"Aw… The Captain looks so adorable when he sleeps," Petra giggles. "A stern guy when he's awake, but just as innocent as everybody else when he sleeps."

Smiling, she runs into the giant castle that stood out as the Scout Regiment Headquarters, and went into her room. She goes over to her bedside and rips the blanket off her mattress; she then takes it outside and lays it on top of Levi's sleeping form. She was going to leave him just like that, but part of her couldn't help but notice how relaxing it looked. Sitting down in the bed of flowers, she lifts up the blanket she laid over Levi. Then she scoots herself under the blanket next to him.

After getting comfortable next to her Captain, she immediately knew why Levi had chosen this spot to doze off. The shade of the large tree branches that loomed above them protected from them hot sun rays, the flowers that surrounded the tree gave off a soft, soothing aroma, and the tree itself had a strong trunk that felt nice to lay on. Overall, this spot was perfectly serene. It seemed to make the Captain tranquil. He was a very stoic man, but it was very rare to see him in a positive mentally calm state. The thought of Levi being in an utterly relaxed mind-set made Petra smile, so she did as her Captain did, and lay her head back on the tree. She closed her eyes and soon she was asleep alongside him.

. . .

When Levi opened his eyes, he was startled by his surroundings; he had not remembered falling asleep here outside. He was also startled to find he was alone. He had heard Petra's beautiful voice talking about him while he slept, and her soft, shallow breathing while she slept next to him.

It must have just been a dream, he thought, gazing over at the small white gravestone that stood from the grass a few feet in front of him; the familiar name of "Petra Ral" engraved on it's surface.