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* * *

Chapter Twenty-Two: Land of Forever

* * *

The world in front of him was blurred. Each figure in the small room was distorted and looked twisted. Pale moonlight zigzagged on the ground as it illuminated whatever it touched. Yuugi moaned out lightly, struggling to sit up as more tears ran down his face. A sob escaped his lips as he shut his eyes tightly. His heart felt so incredibly heavy and hurt, as if someone had grabbed it and squeezed too hard for too long. A rush of emotion came at him at once and caused another sob to force itself out of his throat. Yuugi coughed and then took in large gulps of air as the tears continued to run down his face. The small boy on the bed hugged himself as he shut his eyes.

"Yami," he cried. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry!" Yuugi sniffed loudly and looked at the window above his desk. The rain was pelting at the surface with a force that seemed as if it would break through the glass and drown whoever was inside. Yuugi buried his face into his hands and continued to cry, his heart breaking with each sob. The amethyst eyed angel lifted his head, his face stained with tears. The room was lit up by moonlight, and the shadows of the rain made it seem as if the stars had turned black and their dark light was shinning down on the world. Slowly, Yuugi's sobs quieted as he glanced at his surroundings. The neon glow of his clock caught his eye.

Yuugi sniffed. "10:…30," he whispered. Yuugi froze. Without thinking, he shot up from his bed and pulled his clothes to him. He stripped himself of his pj's and pulled on his jeans, and his socks. Yuugi wiped his tears as he ran to his door and bolted out of his room. Panic was building up inside of him as he traveled down the stairs. The small boy ran passed the living room, where his grandfather sat reading a book. Sugoroku caught sight of his grandson and sat upright.

"Yuugi!" he called out to him. The old man's eyes widened as he heard his grandson slipping on his shoes and opening the door. Sugoroku half-ran towards the door and saw that Yuugi had left the door open. The small boy was running down the street, getting completely soaked in the storm. His grandfather stood by the door, watching his only family run into darkness of the night. He knew…oh he knew where the young boy was going. With every beat of his heart, Sugoroku knew that something that night had triggered a string in Yuugi's heart. Now, through all the wind and rain, through the clouded night sky, the small boy ran to what his heart wanted; to what he desired. Sugoroku knew that nothing in the world was going to stop his grandson.

The old man stood by the doorway, gazing out into the night sky, a half smile on his face. Pride was clearly evident in his features as his smile grew wider. His eyes glowed in the rain as he signed quietly to himself. Yuugi was really growing up.

"Follow you heart Yuugi," Sugoroku said.

* * *

With his heart pounding wildly against his chest, Yuugi continued to run as fast as he could. The rain blurred his vision slightly as he navigated through the city. His breath came out in gasps as he pushed onward to his destination. All he ever hoped to find in his life was slowly slipping away from his grasp. But now, instead of helplessness, it was replaced with fierce determination and the love he felt for the mysterious boy that had entered his life not too long ago. That alone drove him to the point when he could cry for how much he loved that ruby-eyed boy. The love that he felt was unlike any other he had ever experienced in his entire life. Nothing could be parallel to it. The warm, gentle feeling guided him, the soft touches, the tender whispers…

Yuugi panted as he kept running, the puddles of water erupting into splashes as the small boy ran on them. The ripples broke out and slowly separated from the others. Each circle grew wider and wider, until it discreetly molded back into the serene tranquility of its surrounding area. Rain drops accumulated in speed as the storm grew and the clouds hung thick with awaiting moister. A sharp wind cut through the storm like a knife, causing Yuugi to hiss slightly. His legs were growing more numb with each step he took. His throat was aching and a fire seemed to be burning wildly in his chest. Yuugi thought about stopping and just remaining in the empty abyss that he had created ever since Yami's departure to America. But the thought of perhaps being able to be held by the one he loved gave him the determination and the perseverance to continue with his journey.

"Yami," Yuugi breathed as he continued to run. "Don't leave me."

The night sky was dark and covered in a blanket of thick clouds. It was dangerous to be outside at all, but Yuugi didn't care. His heart pounded wildly against his chest as he continued to run. The small boy was too caught up in his thoughts to see the few people that were walking down the street. Most had umbrellas and were heavily clothed. Some pedestrians glanced at Yuugi and bewilderment was evident in their features. A 16 year old boy wearing nothing but a thin sweater, jeans and sneakers running through a treacherous storm such as the one they were currently in. Yuugi continued to run, not paying attention to the looks he was receiving. All that mattered was that he got to where he needed to be. The clock was ticking and with every step Yuugi took, he got closer and closer. But, with each step, a second would go by and time was starting to slip away right before his very eyes.

