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The sound of chains clicking echoed through the halls of the Vatican.

"Rin Okumura, please stand." Rin had failed. And despite all that had happened, the Grigori were still going through with the sentence. The half demon stood up.

"You have failed to pass the exorcist exam within the set time period, do you have anything to say for yourself?"

"Hell yeah I do!" Rin yelled. "This is crazy! You have the perfect weapon to destroy Satan and you're going to execute me for no reason!"

"There is a reason! You are not only a demon, but the son of Satan! How could we trust you?"

"What about Yukio?!" Rin shouted back.

"It is a shame that the former paladin wound up being a demon, however he has sworn to never betray the Vatican and he shall never receive any crucial missions again." Angel walked up to Rin and pulled out his sword.

"Do you have any last words, son of Satan?" The paladin asked. Rin turned around and saw the sad faces of all of his friends.

Shemi was crying.

Izumo, the emotionless bitch, was on the brink of tears herself.

Konekomaru, someone that would hardly trust Rin when he found out who he really was, just looked sad.

Shima stared at his friend, knowing that there was no way to save him from this fate.

Shura had to be detained in her attempts to rescue the demon boy.

Bon knew there was no hope and tried to comfort Shemi.

Kuro had to be sedated because of him not wanting to see another master leave him.

And Yukio thought about how wrong the whole situation was.

I'm a demon now too, but Rin is the one on the execution block…

Rin sighed before speaking his last words.

"Please, don't forget me." He said to his friends and only remaining family. He turned to Angel as if to say 'you can do it now'. Angel nodded and pierced the demon's chest.


Was the last thing Rin thought before the darkness encircled him.


Rin suddenly felt his senses activate.

What is this place?

He heard mumbled voices.

Am I still alive?

A figure stood in front of him. It was a teenage boy holding a pistol.

Yukio? Is that you?

Rin's eyes opened the rest of the way. The figure, which had red hard and was wearing a school uniform, turned to face someone else.

"I think he just got here!" He said. Rin slowly lifted himself off of the ground. "He's awake!" The boy said.

"Where am I?" Rin asked. "What happened?"

"It's alright, take it easy. Can you not remember what happened?" The boy asked Rin.

"Kind of…I remember my brother, his name was Yukio…but what happened? Where am I?"

"This is going to be hard to explain. Yuri! Hinita! Get over here!" The boy was joined by another boy with blue hair and a purple haired girl. "I think that he has amnesia." The boy said before turning to Rin. "I'm sorry! I forgot to introduce myself! I'm Otonashi! Who are you?" Otonashi helped Rin up.

"Um…I think that my name is Rin." He said before pausing. "That's right, Rin Okumura, I think."

"Can you remember anything?"

"Not really, I can only remember my brother, my name, and a few other things." Rin said.

"Oh well, amnesia is common, Otonashi over there has it too." The other boy said. "I'm Hinita by the way."

"I'm Yurippe, but everyone here calls me Yuri." The purple haired girl said and shook Rin's hand.

"Yuri…why does that name seem familiar?" Rin asked himself.

"You may want to listen to this next part, you're here because you died." Hinita said. Rin looked startled.

"Is this the afterlife?! Do we live here for all of eternity?!" He yelled. Yuri laughed.

"Of course not! We're all here because we couldn't pass on and if we live a normal school life and blend in here, we disappear. But we want to find God, if he exists, and make him pay for giving us such unfair lives! Are you with us?" Yuri asked. Rin stood still and stared at her for a minute. "He's not answering…" She mumbled to Otonashi.

"You do know how much that whole thing was to take in, right?"


Angel pulled his sword out of Rin's now dead body and walked away. He didn't care for the boy, but after he saved all of Assiah, he figured that it would count for something.

But he really didn't care.

He simply cleaned his sword and walked out of the room. He saw Shura in the hall. The looked exhausted and bruised. She was covered in sweat and had a few bleeding injuries. She noticed Angel and looked at him.

"Did you do it?" She asked.

"You mean execute that Satan brat? Yes, I did." He said, not feeling remorseful at all for his actions.

"You had no right to take him away from his friends and only family." Shura said.

"He was a demon and I'm an exorcist, it is my job to get rid of demons."

"Still! What about his brother that he left behind? The one who's now all alone?" Angel paused before changing the subject.

"If you want to side with the demons, then I shall have no trouble in killing you too." He said before walking away.


Yukio watched Angel throw his brother's body to the ground before walking away as if it had never happened. Yukio ran over to his brother. The last person that he could call family had just been killed and he couldn't have done anything to stop it. Yukio sat next to Rin's body and began to hold it. No one in the room cared that he had gotten near him now, because the deed was done and Rin wasn't coming back. Shemi sat next to him and held his hand as they mourned the loss of their dear friend. Eventually, the rest of the exwires found themselves surrounding the body of their friend.

Rin…I'm sorry…

Yukio thought as he held his brother. No one laughed at their teacher for crying, because they all were crying right alongside him. Eventually, Kuro had woken up and ran into the room, hoping to see his master.

"Rin. Are you there?"

The small cat asked. Yukio turned around and saw the confused demon.

"He's gone." He said. The cat tilted his head in confusion. "They killed him. He's never coming back." Kuro's look of hope turned into one of despair as Yukio showed the cat the body of his master. The cat pawed at it, as if hoping he was just faking, that he'd jump up and, with that silly grin of his, shout 'April fools!' But that never happened. Kuro sat and cried with the rest of them. Al of them had only one thought in mind.

I wish that I could've saved you…

How'd you like it?

Rin: That was incredibly depressing

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Also, I wanted to write an April fools fanfic full of humor and crackyness, but it dawned on me.

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