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A white light surrounded Naru and she felt time seem to stop as her outfit appeared. She had a white skirt with blue lines that matched her eyes, a pale blue bow on her chest, white shoes, and a white ribbon in her hair. A golden crown with a pearl white gem appeared on her forehead and she stopped glowing. She looked at the clothes she was wearing and the pen. Everyone stood still for a few seconds before Usagi decided to ruin the moment by jumping on her.

"You look awesome, Naru-chan!" Naru smiled.

"Welcome to the team." Ami said.



Naru was the first of the Sailor Soldiers to get to school that day, so she just went into the room and sat down in her desk that was right next to Umino's. He glanced at her when she sat down.

"So, Naru, I have a question for you, but first I have to know that I can trust you." She laughed at him.

"If you're here to confess your undying love for me or Usagi then forget it."

"No actually, instead I want to talk to you about something I pieced together this weekend." She looked at him.

"Is this about a school assignment or what?"

"No, this is about Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Scouts." He said and she suddenly became interested.

"What about them?"

"Well, I was thinking, in comics and books the super hero always has a secret identity, what if Sailor Moon goes to our school?" She began to get nervous.

How did Usagi deal with me unknowingly talk about her all the time?

Naru thought.

"What about it?"

"Well, you know that Sailor Moon has that pin on her outfit, Usagi has the same pin and she's had it since Sailor Moon showed up."


"There's more, both girls sound the same, look the same, are never seen in the same place at the same time, and act the same."

"Okay, what about it?"

"And her friends. Ami, Rei, and Makoto all look like the other Sailor Soldiers. And that cat Usagi always brings with her looks exactly like the black cat that goes around with Sailor Moon, right down to the odd bald spot." He paused. "Do you understand what this means? Usgai is Sailor Moon!" He said right as the girl walked in the door.

"Good morning Naru-chan!" She said. Luna jumped off her shoulder and sat on the desktop behind Naru. Usagi sat down behind the cat, but both Naru and Umino were silent. "What's wrong?" Naru began to think of a way to cover up Umino's crazy, but true, claims.

"Nothing, Umino over here thinks that you're Sailor Moon, but he's crazy. Let's go see if anyone else is here yet." She said before Usagi could respond. Naru grabbed her and dragged her out into the hall.

"What do you mean, Umino thinks I'm Sailor Moon?" Usagi asked.

"He said that this weekend he was piecing together evidence from various news stories and thinking about how much you look and your friends look like the Sailor Soldiers and made a very convincing argument about it."

"This is bad! What if he figures out?!" Usagi asked her friend desperately.

"Calm down, nothing's confirmed, all I know is that he's smarter than I though."

"You bet I am!" The two girls looked around and they saw Umino standing in the classroom's doorway watching them. He walked up to them and pointed at Usagi. "I knew it! You're Sailor Moon!" At that moment, Luna ran out of the classroom to find out who figured it out. The boy looked at the cat. "And you must have something to do with this! You've been here ever since Sailor Moon showed up!"

"Umino, you're crazy!" A familiar voice said.

"Ami-chan!" Usagi and Naru said at the same time.

"Come on, Usagi couldn't be Sailor Moon! Think about how responsible she is! She forgets homework and falls asleep in class all the time!" Ami said in an attempt to stop Umino's theory, but only proved it more.

"Exactly! She doesn't have time to do her homework or sleep much because she's out fighting! Isn't that right, Sailor Mercury?" Before anyone could react, Luna jumped on the poor boy's face and took his glasses.

"Good job Luna!" Usagi said.

"Hey! I can't see without my glasses!" Umino said.

"Then make sure that none of your crazy theories get out, true or not." Ami said.

"Fine, but I want to know, was I right?" He asked. All of the girls fell silent. Usagi sighed.

"Yes, but if you tell anyone then we will come after you." She said. His eyes widened.

"I was right!" He said. Naru handed the boy his glasses. "But wait, if you two are Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury, what does Naru have to do with this?"

"I guess you'll just have to wait and find out." Naru said and he sighed. The bell then rang.

"We should probably go to class." Ami said and everyone left the hallway.


Artemis typed on the keyboard in the hidden room underneath the arcade. Minako watched him closely. After entering information on Naru and who she was in the moon kingdom, he got a message from Ami.

'Someone just found out, his name is Umino, see if there's anything about him. –Ami'

Minako read the message.

"Someone found out?"

"Apparently, I'll see what I can find." The cat began furiously typing on the keyboard. Several files showed up. "No way!"


"An advisor to queen Serenity?!" Makoto asked. Ami nodded and showed her the message from Artemis.

"Apparently Umino was reincarnated as well. It says that he used to be a citizen of Silver Millennium before it was destroyed. I'm messaging him right now to meet us here." Ami said.

"Don't tell him to come here!" Usagi said before the rooftop door burst open and Umino came through the doorway.

"What's this about a secret meeting?"

"Shut the door, no one can know of this." Makoto said. He shut the door and walked over to the group of girls.

"You may be part of all of this, so listen carefully." Luna said and Umino looked startled.

"Um…is it just me, or did that cat just talk?" All of the girls laughed at him. "What's so funny?"

"Luna can talk, she's part of all of this." Usagi said. "Ready to listen?"

"I guess." He said in a confused tone.

"Well, there's no short way of putting this, but we're all reincarnations of guardians from a kingdom on the moon from thousands of years ago. Following this?"

"Kind of. So what you're telling me is that you all are the spirits of guardians from thousands of years ago? Seems illogical…"

"That's only the beginning, anyway, you're part of all of this too, it turns out that you're the reincarnation of a personal advisor to the queen of that kingdom." The boy began laughing at them.

"What?" Usagi asked.

"You expect me to believe this? You're all crazy!" He said. Naru sighed.

"I was afraid it would come to this. Ready?" Naru said and pulled the white and gold pen out of her bag. The others all pulled out pens of their respective color. Umino only watched in amazement at the scene that unfolded in front of him.

"Moon prism power!"

"Mercury prism power!"

"Mars prism power!"

"Jupiter prism power!"

"Star prism power!"

Alright! Chapter two, done! Also, for Naru's Sailor Soldier outfit, I wanted the color white but that much white would look horrible, so I put some blue in because that's her eye color.

Naru: But what was going on with Umino?

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