Fandom: Percy Jackson and Harry Potter

Pairing: Apollo/Teresa Potter (Fem-Harry)

Summary: Teresa has been having dreams all her life about living in another century and after the war was finished, they had started to occur more frequently. And now with her friends drifting apart, her having the responsibility of taking care of Teddy and the Fans of the Wizarding World that she feared soon would turn on her. She felt the need to get out of the country to a place where she can just be Teresa.

Notes: Teresa is Apollo's reincarnated wife who died before she could become immortal at the hands of a mob. This caused Apollo the we struck with such rage that he caused the bubonic plague.

Teresa awoke disoriented, with tears drying on her face and a baby crying in the back ground. Sighing Teresa pulled herself out of the warm bed and to the crib containing Teddy in the room across the hall from her's. Teresa picked up Teddy carefully; singing softly as she walked to kitchen to get something for breakfast for the both of them after all it was morning anyways. As she fed Teddy and herself, she could not help but think about the dreams that have been getting both more frequent and more vivid The dreams that seems to be of a whole another life, one that she noticed was during when the Roman Empire was still active. The girl in the dream. She had just finished burping Teddy from his meal when the doorbell rang.