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Very short teaser chapter here. But this story will end up being novel length (80k words or so). This is my first attempt at some serious White Rose, so I hope I can create something enjoyable! It will be heavy White Rose with just a dash of Bumblebee.

Perception was a funny thing.

To onlookers and passersby, this was the happiest day of her life - dressed in an exquisite white dress, surrounded by thousands of red roses, standing in a beautiful church, minutes from marrying one of the city's most eligible bachelors…

Vale's most elite had gathered for the big day, anxiously waiting just beyond a pair of heavy, solid oak doors. And, for the first time in years, her mother was practically giddy with happiness.


But reality...reality was staring her straight in the face.

As liquid silver eyes pooled with tears in front of her, the remainder of her heart crumbled to dust. Soft hands tightly clutching hers only amplified the pain - pain of her own doing.

"Please...Weiss, you can't marry him. I know you don't love him...I know you love me!"

What had brought her to this moment - where perception was so far removed from reality? How had her life, which had been scripted since birth, suddenly flipped upside down?

It all started on that cool, fall day, several months ago…