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Chapter 13: A Surprise Excursion (Part 1)

The rest of the week was far less difficult for Gohan, though there was some obvious negativity being put off by Videl. Gohan got the sneaking suspicion that she thought he was Saiyaman again.

He reflected on the matter as he walked out of PE on Thursday. "How is she so sure that he's me?! I'm acting as ordinary as I can! Well... Then again... It probably doesn't help that I sometimes seem a bit too strong..." Gohan winced as he recalled Wednesday's event, in which he had managed to climb up the rope set up in the gym in a near-record time. "Yeah... I probably need to do a better job. All those guys on those sports teams seem to be too interested in me."

Members of the baseball, the basketball, the football, the soccer, and the track teams each had approached Gohan from time to time, asking about him joining their team. After he politely refused, some called him a "weak bitch" and walked away, while others tried some more. Nevertheless, Gohan steered clear of such organizations. "If I joined one of those clubs, everyone would know how strong I am! It's bad enough having PE once a day."

On Friday, a permission slip was handed out, a vague description only explaining that it was an educational trip. The Saiyan's friends discussed what their potential destination was.

"Isn't there a zoo in West City?" Sharpner asked Erasa as they walked behind Gohan and Videl to the tree that they usually ate lunch at.

Erasa shrugged. "I don't know. All I know is that they have a killer shopping center!"

Videl shook her head. "I can't imagine that they'll take us to a mall, Erasa."

Her friend whined. "I know that, stupid. I never said that we were going. I just know that they have a good mall!"

Sharpner chuckled. "Maybe we're going to the East City University. Whatever. Anyways, I remember my dad saying that there was a form at the beginning of the year that, if our parents say yes or something, the school can take the classes on surprise field trips."

Erasa clapped her hand against her forehead. "Duh! This must be our Junior Year trip! How could I forget!"

Videl frowned. "I thought that the field trip was at the end of the year."

Sharpner shook his head. "Nah. Pretty sure it's halfway through the year." This quickly decayed into pointless bickering as a carefree Gohan dug into his lunch.

On Saturday, Gohan woke in time to leave for training. This time, he was surprised to find that Piccolo was already seated in his living room, sipping a cup of tea. As soon as Gohan stepped into the room, Piccolo rose to his feet. "Piccolo? What're you doing here so early?"

The Namek grunted. "I was actually just training with Tien and Chiaotzu a bit north of here. I figured it would be easier to just stop by."

Gohan stopped paying attention at the last few words. A decadent scent had stolen his attention, and his eyes closed as he licked his chops.

Piccolo saw his pupil's behavior, and sniffed to confirm his suspicions. Yep. It was definitely Chi-Chi's cooking. Just then, the Son mother called out "Gohan, Goten, Piccolo! Food!" The Saiyan teenager and the Green Man walked into the kitchen, entering just in time for a certain short blur to squeeze its way past.

As they all seated themselves, Goten reached out to a steaming pile of pancakes, his fingers only a few centimeters from a tempting flapjack before his reach was slapped away by a spatula. "Goten! Where are your manners! Wait until you're served!"

Goten pouted. "Sorry, Mommy."

Chi-Chi's frustration melted away. "It's alright, sweetheart. Just wait until Mommy says you can eat, okay?"

Goten grinned. "Okay!"

⸢Author's Note: I know that Nameks don't need to eat, but I assumed that they can eat for enjoyment because Chi-Chi forced Goku and Piccolo to go learn to drive by threatening to not cook for either of them.⸥

After thanking Chi-Chi for the tea and food, Piccolo took off, leaving Gohan to quickly get his training clothes on. As soon as he ran outside, he flew after Piccolo. Upon landing in a grassy clearing, Gohan's old teacher announced their plan for the day. "I'm going to teach you a new fighting technique."

This got Gohan's undivided attention. "A new technique? What do you mean? My technique works perfectly for me."

Piccolo frowned. "I know that. However, a resourceful warrior should always have a backup. If an enemy can learn your fighting style, they have a greater chance of defeating you, no matter how strong they are. By knowing multiple fighting methods, you can swap your moves at a moment's notice, which can easily confuse your opponent. Besides..." He smirked "This technique will work fine with you, I promise. None of the other Z-Fighters know it, even after being around its creator for so long."

Gohan cocked his head. "Who?"

Piccolo chuckled. "I thought you would have gotten it by now, Gohan. It was Kami's special style."

The younger fighter slapped his own forehead. "Oh yeah! You still have all his techniques in your head, right?" Gohan then gave Piccolo a questioning look. "I never saw Kami fight. Why is his the best for me to learn?"