Not too far from Yuugi, Jou sighed as he looked up at the sky. The blond boy held onto his umbrella tightly as he calmly kicked at a puddle. Within the moving surface of water, he saw his reflection. A small smile lit up Jou's face as he saw a pair of blue eyes blink beside him. Jou glanced beside him and smiled lovingly at Kaiba, who grinned in return. The taller of the two placed his hand over Jou's hand that was holding onto the umbrella. Jou felt the warmth of Kaiba's hand on his own and smiled. The brunette squeezed Jou's hand lightly and felt the blond boy lean against him gently, brushing away the coldness of wind. A calm, serene feeling washed over the shorter of the two and he shut his eyes, wanting with all his heart to ignore the loud crack of the rain as it hit the concrete ground; to forget about the sharp wind that was whipping by and just lose himself in a blanket of warmth.

"Is something wrong?" Kaiba asked softly, despite the roaring sound of the rain. Jou paused and looked at the ground with sad eyes. Both of them stood still, listening to the rain as it beat down on the ground with out remorse. Jou remained silent as his eyes continue to bore into the puddle that erupted into ripples because of the rain. Kaiba waited patiently for the blonde boy's answer, knowing fully well that his mind was on Yuugi and Yami. A part of him just longed for Jou to tear his thoughts and feelings away from the couple, but the other part knew how much his lover cared about his two friends. He heard Jou clear his throat slightly.

He sighed mournfully as his eyes trailed over to Kaiba's face. "It's just that I--" Jou stopped short as his eyes enlarged substantially. Just at that moment, Yuugi ran passed them in a flash. Water splashed as the running boy zipped passed them. Kaiba grabbed Jou and pulled him away from the water and stared at Yuugi with shocked eyes. The blonde boy breathed heavily from the sheer surprise. He struggled lightly against Kaiba's grip. "Yuugi," Jou breathed. "Yuugi!"

Jou tried to break free, but found that he couldn't no matter how hard he tried. He stared up into Kaiba's blue eyes. "Let him go," he said. Jou blinked. "He knows where he's going; he knows what he's doing…" Kaiba paused. "If he's your friend, you'll let him go."

Jou stared off into where Yuugi had run into the distance.

"Yuugi…Be careful."

* * *

Yami stared down at his cup of coffee as he sat in the airport terminal. The sterile-like walls seemed to almost glow in the bright light. He absentmindedly stroked his little sister's hair as she rested her head on his lap. He didn't care about anything anymore; he didn't want to care about anything. All that he wanted, all that he needed, was gone and could never come back. Yami shut his eyes as he listened to the loud echoes through the loudspeakers and the rain pound against the windows with an incredible force. It would all soon be over. Yami would leave Japan and never have to face anything heartrending ever again. He wouldn't have to stare into Sugoroku's sympathy filled eyes, and he'd never have to hear Yuugi's soft, confused voice…

Yami yelped slightly as he felt a soft hand rest gently on his shoulder. He looked up to stare into his mother's worry filled eyes. Her soft, lily colored skin glowed faintly in the light of the airport terminal. Her hair dropped lightly over her face, decorating her gentle and motherly features.

"Yami…," she spoke softly. "Are you going to be all right?"

He knew what she was talking about. Absentmindedly, he nodded, not wanting to have to see that worried glow in her eyes. He hated it when she was worried. Her eyes would dim down to a dull glow, and they held such an immense amount of sadness in them that it could break a person's heart. Yami stared down at the ground, wanting to avoid her gaze at all costs. He nodded slightly before shutting his eyes and sighing gently. His mother bit her bottom lip and stepped back, knowing Yami needed time to re-adjust to his new lifestyle. She knew it wasn't going to be easy; but oh, how she wished she could just take away all of his pain and seal it into a bottle.

If only she could've preserved that sheer happiness Yami had once experienced and kept it safe; holding it in for days like this. To be able to bring out a ray of sunshine and light up her son's broken heart. With all her heart, Mrs. Mutou wished that things had gone differently. Perhaps, if they had gone in a different direction, maybe…maybe none of this would have happened. But now, after everything had been said and done, those thoughts would forever linger unanswered, unfulfilled. They would always be in the category of 'what if'. There was no turning back now, and even if they stayed, there was no guarantee that Yuugi would ever return to normal.

Lost in her world of thought, Mrs. Mutou didn't notice a brown haired girl staring at her with forlorn green eyes.

"Mrs. Mutou," she asked. The elegant woman turned around and gaped at the girl. "Can I speak with Yami…one last time?" Mrs. Mutou's eyes filled with tears as the girl explained her situation. She nodded, allowing her to pass and watching her walk towards her only son.

