Harry Potter and the Wrong Train

Written By: Venison Galaxy

Part One: The Wrong Train

Harry was eleven years old, and about to board the Hogwarts Express for the first time. Only, He couldn't find platform nine and three quarters! His small, worried face looked all around for the platform. He looked at platform 9, and at ten. Nothing in between.

This was it. This was a prank by the Dursleys. He wasn't a wizard. What the hell was he thinking!? I am such a moron, Harry thought to himself. Then he overheard a family talking. The family was a strange one. Two parents were escorting many children, all with red hair. The parents were wearing strange clothes. The mother was saying strange words, and Harry heard her say, muggle.

Did the dursleys actually hire someone to make him believe in this nonsense? Well he was not going to fall for it now. Harry stared at them with a hard look on his face. Watch, they'll come up to me and tell me it was all a prank… Harry thought. But just then, the family he was staring at went into the brick pillar… Harry rubbed his eyes. Um… What? Harry started to walk around the brick pillar. He reached out and put his had on the opposite side of were the redheads went through. The hand sunk into the brick and Harry fell face first into the pillar, and landed with a clank on the floor. He got up, and brushed himself up. He was looking quite embarrassed. He saw the platform sign, and it read: Platform 9 and 1 Quarter. This was it! This was his Platform!

But, where was all the students? And, oh man! He left all his junk on the other side of the pillar! Just then, he heard a raspy voice call out to him. "Hey kid! Getting on already? I don't have all day!" He looked towards the callers voice, but they already went back into the engine compartment. Worried that he would miss his train, he forgot his luggage, and hopped on. As soon as he hopped on the train, it started to pull out of the station. Harry went to find an empty compartment. The first one he saw, in fact, was empty, so he decided to sit there.

After a few minutes, Harry's compartment door slid open, and a blue furred thing walked into the compartment. Harry rubbed his eyes. I'm going mad! He thought to himself. The character sat down on the other side of his compartment, and smiled at young Harry. "Hello, what's your name?" The creature, which Harry saw to be a cat, spoke. "H-harry?" He said it as if he was answering an unsure question...