Wind, dust , and gravel whipped at his face as Harry fell a few meters to the ground. His shoulder hit hard grass, and rocks cut into his arm. Harry opened his eyes, to find himself out of the train, covered in dust, and bleeding, somewhat. He tried to sit up, but he couldn't. He heard more thuds, as the others jumped out of the train, each person farther and farther away. Then the whole train passed him, and he passed out…

"-Isabelle, your in my way,"

"Oh, sorry Bam."

"Go get some water from the river, Ed. They'll want some once they come-to."

"On it, Chief."

"Hey, bros, their moving."

"Bam, they have to breathe, of course their moving."

"No really, look!"

Five animals, all aproximintly the same height (around 4'10''), were huddled around six humans. One of the humans started to stur from their sleep. The brown haired boy sat up, rubbing his head.

"Are we at Hogwarts yet?" He said in a groggy voice.

"What do you mean, sport? We're in Tia's house!" The boy looked at his speaker. His eyes opened wide, and he remained speachless.

"Woah, kid, calm down, are you okay?" The speaker was a light brown wolf-dog-thing; it's eyes were human-like, and slanted downward. It was wearing only a red t-shirt – no pants.

The kid was to frightened to move. Then, he looked at his companions, all laying on the floor, eyes closed.

"Are they dead!?" He suddnelly spoke.

"Dead? Probably not. I hope not. We found all of you along the side of our train tracks! You wern't to far from Tia's house, so we brought you their, everyone's getting water and fruit and things for you guys when you wake up." The dog-huminod told him.

"…" The boy said nothing.

"Well, my name's Chief. That there is Bam, Tia, Isabelle, and Bree. Ed just left to get you guys some water, and Curlos went to collect cherries. We got a bunch of them here."

Bam was a blue deer- human thing. Tia was a hybrid elephant-teacup-human. Isabelle looked like a Yorkshire pup, and Bree was a rat thing with absolutely huge ears.

They all were slightly huminized, and one hundred percent creepy.

The door opened, and a sheep with a red and yellow scarf walked in.

"Got the cherries – Oh hey! Your up! Well hopefully your friends get up as well, so you can all get some of these deliccherries I got you. Or not, because then you would be able to eat them all yourself, shurrly!"

The sheep laughed, and the boy shuddered.

"You all are being so rude!" The elephant suddenly spoke up. She was standing in the back corner of the small home, and had her arms crossed. She walked up to the boy.

"What's your name, teacup? These rude men here don't know how to properly talk to guests!"

The boy opened his mouth, and spoke, "Neville Longbottom." He said in a soft whisper.

"Neville Longbottom? That is a mouthful, isnt it? Do you have a nick name or-?"

"Neville is my name, Longbottom is just my surname…"

"Surname? Oh I see, you just want to make up words! What should the word surname mean?"

"It-Its not a made up word, it means your family's name!"

"I don't have one of those! But I want one!" This was spoken by the large-eared rat- mouse thing.

"Me too, shurly!" Curlos announced.

"How about, cheeseball. Bree Cheeseball. It has a nice ring to it!" Bree told Curlos.

"And I could be Curlos Smith."

"Why smith?" Bree asked.

"Why anything?"

Neville watched as the monsters communicated with one another. He hoped that the other kids would wake up soon, and – Oh man! Where was Trevor!?