Piccolo took a few steps back and leaned into his fighting stance. Gohan mirrored him. "Um, Piccolo, I still don't understand what we're doing."

Just then, Piccolo began doing... Something. His hands flew about randomly, as though he were at the controls of an imaginary spaceship, or perhaps an unseeable symphony. Gohan started scooting forwards, unsure of what to expect. After five seconds of odd gestures on Piccolo's part, the Saiyan felt something was wrong.

"What's going on?! Piccolo's energy is fluctuating! And it feels like there's ki moving around everywhere!" Spikes and dips in the air around Gohan. Not knowing what else to do, he charged towards Piccolo, trying to stop this odd scheme before it came to fruition. Unfortunately, Piccolo's plan was already ready, and he put it to action.

As the Saiyan rapidly approached his first martial arts teacher, he prepared a ball of ki. Firing it awhile before he reached Piccolo, Gohan wasn't surprised to see him jump back, having actually predicted that escape. He continued charging and began strafing left to right, down to up, avoiding any potential projectiles. "Why isn't he attacking? Should I stop?" The teenaged Saiyan was quite unsure what he should do, so he kept on going. "As long as I keep on my toes when I get within hitting range, I should be fine. Although, I wonder what he's doing with all that energy..."

The distance between the two shrunk quickly. Soon enough, Gohan was only a few yards away, ready to dodge if needed. That is when Piccolo chose to execute his plan. His hands flew out and began moving in a seemingly spasmodic fashion once more. Gohan felt the pockets of energy shift about and grow more powerful. Continuing his charge and hoping beyond hope that he could stop Piccolo, Gohan suddenly found himself enveloped in a powerful mass of bright, white ki.

Piccolo extended his hand to Gohan, who thankfully accepted the offer. As he got his feet, the Saiyan examined his body. "Nothing bad. Just a few tears in my gi." He then looked to Piccolo. "What was that?"

The green man closed his eyes. "That's one of the reasons why Kami's fighting style is so special. It lets you to manipulate your ki to a greater extent, allowing me to prepare attacks outside of my own reach and concentrate it, making it useful for stealth."

Gohan scratched his head. "I don't get it. If you've known it for this long, why haven't you used it?"

Piccolo shrugged. "It's difficult to master, and it takes time. More importantly, it's somewhat ineffective in the amount of energy it needs. That attack that I used on you was the most powerful I could muster in that amount of time."

"Then why are you teaching me now?" The Namek's eyes opened. "Because you're powerful enough to effectively use it. I always thought that it had no practical application in fighting, other than distracting opponents. The best Kami himself could do was cause an explosion no stronger than a human's "hand grenade". It never had any usefulness for me. However, you have demonstrated that you are able to easily control ki and are strong enough to turn this fighting technique into a formidable power. It will allow you to devote your complete power into speed or strength, allowing you to compete even if you are outmatched by someone who's stronger than you."

Gohan grinned. "Then when do we start?"

Having already planned out his day and alerting all involved parties, he had to skip his training time at Kame House and instead go straight to West City for some Gravity Room time with Vegeta. Unbeknownst to Vegeta, Gohan had practically mastered Kami's techniques. After they had finished their feast prepared by an army of servant robots, the two had gone to spar in the GR.

"Well, Brat, I've been getting tired of our games at 250Gs. Do you think you could survive another five?"

Gohan began stretching. "Actually, I was wondering if we could skip that and go straight to two-hundred and sixty. I'm also getting a bit bored."

Vegeta narrowed his eyes at the younger Saiyan and stalked over to the control console. Manipulating a few controls, the hum emitted by the room grew much louder, and the two Saiyan's braced themselves for the increased force. After a few seconds of smirking at a slightly struggling Gohan, Vegeta called out. "Are you certain you wish to do this? This is two-fifty-five Gs. Any higher, and you might snap like a twig."

Gohan crossed his arms defiantly, albeit with some difficulty. "I'm fine, Vegeta. You're the one who should be worried."

The Prince laughed. "You think this is difficult? I've been training at much higher levels than this. I am more than capable of beating you." After a few seconds he stepped away from the controls. The two Saiyans powered up to their maximum of their base form and managed to remain standing as the pull to the ground increased immensely, though Vegeta was naturally more at ease than Gohan. After about twenty minutes of painful adjustment through normally easy exercises, Vegeta slowly took a stance a few feet away from Gohan. "Let us begin, Brat of Kakarot."

