"No, I can't do this alone. Let me tell you why. You see, my name is Nikole and I'm a Slytherin, but my elder twin brother, Hothorne, is a Gryffindore.

We do NOT get along.
My father walked out on us when we were seven, mom keeps telling me it is my fault and favors my brother. She said that if it wasn't for me she would still be with him. She told me a LOT of things that hurt.
Once I made it to Hogwarts, I thought she would finally be proud of me, but no, I'm a slimy, Slytherin snake. She was proud of my brother though.

She said that once I got my inheritance, she would buy me a shit house and kick me out, with nothing to my name... She's been saying that since dad left.

Mom favored 'Thorne and I was left to my own devices.
Once I got into the common rooms, we had to introduce ourselves and say a deep, dark secret. Slytherins protect their own and this helps build trust and understanding within our family. I told them mine, just like everyone else. I don't have an easy time making friends, was never allowed to really socialize since I was the disappointment in the family, but the ones I did make right off the back was Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zambini, Theodore Nott and Pansy Parkinson.

My brother and I don't get along, he calls me names and his friends have done some horrible things to me, after some time I befriended Harry Potter, of all people, Hermione Granger, Fred and George Weasley and their friend Lee Jordan. They didn't agree with what the other Gryffindores were doing to me and my friends, so we made an alliance of sorts. They are the only people from another house who will sit with us and will stand by us. Talk about Professor Snape, Dumblefuck, and the other teachers choking on their morning coffee.
Now, now I have to go into the muggle world with him and my mom. I saw where we were going and looked it up, the USA, South Park, Colorado. I read and reread the contract and there is one clause that has me so happy, 'If a child is kicked out of their home, that child may use magic to set themselves up in a new home in their given area and continue the program,' I bet that was Snape's doing, since I told him my fears.
My Slytherin family is all throughout the world, but my Slytherin friends are in the USA with me, though only Theo is going to NYC, the lucky bastard, while the others are heading to Cleveland, Ohio.

Mom is there to get us the next day, she hugs my brother and sneers at me, a normal greeting. I run to go hug my friends and say goodbye to their parents, they told me to contact them if I needed ANYTHING, they practically growled it when they caught my mother's eyes. She walked over and dragged me out and we were on our way.

"I'm so fucking happy that your inheritance is coming," she growls, "I won't have to deal with you anymore."
In my head I'm basically thinking the same thing.

"Yes! I'll be an only child!"

I keep quiet, it's best that way, they can't attack you if you don't give them anything, but they attack you for being weak if you don't talk. I'd rather be called weak than one of the many other names the two have given me over the years.

I wish dad was here, but wishing isn't enough. I remember sitting in front of the front door, just waiting for him to come back, but he never did. Mom would say that I forced him out, they always fought about me and that is why he left./div
I gave up on that dream a long time ago.
We made it to our new home and I was put to work, while they went into town to have a look around. I had to do everything like a muggle, that was part of the contract that both students and parents had to sign, but I bet they didn't even read it, at least not most of the other houses.
I get the kitchen and dinning room done and, now, to move the couches and bigger furniture. They come back in right when I finish the two living areas, "Did you get to the bedrooms yet?" Mother snaps.
"No, ma'am," I reply, I haven't been allowed to call her mom since I was sorted into Slytherin, but that's okay, I have my family in Slytherin.

"And why not?"
"I just finished down here and I was moving as fast as I can and I finished all the bathrooms and the beds and other furniture for upstairs is heavy and I can't do it by myself as a muggle..." I just keep rambling on and on, until, "I need help."
"YOU need help? What about ME? Your father left me alone with you and YOU need help?"
I mumble a "Yes ma'am," as she walks towards me.
"Look at me," she demands, I don't move, she grabs my chin, "You WILL listen to me, you little whore. Now, your brother and I are going out to dinner, one that you would have been allowed to come on if you finished before we got back. Now you have to get it done and MAYBE we will let you have any leftovers that we bring back. Understood?" I just look at her with a blank expression, then... She slaps me, "Understood?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Good. We will be back by eleven," they walk to the door and slam it shut as they leave. I wait five minutes before I let my mask fall, though you wouldn't know I had one on.
Tears fall like rain as I rub my cheek, wishing I could use magic.
I pull myself together and hope I get everything set in time, I look to the clock and see that it is only three, "I'm going to be exhausted by time they get home," I say with a sigh.

I have many masks, only my friends and their families have seen me without them. Mother hasn't seen me without mine since before first year. The school gave us cell phones the day before pickup so we could get our friends numbers. I don't want to bug them with my problems.

"Suck it up, girl. You can do this."

I put my iPod, that I bought with the money that I earned working for Professor Snape, an the sound system and start playing some music to help me relax. It took me over two hours to put the large furniture in their respective rooms along with the bags of crap that they have. It's about half past five and I'm ready to pass out, "I," heave, "LOVE," another, "magic," I'm wheezing. Now to set up the rooms.
I set up Mother's first, it was going to take the longest. An hour and a half later I move on to my asshole of a brother's room, another hour and I move on to my room, which I packed nicely and had it done in only forty-five minutes.
I walk back downstairs and remembered I have the outdoor shit to set up too, "Fuck," I groan out with my head in my hands. I look to the clock a quarter to nine, "I'm SO going to sleep good tonight."

I turn on the outdoor lights and start setting up, that only took about twenty minutes for BOTH the front and the back yards. I go into the kitchen and grab out some ranch and celery and start munching on them. After having a few I put them back and get a nice big glass of water and, fuck composure, gulp it down, doing the same thing about ten more times. I do the small amount of dishes I made, dry them and put them in their respective homes.
"That. Sucked," I sit down on the couch and contemplate what to do next.
They are not going to bring me back anything and I'm done here. Maybe I should check out the town, it might be dark out, but it will get me the hell out of this fucking house.
"I'm changing into some sweats and getting out of here for an hour or so."
My body aches, but I force myself. By half past nine I was out the door, going in no particular direction, except away from this house. I walk for a while and make it to some pond, sitting down on the nearest thing I could consider a seat. I found a bench and just look out onto the pond, "I miss you, dad," I don't know where that came from, it kind of scared the crap out of me, it was my voice, but it broke at the last word.

I wish I knew the truth as to why he left, but no, I don't think I ever will.
I stay for a while and decide to go back. I make it back and when I look at the clock it shows that I was only gone an hour. I yawn and head upstairs to my room.
I'm so tired.
I think I blacked out once my head hit the pillow, which was right after I set my alarm for four. Tomorrow is my first day at this school.
Hothorne is going to make sure I'm the most hated person there.
Please, just one friend, is that too much to ask?
For me.
It is.