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(October 28th X777)

Natsu and Erza had been Fairy Tail mages for about a week, and they were adjusting rather well. The dragon slayer and the re-equip mage had quickly formed a team, and went on their first mission together. It wasn't a particularly hard mission. Before they left Erza had changed into a new outfit. She now wore a white long sleeve shirt and skirt with dark blue leggings, and a pair brown boots with a red ribbon around her neck. She also now sported an armor chest plate, and a sword strapped to her hip. Natsu and Erza were tasked with helping an elderly couple do various chores around their home. The mission was going great, until Natsu destroyed half the house. The dragon slayer was trying to grab the couple's cat, but the feline pounced Natsu and clawed his face. Instantly enraged, Natsu started to chase the cat throughout the house. Often using his flames and lightning to try and 'stop' the fleeing feline. The elderly couple got a good laugh out of the situation, but Erza was less than thrilled. After furiously apologizing to the couple, Erza swiftly scolded Natsu. The elderly couple was alright with the damages and paid the duo the full reward for their efforts. So when the new team returned to the guild hall, they celebrated their first successful mission together.

As Natsu and Erza sat in the guild after their first mission, Erza indulged herself in a piece of strawberry cake which Natsu noted that she was thoroughly enjoying. While Erza savored her cake, Natsu's eyes wandered to the other members of the guild. The first people Natsu saw were Wakaba and Macao.

Both men were sitting at their own table nursing their drinks. They seemed to be reminiscing their younger days, which Natsu could overhear because of his enhanced dragon slayer senses. While they were talking, they were simultaneously ogling several of the girls around the guild. Natsu didn't mind Wakaba or Macao. They were alright in his book, a little perverted, but alright none the less. Next Natsu's eyes landed on Reedus.

The pict mage was leisurely painting, and humming to himself. Natsu didn't really know what to think of Reedus. He had only spoken to the pict mage once or twice, so he really hadn't gotten a good read on Reedus. But Reedus was one of Natsu's nakama so he was cool with the dragon slayer. When Natsu turned his head, he spotted Cana and Levy.

Both girls were sitting down and playing some sort of board game. Natsu was rather intrigued by both girls magical abilities. The dragon slayer found Cana's card magic, and her ability to predict the future using tarot cards very cool. While Levy's script magic allowed her write words in the air, and whatever word she wrote would form in front of her. For example if she wrote the word fire, the word would materialize and be engulfed in flames. Levy also loved to read books, which Natsu didn't care for at all. Cana let out a cheer when she suddenly won the game, but Levy quickly called her out for using magic to cheat. As Natsu watched the exchange he frowned slightly. Even though Cana was smiling, he could tell she was hiding something from the rest of the guild. Natsu knew it had something to do with Gildarts, Fairy Tail's strongest mage. The dragon slayer had noticed how Cana would often flinch ever so slightly when Gildarts' name was mentioned. Sparing one last glance at Cana, Natsu turned his head again and spotted the Strauss siblings.

All three of them were sitting at a table together. Mirajane Strauss honestly scared the shit out of Natsu. Especially since she was glaring at Erza, who was still enjoying her cake. Both girls had almost instantly formed a fierce rivalry, each constantly trying to outdo the other. It didn't help that Mirajane was extremely strong, and had a wickedly short temper. In the short time that Natsu had been at Fairy Tail, he had lost count of the amount of times Mira had she had beat him. Thank God Erza was always quick to save him, and fend off Mira's fierce fists.

Sitting across from Mirajane was Elfman Strauss. Natsu was rather perplexed by Elfman though. The dragon slayer could tell that the take over mage was rather strong, not as strong as Mira however. But Elfman was very sensitive and timid, and was actually quite shy. Natsu couldn't think of one time he had heard Elfman raise his voice, or get angry at anyone. But Natsu could also tell that Elfman was fiercely loyal and protective of his sisters, and he would do anything to keep them safe. Next to Elfman sat the youngest Strauss sibling, Lisanna.

Natsu rather liked Lisanna. Besides Erza, Lisanna was Natsu's first friend in Fairy Tail. The young girl had quickly approached Natsu after he had gotten his guild mark, and asked if they could be friends. Natsu grinned and immediately agreed. Ever since then whenever Natsu wasn't with Erza, he was most likely with Lisanna. Sensing that someone was watching her, Lisanna turned her head to see Natsu looking at her. She smiled and waved at Natsu. The dragon slayer smiled and waved back. Turning around, Natsu saw Jet and Droy sitting at the table behind him.

