6/26/2015 : Hello, there! Welcome to my story, Walking Towards the Sunset. As the summary mentions, Bardock travels to Earth after his encounter with Lord Chilled. Now, I have to let you know before you turn away, this isn't as cliche as it seems. Bardock isn't going to be this all powerful being stronger than Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan. I know perfectly well where he stands when it comes to power, although I didn't at first. This story has gotten a lot of love and care by me, so I think it's at the point now where I can feel a bit proud. It's not perfect, so so far from that. There are grammar mistakes galore that I am still finding each time I reread this.

I know most people read the first chapter and stop there, but I hope you stick around for awhile and find this somewhat enjoyable, maybe something you'd like to go back and reread one day. It explores the entire Saiyaman-Buu saga, and is coming to an end very soon. I cannot thank you enough for even giving it a glimpse.

"Where's he going, Dad!?"

"I'm not sure son," Ipana looked down the path where the mysterious savior was beginning to disappear. He placed a purple hand on little Berry's shoulder, admiration in his eyes at the messy-haired hero. "But we must never forget what he has done for our planet."

Berry smiled up at his father, then back at the golden figure ahead of him slowly becoming more and more smaller. "Thank you so much, Mr. Bardock! Thank you!"

The villagers looked over at the father-son duo, and grateful smiles filled their faces as they raised their hands in the air to wave goodbye to the back of Badock. "Thank you, Bardock!"

The lone Super Saiyan made his way towards the sunset, the villagers of Planet Plant cheering him on after defeating the evil tyrant Lord Chilled. Thoughts of his crew crept back into his mind, a melancholy smile crossing his features. It wasn't Frieza nor Dodoria, but he had avenged their deaths at last. The golden aura that illuminated around him caused a devilish smirk to take over the sad smile, not able to believe he had finally become strong enough when he most needed it.

Bardock looked over his shoulder one last time at the villagers whose home he had just saved, and gave them a mixture of a wink and thumbs up. He tried to keep his eyes hard as stone, but the little gleam in them was enough to convince him that perhaps being a hero was a good thing. He was so use to murdering entire populations under order of The Planet Trade that he thought it was the only satisfaction there was in life - hearing people beg for their lives at his mercy, the pathetic way they tried to stand up against him and his crew always gave him a good chuckle.

But saving a planet...

Bardock paused mid-step, staring at the sunset.

What the hell has gotten into me?

The legendary Super Saiyan shook his head, trying to ignore the feeling that began rising from within his chest. He had heard that there was something called a 'heart' located within, but Bardock was most certain that he did not have one of those. Well, at least not one that could feel.

It was just an organ that did its job, and would eventually retire.

The beautiful cycle of life he messed up for so many others.

Bardock rolled his eyes. That's all a heart was. Mind over emotions, the good ol' Voltaire way. Listening to the cheers of the villagers beginning to fade away in the background, he swore to himself that he could come back one day and murder them for making him feel so strange inside.


That feeling for them was the whole reason he felt this enormous power up rush within him and erupt in pure rage. Pure rage and strength; the kind of strength he would unsuccessfully pray for when it came to facing Frieza. The cockiness was not lost within him; Bardock at the moment was the most powerful being in the universe.

The universe of the past.

Frowning, Bardock placed his hands on his hips and looked around. "Well shit," he muttered, noticing nothing but the rocks and dirty pathways of Planet Plant. "What do I do now?"

As if on cue, the sun before him suddenly expanded. The only thing he could manage to say before the massive bright light swallowed him whole was:

"This next place better have some god damn food."

The sound of muttered gasps filled the ears of the Saiyan now in base form as he blinked his eyes open slowly. He silently swore at the Kanassan warrior that brought this curse upon him. Sure, seeing the future was great and all that. Seeing his son kick Frieza's ass was some pretty great shit. But the bastard never warned him about time travel!

Of course not, you murdered his entire race you idiot.

Bardock rolled his eyes at himself, and finally took in the sight around him. He was laying belly-up in a crater that was caused from his drop into whatever world and time he was in now, some ugly beings looking down at him in awe. He could have easily mistaken them for Saiyans if it weren't for their pathetically low ki and lack of tails.

A rather large red-headed woman pursed her lips down at the fallen alien, a mixture of worry and confusion taking over he features. "Oh, dear! Are you alright?"

The Saiyan shot her a nasty glare before jumping to his feet, causing his audience to gasp once more. The sound increased as he began levitating up, placing himself right in front of the curious woman. He crossed his arms over his chest. "What planet is this?"


Bardock stretched his arm out abruptly, his hand wrapping around the woman's neck as a smirk formed on his lips. The heroic softy he was on Planet Plant was beginning to disappear, as the proud Saiyan from Planet Vegeta came back. "What is the name of your planet, you pathetic weakling!"

"HEY!" A tall man wearing an all gray suit, after seeing Bardock falling from the sky, finally came running to the scene to defend the suffocating woman in the tight stranger's grip. He pulled his coat back so a gun was revealed, sitting on his hip. He pointed at it. "Let her go now, or I'll shoot!"

Bardock's smirk increased, giving the woman's neck a good squeeze before dropping her hardly on the ground. Two other men standing on the sidelines rushed to her side, lifting her up while others began to call the police on the maniac. He began taking slow steps toward the gray-suited man, whose hands began shaking as he lifted the pistol out its holster to point at the buffed-out stranger. "I dare you."

