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Feet and chairs shuffled and scraped about the crowded classroom as students excitedly found their assigned chairs. It was the first day of everyone's junior year. This hustle and bustle was only to common amongst these many students, but all of them were excited about the fact that graduation was just a mere two years away.

" Yo, Yugi! Over here!!" A blonde-haired teenager with an accent reminiscent of New York cried.

" Joey, there you are!!!" A soft voice cried back. His golden crown of bangs was hastily pushed out of his eyes as he rushed to greet his friend. His black and crimson-tipped hair stood up in its usual fashion, baffling newcomers as to its ability to stay in place so well.

"So, Yug, ya seen Tristan or Tea yet?"

"Uh, uh, I don't think they have chemistry first hour. I think they have math."

"Oh, bummer."

The two friends sat down as the class quieted significantly, being as the teacher had finally decided to show up.

"Hello, class, settle down. Welcome to Chemistry Eleven. I am your teacher, Mr. Ludo Bagman." #1

Yugi just kind of sat there, not really paying much attention to what the teacher was saying, wishing beyond wishes that he were at home right now doing something much more enjoyable.

// Perhaps, like dueling?// a deep voice in his mind echoed.

He giggled to himself. Class would be a lot easier to get through with someone he could constantly talk to without interruption. \ Yeah, that would be nice. Or maybe a movie.\ The voice inside of his head giggled.// How productive.//

Mr. Bagman's ranting was cut short when the classroom door flew open and a frazzled looking girl stumbled inside. Yugi's jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

The girl that ran in was something he thought he would only see in something from a dream, or a story book maybe.

Her cheeks were red with body heat, her lips glowing with lip gloss. Her hair was a soft golden color, and Yugi swore that there was a silver sheen in it. Her eyes were, well, they were striking. Simply striking. A golden amber color that peered at everyone cautiously, and curiously. She was breathing heavy breaths from her sprint down the hall, and her clothes looked slightly disheveled and askew. Her backpack was falling from her shoulders as she leaned against the open classroom door for support.

"Well, nice of you to join us, miss."

"Lily,." She replied, a bit out of breath. " Lily Moon."

"Well, miss Moon, since it is the first day I'll let this slide, but make sure that your here tomorrow on time."

"Yes sir."

Yugi watched, still gaping, as the little golden girl found a seat right in front of him. Wow, she was pretty. Her voice was so soft, and sounded. ethereal. Wow.

// Somebody has a crush, hmm..?//

\ Shut up Yami. \ The voice chuckled. // Yugi and Lily, sitt'n in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.//

\ I thought that you were a little old for that, Yami.\

// Oh, you're never too old to make fun of a crush.// The voice giggled again.

\ How mature.\ He sarcastically replied.

Yugi noted just how much shorter she was than the rest of the student body. Right around his own height. // How convenient.//

\ You just wait till we get home, your in for it, now. \

// Is that a threat, aibou?//

\ Oh, it's a promise.\

// Sounds like fun.//

Yugi rolled his eyes. Yami sure was rambunctious for an ancient pharaoh.

// Talk to her.//

\ And just what do you expect me to say?? \

// How about, hello?//

\ Oh, you just had to be practical. \

// Don't you call me practical. You're the practical one.//

\ Yeah, because of you! \

// Oh, sure, that's it, lay the blame on me.//

Yugi argued with his darker half for the remainder of the class period, his eyes slightly glazed over from his deep thought concentration. He giggled once or twice, attracting some odd glares from his neighbors, but not from the girl sitting in front of him. She seemed to be lost in deep thought, too. Joey wondered what had happened to make her so late and run so fast. ' Ah, well.' He thought. "Yug'll find out. He can' talk to just 'bout any body.'

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#1- No, I don't own anything from Harry Potter, either. I just wanted to use that name. You know, he was the announcer guy from the 4th book?