Jet was practically bouncing in his seat, while Droy played with some seeds in front of him. Natsu liked Jet, but his endless energy and constant running wore Natsu out. Droy was also cool with Natsu, but the dragon slayer was baffled by Droy's magic. I mean who uses plants to fight? From what Natsu could hear, they seemed to be talking about potentially forming a team. They were arguing about potential members for their new team. Natsu heard Erza and his names mentioned as potential members, but Jet and Droy quickly realized that Erza and him were already a team. After a few more moments both Jet and Droy agreed that Levy would probably make the best addition to their team. Natsu smiled as he watched Jet and Droy make their way over to where Levy and Cana were sitting. The next person Natsu saw made his blood boil in anger. Sitting at the table across from him was Gray Fullbuster, who was in the process of removing his boxers.

Natsu and Gray had almost immediately become rivals. The dragon slayer didn't really know what it was, but something about Gray just constantly rubbed him the wrong way. Maybe it was the fact that Gray was an ice mage, and Natsu used fire. But it was most likely because Gray could be a smug asshole from time to time. The ice mage was constantly making little comments that would set Natsu off in an instant. Natsu couldn't count the amount of times Gray and him had fought in his short time at Fairy Tail. It would always start with Gray insulting Natsu in some way. Then Natsu would retaliate with his own insults. Their arguing would only escalate from there, eventually leading to a full on fist fight. But like with Mira, Erza would always break the two of them up. Often resulting in a severe beating as punishment for Gray, and a stern talking to from Erza for Natsu. It always surprised Natsu how Erza would rarely hit him. She may have smacked him upside the head a few times, but she never gave him the beatings she would give other guild members. She would usually just drag him away, and scold him which actually worked rather effectively. Natsu found himself apologizing rather frequently after a scolding from Erza. But Natsu swore he would never apologize to Gray, the bastard deserved everything he had coming. Gray noticed that Natsu was looking at him, and was about to make a snide comment. But Natsu just smirked and raised his arm. Twirling around Natsu's finger was Gray's boxers. The ice mage had a horrified look on his face, as he looked down to see that he was completely naked in the middle of the guild. When Gray looked back at Natsu he immediately started to glare at the dragon slayer, and demanded that Natsu return his boxers. Natsu simply grinned and engulfed his hand in flames, instantly turning Gray's boxers into a pile of ashes. The ice mage let out a surprised squeak as he raced around the guild hall in search of something to cover himself. All the while Gray cursed Natsu, and swore that he would get payback. Natsu merely laughed at Gray's misfortune, but a harsh glare from Erza instantly sobered him up. The dragon slayer knew he'd get a talking to later. Then Natsu spotted a person who absolutely made him seethe in anger. This person infuriated him even more than Gray did. Leaning against a wall neat the back of the guild was Laxus Dreyar.

A growl actually escaped Natsu's throat when he spotted Laxus. This caused Erza to look up from her piece of cake. She followed Natsu's gaze and groaned.

"Natsu please don't start anything with Laxus tonight. We've both had a long day, and I don't need to take you to the hospital." Erza said as she ate a forkful of cake.

Natsu grumbled to himself and sank into his seat. But Natsu continued to glare at Laxus. On the other side of the guild hall Laxus spotted Natsu glaring at him. Laxus merely smirked at Natsu, making the pink-haired dragon slayer furious. If Erza wasn't right in front of him, Natsu would have charged across the guild and challenged Laxus to a fight. With Gray, Natsu disliked him for numerous reasons. But there was one singular reason why Natsu despised Laxus. It was because Laxus was also a lightning dragon slayer. But Laxus wasn't a true dragon slayer like Natsu. Unlike Natsu who had learned his magic from an actual dragon. Laxus had a lacrimia in his body that allowed him to use lightning dragon slayer magic. This sole fact infuriated Natsu, to know that someone else knew the same magic as him. Natsu was constantly compelled to challenge Laxus, to try and prove that he was the better lightning dragon slayer. But Natsu wasn't even close to Laxus' level yet, so whenever Natsu challeneged Laxus he would get his ass kicked. Laxus continued to smirk at Natsu as he walked out of the guild. Natsu glared at Laxus the whole time. When Laxus exited the guild, Natsu promised himself he'd beat Laxus one day and prove that he was the better lightning dragon slayer.

