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Chapter 1: The Life and Lies of an Adolescent Saiyan

Gohan sat in a cross-legged position, resting his hands on his knees. Focusing on keeping his mind clear, the adolescent Saiyan hybrid attempted to absorb the tranquility of his environment. Birds chirped overhead while water rushed down a nearby river. However, regardless of his efforts, Gohan could not manage to keep his mind off of the imminent endeavor that continuously disrupted any attempt at finding peace. Sighing, he gave in and opened his eyes.

The following day, Gohan would face a challenge that no one could truly prepare for. This undertaking was one of the few that fourteen years of training on his mind and body would do little to help, the same being true for his Saiyan heritage and his vast intellect: High school.

Despite rigorously homeschooling Gohan from a very young age, Chi-Chi determined that Gohan would go to conventional high school for his junior year. Though he possessed more knowledge than most college professors did on an expansive multitude of subjects, she recognized that he needed social interaction as both an engagement and a distraction. "He's never gotten any contact with anyone his age." she thought while watching Goten and Trunks tear through a nearby field "And he really needs it... Especially with who his current friends are and what he's gone through." Chi-Chi was a smart woman, and she understood that Gohan needed to meet and communicate with people his own age. She worried for his psychological state. Though he may look fine, she knew better. Over the last several years, instances such as Goten occasionally running into her room scared of Gohan's cries in his sleep kept the matriarch of the Son household well informed of her eldest child's delicate mental state. Chi-Chi therefore resolved that he needed to meet more adolescents in order to have an outlet that he never had the pleasure of. He may have been very different than other members of his generation, but she was sure he would make many friends, given he was placed in the ideal environment. What Chi-Chi didn't tell Gohan was her eternal motive: Grandchildren. Obviously, she wasn't going to tell him that, but she still constantly thought of it.

Gohan understood what she meant when she had initially described her reasoning. At the age of seventeen (eighteen counting the Hyperbolic Time Chamber) he knew very little socially, and had spent little time with individuals his own age. While he did feel anxious meeting other adolescents and sad to be missing lots of training, a strange internal desire to have social interaction overwhelmed any objection he had against her proposal. She proceeded to find the closest high school and arranged for him to attend. Unfortunately, by the time they reached an official decision, school was already started. This meant that he would be joining two weeks late, a while after everybody got to know each other.

Gohan sighed again, louder than before and looked at the receding sun. "Well, time to go home." He reasoned to himself. "I need to be sure that everything's ready. If I'm late, the dragon balls wouldn't be able to save me from mom." He chuckled weakly at his joke. As he winced from the anxiety gripping his abdomen, the teenage Saiyan wondered what his father would say to him to motivate Gohan out of his stress. To Goku, school (or anything else not involving fighting or eating) would have immediately made him bored. Even in his childhood, Gohan would do schoolwork on a daily basis that made his father either fall asleep or get a headache. Despite Goku's complete and bliss ignorance to the concept of academic pursuit, he probably still would have had something to say to Gohan that would be inspiring. His father always seemed to have a knack in making inspiring statements, at least in the eyes of the young Gohan. As Gohan took to the air, his mind was a blur of mixed emotions regarding the next day and his depression over his father. Only one thought resounded clearly in his mind. "Dad, I miss you so much."




Son Gohan shot out in bed, grabbed his clothes, and ran to the bathroom. "I can't believe it! I slept in!" He swiftly showered, changed, grabbed his bag, and ran down the hall. His mother was standing with a seething glare over his chair. Knowing what was coming, Gohan sat down to his lukewarm breakfast, understanding that no effort on his part could stop the inevitable 'conversation', and decided to eat while she was yelling at him so he could save time. Before taking the first bite of toast, he was slapped across the back of his head with a blow that would compare to the force of most martial artist's kicks. "Ouch!" Gohan semi-yipped, rubbing his head. "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW IMPORTANT TIME IS ON THIS DAY?" Chi-Chi screamed, shaking her fist wildly. "HAVE YOU NO CLUE, AFTER ALL OF THESE YEARS OF INSTRUCTION, ALL THE EFFORT I MADE TO MAKING SURE MY SON HAD A PROPER EDUCATION WHILE HE WOULD RUN OFF WITH HIS FATHER TO SAVE THE WORLD OR TRAIN?" "Yes, Mom! I just oversle-" "NO EXCUSES!" Chi-Chi shrieked. "NOW BE QUIET, EAT YOUR FOOD, AND HOPE TO YOUR GREEN FRIEND IN THE SKY THAT YOU MAKE IT TO SCHOOL ON TIME, BECAUSE IF YOU'RE LATE…" Breathing heavily, Chi-Chi left the threat open-ended, because no verbal explanation could truly capture her wrath.

