Your Deep Blue Eyes

Chapter Thirty-Five - Epilogue

The day of rest flew by and it was the evening of the concert. Madarao, Tokusa, and Bak were in their dressing rooms changing and psyching themselves for the night. Link and Allen took their usual one last look at the equipment on the stage before they retired to Allen's dressing room.

Tonight Allen's room was crowded with two extra bodies—Kanda's and Lavi's. After Link went over the updates for the night with Cross, Allen went behind the dressing screen to change. Link said he and Lavi would wait outside if he needed him to give the two newlyweds privacy. While Allen changed into his new Crown Clown's outfit they chatted and laughed at each other's jokes.

"Okay honey, tell me if you like the new color for this tour," Allen urged and stepped out from behind the screen. Kanda's mouth dropped, and his beautiful deep blue eyes widen as he was rendered speechless. Allen chuckled.

"I'll take that look on your face as its perfect," he teased.

Kanda stared, or maybe ogle would be a better word. His husband wore a version of his skin-tight black leather outfit in a gorgeous deep, cobalt blue color that was close to the color of Kanda's eyes. The sparkling cape instead of all white was a silver-blue that its iridescence complimented his cobalt blue leathers that vibrated with sexy, provocative appeal.

The cape's white, feathery-cowl stood up around his neck with three taller feathers that fanned out on top of his left shoulder. His masquerade-style mask he once wore on stage was now pinned to the front of his sparking cape. He looked tantalizing. More stunningly beautiful and dynamic than Kanda could ever remember seeing him and that was before Lenalee had done his spiked hair.

"You are…a fuckin' knock out and I can't believe you're all mine," Kanda said breathless. Allen moved to stand in front of his lover. He leaned in as to not crush his mask and kissed Allen's luscious lips. With their hands at their sides the kiss deepened, their tongue slowly swirled around each other's then licked at each other's lips never physically touching—for some reason it held an erotic feel. The kiss was broken by a rap on the dressing room door.

"Allen, it's Lenalee, can I come in?" she asked. Normally she would just barge into his dressing room and he appreciated she respected his privacy with Kanda.

"Yes," he called out and continued to look into his lover's deep blue eyes that had deepen to a molten sapphire blue after their lascivious kiss. Lenalee came in.

"Sorry to interrupt, but we really should get your makeup done and hair," she said. Her mouth dropped when Kanda stepped away from his husband.

"Holy shit!" she whispered as she closed the door behind her.

"You like the new outfit, too?" he teased.

"You're damn straight I do. I know exactly what makeup you need. Sit down, Allen," she said firmly holding the back of the chair gesturing Allen to sit with an impish look in her eyes.

"Kanda, make sure she doesn't make me look like a real clown?" he pleaded, teasingly. Lenalee slapped him on the shoulder.

"Kanda, you saw that, see how abusive she can be to me?" Allen joked and Kanda didn't comment and just smirked at his husband.

"Shut up, Allen, and just sit there and take it like a man," she quipped back.

Within thirty minutes Lenalee had Allen's makeup done and his hair spiked. Kanda had watched in the mirror the whole time Lenalee applied the finishing touches. Allen glanced over at his husband in the mirror for any sign of disapproval, but never got one. By the time Lenalee had finished, Kanda's eyes were all aglow with lust. His husband was irresistible. Allen stood and faced Kanda for his final approval.

"Well, does it met your approval, husband?" Allen asked.

"Fuck yeah," he hissed ready to pounce on his lover but had to hold back. Now was not the time.

Allen's sparkly, sapphire blue eye shadow swept up wide at the corners of his eyes which accentuated his eyes and mimicked his old mask. Lenalee had added deep blue sapphire eyeliner that gave him the hottest vogue look. His red tattoo on his face only added to the dazzling dramatic appearance. His husband looked steaming hot, and I mean hot!

"The fans are going to scream bloody loud when you come out on stage," Kanda said, mesmerized by his husband's beauty.