'Everyone Yami loves…Everyone he's ever cared about…they're all abandoning him!' She cried silently in her mind. 'How can this be happening? Why?'

The girl approached Yami and stopped in front of him, shadows covering her face as she looked at the ground and held her hands together.

"Yami," she spoke softly. Yami lifted his head only to stare into Trinity's despondent green eyes.

"What are you doing here?" Yami asked, obviously surprised. His best friend sighed, staring around the terminal and avoiding his gaze. She seemed slightly nervous, and her appearance seemed as if she had been crying for several days at a time. A wan smile broke through her depressed appearance, and her eyes lit up for a moment. It was a full minute before Yami realized that her eyes were glimmering with tears. A few drops slid down her cheeks and she hastily wiped them away with the sleeve of her shirt. Trinity sniffed and looked away, instantly hating herself for crying when she had told herself not to do so.

"I-I knew you were leaving, and I just wanted to say good-bye…for the last time…," she trailed. Yami was puzzled.

"'For the last time'?" He repeated. "You're not telling me something; I know it. What's wrong?"

Through her tears, and despite the trembling sound of the rain beating against the windows, Trinity let out a small, sad laugh as she fiddled with the strap of her purse. She avoided her best friend's eyes, knowing she'd crumble under his intense gaze. She'd been hiding the truth; but how could she possibly let him know? She just wanted to disappear…so that her missing presence would forever remain a mystery. No one needed to know where she went, no one should know. But now that she was here, in front of her best friend, how could she bare to lie to him? How could she live with herself if she just…disappeared?

"It's nothing really; I just wanted to say goodbye, since…I probably won't ever see you again…," she whispered. Yami froze.

"What do you mean?"

Trinity gazed out the window with a forlorn look in her eyes. She hugged herself and continued to gaze out into the horizon, looking sad. Sighing, she turned her gaze to look into Yami's deep, ruby eyes. She didn't flinch, but all at once, her heart felt heavy and she couldn't bring herself to say goodbye.

"After everything that's happened," she started. "I've felt so…empty and directionless. I don't want to sound indifferent to you, or anyone, but…" She paused, tears gathering quickly in her eyes and pooling deep within them. Yami saw that she was struggling not to cry. "I just want to make a fresh start. I want to begin anew. Lately, I've felt as if I've only been a nonentity to all of you. And I don't want that anymore…I've never wanted that.

"And the only way I know how to just let all of this go behind me…to make it all go away…is by just…leaving this place. I've thought a lot about it, and my family agrees with me. My Dad, he's got a great job opportunity, and my Mom can really bolster her career there too. I want to go; I need to go. I can't stay here any longer, Yami. I just can't…"

Yami sat there, glued to the seat as he listened to his friend's words. Was that really how she felt? Because of all the attention Yami had been giving Yuugi, did he ever stop to think that Trinity was hurting because of her break-up with Kaiba? She had admit it herself; she loved him. Yami recalled that night in the hospital when she revealed the news. Why had he been so stupid? So blind! The memory of that night was so vivid, it seemed as if he could just reach out and touch it. But it would break, and he knew that all of that was in the past. Something he could never change again. But if he could, oh if he could, he would change so many things…


"…Are you all right?"

Trinity looked up. "Huh?"

"You seem…different since I left. Did something happen?" he asked. She looked down at the ground with guilt hidden behind her eyes. Sighing softly, she stood up and put on her coat. Trinity grabbed her scarf from the chair Yami was sitting on and headed for the door. "Trinity," Yami repeated once again. "…It's late out. Shouldn't you have someone pick you up?" She shook her head. "Why don't you call Kaiba to pick you up? I'm sure he won't mind picking up his girlfriend at this time of the night."

Trinity's eyes glazed over with tears. "He won't come," she whispered. Yami sat there in a haze of confusion. "…I broke up with him when you left."


"Because I knew…that he loved Jou," Trinity confessed. "I wanted both of them to be happy, so I let him go."

Yami stood up, facing Trinity who was now trying to hold back her tears. "But I thought you loved him."

"That's why I did it. Because I love him. If I truly loved him, then I would understand that his happiness did not lay with me. It was with Jou," she said, her voice trembling and threatening to break. She wiped her eyes with a handkerchief from her purse and regained her composure. "Jou's loved Seto for a long time now, and I felt awful making Seto repress his feelings for Jou. He didn't want to break up with me for fear that he might hurt my feelings and cause me to hate him. So I did it. I let him go."

*End Flashback*

Guilt lay in Yami's heart. He knew that Trinity had been devastated over it, but he never once went up to her and said "I'm sorry". And now because of all the pain, she was leaving; off to find a better life with others, and regain what she had lost. Yami's whole life was crumbling. How could this be happening? How could his life, once so simple, be so confusing and have so many unanswered questions? Trinity sniffed as she wiped her eyes once again. Yes, he had acted selfish, but under the circumstances, how could he had acted any differently? The person he loved was dying, his family was tearing him away from all he knew.

