Chapter 15: Lance's Job

The day of heartache came and went for Lance. The young wizard was still getting ready for the day, which was sunny, and brightened Lance's attitude. Today, he decided to sport a new look, which consisted of a tight maroon colored shirt, with dark blue jeans, and two brown straps over his shoulders that made an x. But this was for carrying his bow. Then he put his brown boots on, and left his house with his rings on. The minute he left his home, he managed to get bumped into by Natsu and Happy.
"AYE!" Happy said.
"Would you two get off of me!" He exclaimed as he kicked both of them off anime style, leaving them with gigantic bumps on there heads.
"Geez Lance, we were just happy too see ya."
"Yeah, didn't mean ya had to kick us." Happy said. Lance had smiled slightly.
"Well sorry, but it was out of self defense." He said. "Good morning otherwise." Lucy had just walked out of her house, and Lance caught her at the right time, and they exchanged a smile, as all of the wizards began to walk to the guild known as Fairy Tail.

They entered.
"He's back!" Natsu said, talking about Lance of course.
"Hey Lance." Levy greeted.
"Eh, we didn't see ya all day yesterday." Macao said.
"Rumor had it you were going emo on us." Cana had said. Then Lance glared Natsu down.
"Gee, I wonder who told you that." He said.
"Well, I'm back today, so morning." He said with a smile. And they toasted to him.
"Lance...may I...have a word with you?" The master had said. Lance was puzzled, as he walked over to him, to be honest, he didn't even know he was here.
"What is it?"
"I know where you went yesterday." He said. Lance began to look at the ground because he knew it was true.
"You do huh?" He said.
"You went to Amaryllis?" The master said.
"Yes, yes I did." Lance said.
"Mmhm, I knew it...because...I knew the date he had passed." Lance nodded.
"Wait...who?" Gajeel had asked from the silence behind.
"Lance's father, who used to be the strongest wizard of Fairy Tail." Master Makarov said, which led to everyone to gasp.
"Really?" Lance asked. "Wait so..."
"Mmhm, he was even stronger than Gildarts and Erza combined." Makarov said.
"Wow...I never knew that, but then that would mean..." Lance said. "I'm even stronger than Erza and Gildarts combined!"
"KEEP DREAMING BLONDIE!" Everyone said as Lance laughed.

After learning what Makarov told him, Lance stood at the request board, looking for a job him and team Natsu could do together. Then Lucy came next to him and browsed with him.
"Hm, looking for a job huh?" She asked.
"Yup, I need to do a job so I can become stronger." He said. "Also, I'm completely broke."
"Yeah, welcome to my world." The celestial wizard said. Lance chuckled, and she giggled.
" about this one?" Lance said, as he saw one that stated Help, Help...dangerous wizard on the loose in Burgundy town. "Woah, 150,000 jewel."
"That'll be enough to pay for both of our rents, but...dangerous...wizard." She said with a slight tremble.
"It'll be okay, and in that case..." Lance said. "YO NATSU!"
"What?!" He said.
"You wanna do this Job with us?" The astral wizard asked.
"Na thanks, I'm taking this one with Happy." He said.
"Alright then." Lance said, then he saw Gray and Erza. "What about you two? You wanna help us do this job?"
"Not really, I was gonna try to relax from the last job I took." Half naked gray said.
"Same." Erza said. Then Lance sighed.
"I guess it's just you and me." Lucy said.
"I guess so." He said with a smile. Master Makarov approved the job, and the wizards went to pack there bags and head to the train station.

Lance and Lucy had there suitcases ready, and were sitting on the bench together, waiting for the train to Burgundy. They were silent, and feeling a little awkward since it was just the two of them.
"Wow, who knew it would end up just being the two of us." Lance said.
"Yeah, it's weird, but I'm sure we can pull this job off no problem." Lucy said with courage.
"Right, with our power, there's no way anyone can stop us." He said. Lucy giggled, and when she did, the Only thing he thought about was how cute she looked when she did it. He had blushed, and the train had come just in time.
"Well, let's get on then." He said while he was still blushing. He smiled.
"Yeah...lets." They stood and entered the train car. The two wizards found an empty booth and sat across from each other.
"It feels so weird, you know...without the others." Lance said, trying to form a conversation.
"Yeah, by now, Natsu would be passed out in my lap from motion sickness." She said. "But lap feels cold." He began to blush about his thought.
"Well lets take our minds off of it." He said. "Actually, there has been something on my mind since...we kissed." She nodded.
"Right, about that..."
"What kinda guys are you in too anyway?" He asked. She put a finger to her lips and thought.
"To be honest, I'm not sure, really...I just know...that they have to have a good heart." Lance nodded, then blushed. "And they have to be a good listener, you know...someone who won't completely zone out on me, oh and they have to be sane."
"I see." He said. Totally talking about me...
"What about you?" She asked. "What kinda girls are you in too?" She asked.
"I'm girls, like they don't care about what anybody else thinks, the know that they're confident in themselves. They don't have to be busty or flashy, but they do have to know that they have a voice like everybody else...And if they are a little shy, then I wouldn't mind. They just...have to be a good person." Lucy blushed this time. "Oh, and they also have to be able to fight for what they believe in."
"Hm, so I guess...we're really not that far apart then." She said with a blush.
"Yeah..." He said.
"Wait, Lance...I have one more question for you." The celestial wizard said.
"Yeah?" He said.
"Remember when we were in that hotel, and we were having that conversation?" She asked.
"Oh you mean when we had to capture that invisible wizard from Poison Phantom?" He asked.
"Yeah, so...why did you completely bail on me when I asked if you really thought I was beautiful?" She asked. Lance sighed.
"It's just...I just...well..."
"I get it." She said. He was puzzled.
"You do?"
"Yeah, your not used to confessing you're emotions." Lucy said.
"I wasn't always...well okay I was, but, I don't know...I just don't get love."
"Hm, me neither." She said. After that, the wizards began talking about other stuff, like about the guild, food, and funny things that have happened to them in the past, but slowly and slowly, Lance was beginning to build the courage to tell her that he was madly in love with her.

