Yukio sat alone in his room. Rin had been gone for only a few hours, yet he felt incredibly alone. Kuro hadn't spoken a word since Rin died. Yukio pulled a textbook out in an attempt to distract himself. He opened the book up to a random page and began to read the text about a plant called 'silverclaw'.

'Also know as demon nip, this silver colored vine acts as a sort of cat nip for demons...'

He stopped reading the text and began thinking about a demonstration that went horribly wrong in his class once that involved the plant...

Yukio had set up various plants in jars on his desk, but left before class started to find his brother. Shemi was looking at all of the plants and had taken a few, including the silverclaw, out of their jars. Yukio and Rin walked into the room. Yukio looked shocked for a second before covering up his mouth as best as he could while Rin began searching for the plant because he was under its effects. Shemi quickly closed the jar and Rin came back to his senses.

'What just happened?"

Yukio teared up at the memory and put the book away. Kuro saw him crying and began to attempt to comfort him. Yukio gently petted the cat's head and heard him purr a bit.

"It's okay, Rin wouldn't have wanted us to sit around moping anyway." The cat slowly nodded, but still looked sad. In the papers, Kuro was still a familiar, he was just Yukio's now. Yukio glanced at his brother's bed. The sheets were still a mess and it looked like he just slept in it. He laid Kurikara on the trashed bed. He was going to bury it with his brother tomorrow, but he was going to leave it there just one last time.

"I'm sorry I couldn't help you." He said. He didn't expect anyone to hear or reply. But he longed for it all to be a dream. For Rin to run through the door and be his old self. For him to complain about doing homework, talk on the phone with friends, anything. For him to be smiling and wagging his tail like he always did. But it never happened. Rin was gone. He wouldn't come strolling throught the door because he was dead.


"The guild?" Rin asked.

"It's a place that we go to in order to get weapons. We're using the temporary one right now because we had to get rid of the old one in an attack. I'm going there later to get more ammo, you should come along." Yuri said. Rin began to think about the kind of weapon he would get. Kurikara. That seemed really imortant to him when he was alive. What was it? Why was it so important? He knew he was a demon, but what was this Kurikara and why was it so important?


I wrote this on my phone and got tired of trying to bold and slant text, sorry about that. If you couldn't tell, in this story Rin is a demon and remembers that, but doesn't remember the whole son of Satan thing. I hope that you liked this chapter, see you soon!

PS: Poor Yukio :*(