The two fought tirelessly for over an hour. Vegeta was first to go Super Saiyan, forcing Gohan to do the same after three grueling minutes of being mercilessly beaten. At random intervals, they would both stop, pant, and glare at each other, then resume the fighting. Reaching the end of his strength, Gohan used one of his newly-learned techniques on Vegeta, who, needless to say, was quite surprised (and thoroughly pissed) when his younger opponent performed a series of intricate hand motions and causing the former to subsequently explode. This led to Vegeta bursting into SSJ2 and going into a complete and utter rage, which lasted for another ten minutes before Gohan knocked out the Prince with a powerful combination of punches while avoiding his opponent's powerful but reckless swings.

Slinging Vegeta over his shoulder, the teenager walked to a healing pod Bulma built and threw his sparring partner into the regenerative chamber. After punching in a few setting, Gohan walked back to the GR. "He's been training even harder than before. At the rate he's going with the Gravity Room, he'll be way stronger than I am!" Sighing, Gohan burst into Super Saiyan and announced to no one "Looks like I've got to work harder to keep up." He proceeded to float over to the central console and entered settings that he knew he would regret the following day.

Videl breathed deeply. Her target stood before her, begging to be beaten. After three seconds of focusing, she obliged. Unleashing a series of powerful punches and kicks, the Satan girl slammed her hands and feet into the opponent. All the while, she was thinking about someo- well, two people. "It has to be him! Gohan has to be Saiyaman! No one ever heard of that masked dork, and one day, he appears right after the socially-isolated idiot comes to school. I'd bet Gohan's the Gold Fighter too! He was wearing the same clothes and everything!"

She continued the beating. "But... It still doesn't make sense. Gohan's weak! Well, he's kinda strong, but not Saiyaman strong!" She paused and moved backwards, bouncing on her feet, before going in for the kill.

"Besides, I don't know if Gohan is actually as strong as he looks. He's too scrawny! In fact, I doubt he jumped as high as everyone thought he did, and maybe that baseball bat was weaker than usual. Yeah... He's nice and all, but that isn't what you need to be able to do martial arts like that Saiyajerk." Her sparring partner popped, and the guts spilled to the floor. Videl smirked, then walked towards a button near the door. Bringing her head near the speaker, Videl spoke through the intercom system. "Hey, Liz?" The speaker crackled to life.

"Yes, Videl?"

"I left a bit of a mess in Room 7. Could you please send someone to clean it up?"

"We'll be right on it!"
"Thanks, Liz."

"No problem, Videl. You might also want to know that your friends Erasa and Sharpner called to remind you that they'll be stopping by in 15 minutes for your trip to the mall."

"Oh shoot! Thanks!"

Videl rushed out of the small gym, leaving behind the remains of a doomed punching bag.

Twenty minutes later, the trio were standing outside the huge mall. "I don't get it." Sharpner muttered. "You two were here last weekend. Why do we have to be here now?"

Erasa giggled. "Because there's more stuff, crazy! In fact..." She produced a piece of paper from her purse. "There are forty-three items I want from seventeen different stores that are on sale right now. So let's go!"

Sharpner sighed. "I could have stayed home and relaxed today, but instead I'm here. Why?"

The corner of Videl's mouth angled upwards ever so slightly. "It's because you have a crush on Erasa, moron."

Erasa took a deep swig of her latte and threw the empty cup in a passing rubbish bin. "Hey guys! We should totally bring Gohan along with us on one of these trips! It would be, like, so cool for all of our group to hang out outside of school!"

"We just met him two weeks ago. " Videl pointed out.

Erasa pointed an accusatory finger at Videl. "Y'know what, Videl? Most people make friends in a few days! You need to be more relaxed with this kind of stuff!"

Sharpner, who was weighed down by a sum of fifty bags from both girls, nodded his head rigorously. "Yeah! I could hang out with another guy, and he could carry all of this crap!"

"It isn't crap!" Erasa gasped.

"I don't know if he's strong enough to carry all that." Videl stated. "He's way too thin to actually have any actual muscle."

Erasa tapped her cheek thoughtfully. "We've never actually seen his body, so we can't really judge him for that. But he's still nice and funny, and I'm sure he can carry a little of our stuff!"

Videl shrugged. "Fine. I guess he is pretty cool to be around."

Erasa smirked at Videl. "What's that? Do you actually like Gohan?"