The train stopped, as the sun was beginning to set giving off a crimson color in the sky.
"We have arrived." Lance said. The two wizards got up and left the train car with there luggage. The sun was beginning to set fast, as they were going to see the client, which was the mayor of the town. They found his quarters and rang the doorbell as the man answered it.
"And who might you be?" He asked. They showed there insignias and in unison said...
"We're from Fairy Tail."
"Oh, you must be the wizards then." He said. "Please come in...I'll have my butler bring some tea."
"Thank you sir, that's so kind of you." Lucy said as she bowed.

They were sitting in his office, drinking hot tea, as he explained what was going on in the town.
"It's a travesty really that this happens in such a small town like this...but, I guess it's just one of those times." The two nodded, while drinking the tea.
"So, do you have a picture of him?" Lance asked.
"Yes." The Mayor said as he showed the two a picture of a man with dark red hair, with a black shirt pants and over coat, who had a black snake next to him.
" that who I think it is?" Lucy said frightfully.
"Lucy...what's up?" Lance asked her.
"It can't be him, from Oracion Seis..." Lucy said.
"Hm, well, you can keep the photo just in case, but just so you know...he only attacks at night." The mayor said, and this sent a chill down both they're spines.

After that, the wizards found a nice hotel to stay in for the night. Instead of having separate rooms, they decided to stick together, just in case he strikes. The two wizards prepared for bed, As Lance was taking a shower, he kept thinking to himself. Maybe I should tell her my feelings tonight, but what if...Wait...I have to remember what Aphrodite had told me. He told himself. He remembered that the goddess of love had told him that love is like a puzzle piece, so each day, as he talks and bonds with her, he completes a piece of the puzzle as he goes along. Then tonight, I will finish that puzzle, just one more piece. He thought. He stopped the shower water, and stepped out. He wrapped himself in a white towel, and noticed that he had forgotten his clothes. Normally he would get dressed in the bathroom, due to his insecurity. Now the other problem he had was walking out there only wrapped in a towel, and get his clothes in front of Lucy. He blushed with embarrassment, as he then heard a gentle knock on the door.
"Lance? Are you almost done?" She asked.
"Yeah." He said. He knew what he had to do, he had to man up and walk out there semi-naked. He took a deep breath, brushed his teeth quickly, and felt his heart racing. He opened the door and saw the celestial wizard standing in front of her, blushing deeply.
"'re..." She said. There was something he was missing. And that something, once he finally looked down, and noticed that his towel had fallen off, and his semi-erected cock was on display to Lucy. His face turned 50 shades of red, as picked his towel up, and walked passed her, covering himself. He was completely embarrassed, to the point where he could scream at the top of his lungs.

