Notes: This is about Fem- Harry being the reincarnation of Apollo's lover. When she was killed Apollo overcome with grief and in vengeance created the Black Death or Bubonic Plague.

Natalie Lily Potter woke up with a gasp. She was in her dorm at Hogwarts she realized with some relief until she noticed with rising panic that the curtains were red, blood red. The color of her dream sister's blood, as it flowed from her sister's body and covered her hands in bright crimson as she tried to with no luck keep her sister from going to the Underworld. Then it was not only her sister's blood the covered her, but the blood of the man that attacked her sister, attacked her precious, innocent, sister that wish no one harm. And not minutes later it was her blood, blood that ran down her body and onto the ground from her severed head.

Natalie ripped the curtain off her bed as she ran towards the bathroom. Once there the she stripped off her clothes and got in the shower with the water turned on as hot as it would go. Tears ran down her face mixing with the shower water as she sunk down to sit with her arms wrapped around her knees. Sobbed tore through her. It was not fair, then again when was life fair, especially for her.

Tears still ran down her face as Natalie shakily got to her feet, washed and then got out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her. As soon as she had gotten ready for the day and put a glamor eye around her tear reddened eyes, the witch walked down the stairs to the common room. Glancing at the clock she figured that if she hurried she could get a book from the Hogwarts Library and be to the Grand Hall with time to eat breakfast.

Thirty minutes later, a bunch of curse from yours truly and glares from the local librarian, she was eating in the Grand Hall with a book on her lap about dreams and what they could mean.

"What are you reading Nat?" Hermione asked as the bushy haired witch dropped down to the seat beside her. "Dreams and The Ideas Behind Them?" the witch beside her asked as she answered her own question. "That sounds interesting, care to lend it to me when you're done."