While posting Tangled Red Threads, I received several requests for pairings. Instead of feeling like I disappoint my readers, I decided to do this. But I'm not romantically inclined, so I'm having trouble thinking of plots. So most of these will be done with prompts. And some prompts are perfect for multi-chapter stories, so I will post multi-chapters as well. They will be separate stories, with the label HCSS. I've already started on a Canmania and have started plotting a Canmano (and now you know why I refer to them like that). Multi-chapters would have to wait until I've written a sizable amount before being posted.

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NorPan: Rent

Lukas Bondevik sighed, before he knocked on the door.

The Norwegian had come to America for his studies, which were currently on hold due to his transfer. They would resume again in two weeks. In the meantime, he would need to adjust to America.

Which was why he couldn't understand why, until he could find his own place, he needed to rent from Asians. Not that he had a problem with them, he just needed to adjust to the American land and culture.

After a while, the door was opened, and a Chinese man stood there. He appeared to be no more than ten years older than the Norwegian.

"Hello," the man greeted. "I am Yao Wang. You must be Lukas, correct?"

"Yeah," Lukas said.

"Come in. I hope you had a good flight. Sorry I couldn't pick you up at the airport. My brother got in trouble at his school, and I needed to go to the principal with him."

Lukas arched his brow, but said nothing. He followed Yao into the living room, where a group of teens were sitting in front of the TV.

"Kiku, Lien and Yong Soo are at the university," Yao explained. "They'll be back during the weekend. But I'm sure Kiku wouldn't mind if you stayed in his room for the time being."

Lukas nodded, and followed the man to the room.

Over the next few days, Lukas learned quite a deal from his hosts.

First, he found out that most of the siblings weren't even related at all. Yao's parents adopted most of them, and when they died, Yao had to take over. Yao's biological siblings were Kaoru, who was born in Hong Kong, Chio, who was born in Macau, and Mei, who was born in Taiwan. The family moved around a lot, before settling in America.

Yong Soo was Korean, and he was adopted after his parents and twin brother died in a car crash. Apparently, he still had a scar on his shoulder. Lien was Vietnamese, and her parents died in a fire. Kasem was Thai, and his parents died during a robbery.

Kiku was Japanese, and was the biggest mystery. Lukas wanted to know more. Yao told him that Kiku's parents were murdered, but that was about it. Apparently, Kiku knew more than he let on, and he wouldn't share anything with the others.

Out of the three that were in university, Lukas wanted to meet Kiku the most.

His wish was granted a few days later.

He had spent the entire day searching for an apartment, and arrived at Yao's house a little tired.

He could have moved into the university's dorms, if all the rooms weren't full…

It was almost dinnertime when he returned, and when he went into the dining room, he was surprised to see someone else already seated at the table.

The boy immediately stood upon seeing the Norwegian, and he bowed to the blond.

"Hello," the other greeted. "Yao-san told me about you. I am Kiku Honda."

"Oh yeah," Lukas said. "He told me about you before too. My name is Lukas Bondevik."

The Japanese sat down again, and motioned for the Norwegian to sit down beside him.

"So how do you like America so far?" Kiku asked.

"Americans are too loud," Lukas said. "And is my accent hard to understand?"

"No. I have met people with worse accents."

"Name one."

"There's this one Polish boy who speaks with a Valley Girl dialect."

"What does 'Valley Girl' mean?"

"Ask Kaoru. He can imitate it really well."

"Alright. Apparently, we'll be going to the same university."

"Then I believe you should go and enquire about the Nordic Club. The president of the club is a Dane."

"Oh, joy. Anyone else?"

"Hai. There's a very large Swede, a Finn and an Icelandic."

"So all they need is a Norwegian. I suppose it should be worth a try to at least find out what it's about. What about you? Are you in any clubs?"

"Hai. I'm in the Newspaper Club. We once did an article about all the different clubs at the university, so I know a fair deal of the different clubs."

"Really? Are there any weird ones?"

"The Elephant Lovers' Club seems to be on the top of that list. I actually think Kasem will join it next year when he goes to university. There's also a Vuvuzela Club, but we try to avoid them."

"I see."

Mei, Lien and Kaoru were outside the door, watching the Japanese and the Norwegian interact. Both were rather reserved, as Lien had been informed, so it was nice to see the two of them speaking to each other.

"They look so cute together," Mei said.

"Mei," Kaoru sighed, "must you always search for yaoi?"

"Yes. And you have to admit, they would make a cute couple."

"They've only just met," Lien pointed out.

"Exactly. That's what makes this even more precious."

After dinner, Lukas helped Yao with the dishes. Yao was glad to have the help.

Kiku also helped with the dishes.

"You know, Lukas," Yao said conversationally, "we should try one of the dishes from your country."

"It's not really that exotic," Lukas said.

"It will be for us," Kiku said. "And it would only be fair. You are the guest, and we should try to make you as comfortable as possible."

"Well, I am in the mood for sodd."

"What is that?"