Sharpner appeared near her shoulder, showing an equal amount of amusement. "She's actually showing compassion for another human being! She must be in lo-"

Videl glared at him with full force, her body seeming to give off an ambience of darkness. "Sharpner, I will hurt you." The blonde male immediately silenced himself, for fear of being used as a floor mat. It had happened once before, and it wasn't an experience he wished to relive. Videl then turned to her other friend. "Erasa... I'll think of something for you." The blonde girl smirked wickedly before speaking once more. "Anyways, I think we should still get to know Gohan a bit better."

Videl stalked behind her two friends as they continued their expedition. "I need to make those two stop. They might give Gohan the wrong idea..." She watched Sharpner glance quickly and inconspicuously at Erasa. A small smirk grew on Videl's face. "I know. I'll just get those two together, and I'll be free of their jabs. Anything they say to me can be easily countered." She then frowned. "Of course... That means that I'll be the third wheel to my two best friends... Oh well. Anything to cease their annoying teasing."

"WARNING: GRAVITY LEVELS APPROACHING SAFEGUARD RESTRICTION OF 280, SET IN PLACE BY ID: VEGETA - PRIORITY 2 AUTHORITY." Gohan frowned as he continued his two-finger push-ups. "Huh? Safeguards? Why would Vegeta have those? What's this about IDs?" Sweat dripped down Gohan's face as he continued his workout. Slowly standing, he then cleared his throat. "Ehh... Cancel safeguard!" The speaker system made a whirring noise, then beeped loudly. "ERROR: NO ID PROVIDED. HIGHER AUTHORITY REQUIRED FOR INCREASING THE GRAVITY BEYOND CURRENT LEVELS. PLEASE STATE YOUR IDENTIFICATION."

"Uh... My name is Son Gohan...?"


Gohan smiled. "I probably have a some time before Vegeta wakes up. Maybe I can squeeze in a few gravity levels." He called out "Computer, set the gravity to two-hundred and ninety." A beep confirmed Gohan's request, and he soon felt the powerful tug at his body grow more powerful. As he felt his legs and resolve to continue standing weakening, he suddenly recalled his dream where he was completely pinned. The Saiyan teen felt his fear, sadness and anger of the dream rush through his veins, revitalizing his strength and forcing him to remain upright. His jaw set in determination, Gohan renewed his efforts.

As he moved faster than the human (or even untrained Saiyan) eye could comprehend, he felt his emotions pulse through him and empower him. The gravity was nothing more than a little weighted training clothes. Caught up in his emotional high, he yelled "Computer! Set gravity to three-hundred!" He could faintly hear the confirmation beep, but he could definitely feel the gravity.

He stopped and stood tall and resolute as the chamber roared with the sheer energy being used to increase the gravity beyond what it ever had before. Gohan's shirt ripped as it got stretched beyond its breaking point on his shoulders. Even his hair was beginning to wilt from the gravitational field's power. In spite of his clothes and hair faltering, Gohan continued to stand. At last, when he felt ready, he took a step, which was one of the most difficult in his life. A few minutes later, he was doing kicks and punches, acting out possible battle scenarios (but avoiding using ki blasts). Just as he was beginning to feel semi-comfortable with his settings, the gravity shut off. The Saiyan fell down from sheer disorientation from the rapid shift of weight. As he got to his feet, he heard the door to the chamber open. "Is that Vegeta? I didn't expect him to be up so early." His suspicions were proven to be false as he made out a blue-haired scientist waving her hands whilst walking towards him.

"GOHAN! Are you CRAZY?"

Gohan scratched his head. "No...?"

"Then why on Earth would you set the gravity so high?! You could be killed!"

"Sorry Bulma. I just kinda got caught up in the moment."

Bulma sighed. "It's okay, Gohan. Just be careful. It's really dangerous to overdo it in here. But now I need to build an even better Gravity Chamber, because you've effectively surpassed this one. It's only designed to go to 300Gs, and even then, there's a high chance of it breaking." Bulma then rubbed her chin. "I wonder... How did you manage to go so high? An hour ago, you and Vegeta were fighting at two-sixty Gs!" Gohan laughed nervously. "Well, I saw how much he had improved, so I wanted to keep up." He paused, and tilted his head. "That reminds me... Why did Vegeta have a safeguard? And why do I have administrative access?"

"A few weeks ago, being typical Vegeta, he overestimated his strength, but way more so than usual, which led to him having a four hour visit to the Healing Pod. Ever since then, I've been forcing him to keep an emergency barrier that can only be changed every two weeks. And you get higher priority because I know you're more responsible. Plus, you actually help out around here, which is more than I can say about Vegeta."

Gohan chuckled. "Yeah. That does sound like Vegeta. Hey Bulma, what time is it?"