The poor man's eyes began to widen, and out of fear he aimed right at Bardock's chest and pulled the trigger. He closed his eyes not wanting to see the man dying on the ground. When he didn't hear the drop of a body, he slowly reopened them to see the stranger just inches before him, unharmed and chuckling darkly. "What the hell are you!? Where did you come from!?"

Bardock's eye twitched. Oh, so when one of them asks that, it's all peaches and rainbows. But when he tries asking as friendly as possible, he's suddenly the bad guy! "You tell me first!" he snarled, silently enjoying being the most powerful of all beings now as the man raised his pistol again. Bardock raised an eyebrow, studying the metal object. It was definitely more futuristic than the pea-shooters Lord Chilled's army used back on Planet Plant. There was a large circle with two C's inside of it marked on the side, a symbol he had noticed on the buildings around them.

So, I'm in the future...?

"W-what do you mean?" The frightened man's voice caused Bardock to snap out of his thought momentarily, and the Saiyan easily snatched the gun out of his hand to study it further. Ignoring the pathetic pleas of the now unarmed man, the sound of sirens filled his ears followed by a speaker announcement.

"Drop the weapon and put your hands where I can see them!" the request caused Bardock to snort cruelly. He looked behind him to see ten white cars with flashing red and blue lights, which he found extremely annoying and uncalled for. There was a short, round mustached man holding a megaphone to his lips. "Resistance is futile. There is a gun pointed at you from every direction."

What the hell, why not have a little fun with them?

Bardock dropped the gun and raised his hands sarcastically in the air. "Oh, no. You got me."

One of the officers emerged from behind one of the cop cars, trembling as he made his way towards the Saiyan. Two other men were following suit, holding handcuffs. As the trembling one reached for the gun, Bardock smirked and kicked it at his face, causing him to fall over. The other officers thought he shot him in the face, and angrily began firing at the alien.

The audience that once encircled the fallen Saiyan were now hiding behind the trees and objects to avoid the gunsmoke that filled the air. Once the sound of ammunition ended, they peaked their heads slowly out to see a bloody Saiyan on the ground, dead as day. To their extreme surprise, he was standing in the center looking more alive than ever. The only thing the bullets did was cause Bardock to become annoyed.

"Congratulations!" He sarcastically applauded the dumbfounded officers. "It stung like a bitch... But I guess by that look on your faces, that wasn't your intention." His smirk increased, looking diabolically at the citizens of Satan City. "Now it's my turn."

As a glowing orb of light began to form in the Saiyan's hands much to the fear of everyone around him, a woman's voice called out: "Look! It's The Great Saiyaman!"

Cheers from the citizens irked Bardock, causing his orb to fade as he glanced in the direction everyone was pointing to. In the sky was a flying figure, wearing a helmet with antennas. He was wearing a black body suit with a green tunic draped over it. His gloves were as white as his boots, and he was waving to the gawking people. Attached to his shoulders was a red cape, a signal of a superhero. Bardock's eye twitched once more.

The fuck is that?

Bardock watched in disdain at the hero landed prominently on a cop car in front of him. The eye twitching never ceased at the figure began to dance. "I am guardian of the city! I'm the one and only-" the helmeted guy began to tap his feet rapidly before striking his final poses. "The Great Saiyaman!"

The Saiyan rolled his eyes, and walked up to the car. "Enough with the routine already, it's sickening."

Saiyaman opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out as he suddenly got a good glimpse of the creature people were screaming about. He gave him a once-over, and his body began to tremble. The hair was messy, blacked, spiked out in an all too familiar fashion. The red headband tied around the forehead and the eerily reminder of the Saiyan armor Gohan wore in Namek suddenly crossed his mind as he took in the stranger's outfit. If it wasn't for the darker skin tone, tail around his waist, and scar on the left cheek, Gohan could have sworn that the man was...

The Great Saiyaman gulped, suddenly remembering another incident from Namek. Upon seeing Goku, Frieza had recognized him as a Saiyan because he said he looked almost identical to Bardock...

Gohan's grandfather he never met.

The teenager shook his head at the crazy thought. This was pure coincidence. There was no way the man before him could be Bardock. He was the first to die in Frieza's Supernova.

"Look, I'll level with you." Bardock's voice snapped Gohan out of his thoughts. "You tell me what I need to know, and I won't kill any of you today."

The Great Saiyaman raised his head in slight anger. He knew he could not trust this mysterious character. "Not today, but tomorrow, right? You're not going to cause any harm to these good people, sir!"

Bardock chuckled darkly as his audience remained in hiding, but still peaked at the show every chance they had. "Looks like they want a show. How about it? You seem to at least have some kind of fight in you."

Spoken like a true Saiyan, Gohan scratched the back of his head.

Gosh, what if it is...


It just can't be.

After sensing the strong ki and not wanting to cause any harm to the inhabitants of Satan City, Gohan starting levitating. "It would be better if I choose the location, good sir! I don't want the people seeing you lose!"

Bardock scoffed. "Sure, wherever you want to mark your grave is fine with me."

The Great Saiyaman blasted off towards the deep blue sky, Bardock following suit while the citizens gaped at the speed they were traveling. Remembrance of the Cell Games and Mr. Satan's revelations that the flying was indeed a trick caused them all to shrug and begin going back to their normal routine. It was just a magic show for entertainment.

But the finger marks on a red-headed woman's neck made it near impossible to believe.