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Drabble 01: Fix This

Rating: T

Genre: Tragedy

Characters: Mikey, Donnie, Leatherhead



It had seemed like such a good idea to Michelangelo at the time. He'd been visiting Leatherhead nearly every day since they'd first met, intent on proving to his new friend that he wasn't the monster everyone feared him to be. It hadn't taken long for the large alligator to open up to him, allowing himself his first ever real companion. Convincing his brothers of the fearsome looking mutant's true nature, though, had been proving very difficult.

"Donnie, can you hear me?"

Mikey had tried valiantly to get them to look past his terrifying exterior, but Leo remained suspicious, Raph would silently glare at him, and Donnie always stayed at a distance, nervous. Leatherhead's violent outbursts sadly didn't help his case. The young turtle could see he was trying, but the rest of his family only saw how dangerous he was.

"Come on, dude. Wake up!"

So when Donnie had asked around for a partner to help him search the nearby junkyard for Kraang tech and other components to better help in his research, Mikey had jumped at the opportunity. It was the perfect plan; convince Donnie to allow him to bring Leatherhead, who, having lived most of his life around the alien technology, would be sure to be an excellent helper, and while Mikey kept look out, his brother would see the gentle, helpful side of his best friend.

"I said wake up! This isn't funny, D!"

The one thing that Michelangelo hadn't calculated for was Leatherhead finding a fully intact Kraang droid under a pile of garbage. Everything had been going great. Donatello had seemed almost at ease once he realized how good the giant alligator was at spotting the foreign parts, and the two had even shared some light, if somewhat forced, small talk. But then Leatherhead's rage filled roar had split the night sky, the soulless eyes of a Kraang droid suddenly popping out at him as he had been haphazardly digging through the waste. His eyes had gone white, and, blind with fury, he'd done what the older turtle had dreaded most.

"Donnie, wake up! Please wake up! Oh no, no, no, no, no! Why won't you wake up!?"

Mikey had instantly jumped into action the second his brother's muffled cries had sounded from behind the clawed hand. Leatherhead had found his favorite target and began swinging the helpless turtle around by his face. His attention completely focused on calming his friend down, he never even heard he sudden snap or noticed when his brother's cries had abruptly stopped.

"Donnie… It wasn't supposed to go like this… This was supposed to make things better… You can't be… You just can't…!"

As the rage had passed, the large mutant had gently lay Donatello on the ground, but it was too late. The turtle's head drooped at an unnatural angle as Mikey had scooped him into his trembling arms, willing him back to life. But the only sound emanating from the small group was the mournful cries of a baby brother finally realizing his older sibling was broken beyond repair. In his attempt to save his friend, he'd lost a brother.

"Michelangelo… I am so sorry…"

A/N: Silver Star Pack will be happy to know I didn't kill Mikey this time...