Bulma glanced at her wristwatch. "It's five fifteen. Why? What time are you supposed to be home?" She amusingly observed Gohan's horrified face. "I'm so dead." He whispered. "I was supposed to be home at five o'clock. My mom's going to kill me!"

He made to sprint to the doorway before Bulma said "You do know I have a phone, right? You can always call and say you're going to be a few minutes late."

Gohan turned, looking as though he had been enlightened by the divine forces of the Universe. "You're right! Thank you so much, Bulma! You're a genius!"

He flew out of the room, leaving the daughter of Dr. Briefs chuckling to herself. "No problem, kid. It's what I do."

Gohan's stomach roared loudly as his mother set down platters of food before him and Goten. The latter of the two Saiyans had drool trickling down his chin as his wide eyes took in every detail of the delicacies cravingly. However, the two half-aliens were smart enough to wait, for nothing was quite worth incurring the wrath of Chi-Chi, including food. As soon as the mother of two sat down, filled her plate, and gave the nod, the two dug in.

Plate after plate and bowl after bowl fell prey to the Son brothers, for no food could be spared from their nearly insatiable appetites. In the time it took Chi-Chi to finish her serving, Gohan and Goten had finished off the rest of the food. As Gohan leaned back and rubbed his thoroughly stuffed belly, he turned to his younger brother. "So what did you do today, Goten?"

Goten thought for awhile, his face scrunched in concentration. "Well... After you left with Mister Piccolo, Mom sent me to go get some apples from that nice apple tree over by the stream. But once I got there, I saw a lizard and I chased it. I caught it, but then I let it go. I forgot what I was there for, so I started chasing some butterflies until I was back at the tree, so I picked the apples and came back. Then, Mom told me read a book while she read a little, so I read "The Three Little Pigs", but then I got bored and started doing handstands. Then, Mom said that she would take me out to train a little."

At this Gohan turned to his mom and raised his eyebrows in surprise. She shot him a frown and announced "I don't know why you're surprised. After all, I was a finalist in the World Martial Arts Tournament. I need to keep in shape somehow."

Gohan smiled and returned his attention to Goten, who was continuing his aimless ramble. "-and she told me to always stay on my guard so I tried but she still was able to hit me a couple times then I practiced blocking while she took a shower. Then, I started punching some rocks to get stronger, but I accidentally made one roll down a hill, but I broke it before it could hurt any of the trees." His face broke out into a grin. "And then you came home! What did you do?"

Gohan smiled. "Piccolo taught me a new fighting technique," Goten gasped, his eyes wide excitement. "And then I trained with Vegeta in the GR."

Goten was standing on his chair at this point. "No way! You learned a new way to fight in a day!" Gohan chuckled. "Well, I can't say I've mastered it, but I think I've got the hang of it."

"I wanna see! Can you please show me?" Goten begged, his eyes resembling those of a sad puppy dog.

"Sure thing, squirt, but not today. Maybe tomorrow?" The younger Saiyan grinned, looking forward to seeing his older brother's and personal hero's new styles.

Chi-Chi watched the two interact with a sad smile on her face. "They both are saints, just like their father. Goku, I hope you are watching them from up there." After being caught in a happy daze for some time, she finally got to her feet and began picking up plates. "Go brush your teeth, you two. Goten, you draw up the bath. You're still sweaty from training today.

Goten pouted. "But mom!" Son Chi-Chi frowned in disapproval. "No buts!" Goten started giggling and chose to run off and start the bath. Gohan, in turn, got up and began helping his mother with the dishes.

"Ahhhh. That was great!" Mr. Satan said loudly as he patted his stomach. He flipped through a newspaper. "So, Sweetpea, how has school been?"

Videl took a sip of water. "It was alright. Nothing really special happened since you left." Mr. Satan looked at her over the top of his paper questioningly. "How are your grades?"

Videl shrugged. "It's too early to say. We haven't been given that many assignments."

Her father continued browsing through the paper. "And what about boys?"

Videl knew where the discussion was headed. "Well, a new kid has been hanging out with me and my friends. He's pretty cool. And Billy is being even MORE annoying than before, and I've gotten really close to punching him multiple times now."

Her father snorted. "This is the same punk that you knocked out?"

She sighed. "Yeah. He doesn't know when to stop. If I could, I would kick him into orbit."

Hercule chuckled. "That's my girl! But if you ever get to the point of actually beating him up, I'll take care of him. Beating random people up is bad publicity, even if they are annoying." He then leaned forwards, his eyes trained on his daughter's face. "And what about this new kid?"

