I have been working my hardest to try and write an absolutely amazing chapter for Showing The Flames, but I got a review just earlier today and began to feel guilty.

Rin: Look who decided to show back up-


Rin: (Backs away slowly) you've gone just a tad bit crazy since we last saw each other, haven't you?

NM: What would make you say that?

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This isn't the return of regular updates, but it is something. Sorry about the hiatus thing, I'm still working on it.

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Sebaspe (chpt 1): Yep, to think this began as the idea to make a comedic April Fools one shot...wow...

Sebaspe (chpt 6): (Sing-songy British voice) spoilers...


NM: Now that that's out of the way...

Let's begin~!

Those flames...they're just the way I remember them...

A young boy sat at the back of the temple, waiting patiently for his father, clueless as to what was going on in the other room.

Their screams still echo in my mind to this day...

Screams rang out through the air, so he went to the entrance of the main area. He pushed the door open slowly, to be greeted by a massacre.

I remember seeing blood splash onto the walls, lit by the flames, so vividly...

He watched in horror as people standing before him ran in chaos and became consumed by the fire. He nearly slammed the door, when he saw his father look at him...

It's all the horrible demon's fault!

...And he stood there, helplessly, as he watched him burst into flames.

The stench of melting flesh filled the air, it was all too much...

The young boy passed out in the doorway, one of the few survivors of the incident that claimed so many lives.

Many years later, the young boy was in middle school. He had only average grades, but hoped to get a sports scholarship to an academy secretly known for teaching classes in exorcism. He did his best at baseball, but it wasn't enough.

He was rejected and, without the scholarship, had no way to enter True Cross Academy.

He began to take drugs and drink. He began skipping school more and more, favoring getting high in an alley. Until one day, he was found passed out in the middle of his driveway. He was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late.

He never woke up.

He swore that he'd get revenge on the demon that had not only killed his father, but traumatized him, even if he'd have to go through hell and back to get it.

Here he was, in a hidden pocket somewhere in the universe, clinging to the hope that he can still fulfil what he never managed to in life.

And then, by complete coincidence, this demon with Satan's flames showed up one day.

Maybe my soul can finally rest in peace...

(Wipes sweat off forehead) took me long enough! I've missed writing these things!

Rin: That actually wasn't that bad...compared to what I was expecting

NM: Thank you for having faith in my writing

Anyway, if you couldn't tell, this was a chapter explaining Hinita's backstory. Sorry if I screwed anything up on the Angel Beats side, it's been a bit since I watched both shows...so yeah.

I will try to update some time in the next four months, but this isn't the return of regular updates. Those should start in 2-3 weeks, a month at most.

Sorry for the hiatus, I really do hope that you enjoyed this chapter!

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