This is a birthday present for my friend Jess willowaus who is a wonderful writer that lets me beta her wonderful stories, and listens to ramblings about my own writing.

Set some time after 4x18 though the events of 4x16 and definitely not 4x20 did not happen. Based off a favored scene for another one of Jess and I's favorite OTPs.


Caroline looked around the room, taking in the contents of the various displays before looking back over her shoulder at her host. "I have to say, this is not what I was expecting."

"You said you were interested in seeing more of my collection love."

"I meant more like the clothes and jewelry, less the weapons." She explained to the hybrid as she moved farther into the room despite her initial disappointment. There were so many of them, and all different types; knives, swords, guns, even maces. "Why do you have all of these anyways? I would think that the most 'powerful' creature in the world wouldn't have a need for weapons."

"I don't, love, have need of them. However what you see here are not mere ordinary weapons, on the contrary, they are the finest of their kind. Works of art in their own right, art that I can value and appreciate." Klaus said.

As he launched into tales of the various items and their histories, Caroline listened intently, intrigued by what he said as much as how he said it. Since the first time she had heard it, she had found his voice extremely alluring. It wasn't just the accent, though that was a lot of it, but also the words he used, so unlike pretty much everyone else she knew. It made her think of the world outside this little town.

However when they reached a particular display case, she found her attention waning from his commentary to the weapons within, something Klaus seemed to notice immediately. "Ah, I see the bows intrigue you. I did not know you had a fondness for archery, love."

Caroline couldn't keep the faint blush from rising to her cheeks, feeling a bit embarrassed as she shrugged. "My father used to like to read Greek myths to me, well the children versions anyways, and I always liked the Amazons with their bows and arrows. As I got older, my fascination didn't go away; Katniss, Allison Argent, Ygritte, in the last few years…"

"Have you ever had the opportunity to shoot one yourself?" Klaus asked.

"No," Caroline answered as she shook her head. "By the time I was old enough to be allowed to do archery at camp, I had stopped going. Cheer camp had taken priority."

"Would you like to?"

"Seriously?" She declared though she received her answer when she saw him starting to retrieve a quiver of arrows. "Don't you have like a crappy one around here that isn't probably hundreds of years old. I don't want to mess anything up."

"You won't. I will show you how to handle it properly." Klaus assured her. "And while these weapons are antiques, many get regular use to keep them in prime condition."

"Okay then," Caroline replied, trying not to be anxious despite his assurances. Something that wasn't easy under Klaus' intent gaze. He seemed to be sizing her up, before he turned his attention to the various bows and selecting one.

"This way."

Caroline followed Klaus to the opposite side of the room, through a doorway she hadn't noticed that lead them into a long hallway type room that reminded her very much of the shooting range. She wanted to say something to Klaus about how she couldn't believe that he would have something like this in his house, but then again, she wasn't all that surprised. Klaus was notorious for being prepared and thinking ahead after all. If he took care of his weapons as he said, of course he'd have a place to do that.

Once he had the target lined up, Klaus motioned for her to join him. As Caroline stepped in front of him, he handed her the bow. Imitating what she had seen on TV, she wrapped her hand around the center curve of the bow with her left hand while notching an arrow with her right, curling her fingers around it and the string. She had just started to pull it back when she felt Klaus move closer behind her, his arms encircling her body, one hand coming up to wrap around hers that was on the bow, the other brushing her elbow to correct her form.

Caroline tried to concentrate on what he was saying, the instructions he was trying to teach her but all she could focus on was the feeling of him behind her. Klaus was always one for invading people's spaces, but she had grown used to that, him touching her was something new. The only times she could recall in the past when he touched her, aside from their two brief dances when she'd been wearing gloves, was when he had healed her. This was a very different situation altogether.

Though he was simply trying to show her how to shoot, it felt very intimate, and Caroline couldn't help her body's reaction to him. The way his body was wrapped around hers from behind, his firm thighs hugging her ass, the feel of his roughened fingers sliding up her arm to cover hers, the feel of his warm breath on the back of her neck and cheek as she spoke to her all caused her to go into overdrive and she felt the hairs on her arms rise as a chill went through her though her body felt like it was overheating. Though she was sure that her body was giving her away, and his heightened senses would be able to detect it, Caroline tried to keep her voice steady. "How do I know when to let go?"

"Focus inside of you, allow your instincts to guide you," He told her, his stubble ghosting across her skin as he did. "They will lead you better than the voices in your head."

The double meaning behind Klaus' words did not escape her, but she ignored them for the moment as she honed in on the target and the weapon in her hands. Taking a breath, she held it until gut told her to release it, letting the arrow fly.

The arrow soared through the air before striking the target, dead center. Disbelief and delight surged through her causing a large smile to blossom on her face. She dropped the bow in her excitement before she spun around coming face to face with Klaus. She expected a similar smile or even a knowing smirk, instead, she was met with him staring at her intently. His eyes were very dark, so dark that she could barely see any blue left, and she knew that he had been as affected as she had by their closeness. Knowing that made the hum of arousal she'd been feeling turn into a full song. Before she could stop herself, she leaned forward and placed her lips against his ever tempting ones.

Klaus didn't respond for a few seconds, but when he did, his mouth accepted hers almost cautiously until he realized she wasn't pulling away. With a low groan, his hands threaded through her hair as he kissed her back hungrily. She let him direct the kiss, parting her lips and meeting his tongue with her own while her hands come to rest on his chest before sliding up to loop around his neck. His tongue curled around hers, her teeth harshly raking across his lips, it was all she could do stop herself from biting his full mouth.

He broke the kiss a few moments later but did not move away from her, instead his lips trailed along her jaw until they were just below her ear. "Tell me what you want Caroline, tell me so that I can whisk you away to my bed and lay you out on my sheets. Spread you out so that I can worship every inch of your beautiful body, paint your skin with my mouth and tongue, sculpt your body with my hands. Tell me, Caroline, what you want."

It only took a moment for Caroline to make a decision, listening to her instincts and not the little voices in her head, she gave her answer. "You. I want you."

"I'm never one to deny you anything," He whispered against her skin before flashing them away to his bedroom to begin fulfilling the first of his promises.

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