"Where are you going?" Yami asked, admitting defeat.

"England," Trinity stated simply, her voice shaking. "I'm going to be attending an all-girls boarding school. It'll be different but…at least I can forget about what happened here and go on with my life." She offered him a small shrug and glanced over at the clock. Her eyes held apprehension, and an emotion Yami couldn't decipher at that moment.

Yami gently lifted his little sister from his lap, and laid her head against the chair he had been sitting on. He was lucky that his family hadn't left the night Melanie had come into Yuugi's hospital room. His parents felt as if they were deserting him if they would leave, so they opted to remain until Yami was ready to leave once more. He approached his best friend, and took her hands in his. Trinity sniffed.

"Then, I guess this is goodbye," Yami confessed. Trinity nodded.

"Yami, you're the best friend I've ever had," she said. "I'll miss you so much." Yami nodded as he pulled her into an embrace.

"I'm going to miss you too," he whispered. Once they pulled away, Yami gave Trinity's hands a gentle, reassuring squeeze. Tears slipped down her cheeks as she blinked heavily.

'Flight 105 to England is now boarding. Flight 105 to England is now boarding' the speakers rang. Trinity looked up and shut her eyes, not wanting to leave. She felt Yami squeeze her hands again. She gazed into his ruby-colored eyes, that held regret and sadness. He didn't want her to leave, but he knew that it was her choice; her life.

"Go." Trinity opened her eyes and stared at Yami, who was giving her a wan smile. "Go on. It's your flight. You'll go your way and I'll go my way."

She sniffed. "I'll keep in touch," Trinity promised.

Yami nodded. "Promise me you'll become someone important. Promise me you'll go far and wide." Trinity nodded.

The two let go and Trinity turned around to leave.

"Trini," Yami said, using his old nickname for her. "Go on. Promise me you'll have a wonderful life. Go there, work hard, fall in love, and make your life worth living." More tears slid down Trinity's cheeks. Yami gave her a thumbs up.

She nodded.

"Have a wonderful life, Trinity," Yami said. The brown haired girl nodded and walked quickly towards her gate. Yami watched his best friend hand the person at the booth her ticket, and she carried her purse close to her. She never looked back. The ruby-eyed boy sighed, staring into the gate as his friend walked towards her destination. Now all that was left for him was to return to America, and start anew; just like Trinity had said. His heart felt heavy, with a weight he had grown to know so very well. With every second that passed by, he knew that a part of his life was leaving. With every pelt of the rain, his childhood was disappearing into an unknown fog. But it was for the better; he needed to know how to let go. He could've have everything forever. Nothing lasted for eternity. That was for sure.

Once Trinity's gate had closed off, Yami wandered over to the window, and pressed his hands against the glass as he stared at her plane. His eyes scanned over the large vehicle, and he wondered how far it could really go. All it could do was just send people all over the world. But what about time? Wouldn't it be grand, if it could fly into the course of life, and take a person to whenever they wanted? Back to their childhood, back to their first love. There were only so many places a plane could take them. It could separate the best of friends; it could tear apart life long lovers. But it could never change the course of time. Not even if it wanted to do so. That was impossible and unrealistic. But if it could…oh if it could. Nothing would ever be the same.

Yami saw the plane as it trembled to life and watched it speed down the long and seemingly endless runway. His heart constricted as it flew into the sky.

All at once, he knew that a chapter of his life had just closed. Another piece of his childhood had disappeared. He didn't know what to feel; what to think. Yami looked up into the sky, watching the plane until it was nothing more than a small speck in the endless plains of the horizon. As he stared into it, he realized how much she had taught him.

Despite her own needs and wants, despite the fact that at that one time she was truly happy, Trinity had let go someone she held so dear to her heart. If she had so desired, she could've remained silent and pretended to be oblivious to the feelings that Kaiba had been experiencing for Jou. But she chose not to. She chose to give up her only happiness--the one person she truly loved--so that he could be happy. So that someone else could experience the love she knew too well. Her selfless act brought two people together; it brought them a gift that was from the heart. Because of her, two people found love in each other. They would never be lonely again; they'd be together.

Yami felt a great sense of pride of being able to have know her; to have been her best friend. But a great wave of sadness washed over him as Trinity's plane disappeared from sight. She was gone. Her life would continue, and she would gather the pieces of her broken heart, and somehow mend them back together. Yes, the road would be hard, but, everything in life was hard. How could it be easy?