Lance decided to leave his shirt off tonight, and just put on a pair of dark sweats. Lance was sleeping peacefully, until he heard someone or something making a noise. He opened his eyes, and turned only to see Lucy, sitting on the edge of his bed. This time, he was completely puzzled.
"Lucy, what's wrong?" Lance asked. She was silent, and then sighed.
"It's just...I'm really scared, usually...Natsu, Gray or Erza would try to cheer me up, or calm me down, but tonight, I...I don't know." She said. Lance was now sitting up. Then he thought of something.
"Well here." He said, while moving over some. "You can sleep with me tonight."
"ARE YOU CRAZY?!" Lucy freaked out.
"Not like that, but...I mean, just for tonight, so you won't be scared." He said. She blushed, but she knew she wasn't getting through the night sleeping alone. She nodded, and got into bed with him, and turned to his side. She looked at his chiseled back, and moved closed. She looked under the covers and noticed he was wearing only his sweats tonight. She blushed a little and had a perverted thought. All she did was wrap her arms around his warm body, and held him close. He noticed this, and blushed heavily.
"Y-your so warm, and your smell, it makes me" She said. Lance knew she had seen his penis, but something about this felt good, but bad at the same time. But he felt warm with her, and felt it was his duty to protect her, if something were to happen right now...he wouldn't know what he'd do if something happened to her. Someone had screamed loudly, and this made the two jump up.
"What was that?" Lucy asked.
"That might be our guy." Lance said as he rushed out of bed, and quickly threw a shirt on. Lucy got dressed into the outfit she came with, which was a purple top with a dark lace, a black skirt and leggings, with black flat shoes, her belt with her keys and Fleuve d'etoiles. She leaves her hair as it is, long. After Lance grabs his bow, the two run out of the hotel room, in search of where the scream came from. They ran out of the hotel, and into the streets where they saw a girl lying on the floor, in pain.
"Oh no...miss!" Lance said. "Are you okay?" Lucy felt her head, and noticed that she was burning up.
"I'm no doctor...but I think...she's been poisoned somehow." Lucy said.
" can you tell?" Lucy then thought to herself, and remembered something about poison.
"Cobra must have stuck then." She said.
"That wizard from Oracion Seis?" Lance asked.
"Yes." Lucy said. " do you know where he went?" She was unresponsive.
"I have an idea." Lance said, as he used his ring magic. "Now I call forth, god of light, Apollo!" The god dressed in the usual gold and white tunic appeared.
"You summoned me?" He asked.
"Apollo, do you think you can help this girl?" He asked.
"Well, my healing magic isn't strong enough yet, but...I'll give it a try." He said. He kneeled down, and created a shining orb. "First I'll siphon my magic energy into the solar orb, then I'll implant it into her, giving her some of my life force.
"Wait...but, isn't that a little risky?" Lucy asked.
"Yes, but it'll be restored once I get back to my home, of light."
"That's right, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about." Lance said. Apollo did what he said, and the girls red face, turned to it's original complexion.
"Awesome, thanks Apollo." He collapsed to the ground, and Lance ran to his side.
"You're welcome, I think I'll go recuperate now." He said, as he went back through the portal.

"Now tell us...Why were you lying on the ground." Lucy asked.
"I...was attacked." She said. "Before I passed out, the man ran somewhere off in that direction." Lucy then took a picture out.
"Did the attacker look something like this?" She asked, and she nodded.
"That's our guy." Lance said, as they ran off in the direction, and ended up in the middle of the dark woods.
"" Lucy thought. "This would be a job for Natsu."
"Wait why?" Lance asked. "Oh yeah, his nose."
"Yeah...he'd sniff em out easily."
"Don't worry Lucy, we got this, hm...but where would a dangerous wizard using poison be?"
"WHY DON'T YOU TRY LOOKIN THIS WAY!" He yelled as a shadowy silhouette jumped out from the bushes and went to slash the two of us with some sort of claws. It got Lance in the face, as they stood in front of the attacker.
"Ugh...I suppose you're the person who's been causing this town nothing but trouble!" Lance yelled. The man had begun to laugh as the attacker stepped out of the shadows and revealed himself.
"I knew it all along Cobra." Lucy said.
"Hm...Cobra?" He asked. "You got it all wrong, Cobra's my half brother."
"WHA!?" The two blondes said surprised. "You look just like him?!"
"Hm, really, huh, hadn't noticed." He said. "But around here, I'm known as the Black Snake, and really...I'm the real poison dragon slayer." There eyes widened at this, because they only other poison dragon slayer was Cobra, but he was a fake one because he has the lacrima for one. Then a large, black snake slivered down the trunk of a tree and greeted the Black Snake.
"So...what's you're name anyway?" Lucy asked, the man petting his snake.
"The names Viper." He said. And Lucy got a dumbfounded look on her face.
"Huh, and they both specialize in using poison, and snakes." She said. "Let me guess, you got superior hearing don't ya?"
"Nope." He said. She sighed with relief. "I have superior sense of smell."
"Heh?" Lance asked.
"And right're smelling really good Blondie, like a fresh bottle of poison." He said.
"I don't know if that was a compliment, or a threat." She said, but Lance was beginning to feel a little threatened by this guy. Then he stepped up, and faced him.
"Listen...I don't care who you are, you're never allowed to compliment Lucy like that especially if it involves poison, toxic breath." Lance said.
"Oh really, well then throw down buddy." He said, as his snake began to sprout wings and carry him through the air.
"Hm..." Lance grunted.
"Don't worry Lance, don't let this guy get to you...we'll take him down easily." Lucy said, as the two wizards prepared for battle against the real poison dragon slayer.

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