Difinity: Okay this is just a long shot

Yugi: *playing with string* What's a long shot?

Difinity: This fic.

Yugi: What's it about?

Difinity: Well, it's Yaoi.

Yugi: EH!?

Difinity: And the coupling is you and mou hitori no Yugi.

Yugi: Me and YAMI!?

Difinity: *smiles and nods* Hai, Yugi-san!

Yugi: B-But…!

Difinity: Not buts mister! Just say the disclaimer please!

Yugi: Difinity doesn't own YuGiOh!

Difinity: Arigatou, Yugi-san!


Land of Forever

By: Difinity


Yugi Mutou walked down the halls of his brand-new school. He glanced around nervously, seeing only older teenagers zipping by, chatting, laughing or some walking in silence. The halls were crowded and the amount of people in the tiny hall caused Yugi to be shoved and pushed in every direction while on his way to class. He didn't like this new school so far, or the city for that matter. He had loved his old school and friends, but when he had received the devastating news about his parents death, he had no choice but to move to Domino City, where his only living relative, his grandfather, lived. As much as he loved his grandpa, Yugi could help but long for the sweet sense of being home; The place you grew up in, where all of your memories lingered, and where the people you care about most stayed behind. He sighed an exasperated sigh as he looked around, searching for his classroom.

Yugi's eyes brightened as he found his classroom. His first subject, was history. Yugi walked up to the door, and took a deep breath to prepare himself for his entry. All of a sudden, he grew panicky. 'What if they think I'm a loser? What if the don't like me? What if we have nothing in common?' The 'what if 's swirled in Yugi's mind. Yugi's fear grew worse as another horrible thought gripped his mind. 'What if there are bullies? W-What if they beat me up!?' Yugi's hands trembled at the thought. Bullies were always picking on him, but at home, his friends would help him keep them away. But what about now? He was at a new school, and he didn't have any friends. He would be helpless.

" Come on kid, go in." Yugi was startled by a voice from behind. He noticed that he had been holding onto the doorknob and his thoughts prevented him from entering the classroom. He looked back to see a pretty girl with a bright smile. (A/N: No, this isn't Tea) Yugi blushed slightly. The girl smiled again. " You're new here, right?" the girl asked. Yugi nodded. " Well, let's go in!"

Yugi turned the doorknob and walked quietly into the room. Once there, Yugi glanced around at his new surroundings. A few students had arrived, most of them were chatting, others had out Duel Monsters cards and were in the middle of a duel, while only one boy was sitting at his desk, reading quietly. A briefcase was by his desk. No one attempted to speak with the boy, or look at him either. Yugi dismissed his thoughts as he walked over to the teacher. After an introduction and a few words, the teacher assigned Yugi his seat. He walked over to the indicated row, but felt so nervous that he forgot where he was to be seated.

" Over here." Yugi turned around to see the same girl from outside show him his seat. Yugi nodded his head in thanks, and she gave him a wink. He sat down and took out his notebook. Yugi glanced at the clock, knowing that class was going to start very soon. Seconds later, a boy who seemed tired walked into the room. He walked over to his seat, which happened to be next to Yugi's. Behind him, a swarm of girls walked, some blushing, others giggling, while most just stared at the tired boy. He glanced at them, and with a stern glare, he dismissed them all. Yugi watched in awe as the girls scampered away, some weren't even in the class. Those of them who weren't scampered off out of the classroom, in a hurry to be on time. Yugi glanced at the boy, who's head was laid on his desk. Yugi raised an eyebrow in confusion.

The bell rang, yet most of the chatter still floated about the classroom. The teacher organized some papers that were sprawled over her desk into a neat pile. She raised her hands, motioning the class to calm down.

" Class. Class! Settle down!" The teacher instructed. The talking slowly, but surely ceased. The teacher smiled brightly at her weary students. " Everyone, we have a new student today! His name is Yugi Mutou and he's sitting next to Yami, who by the way should be paying attention!" At this, the boy next to Yugi flung his head up and looked around the room nervously. Seeing everyone staring at him, Yami blushed bright red.

" Hey! Yugi and Yami look exactly alike!" A student cried out. The whole class inched forward to get a better look, even the teacher who adjusted her glasses. One by one, each student's eyes widened in shock at astonishing resemblance between the two boys. Yami, who hadn't been paying attention, glanced around the room until his glance met with two large violet, innocent eyes. Yami's attention wandered to the boy's hair and attire. They were both almost identical, except the boy's eyes and facial expression were much more innocent than Yami's. The boy's clothes hung limply on his small frame, and his skin was a milky white. Yami breathed in the sweet smell of strawberries clinging onto his look-alike.

