Rose had been sitting with the Doctor in the control room for hours. The Time Lord was very nervous, and every minute he lost more of his hope.

'What if she doesn't wake up anymore?' he asked Rose.

'She will.'

'It is all my fault. I should have left her at home. I shouldn't have taken her with me in the TARDIS. She can't take all this anymore. If she dies, it will be my fault,' the Doctor whispered.

'Don't say that! You needed her, right? You needed a friend,' Rose said.

'Yes… I suppose… but now her life is in danger,' the Doctor now sobbed.

'It is his fault, actually,' Mickey interrupted when he entered the room again.

'Mickey! Shut up, will you! Look at him! He is upset!' Rose snapped.

Mickey scoffed. 'Yeah, right. Because he knows that you fall for that. He just likes your attention.'

'And he can have all the attention I have,' Rose shot back.

'Thank you, my sweet Rosebud,' the Doctor smiled, kissing Rose on her lips.

The Doctor realized that it made Mickey very uneasy, but he couldn't care less. He needed some distraction during Donna's absence. And Rose was his only distraction available at the moment.

'Could you stop that while I am in the room?' Mickey said grumpily.

'Mmm, no…' the Doctor murmured.


'Shut up, Mickey…'

'No, really…'

Now the Doctor choose to ignore the young man. He only had eyes for Rose and he wasn't going to answer Mickey back. He was just trying to ruin their moment together.




The Doctor shot back up, his eyes widened, and he jumped on his feet. There was a weak light glowing in the centre of the control panel, very weak indeed, but it was something. The Doctor dashed over to the panels, trying to stimulate the energy with the sonic screwdriver. Much to his liking, it started to glow brighter, and the TARDIS even started humming again.

'MICKEY!' the Doctor yelled out of pure excitement. 'Bring Donna here! Quickly!'

Mickey did as he was told, rushing over to where Donna was still lying, and he scooped her in her arms, bringing her to the Doctor.

'Good, good,' the Doctor said, more to himself than to Mickey. He started to pick up wires and connected them with a metal braid, which he then put carefully on Donna's head.

'What's happening, is she going to be alright?' Rose asked curiously.

The Doctor's smile now even widened further, if that was possible.

'Oh, yes,' he answered.

Rose smiled back at him, very relieved to see that he was happy again. She couldn't bear the thought of having the sad and suicidal Time Lord at her side for more days. Although, she had to admit that it was better than having a vengeful, furious maniac at her side. Her Doctor had really made progress.

'Donna?' the Doctor asked, now more quiet, 'Donna, wake up, Donna…'

Slowly, very slowly, Donna opened her eyelids. She rolled with her eyes, scanning her environment. When she saw the Doctor, she seemed to remember where she was.

'Doctor! What have you done now?' she demanded, her fierce voice immediately in top-form.

'What? I- nothing! It was Mickey, not I! You should stay there, Donna,' the Doctor said when he saw that Donna was trying to get up.

'I have the feeling that I have been here for far too long! What happened?'

'You… the TARDIS… Well, I linked you to the TARDIS, mentally. Because… because I thought your mind was not yet capable of coping on its own. So I made sure the TARDIS helped you. But then some idiot named Mickey came in and he spilled tea all over the control panel, so I had to repair the TARDIS, and you were knocked out for a while,' the Doctor explained quickly, trying to push the struggling Donna back down.

'Get off me, Spaceman,' Donna snapped, and the Doctor quickly let go. 'So?'

'So what?'

'How long have I been gone?'

The Doctor looked nervously at Mickey and Rose, but they wouldn't answer for him.

'Well? It has been some time, because you seem to be different. I don't know what it is, but there is something about you that has changed…'

'Could be,' Rose smiled, linking her arm with the Doctor's. 'He has been worried about you. Very worried. He broke down completely.'

'So? How long?' Donna repeated.

'Uhmm… three days?' the Doctor said carefully, hoping to make it sound acceptable.

'THREE DAYS?' Donna exclaimed. 'And you couldn't fix your spaceship earlier? Shame on you. I thought you were supposed to have a superior alien brain. But apparently not.'

'I have a superior alien brain! Next time my ship is dying, I'll ask you to fix it, alright?' the Doctor said, slightly offended.

'It is okay, Doctor, I was only kidding. But you will not do things like that to me again, do you understand?' Donna said sternly, and without waiting for an answer, she added, 'by the way, what is this thing doing on my head?'