Yami sighed as he shut his eyes, pressing his forehead and hands against the cool glass. Yes, Trinity had promised to keep in touch. But there was no guarantee that she would always do so.

The ruby eyed boy pulled away from the glass and stared at the horizon, knowing he'd lost his best friend forever.

* * *

Yuugi stopped at the corner, gasping for breath as he glanced at his surroundings. How long had it been since he left the Game Shop? Was it too late? Tears of despair filled his eyes as hope slipped away from his fingertips. He couldn't have gone so far to only fail now. He just couldn't! Yuugi's amethyst eyes darted from side to side, looking around at the street signs, desperate to find out how far he was from his destination. He glanced at a board with a map of the city. He saw his location, and compared it to where he wanted to go.

"So close," he whispered.

With that said, he took off running, praying to God that he wouldn't be too late. Yuugi sniffed and the rain nearly blinded him. He was so tired, but knew he couldn't stop now. Not when everything he ever loved was hanging in the balance. Just thinking of Yami made his heart ache. How did Yami feel when he realized Yuugi had lost his memory? A sharp prang of guilt stabbed at the amethyst-eyed boy, knowing how awful it must've been for Yami. After all, if it had been Yami instead of Yuugi, he'd feel the same way. Yuugi still couldn't recall what had happened that day, but thought it best to forget it all. Every single thing that had caused him pain was best left forgotten.

Without warning, Yuugi stepped into a deep crack in the ground and fell onto the cold concrete. He yelped out in pain, and saw that he had scraped his ankle badly and was bleeding. But he stood and bit his bottom lip as his cut stung bitterly. He shivered, and barely took notice for the first time on how cold it really was. Yuugi limped as he continued to half-run down the street. But with this injury, how could he possibly make it in time? Yuugi was breathing heavily, and thought about giving up when he heard someone call his name.


He whipped around to see Jou waving from the inside of a black limousine. Yuugi's breath caught in his throat as tears of frustration filled his eyes. The blond boy waved frantically, and it was a full minute before Yuugi was able to comprehend was Jou was trying to say.

"Get in Yuugi! It's almost time. We can't waste another minute!" He called out to his friend. Yuugi stood stock still, too shocked and confused to even try to move. His heart pounded wildly in his chest, and his breath was ragged. Yuugi ran towards the car, and got in as quickly as he could. Once inside, he saw Jou's worried honey colored eyes and Kaiba raised an eyebrow. Yuugi looked away as he wiped his eyes with his soaked sleeve. He couldn't help but feel embarrassed and distressed at the moment. Yuugi barely heard Jou give him words of encouragement, and Kaiba tell the driver to take them to the airport. All he could hear was the sound of blood rushing to his head, and his heart still pounding wildly. But now, he could get there even faster than before.

Jou stared at Yuugi with worried eyes, knowing that he must've been exhausted and extremely upset. He opened his mouth to speak, but then felt Kaiba place a hand on his shoulder. Jou stared into his lover's eyes, and saw what Kaiba was trying to tell him silently. The blond boy gave him a nod, and sank back into the leather seat with a resigned sigh. He just hoped they could get there in time. The last thing he wanted was for Yuugi to arrive to late. If only this hadn't had happened! Jou blushed slightly when he felt Kaiba wrap an arm around him and pull him closer. Kaiba placed a small kiss atop Jou's golden hair and rested his chin atop his head.

Although the gesture made him feel warm and fuzzy, Jou couldn't help but feel deeply saddened by the way things had worked out. He just wished that somehow, someway, things could've been different. But they weren't. And for all he knew, it might never be the same. Still, he held onto the light of hope that said that things would work out for the best. Jou allowed himself to relax, and leaned against Kaiba, feeling the taller boy's warmth. His eyes held unbearable sadness, but he didn't want Kaiba to see it. He hated it.

Yuugi stared out the window, watching the buildings blur as the car zipped passed the rain-soaked streets. Suddenly, he felt incredibly nervous. What would he do? He hadn't seen Yami since the night he left…

Since the night he received his very first kiss…

The small boy sniffed again and laid his head against the window, watching his warm breath fog up a small area of the cold glass. With his finger, he reached out and wrote Yami's name. His finger remained as he stared at the inscription. A horrible longing for the ruby-eyed boy erupted in Yuugi's heart. He sighed, taking his finger from the glass and staring up at the cloud filled sky. Yuugi shut his eyes, and took a deep, long breath, hoping to rid himself of the anxiety he was feeling at the moment. He glanced at the clock in the car, and saw that it was 10:50 PM. Ten minutes…that's all he had.

Ten minutes in which God would give him another chance. He needed this opportunity…this one moment. One chance left. In which Yuugi would have the chance to say, "I love you" or "Goodbye."