Yugi's eyes widened at the strange feeling of looking so much like a complete stranger. The only differences were that Yami's skin was tanned and his arms were adorned with finely tone muscles. His tight leather shirt revealed a nice six-pack and his complete leather attire was matched off with a black buckled that was tied around the young man's neck. The leather stuck onto his skin, revealing a perfect body. (A/N: *faints*) Both boys continued to stare at each other in awe. Finally, the teacher tapped on her desk with a pencil, causing everyone in the room to snap out of their trance.

" Yes, well, um, be that as it may, this is still a classroom and we don't have any time to dwindle on issues such as these," the teacher instructed, still slightly shocked and bewildered.

" But Ms. Madison..," one student drawled. The teacher gave him a stern look, and the student sunk lower into his desk.

Yugi sighed and shook his head, trying to get rid of the eerie feeling of being a strangers look-alike.


The lunch bell rang after 4th period, and the students of Domino High sprawled out into the lunch area. Yugi hugged his books close to him as he made his way out of the crowded corridors. His gazed traveled everywhere, his mind, soaking in the new surrounding of the school. He hurried out and breathed in deeply once he was free out of the stuffy building. He wandered around the lunch area, but stopped when he noticed a group of girls swarming over something, or rather, someone in a corner. Yugi shrugged and annoyed the scene as he made his way to the courtyard.

Yugi settled peacefully under a tree, sighing in relief. He took out his lunch bag eagerly and began to eat, savoring the flavor of his sandwich while enjoying the warm rays of the sun, and the light breeze of that fateful spring day. He was interrupted by a slight rustle in the nearby bushes. He ignored the sound and continued eating. Again, the bush rustled. Yugi put down his food and walked over to the moving shrub. He reached out and gently pushed away some of the twigs and grass. Inside, he saw two panic-stricken ruby eyes.

" Are they gone?" The person in the bushes whispered panicky. Yugi was puzzled by the comment, but still, he looked around his surroundings. He nodded.

" There's no one here," Yugi responded. A large relieved sigh came from the bushes, and Yugi stepped back, startled and a bit frightened. Through the peek hole, the person laughed. Yugi's expression turned into an adorable, yet innocent, pout. (A/N: Awwww! *glomps Yugi*) From the bushes, a young man emerged, while trying to get rid of the twigs and leaves that clung to his large hair. Yugi immediately knew this had to be Yami. Obviously, it was, since no one else looks exactly like him, of course.

" Oh, you're that Yugi kid, huh?" Yami asked while trying to pick a leaf from his hair. He struggled to reach it, but failed to do so. He stretched his arm as far back as it could go, but failed to reach his goal. Yugi stared up at the struggling boy with curiosity. He seemed nice so far. Yami, sensing someone was watching him, looked down at Yugi, who's so amethyst eyes were wide with wonder. Feeling dumb, Yami blushed, that of which didn't escape Yugi's eyes. The little one walked behind Yami, reached as far up as he could, and gently picked the leaf out of the boy's hair. He returned to face Yami, the healthy green leaf in his hand. Yami grinned shyly as he felt his face heat up again. Yugi returned his smile. Yami looked around.

" Do you think I can hang around here for a while, Yugi?" Yami asked. Yugi felt slightly happier, glad that someone called him by name, instead of being known just as "The new kid." Yugi nodded happily. He walked back to where he had been sitting, which was under a large oak tree. Yami looked around nervously, while following Yugi back to the tree. Yugi plopped himself on the ground grinning up at Yami, who nervously glanced around at his surroundings. Finally, when Yami felt it was safe, he sat next to Yugi.

" So, Yami, why were you hiding in the bushes?" Yugi asked curiously. Yami's cheeks turned bright pink.

" Well, you see Yugi, all the time, I'm being followed by this mob of crazed girls! And I can't get rid of them!" Yami said miserably. " They follow me everywhere. Some of them even bribe the guys into taking pictures of me while I change in the locker rooms for Physical Education! (P.E)"

Yugi couldn't help but laugh at Yami's predicament. Yami gave him a sour look, but it quickly went away when he saw the way Yugi's features lit up when he laughed. Yami only grinned.

