Star Fox: The Time Before

Chapter 1

Jose Philipe Mendola

'As the past is unravled, the future is unfolded.'

In a time before they all knew each other, Fox, Falco, Slippy and Peppy all lived diferent lives. in hopes of revealing all that to you, here is a recorded radio transmissions from the three amigos, on a return flight to Sector Z....

recorded conversation at the ready. Starting........ go

'Fox's mission log. December 10, 2054. Our voyage to sector Z is going well. Now that we are heading back to do one final sweep of the area, much conversation has come up. Since the flight will take us some time, we may as well strike up a conversation...' Fox said into his recorder.

'Who the HELL are you talking too?!' Falco yelled over the ship to ship intercom. 'Are you talking to yourself again newbie?'

'No Falco, just recording some thoughts of mine...'

'Short tape that'll be...' Falco said into the microphone. He, and the other two ships laughed at his cheap shot at Fox.

Fox was quiet for quite some time, meaning that the intercoms were quite for a good few minutes. Finally, almost breaking under the silence, he said to everyone,

'Hey... do you guys remember when you first joined this outfit?'

'Not this shit again...' Peppy sighed. 'Do we ALWAYS have to talk about this?... let's think of another subject.'

'I agree...' Sid Falco Defensively 'Let's talk about something else...'

'I dont know...' Said Slippy 'We never HAVE heard about the others lives. No one's even mentioned it...'

'Reasons for that...' Falco said, not remembering that his intercom was on.

'And what would those reasons be, Falco?...' Asked Peppy, now seeming more, well.... peppy. 'What is there that we dont know about the great Falco?'

'Yeah,' Fox said 'This should be good for a laugh...'

'Now now...' Peppy said. 'This may be good for him. relieve some of that stress he's been having as of... well, forever.' This brought a laugh out of the remaining three crafts, excluding Falco's.

'You guy's would'nt understand...' Falco said. 'just... never mind...'

'We wont say anything.' Slippy said. 'And we'll keep it between us. I promise.'

'Well,' Said Peppy 'If that's what it's going to take... I'll keep it between the four of us.'

'Tell you what...' Fox said 'If you tell us of your child hood, the rest of us will too.'

'Really?' Falco asked, sounding more open.

'Really.' Fox siad.

'Ulp.' Said Slippy.

'We will?' Asked Peppy.

'Yes. all of us. Now, Falco... where do you want to start?...'

'Well,' Falco said.... ' I guess from the beginning...


'As far back as i can remember, i never knew my mother. She was never there. Always my father. I'v thought about it before, mayby she left him. Mayby he left her, taking me. I'v stayed up countless nights thinking about it. Never coming to a conclusion, but thinking. It went well until I was trusted to do work around the house. Eventually, i was taught how to cut the lawn, do the laundary, and even cook. I was paid to do all of these, so I got nothing if i did nothing. School kept me busy, i had no time to make money or get a job... it was just school. As son as i COULD work to make money, i was charged rent by me OWN father.... 1000 credits a MONTH! I was 16 years old! If I did'nt pay, i would'nt get fed, of food to cook to feed myself. I finally had to drop out of school so i could work to pay back my father for all he had ever 'given' me.'

'Shit...' Said Peppy, not believing what he was hearinig ' Of all my years of being a sailor, i never heard a story like that...'

'Peppy...' Slippy said 'Your a piolit. Not a sailor...'

'Oh...' peppy said. 'I was WONDERING where i put my captains hat...'

'Keep going Falco...' Fox said 'Why did you come into STAR Fox Academy?...'

'Well', Falco began again... ' The whole time I was paying rent, i was constantally harassed by my father telling me that 'I'v done nothing with my life! go join the STAR Fox Academy!'. It was horrible. Day in and out, every dasy for the next 3 years, i was told i was 'Not a man', 'Worthless', 'woman'.... it was horrible. So, having close to NO education, I packed up one day and went to training school. It was bad enough at home, butschool was worse. The parties i wasn never invited to, the lonely weekends i never had anyone to spend with..'

'I remember when i was in the STAR Academy, we always ragged on this ONE kid...' Fox interjected ' We made his life a living hell.'

'the hazing...' Falco said, almost not hearing what fox said. 'It was horrible. Up until junior year in teh Academy, it was nothing... I was in my fifth week of junior year Weapons training Class, when we were introduced to a new student. She had just come in from another STAR Academy from across the galaxy, and she was beautiful...'

'Who was it?" Slippy asked, not seeming to care that Falco was the deepest in emotion anyone had ever seen him in.

'Her name was Katt. Oh, it was love at first sight. If not for the bad reputation, and all the hazing i still suffered from, i think she would have dated me... but i'll come to that... Despite the lingering names and lables on me, i still tried to impress her. Every day, i tried to get her to notice me. Even for her to look at me would satisfy me. But no... it was not to be. She claimed that she had a new boyfriend...'

'heh-heh...' Fox laughed nervously to himself.