Videl quickly went into defense mode. She subconsciously tightened her shoulders and bent ever so slightly. This was noticed by Hercule, but he chose to let it slide... At least for the time being. Videl's mind was racing as she attempted to compose a defense for Gohan. "How do I do this? If I say that he's actually pretty cool, then Dad will think that I like him! But if I act as though he's worthless, then Dad will suspect Gohan likes me!"

She carefully spoke. "Well, he's okay, I guess. He's kinda strange and isn't exactly a 'people person', but is a genius when it comes to schoolwork."

Mr. Satan, who was trying to build a mental image of the newest 'threat', asked a simple question that was a large part of who he was. "Is he tough?"

Videl struggled to answer this. "Shoot! I'm don't even know if Gohan's a world-class athlete or a weak dork!" After two seconds, she tentatively answered. "... I'm not sure. He seems weak at times, but he sometimes does stuff that I don't think even I can't do."

Hercule's eyes grew, then he started laughing. "BWAHAHAHAHA. Something YOU couldn't do? HA! You're a Satan! Satan's can't be beaten!"

Videl rubbed her head. "It's... Complicated." She then stood up. "I'm going to go be in the gym."

Hercule narrowed his eyes. "Sounds great. I might head down there myself later. And Videl," He waited until she stopped walking and turned around. "Yes?" He frowned for emphasis. "Don't let him get the wrong idea, okay?" Videl rolled her eyes as she turned away. "Yes, Dad."

As Videl strode into the family gym, she rolled her eyes. "Typical Dad. Always assuming that any friend that happens to be male wants to be my boyfriend." She paused, deciding what she wanted to do. "He's not wrong most of the time, but it's still annoying." As she picked up some dumbbells, she reflected how long it took her father to trust Sharpner. It had involved a lot of serious discussions and calming down the latter party, who got panicky after first encountering the World Champ, who was as standoffish towards potential suitors as he was loud and boisterous.

Videl then started doing push-ups, all the while thinking of a way to get her dad to go easy on Gohan. "The problem is that Gohan's weak, and Dad will probably scare him in the first few seconds of meeting him. But what am I thinking? There's still a lot of time before I should feel comfortable to invite him over."

A few minutes later she skipping rope, still thinking. "I hardly know him for crying out loud! He's practically a stranger!" She then mulled over her suspicions of him. "I know that he's hiding something, but I'm pretty sure that he isn't Saiyaman. That would be ridiculous. I can't believe I seriously thought that the weak geek in my class is that annoying trickster. Even Saiyaman has to have a little muscle to do what he does, right?" Her breath became more and more ragged as her stamina wore thinner nearing the 500th skip. After reaching the goal, she grabbed a cup of water.

Soon, Videl found herself in her room. After taking a quick shower, she threw on her normal sleepwear, which consisted of blue, long-legged pajama pants and an excessively large sweater carelessly thrown over a t-shirt. After sitting down at her desks and completing a few of the chemistry handouts, she decided to chat with Erasa. Grabbing her phone, the young Satan called her best friend. The phone rung once... Twice...


"Hey Erasa."

"Oh Videl! What's up?"

"Nothing much. I just finished some of the chemistry homework. You?"

The blonde girl grinned on her end of the line. "I was just trying on some of the stuff I got! You remember that sun dress that I got?"

The following day was devoted for studying, at least in Gohan's world. When he had protested the need for such measures, she had responded very snappily. "Young man, I will not have you lose all that I taught you over the last few years because you refuse to take a few refresher courses!" She then picked up a random book. "Find the value of x in the equation x squared plus six x plus nine."

Gohan yawned, rubbing the sleepiness out of his eyes. "x equals negative three."

She flipped open another book. "How long has the King Furry family been in power?"

"Three-hundred and fifty-seven years. Ever since they used the Dragon Balls."

This quizzing went on for ten more minutes before Chi-Chi stood from Gohan's desk. "Alright. You can go back to bed. It's 4:30, so be ready for another round at 5:30." Gohan, who had been half-asleep while she pestered him with questions, fell back into the wonderful comfort of his pillow and muttered incomprehensibly.

Having had his mother sign his form and pack him an extra large lunch, Gohan took off to Satan City, both anxious and excited for the field trip. "I wonder where we're going." He thought as he soured over vast mountains. As he reached the last major summit, he paused briefly in the air, breathed, then blasted off. He flew close to the ground, a mere streak of light in the eyes of a human. He pressed the red button on his watch and allowed himself to be enclosed by his suit. "Here comes the Great Saiyaman!" He smirked as the skyscrapers of Satan City came into view.

