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Bella decides she wants a baby and her biological clock ticks like a time bomb. She won't try a sperm bank; she wants to meet a man, talk and check out his genes and then roll him over in the clover for a one-night Lo-ver. Can it happen that way?

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Chapter One: The Decision

It's a night of easy access for the 'in' crowd. The massive bouncers know us well and usher us past the waiting line, through the front doors of blaring music and a pounding bass vibrate your heart right out of your chest. My two, best friends drag me into our usual hangout for Ladies Night. It's dark with colorful strobe lights flashing in unison with the music. The place is wall-to-wall females with cheap drinks in their hands and expectations of hungry men on the prowl.

After an hour, I'm a little blurry-eyed, gulping down the rest of my drink and dribbling a little on my chin. I wipe it clean with the dampened napkin under my glass, as I lick my wet fingers, fanning them in front of my face. I try to focus on my blood red fingernails, but my vision is blurry right now.

Alice sneakily comes up behind me and threatens in my ear, "Don't you even think about it!"

I turn to her and feign a doe-eyed innocence, "What?"

"I know you want to bite off that color." She glares with squinted eyes and places another wine glass in front of me.

I annoyingly brush her away. "Get out of my head."

Rosalie plunks down next to me, wiggles her fingers and laughs. "She's trying her who do Voodoo on you again?"

"That's a given," I moan to Rosalie.

Alice places her drink on the black lacquered table and slithers carefully onto a clear, acrylic body-formed chair across from us hiking her skin-tight, spandex dress mid-thigh. Straightening her posture, she sits, crossing one leg over the other with head held high. "You'd be a mess without me."

"I'm a mess with you!" I glare.

"Look, stop complaining. You needed a night out," Alice chirps.

Rosalie chimes in, "I agree. You spend too much time alone." She pulls my hair. "Let that hair down and loosen up. Maybe you'll get laid."

I raise my arms. "Look around, ladies. Do you see one prospect in this room?"

"Well, if you took your head out of her prissy ass, you might find someone," Rosalie sarcastically challenges.

We all stare uncomfortably at one another in silence.

Rosalie quietly apologizes, "I'm sorry, Bella. That wasn't called for … especially from me."

"It's okay. Point taken and noted," I answer and stare at my nails.

Alice clears her throat and shouts, "It's too loud out here." She points to the back. "Want to go into one of the private rooms, so we can actually talk?"

Rosalie stands with her drink in hand, "Sure, let them think we're having a threesome."

She struts on flinging her full blonde hair back off her bare shoulders, as she passes the bartender with three fingers up.

Alice and I dutifully follow as the bartender nods, adding the expenditures to our tab.

Before the door closes, a skimpily dressed cocktail waitress places a tray with three bottles of white wine and glasses on a small end table. She nervously giggles at the three of us and exits the room.

Rosalie dryly taunts, "She was cute, we should ask her back and have a foursome."

Alice grabs a bottle and uncorks it. "You're in rare form tonight."

"Emmett's been gone all week and he'd so excited. He's helping an old friend move into his apartment. Apparently, they were thick as thieves growing up."

Alice adds, "Must be the same one Jasper's with."

"Is Jasper in love with him, too?" Rosalie spews as Alice nods. "Emmett has been nonstop and has been too busy for me." She looks at the two of us. "I needed my girls."

Alice and I rush to her holding on tightly and falling over one another on the pink satin lounge.

Laughing hysterically, Rose gasps, "We can still call the waitress back."

I tweak her boob and declare, "Oh no, Rosie, these babies are mine."

Alice grabs her ass. "And these cheeks are mine. No sharing."

"Weirdos," Rosalie huffs.

We all fall on the floor side by side laughing.

Alice crawls over, grabs the open wine bottle and takes a large swig, "Fuck the glasses."

Rosalie and I take turns handing the bottle to one another.

"Okay, so what's got you so closed off, Bella?" Alice slides in and takes the bottle from me.

I shake my head. "Nothing, I've had a lot of reading to go over."

"What are you working on?" Rosalie frowns.

"A new writer," I quickly answer.

Alice hands the bottle to Rosalie. "What's the book about?"

"A single girl …" I slowly explain.

I get nervous and reach for the bottle, but Rosalie holds it back. "What about a single girl?"

Alice and Rosalie take a quick glance at one another.

I sigh and mumble. "It's about her plight to adopt a child."

They groan.

"No, you're getting the wrong idea," I plead.

