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It was one of those nights.

One of the nights when Jazz couldn't get to sleep, but he daren't move for fear of waking Frederic. And it was on these nights Jazz was reminded just how lucky he was to have him. The older man was his exact opposite, composed, dainty, and reserved. No match for Jazz, hard-headed, brash and stubborn, whose hands were stained indefinitely red. He had long ago lost count of how many comrades he'd lost in missions failed and bloody battles. He assumed full responsibility for all of them. It was partly his fault they got involved with Andantino in the first place.

I don't deserve him.

That was what ran through Jazz's head as he stroked the hair of the beautiful creature lying atop him. Frederic was no stranger to conflict, but never had he played a part in any war, besides express how he felt about it doing what he did best—playing the piano. Frederic was far too good for someone like him, someone for whom innocence like that was but a distant memory.

In spite of that, the thought of Frederic not being his was excruciatingly painful. As much as Jazz knew Frederic ought to have married someone else, he couldn't ever let him go. He was just lucky that Frederic loved him enough to stay at his side.

"I love you," Jazz whispered, tightening his grip around Frederic's waist.

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