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Well, we begin the end.

Chapter Fifty: The Epi


Edward and I exit the plane, walking quickly to the terminal. Standing off to the side, we see Alice, Jasper, and Aunt Liz smiling broadly and anxiously awaiting our arrival.

Alice hugs me tightly, "What the hell took you so long? You landed twenty-five minutes ago."

Edward answers while shaking Jasper's hand and hugging Aunt Liz, "Yeah, sorry about that. One of the passengers fainted."

I interject, "And they asked for a doctor."

Jasper chuckles, "Do you ever get to take a vacation without working?"

Alice snips, "On your honeymoon."

"Well, the end of it, Alice," I say. "So, how are my kids?"

"Bella, I hate to disappoint you, but they were too busy to miss you or Edward. Between Uncle Ed and Charlie, they spent a lot of time fishing on the pond," Aunt Liz confesses. "We baked, they made a mess and they learned to clean up."

Edward chuckles, "I'm sure they did."

Alice nods. "Yeah, and Emily loves makeup."

I stare at Alice. "You didn't."

"Hey, Elijah had fun, too, with Max." She pokes me.

We make our way to baggage claim.

"I had to buy another suitcase to hold all the souvenirs," I complain. "And yes, I have recipes for you."

Alice squeals, "Great! I'm so glad you actually went to Morocco, France, and Hawaii for your honeymoon."

Jasper hurries us up. "Let's get going. Everyone is waiting for you at home."

"Yeah, Angel made a huge feast," Aunt Liz announces.

"Angel cooked?" I ask.

Aunt Liz giggles. "It's amazing what went on in the three weeks you were gone."

"Do tell," I prod. "How was the pie eating contest?"

Jaspers laughs. "I think we should let Emmett tell you."

I happily yelp, "She beat him!" I hug Edward.

Edward kisses the top of my head. "I hope you have pictures."

Alice shrugs. "I took a video."

Jasper proudly puts an arm around her shoulders, "It's classic."


We arrive home to find James in his backyard manning the barbecue with Emmett. He has this massive, two-layer, brick setup that works with two propane tanks. It has a large, wide grille with a hearth overhead, and off to the side is a marble countertop table and an actual working sink. Emmett calls it the 'Outside Kitchen'.

Cheryl, Angel and Carol O. place bowls of food onto the three picnic tables that are in a triangle design. When we do sit down to eat, the three-year-olds are in a barricade with all of us sitting on the outside of the tables. It's a brilliant idea. James' older girls love it because they get to attend the terrors while we eat in peace.

Dad and Uncle Ed are on all fours giving horse rides to the twins and Alice's son, Max. Both struggle to get up and chase the kids around.

Aunt Liz shouts out, "Ed, watch your back. You're not twenty-five anymore."

Uncle Ed moans back at her, "I know, I know."

Charlie winks at me. "You're looking good kid." He smiles at Edward. "Glad you're home."

The kids finally acknowledge us by jumping off Dad and Uncle Ed, hugging and asking us what we brought back for them.


Edward and I excuse ourselves for a quick shower. Before we can leave the yard Dad stops to tell us that he's heard from Agent Tyler regarding Rose. She's been detained in a high-security prison in Russia. She won't be seeing the outside for a very long time. He smiles and hugs me. "It's safe, Bells. She can't hurt you anyone."

I whisper into his ear, "Thanks, Dad."

Edward and I rush through our shower but take a bit more time easing some tension.

As we pass by the kids' room, we see the addition of a few very large dinosaurs in the corner.

I shake my head and Edward laughs. "Where does he find these things?"

I shrug. "No one knows."

We join the feast and Alice shoots me a wink. I turn pink, and she mouths, "I thought so."

I begin to shovel food into my mouth very quickly. Between the burgers, slaw and ribs, I keep the flow going.

Edward stares at me and then, there's silence. I look up from my Dixie plate and all eyes are on me. "What?"

