Disclaimer: I don't own Charmed or any of its characters.

Timeline: Set after "Forever Charmed". This story won't follow the canon. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Summary: "Future is always in motion; you know that. He died to protect you and the baby," Piper said, trying to comfort her sister. After losing Coop in a tragic incident, Phoebe finds herself alone again. And, as a new enemy arrives, the Charmed Ones lives will change forever. Set after "Forever Charmed".

A sky full of stars

A cemetery

It was raining a gentle rain. Piper sighed, as she rested her hand over Phoebe's shoulder. "C'mon, sweetie. Let's go home."

It had been three weeks since Coop's death and every single day Phoebe went to cemetery. She stood in front of his grave and cried. She cried for the love she lost, for the future that would never be true.

She cried for the dreams that died with him.

"I don't understand. It wasn't supposed to end like this," Phoebe said, shaking her head. "I saw the future, Piper. My premonitions never..."

"Future is always in motion; you know that," Piper said softly. "He died to protect you and the baby."

Phoebe put her hand on her belly. She was four months pregnant with her little baby girl. "My Ladybug," Phoebe whispered.

Piper nodded. "I know you're suffering, but you need to be strong for her, sweetie."

Phoebe sighed and knelt before Coop's grave, tracing the letters of his name. "He really loved me, Piper. I never felt so loved in my entire life. I thought... I thought I finally would be happy," she said, tears falling down her face.

Piper looked away. It wasn't fair. Phoebe already lost too much in her life. Why couldn't she be happy with Coop? "Sweetie..."

Phoebe shook her head. "It was so fast. Maybe if I wasn't so distracted..." she said, closing her eyes.

"Don't blame yourself," Piper said quietly. "It wasn't your fault..."

Phoebe looked up at her sister and sighed. "The athame... He put himself in front of me and... and his blood... his blood was in my hands... and..."

"Shh... everything's going to be fine," Piper said, pulling her sister into a hug. "C'mon, sweetie..."

"But... I..." Phoebe muttered.

"Let's go back to the manor. I'll take care of you," Piper said.

Phoebe reluctantly nodded and started to walk out of the cemetery. However, after she took a few steps, she turned her back.

"Phoebe..." Piper muttered, as she saw her sister frozen in place, looking at nowhere. "What happened?"

"Nothing," Phoebe said, rubbing the back of her neck. "Let's go..."

Cole Turner frowned a little, as he watched them walk away. He looked down at Coop's grave and let out a deep sigh, before disappearing in dust-like particles.

San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

A woman in golden armor was looking at the sky.

"Lara," an Elder said, as he orbed behind her. "You came back..." he looked at her in surprise. It had been two hundred years and he didn't expect to see her again.

The woman turned her head to face the Elder. "Kheel," she let out in a whisper. "Long time no see..."

The Elder swallowed hard. "I sensed you, but I... I thought you're dead. What happened to you?"

Lara looked at him angrily. "You know what happened to me! I trapped her powers inside my own body and saved this world."

The Elder nodded. "You're a good Elder, Lara. You did what was necessary to help people. You were the most powerful of us; the only one, who could do that."

The woman looked at him and smiled "You're right. I was the most powerful Elder. But after I took Nyx's powers inside me, I turned into the most powerful magical being in this entire universe."

Kheel frowned, as he saw her eyes turning red. "What the hell..."

"I can feel it. The power of your soul," she said, creating a golden ball in her hand.

The Elder instantly stepped back, but Lara was fast and threw it against him.

"Lara..." Kheel whispered, falling on his knees. A bright light left his body and transformed into a crystal.

"What a beautiful soul! It's shinning like a star," Lara whispered, as Kheel's body disappeared in front of her.