Videl kicked down a door. It wasn't unusual for her to be fighting a group of criminals much larger than her, but it was still inconveniencing. She ran straight up to a charging wrongdoer and blocked his attacks. Noticing how his hits came slowly, she found the perfect opportunity to knock him out within five seconds. Just as he fell, the roar of a machine gun tore through the room. Videl rolled behind a desk, hoping that the cover produced from the papers flying everywhere was enough to allow her escape to be unnoticed. She listened carefully as heavy footfalls approached, and waited with baited breath as heavy breathing filled the room she was in. "He's in here, but where?" She moved to a point where she could look under the desk and glanced around the room. He was standing at the threshold of a hallway she hadn't explored quite yet. "I've found you. So how do I get to you?"

The adolescent Satan knew that an open charge was out of the option. Her opponent was too far away for her to even stand a chance, and it seemed that he was going to start filling up the room with bullets if they couldn't find her. "So I'll have to sneak up on him, then." She glanced at he watch. "I should hurry. I might be late for the field trip." She slowly slid out from behind her desk and looked at her potential assailant, who wasn't looking in Videl's direction. With this opportunity, she quickly got behind a closer desk. She continued this pattern of watching, waiting, and rushing, until she was within twenty feet of the man. "Ugh! This is taking forever! Where's that stupid klutz when you need him?!" No sooner had she thought that had a certain stupid klutz chopped the shooter's neck from behind.

Gohan nearly walked out of the room when he stopped. "Who's there?" He said in his Saiyaman voice. He heard a rustling before Videl stood up from behind a nearby desk. "Eep! Oh, -uh- hello, Miss Videl."

"You idiot! Kyaaa!" She screamed in fury and charged up to him. Her fist crashed into Gohan's shoulder, and which didn't move. They both stared at it, Videl in shock and Gohan in confusion.

Gohan eventually looked up. "Um... Are you done yet?"

Videl just realized that her fist was still pressed against the strangely-clothed superhero and pulled it away hastily. Gohan then said "I must be off! Until next time, Miss Videl!"

Videl sweat-dropped as the weirdo flew down the hallway. "I'll never understand him." Glancing at her watch, she internally screamed "Shit!"

Gohan landed in the nick of time. "Great!" He breathed. "I'm not too late!" Glancing up into the sky, he wondered if she would be back in time. "Well, if I don't hurry, both of us will be late!"

Soon, the entire grade was shuffling in front of the school. Teachers were trying desperately to keep order, but were obviously failing. Gohan had managed to find Sharpner and Erasa in the crowd, thanks to a little ki sensing. As they talked about what they did over the weekend (Gohan leaving out a few details), Mr. Khimiya picked up a speakerphone and began giving orders. "Everybody listen up! We are about to depart! Now, each seat on the buses only have enough space to accommodate two people, and two people only! Everyone should find a partner to sit with on the trip there and back!"

There was a great rush as people sought out their friends. Gohan only saw Erasa and Sharpner stand side-by-side before a crowd of people surrounded him. And they were no ordinary people; they were females.

"Hey, Gohan! You should totally sit with me!"

"Don't listen to her! I'd be much happier to go with you!"

A particularly bold one pushed through the others and placed a palm and Gohan's shoulder. The latter squirmed, while the former began making her attack.

Gohan wasn't the only one having problems. Videl had landed and had made it to the crowd in time, only to be swamped by boys. With their ceaseless chatter, she was able to understand that they were pairing up for sitting in the bus. After managing to push through them, she encountered the disgusting smirk of Billy, and simply pushed past him. She herself had a half-smirk at the look of shock and hurt on his face. "Erasa and Sharpner are probably sitting together. Which leaves..." She searched through the crowd, and found the panicked face of Gohan, who looked like he wanted to turn invisible.

Gohan's attacker was squeezing Gohan's shoulder, making the situation all the the more scary for him. "Well, Gohan? How about it?"

Gohan stuttered. He didn't want to ride with the girl, but he also didn't want to upset her. "Think! I can't tell her I don't want to unless I have a good excuse!"

Videl pushed through the horde of students, trying to get closer to Gohan, as she approached his scared face, she saw the source of his fears. A girl was practically pushing herself against him. Videl quickly noted how her body was angled, how her chest was pushed out forwards as her hand was slowly yet steadily rubbing on his shoulder, then raised her eyebrows in alarm. "Wow. She's really trying." Her eyes then hardened. "I've got to stop this. He probably has no idea what's going on." She forced herself through the unremitting crowd.

