Hello lovelies, I'm usually not one who does well with drabbles, but I've been inspired lately by a few prompts I saw on tumblr. I posted this on there, but wanted to share it with anyone on here who follows me here but not on tumblr. I have two others planned and maybe some after that but I have no idea how often I'll post them.


Prompt-"I know we've never talked before but there is a friggin huge spider in my apartment can you kill it for me" au


Klaus wasn't sure how long someone had been knocking at the door but considering that by the time he reached the door the knocking had turned to outright pounding, he assumed it had been quite some time. It was most likely the old woman across the hall, there to complain about him having the stereo too loud but silence did nothing for his muse while painting so he wasn't about to concede to her wishes. However when he swung the door open, the person doing the knocking was the last one he expected to see, his neighbor from the other end of the hall.

She stood barefoot in front of him, his eyes drawn to the small star outlined on her right foot before moving up to her long creamy legs, which were on display thanks to the short blue striped shorts that sat low on her rounded hips. The shorts were paired with a white tank top that looked as if it had been painted on her, hugging the generous swells of her breasts aside from the peak of cleavage at the top. Her long curly blonde hair gathered at the top of her head in a ponytail topped off the look of someone who had been spending the night in, not standing in front of him after beating a hole into his door. "If I knew that you were awaiting me on the other side of the door, I would have moved quicker to answer it. What can I do for you sweetheart?"

"Um, hi….I know we've never talked before but there is a friggin huge spider in my apartment," She announced, looking up at him coyly through her eyelashes, licking her lush lips as her eyes raked over his shirtless torso before continuing, "And I was wondering if you can kill it for me?"

His eyebrows shot up in surprise at her request. They had been living down the hall from each other for several months, and had never exchanged more than the occasional smile but she had come to him for help? A stranger instead of the boyfriend he knew she lived with, interesting. "A spider you say?"

"Yes," She answered. "I'm pretty sure it is bigger than the one in the Harry Potter movies."

"We can't have a beast like that running amok, can we?" He questioned, unable to keep a smirk from his face at her exaggeration.

Her face lit up in the brightest, most beautiful smile he had ever been fortunate enough to witness, and it was directed at him. "Oh god thank you. I thought I was going to have to chalk the whole thing up to a loss and burn down the apartment instead."

"No need for that. Just let me just put a shirt on." Klaus declared but she interrupted.

"NO! I mean, we don't have time, he could get away." The blonde argued before she reached out and grabbed his arm and leading him in the direction of her flat. "I'm Caroline by the way."

"Niklaus, but I prefer Klaus." Klaus said in introduction, trying to distract himself from the rush of heat that was flowing through his body, starting where her hand was touching him.

As he stepped through the door, he couldn't help but glance around, his artist's eye taking in the decor. Her taste was very similar to his sister's, classic feminine but not frilly though unlike Rebekah's flat, Caroline's had male touches scattered throughout, reminding him that she did not live alone. "I'm sure your boyfriend will be disappointed that he was not here to play knight to his damsel, unless he is the kind who is also scared of creepy crawlies."

Klaus watched as a look of confusion came over Caroline's face, the spot between her eyebrows crinkling adorably. "I don't have a boyfriend."

"I'm talking about the chap that lives with you, I just assumed you two were lovers." Klaus explained, a feeling of elation coming over him at learning that his assumption was wrong. "So where did you see this eight legged beastie?"

"By the couch." Caroline replied, pointing in the direction of the large piece of furniture.

The two of them searched for the intruder for several minutes but to no avail. "Well sweetheart, it looks as if your little friend scurried off while you were gone. Perhaps knowing that you were coming to get someone to hunt and kill it scared him away."

Biting her lip, Caroline looked around uneasily. "Do you think you can stick around for a little bit? Just in case?"

Smiling at her, Klaus nodded. "Considering the company here is infinitely better than back in my apartment, how could I not?"

Caroline cautiously settled into the nearby chair just as her phone started to go off. She glanced at the screen before hitting the ignore and looking up at him. "Enzo isn't my boyfriend."

"Enzo?" Klaus repeated before he realized who she was speaking of. "That's the bloke's name?"

"Yeah, we're just roommates and friends." Caroline said, enlightening him. "As a matter of fact he's out on a date right now. With some blonde girl he met here in the building. I guess she was visiting a family member who lives here."

"Is he now?" He asked through clenched teeth, anger and irritation bubbling up in him as he remembered Rebekah mentioning to him the other day that she had met a 'very charming' gentleman on the way to his apartment. It could not be a coincidence, Caroline's roommate had to be the man his sister was talking about, something he wasn't particularly happy with.

However he was pulled out of his musing by Caroline suddenly hopping up onto her chair, her breasts swaying very enticingly as she did, as she pointed towards the floor. "There it is!"

Despite his lack of focus, Klaus moved quickly and dispatched the spider, one that was vastly smaller than Caroline had made it out to be. Of course he hadn't believed it to actually be the size of the arachnid in the movie, but he did expect it to be a bit bigger than a quarter. Regardless, once it was done she looked at him gratefully.

"Now I think I can sleep tonight without having to worry about a visitor." Caroline stated, as she looked up him up and down. "At least an unwelcomed one."

Desire shot through Klaus at the implications behind her words, was she flirting with him? "I am glad that I am able to calm your mind."

"You have to let me repay you, for your help." Caroline declared.

"There is no need," He assured her. "I was just giving some assistance to someone in need."

"You didn't let me finish." She acknowledged, catching his gaze with hers as she licked her lips again. He could swear the temperature in the room increased significantly as they stared at each other. "I was thinking dinner?"

"You want to buy me dinner?" Klaus asked as she surprised him yet again. At her nod, he made up his mind, after all if he hadn't thought she spoken for before now, he would have already made a move on her. "How could I say no to such an enticing offer?"

"Perfect." Caroline replied, just as her phone began to ring again with the same ringtone as the previous call.

"You better get that love, it seems that someone very much wants to speak with you." Klaus stated.

"Yeah, I better." She agreed with another smile, "Thank you again Klaus."

"Any time, Caroline."

Caroline watched Klaus leave her apartment, her gaze fixed on the muscles of his back and his firm ass as he did, unable to keep the shudder that went through her at the thought of what it would feel like in her hands. Pushing her lust down, she quickly answered her phone. "Hey Bonnie."

"It's about time! I was starting to worry when you didn't answer the phone a few minutes ago." Bonnie said.

"Sorry, I was busy, my neighbor, the really hot guy from down the hall was here."

"Oh really?" Bonnie asked, sounding very interested.

"Yeah, I had to go get him to kill a spider for me, then we were talking about how I could repay him." She explained.

"But Care, you aren't scared of spiders."

"I know that, you know that but he doesn't need to know that." The blonde replied, a wicked smile on her face and mischievous glint in her blue eyes as she did.