"Alright Natsu let's head to bed." Erza said as she got up from her seat.

Natsu sighed before he nodded and followed after Erza. Truth be told Natsu was worn out as well, but he wasn't particularly looking forward to going to sleep. This was because Natsu and Erza had to share a bed. Since neither of them had a place to stay at the moment, they had to stay at the temporary housing in the guild hall. But since the housing area was already packed, Natsu and Erza were forced to share a room. The room wasn't very big and only had one bed. Natsu had insisted that Erza take the bed while he slept on the couch. Erza however refused to let Natsu sleep on the couch, and told him that he could share the bed with her. Natsu, although a little hesitant at first, was overjoyed that he got to sleep on the bed. But Natsu soon found out that Erza was often plagued with terrible nightmares. In the middle of the night Erza would often grab onto Natsu and hold onto him tightly. She would then mumble a few incoherent things, before a few tears would escape her left eye. The first time this happened Natsu was extremely worried, because he had no idea what to do. So he did what Igneel used to do for him when he had a bad dream. Natsu grabbed onto Erza and held her close to his body, using his natural body heat to soothe her. He then ran his fingers through her scarlet hair, and whispered kind words into her ear. After doing this for a while Erza would eventually calm down and snuggle closer to Natsu, and then she would drift off to a peaceful slumber. When Erza awoke the next morning, and found Natsu holding onto her, she let out a screech and promptly kicked him out of the bed. Natsu had quickly scrambled to his feet, and found Erza sitting on the bed blushing madly as she clutched a hand over her racing heart. Erza then yelled at Natsu for a solid five minutes straight, before she stormed out of the room. Erza had hardly spoken to him for most of the day. But after Natsu had explained what had happened, Erza blushed bright red and immediately calmed down.

"Natsu come on, I want to get some sleep!" Erza exclaimed as she grabbed Natsu's hand, and started dragging him towards their shared room.

"You'll be the only one getting any sleep." Natsu mumbled under his breath.

But Erza had still heard. So she turned around and smiled at Natsu.

"If you help me sleep tonight, we can go on any mission you want tomorrow. Then after I'll treat you to dinner. How's that sound?" Erza said, earning a cheer from Natsu.

Erza could only giggle as Natsu now dragged her towards their room. Within minutes they were in their shared bed. Erza let out a contented sigh, as Natsu wrapped his arms around her and surrounded her in his relaxing warmth.

"Natsu, what would I do with out you?" Erza thought with a warm smile, as she drifted off to sleep in Natsu's arms.

(July 7th X778)

It was the one year anniversary of Igneel's disappearance, and Natsu had wished to be alone. Erza was hesitant to leave him alone at first, but after Natsu explained what this meant to him she reluctantly allowed him his privacy. Natsu walked through the forests surrounding Magnolia. His thoughts were filled with memories of Igneel. It had been one year since Natsu had seen Igneel, and it made Natsu feel incredibly lonely. Now Natsu loved all his nakama at Fairy Tail, and he knew he had made the right decision in joining the guild. Natsu had even started to slightly get along with Gray. Even though he hated to admit it, Natsu knew that Gray and him actually made a pretty effective team. The few 'bonding' missions that Erza had dragged them on had turned out to be very successful. Natsu would gladly give his life to protect all his nakama. But even with all his new friends, it didn't quite replace the loneliness Natsu felt sometimes.

"Igneel," Natsu said to himself, as he leaned against a tree. Natsu slumped to the ground and closed his eyes. "I will find you Igneel, and then we can be a family again. I can introduce you to all my new friends."

A smile spread across his face as Natsu pictured all his friends meeting Igneel.

"Yeah that will be the day." Natsu said with a smile, as he drifted off to sleep against the tree.

Natsu didn't know how long he was asleep for, but he was awoke when landed on his head.

"AH! Dammit that hurt!" Natsu exclaimed, as he rubbed the bump on his head. "What the hell hit me?!"

Natsu felt a weight on his lap and looked down. The dragon slayer was surprised to see a large egg with blue markings on it sitting in his lap.

"An egg?" Natsu said as he gave the egg a few experimental taps. "I wonder what's inside it?"

Natsu tapped the egg a few more times, and it shook slightly in response.

"Whoa! I better get this to the guild. Maybe someone there will know what it is." Natsu said as he picked up the egg and raced towards Fairy Tail.