Alice snickers, "Are you breathing between bites?"

I wipe my mouth and frown. "Why are you all looking at me?"

Emmett blurts out, "The last time you ate like that you were pregnant."

I bite my lip, as Edward takes my hand and whispers, "The cat's out of the bag."

Charlie shoots up from his seat and grabs me, "I'm gonna be a grandpa again? Whoo-hoo, number three."

Edward volunteers, "Ah, no; four."

Charlie squeezes me. "Twins again?"

I nod.

"You pack a powerful punch, Edward," Emmett proudly shouts and then announces, "Well, it's a good time." He stares at Angel.

She says, "Me, too." She scrunches her nose. "But no twins."

We all shout and dance around hugging one another.

Then, Alice stands on the table, waving her hands. "And me, too!"

Squeals of laughter and all of us run around with excitement while the children stare at us.

Maddy stands and asks, "What about you, Mommy?"

Cheryl smiles. "I have all of you, I'm quite happy with my five girls."

And James happily says, "I … Well, we have an announcement."

Emmett kids, "She knocked you up?"


Angel pokes him hard in the ribs and he moans.

Cheryl looks at the girls. "It's official. The adoption went through." She hesitantly looks from one girl to the other.

Maddy crawls under the tables to get to her, as the others follow.

I cry into Edward's side.

We all cry with joy. Oh God, so cheesy. I want to vomit. Oops, I have to vomit and run across the lawn to my house with Edward right behind me.

"Bella?" He shouts.

Rushing into my hidden bathroom off the pantry, I just make it to the toilet and hurl everything I just consumed.

I sit on the floor with my head leaning on the frame, wiping my mouth with my palm.

Edward takes a washcloth and wipes my brow. "Feel better?"

He then hands it to me and I wipe my mouth. "Yeah, "I breathlessly whisper.

He sits behind me rubbing my back, and I lean into him.

I huff. "Imagine, the three of us are pregnant."

He chuckles, "That's a lot of wild hormones, baby."

Alice yells my name and finds us on the floor. "You okay?"

"Yeah," I say. "Hey, how about you?"

"I'm fine. Aw, Angel got a little queasy and went to …" she gestures. "To her house."

"How far along are you two?" I ask.

"We're just weeks apart. Two months, you?" She asks with wide eyes.

"Almost three."

"So, since you're doing twins again, we can expect another betrothed arrangement?" She says with a smirk.

"Alice, this is all in your head." I spin my fingers in circles around my ears. "We're not royalty."

"We are in our own little world. I'm not nuts. It's bechert," she confidently snarks at me.

Edward whispers in my ear, "Don't fight it."

"Besides, we were able to change the name of our street to Family Way," she proudly announces.

We both rub our bellies and Edward says, "Beshert."

We slowly get up and make our way back to the party. Dad and Uncle Ed have the three- year-olds out on the boat with Maddy while everyone else sits on the dock.

The triplets yell out that it's their turn and it's time for boat rides. Cheryl snaps the safety vests on Vanessa, Vivien and Victoria while James stays close with Sienna.

Aunt Liz's cells rings; she answers and looks pensive. She walks towards the house, pacing back and forth.

I look at Edward as he watches her, too. "What do you think that's about?"

He keeps his eyes on his aunt. "I don't know."

Emily, Elijah, and Max run from the dock to sit near us. They yawn deeply and rest on the lawn chairs. Within minutes, they are all sleeping soundly.

Alice crawls in with me to show me the pie eating video on her phone. Edward leans on the chair behind us watching in amusement.

Alice stands barefoot on the bar with a microphone in her hand. She points to the left. "In this corner, a woman, who, with one touch can anesthetize you into a deep sleep, Dr. Angel Reynolds."

The crowd at Two Joes shouts out, "Angel, Angel, Angel." They clap and hoot all around the room.

