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Once inside her dwellings, she had the guard lock him in one of the chaimbers, and guard the door so that only Mistress Dark Love could enter and leave, unless stated otherwise.

She, herself, sat down on one of the silk pillows she had in her room, closed her eyes, and began to meditate, seeing images which were to happen in the near future. One was of the girl Inuyasha was nearly always with, climbing into the sacred well and returning to the fuedal ages.

"If she cannot get into the Fuedal ages, she can not save the hanyou..." she said as she called in one of her guards and ordered him to find some way to seal the sacred well.

The other was of Inuyasha, breaking out of his room by some unknown means, and plunging his sword into her heart. "That shall never happen. There was no guard in my vision, but there is one in reality, and he has been ordered not to move unless told otherwise." she laughed.


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