"Sweetheart, you are the only one I love screaming my bloody name loud," he said wickedly and winked.

"Damn, you are so going to get fucked tonight, baby," he growled the flame of lust deepened in his eyes.

"I look forward to that."

"Okay boys, I'm still in the room, remember?" There was a loud rap on his dressing room door before it opened immediately and broke the special interlude between the two, well and Lenalee's comment didn't help either.

"Allen, it's time," Link informed his friend.

"Coming. Walk me to the stage, honey, then Link will show you the best place to watch," he purred and they shared a quick kiss.

Lavi waited outside the room and Allen thought his eye would pop out of its socket when it saw the striking Clown Crown's new outfit for the tour.

"Jesus Allen, I don't know what to say except, wow," Lavi expressed, his eye widen even more with how hot and heavy the man looked. Lavi has seen many of Allen's concerts and the man wore incredible sexy outfits on stage, but this was definitely the most enticing he had seen.

"Thanks Lavi," Allen said grinning ear to ear. They all headed to the stage and the people who worked back stage ogled at Crown.

The band members waited for Allen at the bottom of the stairs leading to the stage ready to go on.

"Wow! Sexy outfit, Allen," Madarao complimented his little brother and winked. He could only imagine what the outfit was doing to Kanda's libido and chuckled to himself.

"Thanks, Madarao." Allen took a deep breath and looked once more at his husband, smiled and quickly kissed him.

"I love you," he whispered to Kanda.

"I love you too, sweetheart. Go break a leg," Kanda replied his breathe warm on Allen's lips. Then he hurried over to the curved stairway hidden behind black curtains, and scurried to the top to his white electric piano and waved to Kanda from his perch.

Kanda waved back. He was amazed how the stage had been encased like a theater. The ceiling was made of black painted wood with the first black velvet curtains that would open up out front, then the half-circle curtain around Allen's perch at the top of the stairway would whisk open a few minutes later. The rest of the band climbed the stairs and got into place.

Link lead Kanda and Lavi down a darkened corridor then up a staircase to a small room enclosed for viewing. They could see out, but no one could see in. Cross and Tiedoll were already there and much to Link's surprised so was Allen's uncle. Kanda and Neah got the best seats to watch.

The crowd simmered down for a few second when the stage lights dimmed and the sound of a deep rhythmic bass played. The crowd started clapping and cheering when they recognized the song. The curtains whisked open with individual spotlights highlighting each band member as they joined in with Tokusa in a blare of rock music that detonated into vibrations that started at your feet and surged upward throughout your whole body. The fans screamed and roared their approval with loud whistles and shouted individual band member's names.

After the first four minute of the instrumental, millions of tall wide sparks exploded into the air like firecrackers that erupted from the top of the stairway down each step to the bottom. The blast was synchronized with Allen's striking appearance at the top of the stairway when the velvet drape swooshed opened. The sparks faded and the spotlight shone on him brilliantly. It was a foudroyant entrance.

The manifestation of Allen posed at his white electric piano in his new theatrical costume and makeup was extraordinary. His cape glitter lustrously as it gently flapped in the breeze that added to the dramatics. The crowd of fans went wild and burst into thunderous applause and started stomping their feet on the bleachers that one could feel along with the music that thumped in your chest, and their excitement roared from their lungs along with whistles at Allen.

His uncle, in the viewing room, was astounded at the reception his nephew received. He knew his fans loved him, but never having been to one of his concerts he was flabbergasted by the fans reaction to his nephew's powerful entrance. But nothing compared to when Allen's hands posed above his keyboard, just like he does in his piano concerts.

There was a pause in the music with Allen's hands still in the air, he nodded his head to his fellow band members and struck the cords to a rhapsodic melody that followed before the rest of the band joined in. The crowd went crazy with the opening song, Your Deep Blue Eyes.

Allen belted out the words that had touched his heart months ago.