Alice points to the right and continues, "And in this corner, we have the man who professionally eats his way to trophies and can sew you back together with one hand tied behind his back, Dr. Emmett McCarty."

Hisses and boos, "Emmett, kiss her ass. She's going to knock you down, big man. The lady has her eating game on!"

"Now, the rules. You have to finish one pie before you can begin to eat the next one. If anything falls on the floor, that pie is eliminated. You have thirty minutes to eat your pies. The one with the most empty pie plates at the end of thirty minutes will win." Alice looks at the clock. "And … five, four, three, two, one. Eat … your … pie!"

Angel slices her pie into four pieces and devours each section, the remnants all around her mouth.

Emmett digs his hands in and shovels mounds of crust and fruit filling into his pie hole.

Alice narrates, "Not a drop falls onto the floor. Both doctors are neck in neck." She laughs. "Or both are stained with pie on their neck or necks."

The crowd roars.

Pie is in their hair, on their faces and smeared in their clothing.

Angel continues cutting her pies and gobbling up each quarter, as Emmett shoves the dessert down his throat.

The crowd continues to cheer. Alice walks back and forth on the bar exciting the crowd by raising her hands and shouting, as Jasper keeps count running back and forth.

Alice rings a huge cowbell as she shouts into the crowd. "Time is up. Put down your forks." She looks at a messy Emmett. "In your case, put down your fists."

Jasper totals the aluminum pie pans, writes the numbers on a piece of paper and hands it to Alice.

Alice yells, "Drumroll, please."

Everyone slaps their hands over the tables in a roll.

"Emmett McCarty has twenty-three finished pies!" Cheers and boots stomp.

"Angel Reynolds has twenty-three and three-quarter finished pies. The first winner of the pie-eating contest is Angel Reynolds, and all proceeds go to the children's wing of the hospital!"

The crowd goes insane with screaming and hollering. Someone throw colorful confetti and champagne glasses are in hand.

Angel towers over Alice, as she stands on the bar. Alice interviews, "Well, you did it, Angel. What do you think attributed to your win?"

Angel smiles, wipes her sticky face with a towel. "I grew up eating pie. In the South, it's a staple." She giggles. "I love pie."

Then, from the crowd, Emmett shouts, "I love pie, too. And I'll be in yours later tonight!"

The crowd roars and Alice shouts, "TMI, Emmett. TMI!"

Bella and Edward are in tears from laughing.

Edward stands straight and clears his throat. "Yeah, I agree with Jasper. It's a classic."

Emmett pouts, "She got lucky."

Angel pokes him, "And you didn't later that night."

Jasper hugs Angel. "I love this girl."


As the sky darkens and the air begins to cool, everyone is in a circle around the gigantic fire pit in James' backyard.

The twins and Max turn in for the night. I have my monitor in my hands. James' girls opt to watch a Disney movie with Sienna as the babysitter.

Edward and I speak briefly about our trip promising another night for details.

Aunt Liz keeps looking towards the house.

James tells us that Mr. Hannon has a fancy for his mother and he seems to be quite taken by Dr. Cope. She pa-shaws us, but the apparent feelings are mutual. So, James' plan to move Shelly in with them worked out rather well.

Charlie and Carol O. cohabitate with simple ease; seems she too, is obsessed by stuffed animals. Now, Alice helps Angel with the designing of her child's jungle room since she has many plush felines, sharks and dinosaurs.

I snuggle closer to Edward and yawn. Dr. Protective wants to take me to bed. He says he wants me to rest. I say he's frisky. Either way, I win.

A dark figure walks around from the side of the house and Aunt Liz jumps up and greets him. They hug tightly.

Uncle Ed rises slowly and hums an 'Oh my God'.

Aunt Liz walks arm in arm with the stranger.

Uncle Ed gasps, "Carlisle?"

The End… for now.


Beshert: Yiddish for meant to be.

I bet you didn't expect that … That may be an opening for a few outtakes, eventually.


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