About the Inbetween Series:

I have some ideas for stories that I don't usually write because my three main series take up so much time (that and other blog work). So I decided that between writing sections of my main series, to write short little fanfics.

These fanfics will be HIGHLY self-indulgent. Because I work so hard on my other series that I deserve a little break.

Sometimes some of these "Inbetween Fics" might be samples of later works (that might turn out to be either a fanfic series OR original series).

About "Akin to the Platypus":
I've been dying to do a proper fic for the Tobias/Bruce Banner pairing for some time now. Now, to those readers who have read some of my fics on my A03 account, I am in the process of writing a long fic with the pairing in it. But that fic doesn't focus on that one pairing specifically. As for the one shots I've done of the pairing, they have been full of adult material and haven't focused on the emotional side.

Where It Takes Place in the Animorphs and The Avengers Timelines:

This fic takes place during #15 The Escape in the Animorphs series. In The Avengers timeline, it's sometime after the Battle of New York when Bruce Banner has moved into the Avengers Tower.

I feel akin to the Platypus. An orphan in a family. A swimmer, a recluse. Part bird, part fish, part lizard.

Trevor Dunn

Ah! I yelled out.

I had been happy to be able to join my friends on missions. More than happy, actually. The Ellimist had lied to me about what his reward was, but I was happy to be able to join my friends. Well, normally I was happy to finally join in death defying missions and not have to watch my girlfriend nearly die from afar. But right now I was not happy with the whole morphing business. Particularly the whole acquiring thing.

Acquire it and it'll calm down! Rachel, my girlfriend, yelled at me.

I'm doing that but it's not calming down! I yelled back at her.

Some animals didn't calm down when they were acquired for whatever reason. I might have to ask Ax about that later. When I wasn't being dragged around by a dolphin. Cute my ass. This one was a monster.

And things were going to get worse. I started to fight harder as the dolphin started to dive underwater.

Ahhh! I yelled out and closed my eyes.

Suddenly I felt weird. I wasn't wet and it felt like I was-I opened my eyes and saw that I wasn't where I had been. The feeling of falling suddenly made sense as that's what was happening to me now.

I spread my wings before thinking anything else. I needed to get control before anything else happened. Once I had steadied myself, I started to look around. I looked around first for any predators that would be out to get me.

When I saw that everything around me was safe, I started trying to figure out what had happened. Why was I not stuck on a dolphin about to be drowned? Yeah, that wasn't the most pleasant of situations, but at least I would know what was going on then.

Was this a ploy of the Ellimist's? What did he want me to do? Even the last time he had contacted me, there had been a little more direction. Not a lot, but more than this.

I looked where I was flying and saw a city beneath me. What city? I took my time looking around so that I could enjoy the thermals. Even though I was confused and scared, flying could calm me on the worst of days.

Yes, trapping myself in morph had been incredibly stupid, but flying was sometimes worth it. I had grown used to what I was now and sometimes I even considered myself more hawk than boy. But now that I could morph I could take Rachel out on actual dates.

Looking below at city life, I saw a couple walking out of a coffee shop and smiling. Normal people or Controllers? Was one a Controller and only concerned about making the other a Controller too? Or were they normal and having a day full of normal couple things? Did neither of them have to worry about parasitic aliens from outer space?

I looked around the city and finally realized where I was: New York City.

Somehow I had been transported from the West Coast to the East Coast in a matter of seconds. Or something less than seconds. What was the Ellimist trying to show me here? Was it the Ellimist or some other force? How many god-like beings existed?

I decided to make a big circle around New York before resting. I needed to try and see why I was here before I did anything else. As I started the big circle I felt the hawk's need to hunt. I remembered my first time hunting and how it had scared me shitless, but I had come a long way since then.

I guess after I made the circle around New York that I would have to eat. No use resting if I would just have to eat soon afterwards. And I was nervous so hunting should calm me down now.

As I made my big circle around New York, something caught my eyes. It couldn't be. I had to be missing something. I started flying towards one building just to make sure that I was seeing correctly.

As I got closer, the realization of where I was started to hit me hard. I wasn't just on the East Coast. I was also in another dimension now. My blood started to turn cold as I thought about how useless continuing to flap my wings was.

In front of me was proof that I might not ever see Rachel again. In front of me was proof that my friends might die while I wasn't even close by.

I started to circle around Avengers Tower.