From the first time we met, your deep blue eyes mesmerized me and made my heart race when you stood before me but later when your lips touched mine, all the walls came crashing down I knew we had met long before this

Your deep blue eyes mesmerized me and made my heart race for you; I wanted you your deep blue eyes mesmerize me and my heart races when I'm with you

That night we thought we would never see each other again, my soul ached for you. After, being alone night after night your deep blue eyes haunted me in my dreams and my body yearned for you every time I remembered your mesmerizing deep blue eyes

Your deep blue eyes mesmerized me and made my heart race for you; I miss you your deep blue eyes mesmerize me and my heart races even when I'm not with you

Allen's dramatic emotions on his face place emphasis on his loneliness without Kanda beside him were heartfelt throughout the crowd. Kanda remembered the lost he too had felt when he was no longer with Allen, it was unbearable as if a piece of him was missing. Then Allen's voice picked back up with enthusiasm in the next verse.

Destiny brought us together again and I lost my breath when your deep blue eyes met mine and I had to have you in my arms and your lips on mine

Your deep blue eyes mesmerize me, and made my heart race when I saw you your deep blue eyes mesmerized me and my heart races to have you in my arms again

Our time together was sensational and our hearts grew closer and our souls merged together the same as it did in another place and time

Your deep blue eyes mesmerized me and made my heart race for you; when I'm with you your deep blue eyes mesmerized me and my heart races for only you

The melody changed and the agony in Allen's tone of voice was heart-wrenching about the part they had their first fight, and his eyes watered as he sang from deep within his soul. The crowd had simmered down and the wistfulness rippled throughout the audience.

Then that stupid misunderstanding crashed my world around me and you walked away hating me, loathing me. You took my heart and soul with you as I stood alone, wanting you, crying for you I missed your deep blue eyes that mesmerized me and comforted me

Your deep blue eyes mesmerized me, and made my heart race for you; I needed you your deep blue eyes mesmerized me and my heart died without you

My bed was cold without you beside me, lying next to me, warming me, later I felt the mattress dip and when I opened my eyes I saw your gorgeous face above me and I forgave you, the love of my life, I forgave you and you brought my heart and soul back to life

Your deep blue eyes mesmerized me, and made my heart race for you; my heart belongs to only you your deep blue eyes mesmerized me and my heart sings for you

Your long, silky black hair caressed my skin as you made love to me, loving me Your loving touch on my hot skin, oh yeah, on my naked hot skin as you made love to me, loving me We both knew then we had met long before maybe in another time

Once again the melody change to an upbeat rhythm, and Allen's mellifluous voice rang out throughout the concert hall and the audience absorbed the happiness in Allen's timbre voice. The crowd sang with Allen until the next verse. Kanda's heart was filled with love and pride for his husband as this was their song and his husband had wrote it for him.

Your deep blue eyes mesmerize me and my heart races for only you; we belong together and your deep blue eyes mesmerize me, my heart races for only you

Your deep blue eyes mesmerize me, making my heart race for only you; I need you your deep blue eyes mesmerize me, my heart races...races for only you

You walked away, but you came back, you came back to me with open loving arms, so now when you walk away, you stop yourself, yeah you stop yourself as Your long, black hair swinging off your shoulders when you look back at me and smile at me with your loving smile

Your deep blue eyes mesmerizes me and makes my heart race for only you; wanting and needing only you Yeah, Your deep blue eyes mesmerize me making my heart race for only you

You walked away but you came back, you came back to me with open loving arms, so now when you walk away, you stop yourself, your long, black silky hair swings off your shoulders when you look back at me and smile at me with your tantalizing smile

Your deep blue eyes mesmerize me, and make my heart race for only you I want and need you in my life forever Yeah, Your deep blue eyes mesmerizes me makes my heart race, it races for only you, and I love you and only you.

Allen belted out the last verse then the music faded slowly and the vociferous screams and whistles let loose with thunderous foot stomping on the bleachers, once again. The band went into their next number and Allen's tenor voice boomed through the mic as he descended the stairway to his other white electric piano on the platform below.

