NOTE: This movie takes place in between Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Seasons 4 and 5. It is suggested that you read it there for the best reading experience.

"For every force of Light, there is an equal and opposite force of Darkness."

-The Fundamental Theory of Chaos

Yugohan Home World, ~20,000 Years Ago

A large castle made of metal can be seen at night. It's the same one where Chronos and Quantus emerged from in modern times, but as it would have been seen before it fell to ruins. Everything seems calm and serene, until the gates of the castle burst open, as a hovering vehicle comes out at high velocities. Sitting in the back is the unmistakable figure of Prince Yu-Gi-Oh. He is speaking into a communication device in his ear. He says, "And you are certain? It is him?"

A voice responds back, "Yes sir, we have finally apprehended the target."

Yu-Gi-Oh allows himself to breathe a sigh of relief. "That might just be the best news I've heard since The War started. Make sure to approach target with extreme caution, he is a Priority One Threat, and dangerous. We cannot allow him to get away again."

"Yes sir."

Yu-Gi-Oh's vehicle approaches a group of vehicles all surrounding a single point. Each vehicle has a bright searchlight pointing at the center, making it impossible to see the target. A voice declares over a loud speaker, "We have you surrounded, put your hands up and drop any weapons and/or Spirit Summoners you may possess! You are under arrest for crimes against the Empire!"

Yu-Gi-Oh says with relief to himself, "We've finally got him."

The scene is now that of some sort of dimly lit courtroom. In the center of the room is a man that could be the judge. Behind him is a massive statue of Versal, and before him is a crowd that could be the jury. Prince Yu-Gi-Oh, as well as members of his royal court sit in the back of the room, risen above the rest, watching silently. To the side of the judge is a figure mostly obscured by shadows. He is surrounded by several Yugohan soldiers. A woman stands before the judge. She states, "Your honor, the jury has found the defendant guilty of murder, grand theft, conspiracy, treason, general crimes against the Empire, and all around non-Yugohan conduct."

The judge nods. "Then it has been decided. The sentence will be banishment of the soul. Your soul will be confined to a Soul Prison, which will be disguised as space debris and set adrift in open space. May Versal have mercy on your soul." In the back, Yu-Gi-Oh nods, obviously pleased.

A scene is shown in which the same figure as before, still covered by shadows, is put into a cylindrical chamber. The chamber glows for a few moments, and then a conduit connected a large rock glows as well. The figure in the chamber falls limp and the rock glows for a moment, and then all glowing ceases. The rock is connected to some kind of thruster, which activates, causing the rock to fly up into the air. Within moments, the rock has entered outer space. The thruster separates, leaving the rock as a seemingly normal asteroid floating through space.

The asteroid flies through space with great speed. Time is constantly skipped so that the entirety of its journey may be tracked. It passes many breathtaking sights, such as nebulae, pulsars, and supernovae. It makes a sudden turn as it is attracted to some nearby star's gravity. That star is the Sun. The asteroid passes Neptune, then Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and finally approaches Earth. It is caught by the Earth's gravity and pulled in. It turns into a fireball, plummeting towards the planet. It lands in the middle of a desert. Several ancient Egyptian people gather around the meteorite and bow down to it, apparently praising it as some divine message.