" You're new here, huh Yugi?" Yami asked. Yugi nodded. " Do you have any friends?" Yugi's eyes saddened. Yami noticed this, and his expression turned to one of worry. " You okay?" Yugi looked away, trying to hide the hurt and lonesome feelings he began to experience that day. Everything was so new, and everyone he had seen never even bothered to talk to him, or acknowledge that he was alive. Yugi wiped away the few tears that dared to gather in his eyes. Yami said nothing, until Yugi turned around with a small smile on his sweet face.

" I'm fine, just a bit homesick I guess," Yugi trailed. " B-but don't worry. I'm okay." Yami, on impulse, patted Yugi's back gently. Yugi sighed and smiled at Yami. " Why are you being so nice to me?" Yami looked up at the sky, trying to answer Yugi's question. He shut his eyes, hoping that it would help him think. He found no answer.

" I don't know Yugi," Yami answered. " Maybe it's…just fate that we met each other. Who knows? But there's one thing for sure." Yugi looked a bit surprised. Yami chuckled at his look-alike's expression. " You've got me for a friend, you got that?" Yugi's face lit up into a smile as he nodded. Yami smiled back at the cute boy. 'What the-!?' Yami thought. He shook his head, trying to get rid out his odd thoughts.

Yugi looked at his new found friend oddly. " Something wrong Yami?"

Yami snapped out of his trance and looked deep into Yugi's innocent eyes.

" No," Yami said. " Nothing's wrong."


The final bell rang, indicating that the day was over, and the students of Domino High could go home. Yugi sprawled out of his class, filled with happiness at the thought that he had made a new friend. Maybe things in Domino weren't going to be as bad as he believed they would be. He was walking down the halls when a familiar voice called his name.

" Yugi, wait up!" Yugi spun around to see Yami jogging up to him. Yugi smiled brightly at him.

" Hey Yami, do you want to walk home with me?" Yugi asked hopefully. Yami frowned.

" Sorry, but, um…s-someone usually picks me up from school," Yami said, his disappointment showing. Suddenly, he brightened. " But maybe I can drop you off at home! Where do you live?"

" At the Turtle Game Shop by Tsuzuki Ave." Yugi said excitedly. Yami laughed and nodded.

" Good! I pass right by there on my way home! I can drop you off, come on." Yami walked out into the parking lot with Yugi close behind him. Once there, Yugi was shocked that a limo was parked outside. He was puzzled, as to why there would be a limo in a high school parking lot. With a shock, he realized that Yami was indeed walking towards the shiny black vehicle. Yugi ran up to his friend who opened the car's door. Yugi stood in awe as Yami stepped into the car and patted the seat next to him.

" Come one Yugi," Yami said gently, sensing the smaller boy's fear. " Don't be afraid. Come on" Reluctantly, Yugi stepped into the spacious car and set his book bag on his lap. Yugi closed the door and heard Yami instruct the driver to drop Yugi off at his home. Yami watched as Yugi gazed around the vehicle in awe.

" Wow Yami!" Yugi exclaimed. " This is yours?" Yami nodded modestly. He never really liked it when his friends found out that he was rich. They would begin to free-load and ask for money or rides just to be seen in Yami's limo. He hated it, and often wondered if his friends really like him, or that it was just his money that was attracting his pals. Once they arrived, Yugi stepped out and thanked Yami for the ride.

" See you tomorrow Yami!" Yugi said his goodbye. Yami smiled brightly and waved. Yugi shut the door and he made his way around the large car. He stood by the doorway as he watched the expensive car drive out until he couldn't see it anymore. He turned around to open the door, only to find his grandfather standing at the door.

" Who was that Yugi?" Sugoroku Mutou asked. Yugi blinked.

" Oh! That was my new friend, Yami. He-He gave me a ride home. Is something wrong Jii-chan?" Yugi asked his grandfather. Sugoroku shook his head and only smiled at his grandson.

Yugi made his way upstairs to his room and once he arrived, he dropped his book bag in the corner and flopped onto his bed. Yugi smiled contently to himself as his mind went through the day's events. It was weird, to come to a completely new city, and find someone that looked just like you. Or at least almost. Yami's eyes, Yugi had noticed, were more fierce and evil looking, though his eyes completely contrasted with his personality. Yami seemed so nice and caring. Plus, he seemed so miserable due to the fact that girls wouldn't leave him alone. Yugi giggled as he thought of his friends turmoil. ' My friend..' Yugi thought. ' Yami is my friend.' Feeling contented and joyful, Yugi closed his eyes and let his thoughts drift away.

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