-My Lord,- I heard and I sighed.

I was on my throne, lost in my thoughts when Bellatrix Lestrange decided to bother me again. She was becoming something very irritant with her desire of being my Dark Lady as if I need one.

-Bellatrix, what do you need now? Do you think you are so important to interrupt my planning?- I said sneering at her. I was glad to see her cower before squaring her shoulders.

-I got an interesting information from the ministry, about the mudblood.- She said with a dangerous glint in her eyes. She was really insane sometimes.

-Care to tell me before I decide if I need to punish you,- I said glaring at her.

-She lost her parents in a car crash last night. From last night she is in the care of the minister, she is alone and does not have any family at all. We could do whatever we want with her now. We could take her for a revel and use her as our toy, or we could torture her to have more information about the order and the Potter brat, or we could just kill her,- Bellatrix said beaming, -We have a world of possibilities here.-

-Hmm, even when you do have a good information, you did bother me so, Crucio!- I said smirking. I let her scream in pain for some minutes before letting the spell off. -Now go and let me alone, I need to think about this.-

She stood up trembling and left the room. She would not try to seduce me again for a week, I hoped. I was thinking about my younger years on the ministry care. The orphanage was horrible and my life as a child was horrible, even coming to Howards did not help me to lift the pain of my childhood. Did I want this for somebody else, somebody as bright as Severus said she was? I needed to think and I knew a good place to do it so I just left the room with Nagini by my side.

As the heir of Slytherin, I could apparate inside Howards as I please but I never let this to be publicly known. This gave me many opportunities while I was a student and now I can go to the secret chamber or the library when I need it. I was near the lake close to the Dark forest when I heard somebody sobbing close to me. The Granger girl was sitting on a rock, alone. Nobody was nearby and I did not understand how the old fool could not protect his student better. I came close to her and I gave her a hanky.

-Thank you-, she said and looked at me, gasping when he saw me. -Are you going to kill me?

-I could if I wanted but no, not now, maybe later, who knows?- I said smirking; it was always fun to play with little girls like her. -Why are you alone here? Why are you not inside the castle?-

-Why do you care?- She asked looking down again, -I don't have anybody else now. Nobody will miss me now, so I'm all yours to kill.-

-Why do you want to die?- I asked, -I know is hard to don't have a family but life go on.-

-So life goes on like it did with you and I'll become a cold heart bitch. I prefer to die, thank you.- She said dryly.

-Are you sure that I'm a cold heart bastard? Did you ever speak with me? You only know what the order tells you about me. Go, girl, before I lose my patience and you will be hurt. Go now!- I yelled and she gasped before running to the castle.

I needed to think what to do; she was fire and power; she was a little girl, maybe fifteen years old, and she was alone now. Ok, her parents were muggles but she was too smart to go to waste. I needed to think what I could do about this. I returned to my manor and I send an owl to my contact on the ministry. Yes, I had an idea, it could be good, and Dumbledore would not be able to prevent this.


After two weeks, the pain was big but I was getting better, I knew my parents wanted me to move on if this should happen. We had talked about this possibility last year as soon as Voldemort started with his attacks on muggles and muggleborns. They prepared a will and I would be taken care by the ministry. I would be informed eventually about my living arrangements and so on.

I was tired of my housemates telling all the time how sorry they were and trying to help me but I knew they meant well.

-Miss Granger, the headmaster wants to speak with you in his office,- Professor Snape said, -You will be excused from your classes today so come with me.-

-Yes, Sir,- I said picking up my bag and starting to follow him.

He walked fast and I was running by his side. He was frowning.

-There is something wrong Professor?- I asked

-The headmaster told me you got a letter from the ministry this morning and you are the only one able to open it. He thought it could be better to open it in his office with us to help you.- He said, -As you remember the ministry is already in the Dark Lord's hands, so is better to be careful about this.-

When we arrived at Dumbledore office, we entered and the headmaster told us to sit down.

-Miss Granger, this morning, a letter from the ministry arrived at my office for you. You are the only one who can open this and I prefer if you do this here.- He said giving me the letter.

The envelope was white with black ink. It only had my first name without a family name as Dumbledore said it could happen as I was orphan. I opened the letter and I started to read aloud.

'Miss Hermione Jean (Former Granger),

After the death of your parents and not having a close family to take care of you, the ministry was in charge of your education and well-being.

Yesterday a contract was signed between the ministry and the glorious house of Slytherin with their last heir as the representant. We agreed to his demands and from this morning, you are Hermione Jean Riddle.

As his daughter, you will spend holidays at his Manor and he will be in charge of your education.

