doctor answered now with clenched teeth.

That was where Jimmy lost it. He had never been threatened by someone before and he was certainly not going to let this strange man walk over him. Whoever it was, he was going to pay for bothering him. And so was Rose, she shouldn't have come here at all, she was going to pay the highest price for this. She had probably set this whole thing up, telling all those stories about him. Jimmy lunged for the Doctor, knocked him to the ground and then he went after Rose very quickly. Before Rose knew what was happening, she found herself in Jimmy's iron grip.

'Let her go,' the Doctor growled, directly standing up.

'You can leave now and I might not harm her too badly for this,' Jimmy said with an evil grin.

'You really don't know who you are dealing with, do you? I have destroyed entire species. I can wipe away the human race with only a snap of my fingers. I force the planets, all the galaxies, to submit to my rule, only by the mention of my name. I have the power to rule over the whole of time and space. And you shouldn't anger someone with that sort of power, Jimmy Stone,' the Doctor told him with a dangerous voice that made even Rose shiver.

'Let me go, Jimmy, let me go,' Rose whispered. She saw fire burning in the Doctor's eyes, he was not himself, he was furious.

'You can say whatever you want, alien, but I am the one here with Rose and one wrong move from your side and she is dead,' Jimmy growled.

'If you are not more careful with what you are saying, then I think you are the only one who is going to die here,' the Doctor said through gritted teeth, his whole facial expression angry now.

'Doctor, you promised…' Rose began.

'I know, she told me not to kill you, Jimmy. I promised Rose not to kill you. But if you don't let her go, then I am not so sure about what I am going to do,' the Doctor said darkly. Rose almost couldn't recognize him anymore.

'Jimmy! Let me go now! This is enough! We will leave, okay?' Rose said slightly panicked now. 'Doctor, please… don't…'

'You have nothing to fear, Rose Tyler, you are safe. I care for you and I would destroy anything that comes between us. Anything,' the Doctor said, moving a step closer to Jimmy and Rose.

'Move back!' Jimmy shouted. 'I mean it! I will kill her!'

'Oh, really?' the Doctor said and in an instant, he had grabbed Jimmy's collar and he forced him away from Rose. Then he pinned Jimmy to the wall with all his might and he went face to face with him. 'Now listen to me, you little scum, you should be begging me for your life right now, you had no right, no right at all, to touch my Rose,' the Doctor spat.

Rose saw this happening, it all went so fast suddenly. She had to try to calm him down.

'Doctor?' she said carefully, placing a hand on his shoulder. 'Doctor, look at me.'

'Not now, Rose, I need to do something first,' the Doctor said and he placed his hands on Jimmy temples. Not the way he did with Rose, but a lot rougher.

That was the fury of the Time Lord. No one could stop him now, not even Rose. The Doctor forced Jimmy to face his worst nightmares, he drove him mad with the scariest things in the universe, he showed Jimmy the Time War, how he had ended it all. How he had ended everything. How he could end everything.

'Doctor! Stop! Stop right now!' Rose ordered and surprisingly, he let go of Jimmy.

Jimmy sank down to the floor when the Doctor released him and he looked up in fear.

'You should be grateful. You should thank Rose for stopping me. Without her I would have made you mad, I wouldn't have stopped. Now say thank you. Say it and we are done,' the Doctor said, still with a soft, threatening voice.

'I would never listen to you. What you just did, I don't know how you did it, but you don't have to start feeling all superior and great. I will never bow for you. Nor for Rose,' Jimmy managed to say, though there were tears on his face and his voice was trembling. He was scared, but he simply still refused to show it.

'I knew you were stupid, but this is just unbelievable. Come with me. Now.'

'Doctor? What are you doing?' Rose asked shocked when the Doctor grabbed Jimmy's arm and forced him to walk to the door.

'Teaching him a lesson,' the Doctor growled with his dark expression. Rose had been so close to stopping him, but he couldn't. He just couldn't stop anymore.

The Doctor walked Jimmy to the TARDIS and threw him in violently.

'Get up!' he shouted and Jimmy immediately stood up. That box was bigger on the inside. That was impossible.