"It's kind of like a soup, with mutton and meatballs. There are usually vegetables like potatoes or carrots as well."

"I don't think I've ever had meatballs with soup before. Perhaps we can try it."

Neither of them had noticed that Yao had left the room.

Yao went into the living room to see the rest of his 'family' waiting for him.

"Well?" Mei prodded.

"You're right," he said. "There seems to be a spark between them."

Mei squealed in delight.

"It's too bad that Lukas would need to move out soon," Kasem said. "I mean, Kiku's been more vocal with him than with anyone else."

"You're right," Yao said. "Kiku's been keeping things quiet, and it's been hurting him. Hopefully, Lukas will be able to crack his shell."

It would seem that Yao had foreseen a possible dilemma, and had acted accordingly.

Since Lukas was staying in Kiku's room, there would have been a possibility of a clash. Yao had placed an extra futon in the room ahead of time.

Now, the two of them were debating which of them would get the extra futon.

"You're the guest, so I will sleep on the extra."

"Don't be ridiculous. This is your room. I should get the extra."

"What kind of host would I be if I allowed that? Besides, you have been sleeping in my bed all this time. It is practically yours now."

"And I feel bad about it. It's your room, and your bed. I should get the extra."

"Tell you what. Why don't we play rock-paper-scissors for it?"

"Sounds like a plan."

Lukas sulked. He chose paper, Kiku chose scissors.

Kiku got the spare futon.

"So," Kiku said, interrupting Lukas's inner turmoil, "have you found a place to live yet?"

"No, not yet," Lukas sighed.

"Well, if you can wait a week or so, my roommate decided to drop out. I'm sure we can arrange that you live in my dorm room."

"Really? I would appreciate it."

Two weeks later, Lukas had settled in Kiku's dorm room. He was glad that he had managed to get a room at the university dorms, and that his roommate was someone that he could tolerate.

And then came the day Kiku announced that he had an invitation to an American friend's party.

"So, let me get this straight," Lukas said. "You want me to come with you."

"Hai," Kiku said. "It's just… Alfred-san's parties tend to get… out of control. It would be nice to have sensible company for a change."

Lukas regarded his roommate for a few moments, before he sighed.

"Fine," he said. "I'll go with you. I just hope that annoying Dane isn't there."

It turned out that the annoying Dane was there. Lukas couldn't get the Dane to leave him alone, ever since the latter found out that he was Norwegian. He said that the Nordics had to stick together, especially among the Americans that didn't appreciate their part of the world.

And the Dane made sure that Lukas always had an ample amount of alcohol.

The Norwegian had lost sight of his Japanese friend, and unfortunately he couldn't escape the Dane. So as more time passed, Lukas became more and more drunk.

Kiku sighed as he took his roommate back to their room. He should have known that Mathias would make sure that Lukas was at his mercy. The Dane had showed quite an interest in Lukas since he found out that the latter was Norwegian.

Kiku himself didn't have anything to drink, and he had hoped that the Norwegian would be the same. Apparently, he had underestimated the Dane.

He helped the Norwegian onto his bed, and the other promptly fell asleep.

Kiku looked at the Norwegian for a moment. Over the last two weeks, he had gotten to know the other, and he had started to notice that he got a fluttering in his chest whenever he saw the other.

With the other asleep, and obviously drunk, he could…

With a small smile, he leaned down and placed his lips on Lukas's…

When Lukas awoke the next morning, he had a pounding headache. He really started to hate the Dane.

He looked over towards the other bed and saw that Kiku was asleep, a small smile on his face.

Lukas smiled himself. He didn't usually see a smile on the Japanese's face, just like no one usually saw a smile on his own. It was a nice change.

Figuring he was still under the influence of some of the alcohol, he went over towards the other's bed, and placed a small kiss on his cheek, before he went to their kitchenette to make some coffee.

Kiku was startled. He had been half asleep when he felt the Norwegian kiss his cheek.

He pretended to sleep for a little while longer, and inwardly smiled.

He just hoped his Hungarian friend didn't find out about this.

Okay, so the original prompt was: "One rents a room at the others parents' house. The other turns up for dinner one night."

Yeah, I'm better at angst, hurt/comfort, drama… Romance is not my preferred genre. But I'm tired of always seeing the same pairings over and over. So I'm giving this a try.

Since this is a collection of oneshots, I'll be posting this instead of my regular oneshots I do. But I might still do those. Anyway, my protocol for oneshots is once every five weeks. And I'm OCD about my updates, so expect them to come. And since I like crack ships, I'm definitely keeping up with this.

Next pairing will by ThaiCan, and if I can get a prompt, afterwards would be IceLiech and then Norway/FemRomania. I also accept requests for pairings. I've already written quite a list of pairings and prompts, so if the pairing you requested is on my list and has a prompt, then one of two things would happen. Either I will post it here, or I will inform you that the prompt is a multi-chapter via PM, in which case you will have to wait for it. If it's not on my list, then I'll add it and try to find a prompt. You can also request Nyotalia, and I think 2Ps would work as well.