He requested to meet you today and asked Professor Severus Snape to bring you to his house.

In addition, as the last heiress, you have the right to the Slytherin vaults in Gringotts and all the possessions granted to your new name.


Mr. Alexander Dumond

Head of Family assistance

Ministry of Magic'

I was in shock; Voldemort just adopted me, a mudblood. Did he want to kill me?

-Severus, did you know anything about this?- Dumbledore asked.

-Non, Albus; I only heard that Bellatrix told him about the death of her parents but anything else.- Snape said and I blushed. -Did you do something or you did not tell us something, Miss Granger?-

-I forgot about this, but the day after my parents died, I was walking around the lake alone. It was late and I wanted to be alone.- I said.

-Are you stupid? Do you know you are a target because of you dear Potter?- Snape yelled at me.

-Sorry, I was so sad; everybody was trying to make me feel better that I was overwhelmed. I just wanted silence and he was there.- I said.

-Tom was at the lake?- Dumbledore asked.

-Yes, he gave me a hanky and asked how I felt. He tried in his way to comfort me about not having a family and even when I reacted badly, he only asked to leave before he could lose his temper and hurt me. I run and I went to sleep. The day after that I had the funeral and I forgot to tell you about this.- I said.

-He was comforting you?- Dumbledore asked.

-He said that he knew about not having a family and that I had to move on and live my life.- I said.

-This is intriguing but it could be a move to leave Harry alone. Severus, will you take her to his house and protect her?- Dumbledore said.

-Yes, but I do not have an option, as you could see it was his request; I do not want to be punished again.- Snape said, -Miss Riddle, go take your cloak and come here so we can flood to his manor. Do not say anything about this because it will be complicated for you as it is, especially around your house.-

I nodded and I run to my room hoping not to see anybody. Bad luck as it was the free time of our year and Harry was there.

-Hermione, I saw you leaving with Snape, what is going on?- He asked.

-Harry, I don't have the time to explain as I have to go to the ministry to fill some papers and Dumbledore asked Professor Snape to go with me,- I said.

-Are you sure you will be ok?- He asked.

-It will be ok; I will tell you as soon as I can,- I told him leaving the common room.

Professor Snape was waiting for me and he tilted his head showing me the hearth.

-Just asked for the Riddle manor and you will be there. I will go first to prevent accidents but please do not speak until we know more about the situation.- Snape said and I could see some concern in his black eyes.

He flooed to the manor and I smiled to the headmaster before following Snape.

The house was beautiful but Dark, the windows were closed and I could see some of the death eaters muttering some insults around me.

-Severus! Did you bring the mudblood to play? Are you going to let us have her after you had your fun?- Bellatrix Lestrange was yelling happily.

-Nobody will touch her,- A cold voice said and everybody flinched, -Girl, come with me; Severus, wait here until you will be called.-

I was terrified, so I only nodded and I went by his side. He took my hand and he led me to a sitting room. He put some silence and privacy wards and sat on the couch asking me to sit near him.

-Do not be afraid Hermione; I know that you do not understand what is going on but I did not want you to have my childhood even when your line is not a magical one. You are the brightest of your age as I was and your place is not in a muggle orphanage. You would be heated and treated as a freak because of your powers and I could not see this happening.- He said, -I want you to be honest with me and I will try to be patient. Now, does my face bother you?-

-Hmm, it's just disturbing me. It's like talking with a snake. Sorry- I said looking down. I felt a hand catching my chin and pulling my face up forcing me to look at him.

-I told you not to be afraid, I know it's difficult. I asked you because I can change it for you if you'd want. This is a glamour, everybody expected me to be repulsive and I have to live to their expectation, don't I?- He said before muttering a spell and I saw his face changing forms.

He was beautiful, maybe he was sixty years old but he looked like he was forty. His hair was dark and his eyes were grey. His face was warm and he was smirking at me.

-Try to remember that I'm your father, girl.- He said and I blushed.

-No, it's not that; you are different than I think you could be. Do you want to talk about something or do you have some orders for me?- I asked.

-Not orders, I would like to see your dress differently now, less muggle at least at the manor. At school is your choice. I need you to be introduced to my death eaters to protect you. I want you to feel comfortable at the manor and I will show you your room and your personal house elf. Before you protest, she never had a little girl to take off so she is more than happy.- He said.

-Just tell me why? Why do you care about me?- I said tears in my eyes, it was too much and I was still grieving.

He looked at me and took me in his arms. I just felt so comfortable and I let myself in his warm.