Alice stands and paces. "No, we aren't. You cooped yourself up in your apartment for the past few weeks because you are back at it … again."

I lower my head.

"Don't hide your face. We're right," Alice admonishes.

Rosalie slowly entwines her hand in mine. "We love you ... You can't hide from us."

"I wasn't hiding," I defend.

"Then, what was it?" Alice sits down next to me. "Why did you avoid us?"

"It wasn't anything like that." I sit up straight and cross my arms. "The book is about a woman who tries to adopt, her process and the years it took for her to finally get a baby."

I take a deep breath and beg for the bottle. Rosalie hands it to me and I gulp down some courage.

"She was in her thirties. I don't want to be that old."

Standing, I wrap my arms around my middle and lean up against the wall.

Alice quietly sympathizes, "Oh Bella … You're only twenty-five."

"Yeah, with no boyfriend or any future prospects!"

"You don't know that," Rosalie murmurs.

"I do know that!" I shout.

Alice agrees, "You could have prospects, Bella, but you can't find someone with your head in books."

My eyes widen at Alice's statement. "Then, you do see?"

"Yes, I see. I see a beautiful, young woman with an incredible heart and so much love to give that she shelters herself away from the world. You have so many talents, yet you burrow into your hole and don't let us in … or anyone." She begins to cry. "It hurts us. We hurt for you, Bella, don't YOU see?"

I rush to Alice and both Rosalie and I hold her as she hysterically cries. "I'm sorry, so sorry."

Alice sniffs, "We have husbands, well, once Rosalie finally gives in to Emmett, it's a done deal."

She grabs my face with her hands and leans her forehead on mine with her eyes closed. "Bella please, don't torture yourself." She pulls back and gives me a small smile. "You just need to socialize."

I smile back at her. "You're right."

"Wait, did you just agree with me?" Alice yelps in surprise.

"Yeah, I heard her, too," Rosalie adds staring at me. "Who are you and what have you done with our Bella?"

I giggle. "I've been doing a lot of thinking. And yeah, no man is going to fall from my ceiling for me. I know I have to go out and meet new people; men."

Alice squeezes me in a very tight hug and rants, "This is great. You'll see. You'll meet the right guy in no time, fall in love, get married and have a baby." She take an enormous breath.

I hold up my hand. "Stop!"

"But you just said?" She tries to continue.

I interrupt her, "Alice, I said I have to go out and meet men. I didn't say anything about marriage."

Rosalie sits up and calmly asks, "So, how are you going to work this? Find a guy, sleep with him and get pregnant?"

I shrug, "Hmmm, not that easily."

Alice rants, "You're going to do one-night-stands until someone hits the jackpot?"

I roll my eyes. "You think I'm that much a slut?"

"No! You're quite the opposite. I don't get it." Alice's arms flail all over the place. "I'm confused."

Rosalie moans, "Me, too."

I take the bottle and swig it down. "I'm going to go out, meet possible 'daddies'. I'm going to keep a record of my ovulation and when I meet the right one, I'm going to sleep with him. Simple, but not so simple."

"You've lost your damn mind!" Alice complains.

Rosalie tilts her head. "No, no, you've really given this plan a lot of thought. I can see it in your eyes. You want to raise this baby on your own."

Alice barely whispers, "Fatherless?"

"C'mon, Ali … Rose, think about it. What guy will want to hook up after only going out a few times?"

"Bella, I'm all for getting laid, but carefully. You can't sleep with just anyone and not use protection. Jesus, are you asking for a STD or worse?" Rosalie adds.

"No, I'm not talking about screwing around." I hesitate and begin, "I'm talking about going out, and getting to know the guy."

Alice throws her arms up. "You might as well date him if you are doing that."

"Not enough time for that."

Rose shakes her head. "It's not about the time. You want all the control. Having a baby on your own gives you total power."

"Well, it's part of it, Rose. But guys don't do the shotgun wedding thing anymore. I get pregnant, they run in another direction," I blurt out. "Why open myself to disappointment?"

Rosalie interjects, "But what if you meet a really nice guy who will run the distance with you?"

"A miracle such as that won't happen and I have to be realistic. I want a baby. I'm not going through the system and wait years," I spew.

"You're really going to do this, Bella?" Alice sadly asks.

"Yeah, I've made the decision. I can support a baby. I work at home, so I have the time."

Rosalie and Alice stare at me and I pleadingly look at them.

"And I'll have my best friends … I hope."

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