* * *

Yami walked back to his seat, where his mother stood waiting for him. Upon his arrival, she took him into her arms and stroked his hair.

"Oh Yami," she said to her only son. "I'm so sorry." Yami shook his head.

"No…it's okay, Mom," he reassured her. "I kind of had a feeling something like this would happen; so it's not much of a surprise to me. What happened with Yuugi though…" He trailed off, not wanting to wander into painful territory. He felt his mother nod and hold him tighter.

"You'll go on Yami," she told him, giving him advice only a mother could muster from the bottom of her heart. "You'll find someone new, and learn to love them as much as you loved Yuugi. I know you will." Yami didn't say anything, nor did he move as his mother pulled away and saw that she had tears in her eyes. She ran her hands up and down Yami's arms in an affectionate way. "I'm so proud of you," she whispered. Her eyes wandered towards the clock, and gave a resigned sigh. "It's almost time. I'd better wake your sister up." Yami nodded and buried his hands deep within his pockets. He didn't know what to do now. He knew that his mom was only trying to help him, and she was probably right.

But how could he go on after losing someone so important to him? It didn't seem as if it was possible. Loving Yuugi, was something Yami wanted to do; something he needed. The amethyst eyed angel made everything seem possible. He was a ray of light that was never darkened, nor could he ever be. Yami felt a hand on his shoulder, and looked to gaze into his father's eyes. He read the message his father was giving him silently, and nodded. It was time to get ready, but he didn't want to. Yami knew Yuugi would never remember him, but despite that, he wanted to stay. To see if that somehow, someway, Yuugi's memory would return and give Yami back the boy he loved so dearly. But that hope had been all but lost.

"Yami," his father spoke. "We must go now."

Yami nodded. "Right."

* * *

The black limousine screeched to a halt as they arrived at the central terminal. Yuugi gave his thanks to Kaiba, and bolted out of the vehicle. He heard Jou bid him good-luck, but was too pre-occupied to really appreciate it. He ran into the large, sterile-like building, and quickly searched for any trace of Yami he could find. He found none. Still, with sheer determination, Yuugi ran across the room and stared at the flight schedules. He searched for a flight to America, leaving at 11:00PM. Once he found the gate number, Yuugi ran up the escalators, and searched for the number. He found it, but saw that the gate was already closed. His heart felt as it was going to break, feeling that he had lost his only chance. He looked absolutely crestfallen, and a flight attendant saw his plight.

"Hey kid," he said. "If you're itchin' to get into this flight, this gate is temporarily shut down. The passengers are getting into the plane outside. There's a huge stairway they're taking in the plane." Yuugi's eyes widened as he stared at the man.

"Arigatou!" he thanked the man, and quickly made his way down the escalators. 'I can still make it! Onegai! Let me make it on time!' He pushed passed a crowd of people, and saw the clear glass doors that lead outside. He ran as fast as he could, only wanting to be able to see Yami one last time before he left for America. Yuugi wouldn't let this chance slip by; no matter how hard, how dangerous it might be, he would gladly take this chance just to see Yami again. Just for a moment. To be able to tell him that he loves him with all his heart. Despite his urgency, Yuugi felt his heart constrict and knew that tears were pooling in his eyes and sliding down his cheeks. But he didn't care. He didn't care that people were asking him what was wrong, and so many employees were telling him not to run in the building.

Yuugi's face was flushed red from exhaustion. His lungs felt as if they were on fire once again, and a lump was clogging his throat. He felt liberated once he flew passed the doors and out into the rain. His amethyst eyes scanned the area, searching for the large staircase the flight attendant had described. His froze as he saw it, and was able to see that Yami and his family were starting their way up. Yuugi tried to run, but his legs felt as if they were glued to the ground. Why couldn't he run? Why couldn't he move? Yami was getting closer and closer towards the plane's entrance, and Yuugi knew he was slowing letting his chance slip away. With a loud cry, Yuugi sprung and began to run passed the surprised employees that were staring at him. Once again, he didn't care.

Yami sighed as his hand ran across the banister of the large rail. He couldn't believe that they had to go out into the rain to get into the plane. But the gate had been shut, and he was a bit annoyed. He felt his old, cold-self returning once more. To be honest, Yami hated the way he used to be; cold, hateful. Someone that he figured, could never warm up, could never be nice. Or ever fall in love. But he was wrong. Yuugi showed him how to love, how the world can seem so right, even when things went wrong. Through all the plights and obstacles that life handed them, Yami realized, Yuugi passed them all. His heart felt heavy when he realized that this last test was something Yuugi couldn't surpass. It was too difficult. And now, Yami would have to live knowing that the love of his life had gotten away due to utterly cruel circumstances. He didn't think it was fair; No. He knew that it wasn't fair!