Scarfing down his meal, Gohan leaped to his feet, brushed his teeth, made sure he had everything, kissed Chi-Chi on the cheek, and dashed towards the door. "Gohan!" He turned. "Yes, Mom?" His twice-widowed (by the same man) mother had watery eyes, and she had a sad smile on her face. "Have fun. I'm so proud of you." Smiling, Gohan stood still for a short instant, savoring the moment of excitement and euphoria for the day ahead. "I love you too, Mom, but I gotta go!" Dashing out the door, he made it four yards away before he heard a cry "Brother!", then was subsequently tackled, barely managing to float above the ground to avoid getting his white shirt dirty. Turning around, he was met by a creature of cuteness, mischief, and unbridled power all wrapped into one. Gohan smiled and quickly crouched to meet his brother's dark eyes. "Good morning, Goten! I'm sorry, but I really can't talk right now. I've got to go to my first day of school in the city!" His brother cast his gaze towards the ground and frowned a bit, but his face quickly shifted into an expression of delight. "You'll be back before dinner, right!? Can we still play?" Gohan grinned at his brother. "Sure thing, squirt! Love you! Don't blow up the house while I'm gone!" Turning his eyes towards the blue sky above, Gohan yelled at the top of his lungs "NIMBUS!" The cloud appeared in the horizon after a short pause, and sped quickly towards the two. Gohan quickly said "See you later, alligator!" and leaped straight up in the air, doing a flip before landing on Nimbus, which hardly paused for its passenger before blasting off. Goten was still giggling from the 'blowing up' comment as his brother shrunk in the distance, headed towards a new life at Orange Star High School in Satan City.

Landing in a deserted alleyway, Gohan took extra care not to be noticed. One of his mother's first and highest concerns was his powers being discovered at school, therefore jeopardizing the secrecy that the Son Family had held dear for many years. Chi-Chi had therefore determined that he should show no signs of being abnormal, and therefore hide his powers. Gohan looked at his watch and realized that he had only nine minutes before school started. Walking out of the dark crack between the buildings, he trod towards his new school. Starting off at a speed that was normally sprinting for most, he quickly realized he would never make at the incredibly slow rate he was going. That is, not by human standards…

Glancing around, Gohan weighed his options. "Well," he contemplated "it can't be too bad if no one sees me." Settling with that reasoning, he proceeded to start going at something more his speed. Looking at his watch, he realized he had plenty of time, seeing as he had cleared half the distance in one minute. Shaking his head, he slowed down slightly. Looking around the various places he was rapidly passing, he glanced at the various businesses, plants, signs, and gunmen. "Wait, what?"