-Dear girl, now you are my daughter and we will have blood bond after Severus will do the rituals. You will not lose your father and mother heritage but you will gain my own. You will be a little similar to me, you will be my heiress.- He said kissing the top of my head.

I just cried on his robes as he opened the wards.

-I will put my glamour to call Severus but stay in my arms if you feel better.- He said and I nodded burying my face in his chest. -Severus, come in.-

Professor Snape came in and gasped when he saw Voldemort hugging me and comforting me as I was crying in his arms. He put a blank face and sat near us.

-Severus, I need you to perform the adoption ritual before I present her to your brothers and sisters,- Voldemort said.

-My Lord, I just need a silver knife,- He answered and Voldemort gave him a knife.

-Kitten, I need you to sit straight as we do this. After I can hold you again if you'd want.- Voldemort said and I did as he asked me.

-Put the palm of your hand up,- Severus said and he cut our hands, -Now took each other hands pressing the wound together.-

It was painful and I was trying to not to cry. Professor Snape started to mutter some spells and I felt a strong magic entering my body. I felt different.

-It's done, now you are my family and I will protect you,- Voldemort said taking me in his arms and kissing my cheek making Professor Snape gasp again. He used some spells to clean my face and to transfigure my clothes to a formal robe. -You are taller, you have my eyes and your hair is like mine, you are beautiful and I will have to take care of your virtue. Tell me, are you still a virgin?-

-Yes, I wanted to wait to be sure before doing this,- I said blushing.

-Perfect, now, nobody will dare to touch, so you will be able to do as you wish,- Voldemort said. -We will go to the hall and I will introduce you. You will call me by my name at the moment. I know I cannot ask more at the moment.-

He took my hand and walked through some Darks corridors before arriving at a big ballroom. He sat on his throne and asked me to stand on his right. He pressed on his Dark mark with his wand and death eaters started to enter the room. Bellatrix entered with Narcisa Malfoy and looked at me with hate in her eyes. Lucius Malfoy was looking at me trying to understand who I was. I changed so it was not easy to understand.

-I called you to introduce our Dark Lady; she is from this morning my daughter and she will be respected and protected,- Voldemort said. -If you do not recognize her, she is Hermione Jean Riddle former Granger-

Everybody froze and there were some gaps. They did not know what to do or say.

-She is my daughter and I will not have anybody calling her names; as you see the adoption is both legal and magical, she is my blood now,- Voldemort said before pulling me on his lap and kissing my head. -Now, I have to take care of my child, I do not want to hear about marriage contracts until she is at least twenty years old maybe more and nobody will touch her without her or my permission. Leave.-

They left slowly, not daring to do anything or look at me. Narcisa was trying to calm down her sister and she took her to her house.

-Come, dear, I will show you to your room now, you must be tired. Mindy will help you to take a bath and you can take a nap before lunch.- Voldemort said before picking me up. -Severus, you will say to the headmaster that she will be at the school on Sunday as I think she needs some quiet to feel better. You can come later and stay with us over the weekend. I will have a room prepared for you.-

I was falling asleep already and I moved closer to him while he started to climb the stairs.


This was surreal! I never saw the Dark Lord paying attention in somebody like this; hugging her, kissing her and comforting her in front of all his followers. Claiming her as his daughter and refusing to give her until she was older than usual. He bonded her to his bloodline making her a Slytherin! She would be the safest muggleborn now but how could this work with the brat Potter as her best friend? I needed to talk with Albus fast.

He was waiting for me in his office and he offered me a drink. I asked for a firewiskey and he arched his brows.

-Severus, where is Hermione?- He asked me.

-She is taking a nap before lunch in her new house with her father and her elf taking care of her,- I said and he spits his drink.

-What are you talking about?- He yelled.

-When we arrived, Bellatrix wanted to hurt her and the Dark Lord stopped her, telling that nobody would touch her. He asked her to come with him and made me wait outside for an hour before calling me. When I entered the room, she was in his arms crying and he was comforting her.- I said.

-You have to be kidding!- He said.

-Nope; after that, he asked me to bond her to him; now, she is a Riddle and Slytherin by magic and law. She is taller, have his hair, his eyes, and his mouth. She is beautiful but she was already a beautiful girl so nothing changed.- I said and he grinned. -After this, he took her to the hall where all the followers were called and he introduces her as his heiress and his daughter telling that nobody can touch her. He will not take any contract for her until she is at least twenty years old. She has a suite next to his room and a private house elf.-

-How did he act with her during the gather?- Albus asked.