Now, he could peer into the plane's interior, and saw that despite his wants, God was releasing him out into the world. No second chances.

No miracles.

Yuugi saw that Yami was at the very top. He accelerated and stopped once he was parallel to the staircase. Tears ran down his face and his cry was strangled in his throat. Yami was almost there! Yuugi opened his mouth, hoping that he could make it this last time.

Yami walked onto the last step, knowing this was his fate. He sighed and was about to enter, when--


Yami froze.


That voice…it was so familiar. But no, it couldn't be…

"Yami! Onegai! Don't go!" Yuugi cried, his voice sounding thick from emotion. Tears continued to pour down his cheeks as he cried out. Couldn't Yami hear him? Couldn't he?

Yami stood frozen, his eyes wide. Slowly, he turned around to see Yuugi standing in the middle of the air way, his face bright red with emotion and tears mixing in with the rain. He was soaked and his hair was dropping onto his angelic face. His amethyst eyes were filled with hope and mixed his despair. And at that moment, Yami knew that his Yuugi had returned.

"Yuugi," he said, shaking. Yami began walking down the stairs, slow at first but then began running. "Yuugi," he repeated. "Yuugi!" He ran down the stairs, pushing passed his family and other passengers of that flight. His eyes were glued to the soaked boy on the runway. His heart swelled, and he couldn't believe that this was happening. Once at the bottom of the stairs, Yami stopped, staring at Yuugi who stared back. He saw that Yuugi's eyes were consumed in tears, and that he was exhausted. Still, he saw the amethyst eyed angel run towards him, and leap into Yami's arms.

Yuugi leapt into Yami's arms, and held him tightly. All at once, he began to cry. His sobs shook his small body and his heart felt as if it's broken pieces were slowly being put back together. Yuugi buried his face into Yami's chest and continued to cry, telling Yami that he was sorry for what had happened. Yami was frozen, hardly daring to believe that Yuugi was really in his arms. But when he heard that sweet voice, and felt those small arms hold him tight, he knew it was real.

"Yami!" Yuugi cried. "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" At once, Yuugi felt Yami wrap his arms around his body and hold him close to his heart. The two stayed that way, holding each other tightly, not being able to ever let go.

"Yuugi," Yami breathed. "You…You remember…me?" Yuugi stared up at him, his tears making tracks down his soft cheeks. Without bothering to even think twice, Yami reached out and brushed the moisture away. Yuugi nodded, and rested his cheek against Yami's palm while shutting his eyes.

"I was afraid I'd never see you again," Yuugi cried. "I-I was…Oh Yami, don't leave me again!" He buried his face even further and felt Yami envelope him in his embrace even further.

"Yuugi, I-I," Yami stuttered. "I won't leave you. I won't. No matter what." He stopped knowing what his heart burner for him to say.


Yami placed his forehead against Yuugi's and intertwined their fingers. The smaller of the two shut his eyes as he felt his face flush bright red, realizing how much his body had longed for Yami's sweet touch. Yuugi could feel Yami's hot breath against his lips, and he ached to press his lips against the other's. He could hear Yami clearing his throat, and his heart pounded wildly in anticipation. Yuugi sighed when he felt Yami press his lips against his forehead, the loving touch bringing more tears to Yuugi's still shut eyes. At that moment, all in the world seemed to be so right. All the cracks in Yuugi's heart had all been healed, placed back together and mended so correctly…

Yami took a deep breath. "I love you…Yuugi…," he whispered.

Yuugi's eyes flew open as his body froze. Did Yami just say-? Did he just say that he-?

Yuugi looked up into Yami's eyes searching for what he longed to see. Deep inside the ruby orbs, he found the same love and sweet, pure adoration he felt whenever he thought of Yami. Tears formed in his eyes and a sob escaped his lips.

"I…I-" Yuugi stuttered. "I…love you, too…I really…really do…"

Yami smiled warmly and held Yuugi even closer. Somehow, he couldn't be close enough to the small boy. With a trembling hand, Yami reached out and lifted Yuugi's chin. Yuugi shut his eyes, relaxing under Yami's touch as he felt the taller boy lean in closer.

