"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine-" Dick sang as he sorted through evidence in the Batcave. Damian watched him from afar, going through his own pile of evidence.

Dick pulled the younger boy to his chest, trying to keep whatever nightmares that plagued the younger away, in vain none the less, but he tried. The boy cried out for his friends, his father, and his brothers, so Dick tried to help in another way. "-You make me happy when skies are gray-"

"-You'll never know dear, how much I love you-" Richard sung under his breath as the gala continued, smiling forcefully at the people near him, until his eyes landed on his youngest brother, then a real smile graced his lips.

He looked at his older brother, lying in bed, pale, weak, and sickly. A bullet so close to the heart nearly took the his life. The young man was sleeping, still in pain, a burning slow pain.
Damian rested his head on the bed as he knelt next to Dick, then he wondered what Dick would do if the situations were switched.
"Please don't take my sunshine away..."