The girl wore a pout. "Please, Gohan?" Gohan scratched the back of his head, a pained smile on his face. "Well..."

"Gohan! Get over here!" Gohan's head snapped in the direction of the familiar voice. His eyes widened and his shoulders slackened as he found his savior. He turned to the girl. "I-I'm sorry. I have a -um- friend that already wanted me." With that, he turned and ran towards Videl, his face beet red from the effort it took to come up with the lie.

Videl stood, arms crossed, as Gohan raced up to her. "Hey, Videl! Boy am I glad you made it back from beating up those bad guys on time!"

Videl's eyes narrowed. "How did you know that I was late from fighting crime?" Gohan realized his mistake. "Oh- well- um- y'see, I d-didn't see you here, and so I figured you must've been off doing your job!"

Videl squinted, suspicion evident before she shrugged. "Yeah. I was almost late because Saiyaman showed up." Gohan laughed awkwardly and scratched the back of his head.

Gohan was seated on the window side of the chair he and Videl shared, while Erasa and Sharpner sat right in front of them. It took some time to finally be ready, but they had soon begun moving. The students chattered excitedly, wondering where the bus could possibly be going. Gohan leaned his head against the glass and stare outside. Of course, every so often the bus would bump, and his head would slam into the glass. Fortunately enough, the glass didn't shatter, but his friends still gave him odd looks. "Hey, Gohan? You okay?" Gohan lifted his head lazily off the cold glass and stared at Sharpner. "Huh?" Sharpner scratched his head and laughed. "You must have a really hard head!" Gohan laughed as well. "You have no idea." He laid his head back onto the glass and continued gazing outside.

Videl looked suspiciously at the boy next to her. His eyes were glazed over, and his face was expressionless. "I wonder what he's thinking about?" Every once a while, Gohan would shift, but remained still for the most part. Videl looked ahead. Erasa and Sharpner were laughing over something that seemed to be hilarious. "I wonder how I'm going to get them together..." She mused. "They both like each other, but don't know how to approach the other... Maybe I should convince Erasa that it'd be easiest just to be clear with her feelings. I would try to push Sharpner to do the same, but he's too proud to do that, so that would be pointless."

Gohan's mind was far elsewhere. Recently, Goten had begun being more persistent in asking about his father. This made Gohan nervous, because it wouldn't be long before Goten found out what had happened. That Goku was dead. From there, it would lead to another question: How did he die?

"Because I was careless and stupid. Because I let the power get to my head. Because his older brother was so overconfident that he let their father die." Gohan felt his eyes watering. "No. I won't let myself cry. I don't deserve to cry, and I'm surrounded by people."

"Gohan? Are you okay?"

Gohan jumped and turned to a curious Videl. "What?! Yeah! I'm fine!" He quickly responded.

Videl took in his strange tone and his quick responsiveness. She also noted the single tear that was on his cheek before it was quickly swiped away. "Oh, okay." She said carefully, while she was screaming questions internally. "I just thought you were acting a bit odd... It's nothing." She was quiet as Gohan nodded once and turned to look outside again.

Videl sat silent for the longest of times. Within her, a battle was playing out between bringing up Gohan's behavior or simply leaving it alone. While she obviously had many questions regarding his strange disposition, she also has the feeling that he was thinking of something private. "So?" A part of her thought. "I've always had suspicions about him. How is this any different?"

Videl glanced at Gohan, who was still gazing at the passing scenery, which now consisted of rolling green landscape. "Then again... It's obviously personal. How would I feel if he started asking questions about my life?"

"At the same time, I can't just forget this. There's something off about Gohan, and I promised myself that I would find it out." Videl then recalled a saying her father loved to use. "A Satan always delivers!"

Gohan remained zoned-out for a large portion of the trip. After awhile, he got his mind out of the depressing past and began to think about happier things, like what his mom had packed for lunch. As he thought of these happy things, he was oblivious to the excited whispers and gasps as the bus gradually slowed down. Only after he felt Videl nudging him did he return to reality. "Gohan! We're here!"

"Huh? Where?"

His eyes tried to make sense of the scenery, about to ask for further details when his words died in his throat. All along the bus, students pressed the face and marveled at the glorious site.

Palm trees and flowery bushes formed a huge perimeter around the property. An expansive structure rose majestically from the center. Light glinted off of the golden dome laying before them, labeled clearly in blue: Capsule Corp.

I realize that this is a nearly cliche plot device, but I couldn't pass it up! It's so amusing!

Until next time.