She pointed at the metal braid that was still attached to her head, and when she wanted to take it off, the Doctor stopped her.

'No, you can't take it off. Not now. Listen, Donna…' the Doctor said with a pained voice, and Donna knew that he was being serious now. 'There is something you should know.'

'Alright, I am listening.'

'Well… basically… The moment you touched my hand, your mind has been permanently damaged. And I can't change that. How much I want to, I can't help you with that. And… there is only one way to save you…'

'Oh, no. You are not going to erase my memories again! Don't you dare!' Donna snapped, trying to move away from the Doctor, which was hardly possible due to the wires attached to the braid on her head.

'No! I am not going to do that, I promise. Not without your consent this time,' the Doctor said quickly. 'Just… let me finish.'

Donna nodded, and the Doctor continued.

'See, I think you can keep your memories. But then you can't stay here. Not with me in the TARDIS. You need to have a peaceful life, in London. With your husband. The TARDIS has restored you well enough to give you that. But that is all I can offer you. Here in the TARDIS, you will be in constant danger of disturbing your mind. And I don't want you to be in danger. I was wrong to take you away from your home and I am sorry for that,' the Doctor said.

'So… you basically want to dump me back in London?' Donna asked, her arms crossed.

'Well… It is not… well… yes.'



'Okay. If you think that that is the only solution, then I trust you. But only if you promise me to visit me from time to time,' Donna said.

'Oh, Donna… Of course I will!' the Doctor smiled relieved, and he pulled Donna in for a tight hug. 'Come on, then! Back to Chiswick!'

The Doctor let Donna go and he ran around the console to hit buttons and pull levers in his usual enthusiastic way. Rose laughed when she saw him doing that. She had missed that Doctor so much for the last couple of months. She had almost forgotten how he had been before he had murdered her ex-boyfriend Jimmy.

'Here we are! Earth, London, Chiswick, back to when you left!' the Doctor announced.

'So? Can I remove this ridiculous thing now?' Donna asked, gesturing towards the metal object on her head.

'Yes, yes, of course,' the Doctor said, and he helped her putting the thing off. 'So… This is it for us then, for now…'

'Don't say that, Spaceman. I expect to see you again next week. If you don't show up, then believe me, I will find you. No matter how long it takes, no matter how many people from Torchwood I have to threaten to give me a spaceship or something, I will find you.'

'I don't doubt that,' the Doctor grinned, and he hugged her again. 'Thank you.'

'Take care, Doctor. And you too, Rose. And Mickey,' Donna said. 'I'll be off then. There is a husband who needs my company right now.'

'Yeah, of course, goodbye, Donna,' the Doctor said, opening the door for her.

'Bye, Doctor.'

The Doctor closed the door behind her, a grim look on his face.

'You did the right thing,' Rose said, trying to cheer him up a bit.

'I know.'

'Well, I suppose you two don't need me to be here anymore either,' Mickey said.

The Doctor looked at the man, now noticing that he already had his bag with him.

'Are you leaving?'

'Yes, of course I am leaving. I didn't ask you to come with you. I am obviously an unwanted person here in the TARDIS,' Mickey said, but he wasn't annoyed.

'You will never be an unwanted person,' the Doctor smiled.

'No, never,' Rose confirmed. 'You are welcome to stay if you want?'

'Nah, I have my own life now! You two just need to promise me to look after each other, alright? Then I won't bother you anymore,' Mickey grinned.

'Sure,' the Doctor said, giving Mickey a hand. 'And I have to thank you as well, I suppose. Not for throwing tea over my TARDIS, obviously, but for… you know.'

'You're welcome. And you too, Rose, goodbye.'

'Yes, bye, Mickey,' Rose smiled, giving him a hug. 'You are a great friend.'

'I know,' Mickey grinned, and with that, he left the TARDIS as well, closing the doors behind him.

As soon as the Doctor heard the door closing, he grabbed Rose's waist and he captured her lips with his own, kissing her hungrily.

'Finally we have the whole of time and space for our own,' he breathed.

Rose couldn't find the breath to answer him, so she just smiled while kissing him back. It took a while before Rose needed to pull away for air. She took both his hands in her own and lay her head down on his shoulder. When she felt his hands wrapping around her in a protective manner, she felt herself relaxing in his arms.

'We will be alright, won't we, Doctor?' she asked, looking up at his face.

'We will always be alright, my Rose.'

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