Screeching to a halt, Gohan backed up to a street where he, amongst some others cowering behind large objects, observed criminals on the back of a truck firing upon a police car. Thankfully, its occupants were hiding behind the crumbling vehicle, but it looked as though their cover wouldn't hold. All the while, people were cowering within a building in shambles, its bullet-hole riddled sign reading 'Bank'. Gohan, who hadn't had much experience with matters such as theft and the like (being more inclined to be intervening in things such as mass genocide or planetary annihilation), didn't understand what was going on at first, but it suddenly clicked. His eyes narrowed as he took in what was going on in front of him. Shaking his head, he sighed "Ugh! Another batch of crooks! It never ends." He took a step forward to begin pummeling the crooks, when he remembered. "Oh no! I can't use my powers with people watching!" Internally struggling, Gohan ran into a tree's shade. No one had seen him, as their eyes had been turned by the terrifying scene in front of them. "I know!" He exclaimed. "I can go Super Saiyan, and then no one would recognize me!" Sliding off his bag, he ran back out into the street. A few people nearby glanced at him and were about to tell him to get down before they fully comprehended what they saw. A golden-haired man stood tall, surrounded by a powerful pulsating yellow aura that seemed to be pure power. A wind was generated from his energy, and light streamed out from his body. Fixing his glare upon the criminals, some people shivered as they felt the rise in ki around them, although they didn't know what exactly it was. Leaping into action, Gohan leaped up onto the truck bed and lightly tapped one of the wrongdoers with his foot. The crook went flying. Jumping off the truck, he subsequently dispatched of the rest of the gang with minimal effort. Hearing the loud screeched, Gohan winced and turned to see the getaway vehicle speeding off. The eldest Human-Saiyan hybrid internally smiled. Focusing a fragment of his ki, he concentrated on the truck. Yelling, he had to concentrate on restraining himself as he let loose an insignificantly small portion of his power and flipped the pickup. While everyone was gaping at the airborne truck, he quickly slipped away. When they turned in awe to the glowing warrior, he was gone. "I-im-impossible!" an old man loudly proclaimed. The tiniest of smiles arose on Gohan's face as he turned to walk towards his school. "Another gang of bad guys down for the count." However, this euphoria quickly lost in shock when a voice sounded behind him.

"You!" Gohan jumped. Turning, he saw a beautiful, sparkling sea of blue. No, it wasn't. It was a girl. A very grouchy-looking girl. Scowling, the girl spoke again. "Tell me who did this! It hardly looks like police work!" Gohan took in the information and struggled to synthesize a lie. Slightly stuttering, he managed to say "Oh! Umm, I guess I wasn't looking." The girl glanced at him for a second, raising an eyebrow, before looking back at the wreckage in the street. Punching her left hand in the palm of the, she disappointedly continued. "I can't believe I missed it! I should have stopped them!" Under the cover of her anger-induced obliviousness, Gohan snuck away. The last thing he wanted to happen (besides perhaps his Mom finding he got a 96% on a quiz or test) was him to be marked as an outcast at his school before he entered.

Videl was fuming. She turned to the guy to further interrogate him, when she realized he was gone. "Hm. That's odd…" Pushing past the peculiarity on how fast the boy disappeared, she further reviewed the scene in front of her. This was the first call she had gotten from the police in 5 days! And she managed to miss it! What's more, it looked like it was successfully stopped by someone else! She didn't mind the free time, of course, since it gave her more time to hang out with her friends, but she was still starved for action. "Oh! Hey Videl!" Turning, she saw Old Man Jones (stereotypical, I know) running up to him. She had saved him along with ten others during a hostage situation at a nearby tower. "I was wondering when you'd show up! Wasn't that Golden Fighter incredible?" Videl reeled internally. "A golden fighter? Explain!" She demanded. She had a real bone to pick with this 'Golden Fighter' guy. How dare they steal her job! And how on earth did they manage to cause all of this chaos? Mr. Jones stopped where he was and stared, shocked. "You mean you really didn't see him? He was some kinda freak-ish superhuman! His hair was glowing gold, and he was surrounded by a strange glowing light! He looked like he was using tricks with mirrors and stuff, but it sure felt real! Why, I even saw him knock down a truck just by yelling at it!" He appeared shocked just by hearing the words coming out of his mouth. Suddenly, a thoughtful expression emerged on his face. "Actually, I assumed he was a buddy of yours since he went to your high school!" Videl was shocked. "Huh?" Old Man Jones continued. "Yeah, he had a badge just like that one on his shirt!" Videl quickly thought that statement through. "All the kids at school have to wear this stupid thing... Well, if he really goes there," she vowed, her eyes narrowing "I will find him."