Erza stood at the request board, and scanned all the available missions. During her first year at Fairy Tail, Erza had managed to get an artificial right eye. All thanks to Porlyusica, Fairy Tail's main physician. The re-equip mage had also grown out her hair, which was now fashioned in a braided ponytail. As she stared the the available missions, Erza was surprised when someone spoke up next to her.

"Excuse me Erza, but do you know where Natsu is?"

Erza turned her head to see Lisanna standing next to her. The youngest Strauss sibling was staring up at Erza with hopeful eyes.

"I'm sorry Lisanna I don't know where Natsu is." Erza said as she grabbed a particular request and read its contents. "Natsu requested that he be left alone today. So I was planning to go on an easy mission to pass the time. Would you like to come with me?"

Lisanna looked momentarily sad, but she quickly put on a smile.

"That's alright Erza, I just wanted to see if Natsu wanted to play with me." Lisanna said as she turned to head back towards her brother and sister.

Erza sighed as she went notify Master Makarov that she would be going on a mission. But before she had reached the master, the doors to the guild were kicked open. Everyone turned to see Natsu running into the guild carrying a massive egg.

"Natsu what are you doing back so soon? I thoughts you wanted to be alone today?" Erza asked as Natsu placed the egg on a table. "And what is that thing?"

"I...don't...know," Natsu panted out, as he caught his breath. Taking a deep breath Natsu started speaking again. "I was sleeping under a tree when this thing fell on my head. I think it's some sort of egg. I brought it here hoping that someone can tell me what it is."

Everyone in the guild crowded around the egg, and started to examine it. But no one had any idea what the egg could be, or what could be in it.

"Well I'm keeping it," Natsu said as he carried to egg towards Erza and his room.

"Natsu what are you doing?" Erza asked as she walked next to Natsu.

"I'm bringing the egg into our room, so that we can watch it." Natsu said as he opened the door to their room.

But Natsu was surprised when Erza immediately closed the door before he could enter the room.

"Natsu you're not keeping that egg in our room." Erza said in a stern voice.

"Why not?" Natsu asked as he reached for the door handle again. But Erza quickly slapped his hand away.

"Because we don't know what is in that egg. We don't need some dangerous monster hatching in the middle of the guild." Erza said, earning a pout from Natsu. "I will help you raise this egg. But it is not to be kept in the guild. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Erza," Natsu said in a defeated tone.

"Don't be that way," Erza said as she placed a hand on Natsu's shoulder. "We can find another place to raise this egg." Erza then looked past Natsu to see Lisanna looking at them. "Plus I bet Lisanna would love to help us."

"Really?" Natsu asked as he turned to look at Lisanna.

"Of course! She was even asking where you were earlier, because she wanted to play with you." Erza explained as she started to usher Natsu towards Lisanna. "Let's ask her if she wants to come with us."

"O-Okay," Natsu stuttered out as Erza pushed him towards Lisanna's table.

Lisanna was surprised to see Erza pushing Natsu towards her.

"H-Hey Lisanna," Natsu as his face turned red in embarassment. "I'm sorry about not being here earlier."

"It's alright Natsu," Lisanna said with a smile.

Seeing Lisanna smile made Natsu smile as well.

"I was wondering if you wanted to help me and Erza raise this egg." Natsu said as he lifted the egg onto the table.

"Sure I'd love to help Natsu," Lisanna said as she hopped down from her seat. "It's like we'll be one big family."

"Well that settles it, we'll all work together." Erza said as started to drag Natsu and Lisanna towards the door. "So Natsu do you have any idea where we could raise the egg?"

Natsu closed his eyes and thought carefully. After a few moments his eyes shot open.

"I got the perfect spot!" Natsu exclaimed as he raced out of the guild with Erza and Lisanna hot on his heels. "If we hurry we can get there in time!"

After almost twenty minutes Natsu had arrived at the perfect place to watch the egg. The sun was just setting when the group arrived.

"Why did you take use here Natsu?" A slightly winded Erza asked as Lisanna and her caught up.

"Look," Natsu said as he pointed to the setting Sun.

Erza and Lisanna both turned around to see a beautiful sunset painting the horizon behind them.

"It's beautiful," Erza breathed out as she gazed at the brilliant colors of the sunset.

"Yeah it's amazing," Lisanna agreed in awe of the picturesque horizon.

"This is the perfect place Natsu." Erza said with a smile as she patted Natsu on the back.

