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"Yami, is that normal?" Yugi ventured skeptically. At the moment, he and his darker half were warily eyeing the contents of the bowl of food Lily was hastily administering into her mouth. Strawberries, chocolate, and popcorn.

"I-I think so, aibou. At least, Tranquility said that we should expect something like this."


Lily's belly had grown three times its normal size in the past five months, and the doctor said that it would keep growing. How, Yami had no idea. He felt that if it grew any larger on the small teenage girl she would surely topple over.

Silver glinted in summer sunlight, crystal handle a prism of the refracted spectrum. Lily re-administered her Christmas present in a small pile of crimson colored ink, and set to work again on her paper canvas. Golden-amber eyes so fixated on her work, she wouldn't have even noticed the hummingbird buzzing by the bird feeder.

Yugi grunted, half submerged in a big brown cardboard box. "Lily, where do you want this to go?" he asked, brandishing a small bottle of rubber cement. "Lily?"

"Don't bother trying to get through to her, Yugi, she won't look up from what she's doing right now until she's done." Tranquility replied. As she had come to figure out long ago, the full attention of an artist _never_ wavered from their work. They become so enraptured, it was as if the picture was merely using them as a means to get on paper. They had no control over the pencil. The picture merely appeared.

"Just put it over there with the T-square and the masking tape."

Grandpa, after his initial shock of the child yet to come, fully agreed that Lily should move into the spare bedroom permanently. Her home with her drunken father was no place to raise a child, and an even worse place for her to stay. Yami absolutely insisted that he wanted to be able to watch over her at all hours of the day. Lily and Yugi would make sure that Tranquility got enough sleep inside of the pendent.

And so, as a result, all of them were currently going through all of her belongings in a futile attempt to put everything away. Not that it would stay that way.

Lily took another hungry bite of her strange concoction and started to work again, eyes ever fixated on her painting.

"Yugi, catch!" Yami tossed his hikari a package of paintbrushes. Yugi caught them and placed them on a shelf.

The short teenage boy dove back into the oversized container. "Hey, Yami, take a look at these." In the bottom of the box, practically swimming in the small pieces of styrofoam, Yugi popped his head out and brandished a handful of duel monster cards. Yami, ever stumbling over empty boxes, found his way over and peered at the cards.

"These don't look like any duel monsters I've ever seen."

"Me neither."

Tranquility craned her neck over Yugi's shoulder and peered at the unknown cards. "Hey, I recognize those! These were the first cards my hikari ever made. I think they turned out rather well, don't you?"

There was no way Yugi could argue with that. He thought back to his own Christmas present.

Yugi curiously shook a small parcel wrapped in bright green paper. "What is it, Lily?"

She looked down sheepishly. "Well, I hope you like it."

The paper made an anxious noise as he ripped it open, to reveal a small black box. Curiosity peeked, Yugi gently opened the top.

Three small cards lay inside. One gold, one silver, and one that was unmistakably platinum. "Lily, what are these?"

"Well, they- they're my first official cards. I got them legally accepted by Industrial Illusions last week. They are the only other equivalent of Exodia. The Moonlight, The Sunlight, and the Starlight."

Yugi was utterly flabbergasted, and, had he noticed at the moment, Yami was practically drooling.

"The first of only two complete sets is yours. Merry Christmas."

These new cards were unmistakably the handiwork of Lily. A style that was all her own, and technique that would make an official master jealous.

"What are they doing here?" Yami asked.

Tranquility shrugged. "Must have been misplaced." She snatched the cards and set them down on the computer desk.

"I'm finished!" Lily declared. She giggled with delight, jumping up and down in satisfied completion.

"About time, hikari, I swear you're taking longer to finish a piece every time you start one." Tranquility chuckled. Lily stuck out her tongue.

"What is it, Lily?" Yugi stumbled across the room and looked at the canvas. "Manga?"

She nodded eagerly. "A prototype for the manga that I want to start. I've already got eight bids on the story line."

"Impressive," Yami stated. A pillow made contact with his head.

He whirled his head around and saw Tranquility sticking out her tongue at him. He grinned, then tackled her.

"Yeah, go Yami!! Tickle her till she can't breathe!!" Yugi cheered. Tranquility turned out to actually be quite ticklish. Lily laughed, not daring to partake in the tickling fight like she used to. With her small stature, her belly was too much for her to manage like a normal person anymore. Yami laughed, thoroughly enjoying the 'torture'. The dark woman was so much fun to tease.

An image, or something of the like, flashed in his mind.

"How's the designs going, love?" he asked, wrapping his lithe arms around her slender waist.

"Better than expected. These stone tablets aren't as hard to manipulate as I thought they'd be. Take a look."

His crimson eyes peered over her shoulder and gazed over the stone slab laid out before them. He smiled. The dark magician. His favorite.

"You're right. They look great, too."

She put down the hammer and chisel and stuck out her tongue. "No they don't. They could look better. I wish I could just paint them."

"Oh really?" He started to lightly run his fingers over her bare sides. Her voice rang out in delight. "Stop that, you know I'm ticklish!"

"Is that right?" he replied in fake surprise. "I had no idea." He continued, and she collapsed on the floor with him on top of her. "Y-Yu Gi Oh, stop!! I-you'll pay for this." she panted.

He softly bit her ear. "Paint fades, you know."

"Of course, you designed the stone tablets, didn't you?" Yami stopped abruptly, intently looking at those vivid blue eyes. She smiled. "So, you remember? Kind of fitting that my own hikari is an artist making her own cards, ne?"

"Yami, you were an artist in Egypt?" Lily asked.

"The best of the best, aibou. I was the only one that could actually draw hands and make them look real. Of course, trying to teach that to the numbskulls that lived there was a completely different story."

The pharaoh heartily laughed. "Numbskulls is an understatement. Those pea-brains couldn't be taught a damned thing!"

"Good to see that someone from that time agrees with me!" The two of them sat up, still sniggering slightly.

"Come on, Yami, we need to pick up all of these boxes and dispose of them." Yugi tossed his darker half a box, and picked up one for himself. "You'd have made one heck of a slave driver, aibou."

"You. Can't. Be. Serious." Seto Kaiba growled. "You _can't_ be."

"I am," came the solemn reply. "And you don't have any choice in the matter."

"I will NOT!!" He cried again.

" You can and you will. There is no way out of this, Kaiba. You will do this, or you will lose you're company. There you have it."

Oh, he was not happy. Someone was going to pay for this. One way or another, some one would _pay _.

"How long do we have," he grumbled.

"Three months, Mr. Kaiba. Three months."

"That's it! How on earth am I supposed to get this off the ground? How!?"

The man shrugged. "You're the president, you figure it out." And with the, the man left, his number smeared across his forehead. [1] Oh, yes, he would die. Seto would make sure of that. _More_ than one person would pay.

He was not happy right now. Although, there never really is a time when Seto Kaiba _is_ happy.

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1- In a movie that was made a little while ago, some one was able to see a number on the forehead of people that were about to die, and they would try to stop it. Any who, just thought that it would be a fun reference.