CELEBRATE! How to throw a fashionable party, fashionably late!

Jack~ So, what's the plan, gang?

Elliot~ We need a good cover up. I mean, it's not like she's aware that we've forgotten.

Maya~ How about we just tell her that we forgot. Nina will understand.

Jack~ Dennis, will you kindly explain to Maya what happened the last time we forgot her birthday?

Finch~ Maya, a few years ago, before you even got here.

(Meanwhile, Nina is in her office.)

Nina~ (thinking) Why do I get the feeling that something is wrong? (looks down her shirt) Oh, now I see. Not enough cleavage. This outfit was supposed to be perfect today. How did it manage to ride up? I wonder if they're finished talking out there. Maybe I'll give them another minute.

(Back outside)

Maya~ That's horrible! We've gotta do something, quick!

Jack~ Ok, Finch, go to the store and take this check with you. Buy Nina the best gift you can find. And I'm warning you, don't go spending all of it on candy.

Finch~ Okay, I'll only spend half of it on candy. (Jack throws a dirty look.) Just kidding!

Jack~ Better yet, Maya go with him. Elliot, go to the bakery and pick up the best cake you see. And everyone, don't give Nina any clue that we completely forgot her birthday!

Nina~ (standing in the doorway) What? (tears fill her eyes)

(All of a sudden, they all see her standing there and know that she didn't hear it all, but she did hear enough to know that they'd forgotten. Poor Nina.)