Natsu, Erza, and Lisanna all watched the sunset together that night. The next day Natsu had returned, and had built a small hut made out of straw on the spot where they had watched the sunset. Everyday for two months Natsu, Erza, and Lisanna would take turns watching the egg at their little straw hut. During these two months Natsu, Erza, and Lisanna became even closer. Just like Lisanna had said, the three children become a sort of family to the egg. But it was on September 10th X778 that something amazing happened.

It was Natsu's turn to watch the egg. As he sat in the straw hut, warming the egg. He suddenly noticed that the egg was shaking slightly, and had several small cracks along it's shell. So with speed that would make Jet jealous, Natsu grabbed the egg and raced back towards Fairy Tail (Almost dropping the egg several times along the way).

Everyone heard Natsu before he even reached the guild. His screams could be heard across Magnolia. But when he burst through the doors, no one was expecting him to be carrying a glowing egg into the guild.

"IT'S ABOUT TO HATCH!" Natsu yelled as he raced to a table in the center of the guild.

Within seconds the entire guild had surrounded the table. Everyone was holding their breath as they watched the egg start to shake violently. Suddenly a blinding white light filled the guild. When the light finally died down everyone turned to see what lied within the egg. No one was expecting to see what they saw.

Floating a few feet above the egg was a small blue cat, with white wings coming out of it's back. The cat looked around the guild for a moment before it raised it's right paw, uttering a single word.

"Aye!" The little blue cat cheered.

Everyone stared at the floating blue cat in awe, until the entire guild yelled out at the same time.


Instantly the cat was surrounded by people trying to pet him. Somehow the little blue cat had eventually made it's way into Natsu's arms. The cat had fallen asleep from all the excitement, and was curled up in a ball in Natsu's arms.

Natsu was surprised when Erza came up and started to pull on his ear.

"What did I say about bringing the egg to the guild?" Erza asked in her scolding voice. "You're just lucky this little guy wasn't some murderous monster." A smile then spread across Erza's face. "So what are you gonna call him?"

A thoughtful expression spread across Natsu's face, as he tried to think of a name. He looked around the guild looking for some sort of inspiration. The dragon slayer noticed the jovial and upbeat mode the whole guild was in. Then like an attack from Laxus inspiration hit him.

"Happy," Natsu finally said as he smiled down at the small blue cat.

"It's perfect," Erza said with a smile of her own.

Later on that night, as the Sun was setting. Natsu, Erza, and Lisanna once again found themselves sitting together and watching the sunset. But this time a fourth member was with them. Happy was curled up asleep in front of the three children.

"He's so cute," Lisanna said as she gently petted Happy's head.

"Yeah," Erza said as she gazed at Happy with a warm look. "Looks like our little family is complete."

"I hope we can be like this forever." Natsu said as he gazed at the setting Sun.

(October 16th X782)

Natsu stood in front of a small grave in front of the straw hut he had built. Silent tears fell from his eyes, as he stared at the tombstone. The grave belonged to one of his best friends, Lisanna Strauss.

The youngest Strauss sibling had tragically died on a mission. She was killed when her older brother, Elfman, had lost control over one of his take overs. Elfman than went berserk, and started to attack Mirajane. Lisanna had stepped in front of Elfman and tried to reason with him. But he was too far gone, and attacked Lisanna.

Elfman and Mirajane hadn't been to the guild since Lisanna died. They were both a wreck, but in different ways. Elfman was constantly crying, and blaming himself for killing Lisanna. Mirajane on the other hand shed few tears, instead she became distant and rarely talked to anyone.

Lisanna's death also hit the guild hard as well. The guild was no longer its old lively self. The atmosphere was thick with sadness. No one went on missions, they just stayed at the guild and grieved for the loss of their nakama.

Natsu and Happy didn't attend Lisanna's funeral. Instead he spent the whole day at the straw hut he had built. He spent three whole days up at the hut, grieving in his own way. The only people who had attempted to speak with him were Erza and surprisingly Gray. They both had attempted to get Natsu to return to the guild. But he had simply told them he would return when he was ready. On the third day Natsu had finally returned to guild. With a blank face he walked up to Elfman, who sitting at a table silently sobbing to himself. Elfman looked up with tear filled eyes to see Natsu staring at him.

"N-Natsu what do you want?" Elfman asked as he tried to wipe away his tears.

"Can we please move Lisanna's grave to the hill overlooking Magnolia? The place where we helped raise Happy." Natsu asked with a straight face.