'Where have you taken me? I've had enough of this, I am calling the police,' Jimmy said, now really sounding desperate.

'You will not. I have one last question for you. Do want to say anything to me, or to Rose?' the Doctor asked with a deadly calm voice.

'No! I want to get out!' Jimmy screamed and he tried to open the door of the TARDIS.

'That won't work, boy.'

'Don't you patronize me, you don't have the right!'

'I'm older than you are, I am certainly wiser than you are, I have every right in the universe. By the way, it is me who makes the rules in the universe, so why wouldn't I have my own right? Rose, do you want to say something to Mr. Stone before I finish my work?'

'I don't think that that's necessary. But… what do you mean? You are not… you can't… I mean, you know… kill him… you promised me!' Rose said with tears in her eyes.

'I'm sorry, Rose, I am so sorry. He deserves it. He shouldn't have made me angry. No one should,' the Doctor said and he turned back to Jimmy, who was just staring at him with confusion.

'What are you going to do? Stay away from me! I'm warning you! I know people from the police!' he shouted, but the Doctor just ignored him.

'I will make you suffer, you wouldn't listen and now you have to pay the price,' the Doctor said and he grabbed Jimmy's arm and lead him to the center of the TARDIS. Then he placed his hand on Jimmy's temples again and took a deep breath.

'Doctor! Doctor, what are you doing?' Rose sounded panicked, he didn't seem to hear her.

The Doctor and Jimmy had now both their eyes closed and they didn't seem to notice Rose at all. Suddenly they began to glow, a golden wave seemed to be around the two. Then the Doctor opened his eyes and Rose saw that they were shining too, the same sort of light she had seen when she had looked inside the TARDIS. Into the Vortex. The Doctor was giving Jimmy a Time Lord consciousness, that would kill him! Jimmy had to face all that was in the universe, everything that is and everything that could be. So that was what the Doctor meant by making Jimmy suffer. He was giving him the worst possible torture that would slowly kill him.

'Doctor! Stop!' Rose tried, but the Doctor seemed to be in some sort of trance.

Rose could only stand there and watch Jimmy slowly passing away. He couldn't resist it anymore, Jimmy was fading away. Jimmy sank to the floor, dead. Killed by the Doctor.

The Doctor had killed him.

'Doctor!' Rose shouted again and now the Doctor turned around to face Rose.

'Yes?' he asked as though nothing had happened.

'You promised me! You didn't keep your word! How could I ever trust you now? Don't you see what you have done?' Rose shouted to him.

'Rose… don't tell me you feel sorry for him. Because I know you don't. Actually, I don't know why I was so against killing, some people really deserve it,' the Doctor said, more to himself than to Rose.

'Please, please, Doctor, I don't want to lose you!' Rose screamed.

'You won't! Why do you think that?' the Doctor asked.

'Because you killed someone!' Rose said, tears welling up in her eyes.

'I did, and he deserved it. I won't let anyone come between us. I won't allow that. I'm not going to go through something like this again, people should now not to mess with me,' the Doctor said with a flash of gold still twinkling in his eyes.

'No… no, that is wrong, you can't just murder people, oh God, I should have stopped you!' Rose cried.

'Why? Everything is okay! We are still together, we can do great things together, we can be victorious! There won't be a single being who doesn't know our names… We can use that power, Rose, we can use that power to help others,' the Doctor said cheerfully, but there was something not right about this.

'You are not almighty,' Rose said softly.

'No… but we are, we together are almighty. Just stay by my side and I'll show you,' the Doctor said, wrapping his arms around Rose. 'We are great together. Invincible.'

That made Rose shiver.

'You shouldn't think like that, you can't abuse you might,' she told him, but she did stop crying, she felt safe in the Doctor's arms somehow.

'I would never abuse my might, I will only use it. For good things. And I will punish the ones who are standing in my way,' the Doctor said.

Rose just kept her mouth shut. She didn't really believe that this was the right thing. The Doctor would never just punish anyone who was standing in his way. He always tried to help them in the first place, to negotiate with them. He would never kill them.

Unless he really had changed.


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