Yami shut his eyes as he leaned in and pressed his lips against Yuugi's in a sweet and tender kiss. At once, he felt Yuugi lean in as well and wrap his arms around Yami's neck, deepening the kiss even further. Yuugi felt as if his heart was going to burst and a fire erupted in his small body. Despite the rain, he felt very warm, and saw bright lights explode behind his closed eyes. Yuugi poured his heart and soul into the kiss, hoping that in that gesture, Yami could truly realize how much love Yuugi felt for him. The amount was impossible to express in words, and perhaps, even a kiss wasn't enough. Nothing seemed enough to be able to tell the ruby-eyed boy how very much he was loved by the shorter boy. It was a feeling that could never be paralleled to anything. Yami's lips felt warm and tasted like strong spices, but held a sweetness that Yuugi couldn't quite place. He felt Yami's strong hands rest gently on his cheeks and brush away the soft, blond bangs.

Yami felt Yuugi cling to his shirt, feeling the smaller boy's warmth and his desperation. He felt Yuugi cling to him like a flower needing rain, a person needing air. Yami felt light-headed, but loved ever minute of it. He knew that this meant that his love was out in the open and that Yuugi truly loved him for who he was. He never imagined that he would meet anyone like Yuugi, and he knew that this love was forever. No matter what had happened, and how hopeless things seemed to be, their love prevailed over all. It was as if they were half of one whole; a part of each other. Yami loved the way Yuugi's lips felt; so soft and smooth, like a rose. The smaller boy's lips tasted of sugars, so achingly sweet, indicating his angelic innocence. The kiss was slightly opened mouthed, but neither boy minded. Yami felt his heart pound wildly in his chest, and he was sure that Yuugi was able to hear it.

The two pulled away, their faces red and their eyes shining bright. Yuugi smiled and stayed in Yami's arms, basking in the beauty of his touch and feeling so safe.

"I love you so much," Yuugi said. "More than I can ever describe."

"I can't believe you're really here; that this is really happening," Yami said, smiling warmly with a tenderness glowing in his eyes. "I love you more than anything, Yuugi. I really do."

* * *

The bell at Domino High School rang loudly that winter day. The students poured out of the building eager to leave and enjoy their weekend. A group of friends stood at the foot of the stairs and looked onto the snow covered street. A blond boy leaned against his boyfriend, smiling broadly out into the street. The brunette wrapped his arm around the blond, showing his usual sign of possessiveness. A boy with snowy white hair smiled cheerfully, hugging his books to his chest. Another boy with an odd hair style grinned to no one in particular and re-adjusted his backpack.

"Hey, you guys wanna do something today?" the blond asked. Both the white hair boy and the boy with the odd hairstyle nodded. But a short boy with amethyst eyes shook his head.

"Gomen ne," he apologized. "But I have somewhere to be." He felt an arm wrap around his waist.

A taller boy with sharp ruby eyes grinned playfully. "You mean 'we' have somewhere to be, ne?" The amethyst-eyed boy giggled and nodded.

"Right. We have somewhere to be."

Once the group dispersed, the two tri-color haired boys walked down the street, hand in hand. They were practically beaming. The two strolled happily down to the park, where they wandered deeply into a hidden place. A soft giggle escaped the shorter boy's lips, but the taller boy silenced him with a kiss.

"You don't want people to find our spot, do you?" he growled playfully once he pulled way.

"No, I guess not."

They made their way passed the bushes. Without a care in the world, they walked down the long pathway, before arriving at a gate. The taller boy pushed it open and allowed his small love to pass through. The two stepped into their private piece of Heaven and allowed their smiles to shine bright.

"I love it here," Yuugi whispered, taking in the beautiful sight. He felt a strong pair of arms envelope him from behind, and felt warm and fuzzy at the touch. "And I love sharing it with you." He added.

"I don't care where I am," Yami said, resting his chin atop Yuugi's head. "As long as I'm with you, I'm in Heaven no matter where we are." Snow slowly started to fall and decorated the surreal area, making it glow and shimmer.

Yami's parents had taken Yami out of the prestigious academy in America, and had moved back to Japan. They knew that they shouldn't get in the way of their son's happiness, and wanted Yami to be happy. Of course, they hadn't minded at all, and they actually seemed glad to return. Both boys were now together and they were truly happy with one another.

Yami had heard from Trinity once, and he informed her that he had returned to Japan to be with Yuugi. She was thrilled when she heard the news and congratulated both of them. She still sounded sad, but Yami knew that it would take time for her heart to heal.

Yami shut his eyes and held Yuugi close, breathing in the soft scent of his small love.

"How long do you think I'd like to be here with you, Yuugi?" Yami asked softly.

Yuugi smiled and turned around to wrap his arms around Yami's neck. Yami leaned in and brushed his lips against Yuugi's softly. The shorter boy smiled and sighed, resting his head against Yami's shoulder.

"I have a guess," Yuugi replied. "But go ahead; Enlighten me."

Yami smiled at him, and leaned in so that their foreheads were touching. He and Yuugi intertwined their fingers, and stood underneath the winter sky, in each other's arms.



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