Elfman looked like he was about to protest. But Natsu said something that stopped him dead in his tracks.

"Please it's what Lisanna would want."

When Elfman looked at Natsu, he could tell that the dragon slayer was desperately fighting off tears. So not wanting to cause anymore pain, Elfman simply nodded his head.

"Thank you," Natsu said as he turned to leave. But before Natsu left, he turned to Elfman one more time. "Please don't blame yourself for Lisanna's death. It wasn't your fault. Lisanna wouldn't want you to blame yourself."

Elfman's eyes widened as he watched Natsu walk out of the guild, with Happy slowly flying behind him. Fresh tears formed in Elfman's eyes as he placed his head in his hands.

Later that evening Natsu and Happy had carried Lisanna's tombstone up to the straw hut. Natsu stood staring at the grave for what seemed like hours. The dragon slayer was surprised to feel and armored hand land on his shoulder. He turned his head to see Erza standing behind him. Natsu could see that her left cheek was tear stained, and he could see that fresh tears were forming in her left eye.

"Erza it hurts so bad," Natsu said as he chocked back a sob.

"I know," Erza said as she grabbed Natsu's head and gently held against her armor clad chest.

They both stood like this for a while. Both silently crying, as Erza held Natsu close like he used to do with her. Erza was surprised when she heard soft sobs coming from behind them. She turned her head to see Elfman behind them. The Sun was setting behind him, as he stood there. His face was still heavily bandaged with his right eye completely covered. Natsu knew that Elfman had been approaching so he didn't bother turning around.

"I'm so sorry... I...I killed Lisanna..." Elfman said as he chocked back a sob. "I should have brought you with us Natsu! Then none of this would have..."

Elfman was suddenly cut off by Natsu.

"Quit it already! I already told you to stop blaming yourself. If you keep crying like this forever, that ain't gonna make Lisanna smile will it? Lisanna..." Natsu said as he started to shake slightly. "She was always smiling, no matter what. She was smiling until the very end. I'm sure that's the way she was! That's Lisanna! It's the sad times when she smiled even more! Isn't that what they call being a man?!" Natsu yelled as he finally turned to face Elfman, tears flowing from his eyes.

Elfman went wide-eyed at Natsu's words.

"A man..." Elfman said to himself.

"Come on Natsu let's get you home." Erza said as she started to walk Natsu towards his home that he shared with Happy.

"Natsu I promise you'll never have to feel like this ever again." Erza thought as she held Natsu close.

Neither of them noticed Mirajane leaning against a tree. She had been silently listening the whole time.

"Natsu, thank you for everything you've done for my family, especially Lisanna. I don't think I can ever repay you." Mira thought as a single tear fell from her left eye.

(April 20th X784)

In the two years since Lisanna's death, the guild had bounced back. Fairy Tail was once again back to it's lively self once again. But the wounds of Lisanna's death were still evident. Mirajane was no longer an active mage, instead she preferred to serve drinks at the guilds bar. Elfman, while loud and boisterous, was now far more protective of Mirajane. But aside from that everything was largely the same. Natsu still fought with Gray, and constantly challenged Laxus whenever he was in the guild. Erza still loved strawberry cake, and went on missions with Natsu. Cana still drank outrageous amounts of alcohol. Levy was still a bookworm, and was rarely seen without a new novel. Jet and Droy still bickered and argued over who Levy liked more. Reedus, although much heavier, stilled hummed to himself as he painted. Macao and Wakaba still reminisced about their younger days.

Everything had pretty much returned to normal in Fairy Tail. Except for Natsu and Mirajane's relationship. Natsu used to fear Mira, but after Lisanna's death they became rather close. They both consoled each other, and along with Erza helped each other get over Lisanna's death. Because of this Natsu and Mira had become very close. Like with Lisanna, whenever Natsu wasn't with Erza he was at the bar chatting with Mira. It was during one chats at the bar that Natsu would receive some life chaining news.

"Hey Natsu!"

A guild member who's name Natsu could't remember came running up to him.

"Yeah, what is it?" Natsu asked as he turned away from his conversation with Mira and Erza.

"I heard some rumors about a fire breathing salamander near the port town of Hargeon. It might be Igneel."

Natsu was out of the guild within seconds, with Happy hot on his trail. Erza and Mira smiled as they watched Natsu race out of the guild.

"Igneel please be you," Natsu thought as he frantically packed his bags.

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