-She was standing by his right, the position of an heir while he introduced her and after the introduction, he sat her on his lap and kiss her head.- I said.

-He is really claiming her for his bloodline. So now she is resting and she is coming back tonight?- Albus asked.

-No, she is coming back Sunday as he said she needed peace and quiet to be able to start healing from her loses. He told me to come back to stay at the manor for the weekend.- I said.

-I was thinking about asking you the same thing. This is a very interesting change and we need to be careful. Monday morning will be difficult, as I will have to announce the adoption, maybe she needs to tell her friends before the rest of the school knows about this. I hope they will try to understand her as she did not ask for this-. Albus said.

-I hope so. Albus, I never saw him like this, his eyes were warm and full of concern for her. He actually carried her and she rested her head on his chest. He was treating her like his baby girl. Maybe with time, he will love her as well.- I said.

-It could be interesting to see what could happen to Tom if he realizes that he is able to love.- Albus said smiling softly.


I was sitting by her side, watching her sleep and I saw her getting restless, she was having a nightmare.

-No please, don't go, stay with me, you are my only family now and I don't want to be alone.- She was crying and it broke my cold heart.

I sat next to her and I took her in my arms trying to wake her up.

-Dear, wake up; you are having a dream, I'm here,- I said softly and she opened her eyes slowly.

-I was dreaming about you saying that I was nothing and that you would go away, leaving me alone.- She said looking down. -You told me I was only a know it all and that I was ugly.-

-Hermione, I will not leave you; you have a home now and you will be here until Sunday evening to rest before coming back to school. Summer holidays are near and you will return here to stay with me.- I told her pressing her close to me. -Severus will come back and he will stay with us over the weekend. He will be your guard when I'm not around.-

-Thanks, I feel nice like this.- She said smiling softly.

-That's better, now I want to introduce you somebody who wants to meet you. Nagini, come sweet, she is my familiar as you now and I met her when I was thirteen years old.- I told her, 'Nagini, she is my daughter and I want you to take care of her and be her friend'

'Yes master, I will take care of your girl. Can you tell her that I will be near her when she is alone?' Nagini said.

'Thanks Nagini, it will be nice to know I have somebody close to me' Hermione said and gasped.

'Do you speak parseltongue?' I asked.

'No, it's something new, I think. Maybe with the adoption, some of your powers got into my magical core.' She said.

'Probably, it could be nice for us to speak and to Nagini to have somebody else to talk. Do you have a familiar?' I asked.

'I used to have a kneazle but he died last summer. I was thinking about taking a new one over the holidays'. She said smiling,

Nagini looked at her and moved close putting her head on her lap. She wanted to be pet and Hermione did it. It was nice to see my familiar and my new baby girl together and getting well.

'I have an idea if you want a new familiar, it will help you with our followers and it will be loyal to you. Nagini, will you make her this gift? Will you show my baby girl with her new familiar?' I asked.

'Yes master, she is the only one to have her, I will be honored if she wants it' Nagini said.

'As show her my dear' I told her.

Nagini left the room and came back after some minutes bringing something in her big mouth. She put it on Hermione lap and she gasped.

'Nagini, is this your egg?' Hermione asked.

'Yes, it will open soon and it would be an honor if you take it as your familiar.' Nagini told her putting her head on the egg. 'You will need to be there when it will go out. If we are lucky it could happen this weekend as it started to move today.'

'Do I need to do something?' Hermione asked.

'You will need to be close to the egg for the next days so, they will sleep here.' I said 'Nagini, we will go to eat, go to Hermione's bed and she will be back soon'

-Let go see if Professor Snape is here,- Hermione said.

-It's the first time I saw her like this, you are really special little one. Now let go take lunch and if I'm not mistaken, your potion master should be here, maybe Lucius as well. Do you mind if I carry you? I never had a child to take care and I would be like this for a few days, I promise to relax after and not embarrass you farther.- I said.

-It's ok. After I started Howards my relation with my father was difficult, he was scared of magic but I loved him anyway.- She said smiling -It's nice to be near you.-

I picked her up and I took her to the dining room where we met Severus and Lucius. They were gaping at me.

-Is your daughter ok my Lord?- Lucius asked softly.

-Yes, is just that I like to carry her so she is indulging me for today. Now come eat with us.- I said letting her go to her chaise. -I hope you'd like pasta Hermione.-

-Yes, I love it, thanks.- She said smiling.

-Lucius, I need you to help me teaching Hermione about our old ways. She will need new clothes- I said, -Severus, I would like you to be her guard and teach her how to defend herself magical and non-magical way.-

-Yes, my Lord; I will and Narcisa will help her with shopping,- Lucius said.