He jumped off the last step then bounced and waved to his fans as he made his way and stood in front of his piano. Allen flipped his cape back over his shoulders. The tempo softened. Allen dropped his sensitive fingertips onto the shiny white keys. His deft fingers gracefully moved up and down the keyboard as his music took on a life of its own, the band joined in with the same tempo softness.

Then the cadence and resonance suddenly changed and Allen's fiery piano was set afire as he rocked the stage along with his powerful voice and the band's strong background music shook the area. The Crown's costume with his beautiful lithe body swayed side-to-side with the rhythm as the music vibrated through his body. He was caught up in the soul of sound as the band harmonized. His eyes closed with a fervent expression on his face as his cape flutter behind him, the glitter sparkled like he was surrounded by crushed diamonds and his fingers pounded the keyboard.

Allen's uncle saw the magnitude of the love his nephew had for his music, just as he had when he was younger and played at music halls across the USA. The awe turned to pride in his heart and he felt it would burst at any moment. He glanced at Kanda when Allen sang Your Deep Blue Eyes and saw a single tear roll down his cheek; he was touched by his new nephew's emotions. Allen was well loved.

During their last song, everyone in the viewing room got up to go downstairs to be back staged ready to greet them when the group came off stage. Madarao and Tokusa placed their guitars on the stands and Bak came out from behind his drum set and the three of them walked up beside Allen.

The band took their bows together in front of the screaming audience and then Allen spoke through the microphone to quiet the crowd. Kanda chuckled as his husband brought forth his English accent which always charmed the fans. When he spoke again the crowd simmered down.

"Thank you, Sydney, for having us," Allen shouted through the mic and loud applause and cheers whooped through the crowd.

"Most of you know my friends and fellow band members. Madarao on lead," Allen yelled out and gestured to his big bro. The crowd screamed his name and stomped feet.

"Tokusa on bass," he shouted into the microphone and the crowd continued to roar.

"And Bak on drums," Allen gestured again with a huge smile on his face. The screaming and foot stomping along with whistles were relentless. They all grinned at each other bowed and waved to the crowd as each one of them took the mic to say they loved all their fans and thank you. Allen cleared his voice.

"As you know, the cats out of the bag as to who I really am and I hope you are not disappointed that my identity has been revealed. The story you read in Rolling Stone Magazine is all true. So, my loves, are you disappointed?" The roar of no's were as loud as when he came on stage.

"Thank you, all of you for being the most wonderful people to support our group," Allen shouted and the band waved at the crowd as more rising cheer reverberated throughout the concert area. Madarao whispered into Allen's ear and he nodded.

"There was one more thing I would like to share with all of you. As you know, I had a short engagement and I am now married to the most wonderful man in the world that I am deeply in love with. Would you like to meet my gorgeous husband with those deep blue eyes?" The crowd went wild and roared and shouted yes then chanted Kanda's name. Kanda was shocked and choked up at Allen's announcement and Link had to push him to climb the stairs to the stage.

When Kanda walked out in his tight, black leather pants and white shirt, he understood why his husband had been persistent he dress sexy. His long, black silky hair was down and swayed as he walked to his husband's side and shook the hands of the other band members. The house became thunderous again when he put his arm around Allen's slim waist and drew him close. His husband whispered into his ear and Kanda did as Allen prompted and waved to the fans as Allen did.

Then the chants started for the couple to kiss. Allen looked up into Kanda's deep blue sapphire eyes and said, "Sweetheart, we rock as a couple. I'm so happy you are all mine, I love you."

"Dido ten times that, sweetie, I love you too." Kanda leaned down and captured his husband's luscious pink lips in a tender kiss and they sighed with pleasure. The whole place erupted into an explosion of applause, screams, whistles, and feet stomping, but Allen and Kanda were only into each other.

The End

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