Hugely AU. BAMF! Skull.

He doesn't get nearly enough love. This is gonna be a drabble kind of thing with shorter chapters and WILL have a happy ending to be clear.
This was actually based off a dream I had where I heard a 'voice over' kind of thing from Skull's POV. It was amazing. So I'm sharing.

KHR is not my Sandbox I just like building sandcastles in it.


Immortal Skull.

He told them right off that he was such. He never really hid the fact he couldn't die. Most just assumed he had gotten the nickname from all the miraculous brushes with death that he walked away from. 'Even the Grim Reaper hates me…' he told them.

Not quite.

Skull was very, very old, and very tired.

He was immortal, and to be frank Skull wished he wasn't. He didn't understand why so many people wanted to 'live forever'.

It wasn't fun. It was one long haze of one loss after another. After the first hundred years it had become so very tiring. Some things could shock him, and things were always progressing, but Skull had forgotten more than most people would ever learn in their lifetimes.

He was so very tired of watching the people he loved grow old and pass on and knowing with a horrifying certainty that he would never be able to join them in the afterlife or whatever came next.

So very tired.

He wanted it all to end, had been searching for a very long time for a way to manage it.

Then the Arcobaleno Curse happened.

Skull had descended into a state of apathy for such a long time. It was the applying of the curse that 'woke' him to the world around him again. This was new. This was something he hadn't seen before, something that may be able to help him.

He was cursed to live forever after all, so the idea of something that could reverse age?

Perhaps it could 'cancel' his immortality somehow?

Skull had descended into apathy.

He woke up to hope.