-It will be my pleasure,- Severus said

-My Lord, where is Nagini? She is usually near you.- Lucius asked, -Did her egg changed?

-Nagini said it was starting to move, that it will open soon. She decided to give it to Hermione as her new familiar.- I said.

-My Lord, she waited almost sixteen years to see it opening. Do you remember when you found the egg?- Severus said.

-Yes, it was the 19 of September, it was rather cold and she suffered a lot. They said when a familiar like her pound an egg is because its master had a child. I never thought this to be possible as I was childless until now.- I said.

-19 of September? Hermione asked.

-Yes, why do you ask?- I asked her.

-It's my birthday,- she said softly.

-Do you have any birthmark? Severus asked her and she nodded.

She stood up and showed me her ankle where we could see a little black snake.

-Tell me, you mother had brown hair, brown eyes, she was a dentist and she loved to eat hotdogs with French fries inside?- I asked her afraid.

-Yes, I also eat the hot dog in that way. Why do you want to know that?- Hermione asked.

-Her name was Jane Mary?- I asked

-Yes Tom, Why?- She asked.

-Severus, check her blood now!' I said.

Severus moved near her and said a complicated spell that could read the heritage of a person.

-Oh, God! This is not possible!- Severus said, -She is not a Granger and she was never a Granger. How could this be?

-Near sixteen years ago, I went to muggle London searching for more information about some ruins I wanted to visit. I made one stop to eat and I met this beautiful muggle girl eating the most disgusting hot dog I ever saw. We talked and we had a little affair as she was married and I did not want to break her marriage. We broke up when she had to move to France following him and we never saw each other again.-

-So, I was already your daughter?- Hermione asked.

-This could explain how strong I feel about you. Will you forgive me, I never knew about you and I do not think your mother could recognize me if she saw me today.- I said.

-So how this change about the adoption?- She asked.

-The ritual only made you link stronger and you are actually a pureblood now. My Lord, will you continue the adoption story or will you let them know the truth?- Severus asked

'I will prefer the truth to not have anybody to challenge her rights. Now let's eat.- I said smiling at my baby girl again.

We ate and we talk about the school and how many side projects she was conducting this year. After lunch, I took her to the library where she researched about the Slytherin family and how to conduct herself like a maiden pureblood. I was so proud of her, trying to do as I wished. In the evening, we had a meeting with my followers, where Bellatrix tried again to seduce me and it was amusing to see my dear baby girl glaring at her. She could be possessive and she did not want Bellatrix to be around me.

'Mia, stop glaring at her, is not polite and not good for a Lady' said to her and she smiles at me, 'come here baby girl'

She came next to my throne and I made her sit on my lap. Everybody was ready for the meeting and waiting for me to speak.

-As you may see my daughter will stay with us for the weekend. We found today that she did not need to make the ritual process to be my daughter as she is in a fact my first born and the only heiress to my line.- I said.

-My Lord, can you tell us how?- Mulcifer asked.

-Sixteen years ago, I met a woman and I did not know if she was a muggle or not until it was too late. As she was married, we decided to end our relationship when she moved to France following her husband. She was Hermione's mother and our blood link was confirmed today twice.- I said, -The adoption ritual just changed her blood so now she is a pureblood witch.-

-So, how this will change her life?- Narcisa Malfoy asked.

-She will stay at the school finishing her schooling and after I will talk with her to see what she wants to do.- I said and before I could add more, Nagini entered the room carrying her egg on her mouth and put it on Hermione's lap.

'Master, it was calling her and I have to come' She said.

-Everybody quiet, something is happening with Nagini egg, it chose its master and it would open now after 16 years. It was created the same day my girl was born.- I said and I looked at the egg in my daughter's hands.

It was moving and we could hear some cracking noises. The first big crack made us jump and we saw the broken egg. Hermione started to help it open a big hole and finally, we could see a black snake getting out of it and moving to Hermione neck nesting there, searching for her warm.

'Mistress I waited for you sixteen years. I'm so happy to have with me. I will protect you always' he said and nuzzled Hermione's neck softly. 'Will you give me a name?'

'Yes dear one, would you like to be called Onyx?' Hermione asked.

'Yes, will I be with you always?' Onyx asked her and Hermione nodded.

Everybody was looking at them and they were gaping listening Hermione speaking parseltongue.

-Tom, I'm tired, could I be excused?- Mia asked me.

-Mia, you need to sleep, I will take you to bed, come and let me carry you,- I said before leaving the room and kissing her head.