'so it was no use. I was forced to live my life alone and loveless. So goes life... i wont say i did'nt think about ending it on ocasion... life was too much to bear. it was murder. I hated it... but i got over it quickly. Senior gradguation came up fast, and the next thing i knew, i was recieving my diploma. I was on stage, in front of a million proud parents, mine not being there of course, and was loving it. After the celebration, i went back to my dorm and framed the diploma on the wall. it was great. for the first time in my life, i felt like i was someone.' Falco said close to tears. ' I loved it. and more or less, i loved Katt. She did'nt know it, but i did. loved her with all of my heart. She was the reason i finished STAR Fox academy. If not for the knowing fact, that if not seeing her face every morning in class, i would have ended it a long time ago. But all that changed with in the next two hours. It so happened that i was finally invited to a party. it was mandatory that i showed up, but a party none the same. It was great. I was finally around other people. I was having a good time. Everyone was. Even those that hated me thre hours earlier were happy to see me. All the grads were there...'

'You know...' Fox said 'I remember that party...'

'So do I,' Slippy said 'But save it. This is Falco's time.'

'Anyway...' Falco said 'we were having a blast. Then i saw her...'

'Katt, right?' Fox said

'Yeah... Katt. She was there. As soon as i saw her, it was like no one else was there. Just me and her. The rest of the room vanished. It was just us in a mix of ancient Michael Jackson and other favorites of our parents youth. It was great. Until I saw her take a swig from an imported beer that is..'

'Yeah..' Fox said with a laugh. 'There WAS a lot of drinking that night...'

'As soon as i saw her drain that bottle and put it next to the other three she had allready had, I noticed that every one else was drinking too... like somne kinda gradguation kegger or something.... anyway... aginst my best judgement, i went over to her and started talking to her. Well, we were talking for a few minutes, and she kept reminding me that her boyfriend was somewhere doing somehitng...'

'Someone...' Fox said to himself.

'So, one thing led to another, and three shots of Tequila later, found myself in a room with her...'

'Slut...' Fox said out loud, quickly trying to conceal his outburst with a fake cough. 'Sorry Falco... go on.'

'Well, like any bad movie (or fic for that matter...), she was in bed and allready half won-over by my ways.'

'Whatever those were...' Peppy said.

'Back off old man.' Falco said. 'I'm not done yet.... where was I?'

'You were aboout to tell us about how you 'got to know her' better...' Slippy said. 'Well, out with it man!'

Falco Sighed. Something was troubling him. fox could tell... but what?... it was not that fact that he was (once) in a room with his drunk girlfriend, was it the fact that he HAD been hiding something for so long?... His thoughts were interupted by Peppy suddenly yelling


Fox looked all around him, and over the backs of the other ships. There as nothing. What the hell was this fossile talking about?

'What the hell are you talking aobut?' Fox said to the shook-up Peppy. 'There's nothing out there!'

'Sorry guys.... something got into me there... i'm ok now...'

Falco, sencing that before he lost them, continued with his story.

'Well, I... I think i turned her to the other team...'

well if that was'nt the most confusing thing they had ever heard. What the?.... 'the other team'?.... what the heck?...

''Other Team'?' Fox asked 'What does THAT mean?'

Slippy started laughing. What the hell was so funny?... had Fox Missed something?

'I dont believe it...' Slippy said through short bursts of laughs. 'She's battin' lefty now?!'

Falco sighed again, this time with more than somethingon his mind, something more like a small sob.

'It was her first time! It's not MY fault she based every guy on MY size!' Falco sobbed. 'Why me!? oh, horrible, horrible fate! Why did you mock me?! Why!?' He broke down and sobbed some more. Fox was now catching on.

'She turned lesbisan on you.... you had nothing to impress her with. Your 1/2 the man she thought you were.'

'You dont understand!' Falco wailed 'It was the first time for both of us! She took one look at me, and laughed! She said that she had seen crayons with more of a package than me! CRAYONS!' He sobbed again. 'She left me there, saying 'See you later 'little man'...'

The Lightbulb came on in Fox's head.

'So THAT'S where your call sign comes from when she sees you!' Fox Began to laugh.

Like a deadly, contagious virus, Peppy and Slippy both began to laugh too. It was insanity. All three shipswere laughing so hard, they were shaking. falco, on the other hand, sat in a cold, sadened state, and cried the memories away. It took both cases, the laughing and the crying about 10 minutes to stop. Falco could still be heard sniffiling, pushing more depressing memories down, further into his tatered soul.

'Well..' Fox said through dying laughter. 'That was interesting. Who's next?'

'I want to go home...' Falco cried.

'That's right.... ' Peppy said 'Back to your abusive father at his broken home, where no good can come of you except the crying mass that you'r sure to become.'

This got Falco going again. Bawling, he kept saying that 'no one understood, and that no one has ever had a worse life.'

'Well...' Slippy said through intervals of choked sobs 'That maynot be true...'

'Oh?' Said Fox with, waht seemed like intent 'Is that so?... why dont YOU go next Slippy?'

'Well...' Slippy said 'Ok...'

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