Chapter 16: Lance and Lucy vs. The Black Snake

The two mage's, Lance and Lucy stood in front of Viper {Cobra's half brother who is better known as The Black Snake}.
"Listen, you better just give up now." Lance said. "We're very strong wizards from Fairy Tail that you don't want to mess with."
"Ooh, I'm so scared." He teased. "And who might you be Dracula." This struck a nerve.
"You got some type of problem with my skin?" He asked.
"No it's're so white it's vampire like."
"Well for you're information...the names Lance, and you my enemy have know idea what your in for."
"Lance is right, you poisoned an innocent woman for no reason, and have you've been causing this town nothing but trouble."
"Ha, and..." He said.
"Lucy, ready to take him out?" The pale blonde astral wizard said.
"You guessed it." She said, then she pulled one of her golden keys out. "Now open, gate of the Scorpion! Scorpio!" Her key shined bright, and brought a man wearing a red tunic, black pants, and a scorpion stinger with a cannon at the end.
"Wicked, I'm back." Scorpio said.
"Hm, so...a celestial spirit mage huh." Viper said.
"Yeah so what, get em Scorpio."
"You got Lucy." He said. "SAND BUSTER!" His snake shot poison from it's mouth, and managed to intercept Scorpio's sand attack.
"What! No way." Lucy exclaimed.
"That snake just shot poison from it's mouth." Lance said. Then Viper began to inhale the poisons, and then licked his toned lips.
"Now I've got a poison in my belly." He said. Lucy and Lance smacked there foreheads and shook there heads.
"That was awful." Lucy said.
"Oh yeah Blondie." Viper said. "Poison Dragon Roar." A violet colored beam was shot, aiming towards the celestial wizard.
"LUCY!" Lance yelled as he pushed Lucy out of the way and was struck with the blast. He held his chest, which was smoking with violet smoke from the attack.
"Lance!" Lucy exclaimed in a gasp. "Are you okay?"
"Hmph, I would figure a wizard would die after an attack like that, but you must be some powerful wizards then." Viper said. Lance groaned in pain and Lucy came to his aid.
"Don't worry, I'm fine." He said. He stood. "Now it's my turn."
"Lance, are you sure?" Lucy asked.
"Don't worry, this bastard doesn't even know what he's got in store for him." Lance said, while he was still holding his chest in pain. Then Viper smelled the air.
"Mm, smells good, like poison...and I'm getting hungry." He whispered with a slight hiss.
"Okay you're sounding real creepy right now." Lucy said.

Now it was Lance's turn to make a move.
"I call forth, God of war...Ares!" Ares came to the field and wielded his long sword.
"In the name of my war sword, I will protect Lance." Ares said.
"I got another idea." Lucy said. "Open, gate of the Lion, Leo!" The lion spirit appeared and immediately glared at Lance.
"Hm, Just so you know, I still don't like you." He said to Lance.
"Uh, What did I ever do to you?" The pale blonde mage asked.
"Whatever." Leo said.
"Get em Leo." Lucy said.
"You to Ares." Ares's sword began to turn red as blood, and he created a magic circle.
"Warrior Sword, Blood of the fallen's slash." He said. He slashed the air, and a red razor sharp energy wave was sent hurdling towards Viper, while Leo charged as well.
"Now go my black viper." Viper said, as he blocked the attack with a poison fog.
"NOW LEO!" Lucy exclaimed. Leo leaped over the fog and was in the perfect position of attack.
"REGULUS IMPACT!" He yelled.
"Ares try slashing the through the fog." Lance instructed.
"I'll try." Ares's sword changed colors and this time turned green.
"Blade of the warrior...Absorption." He said, as his sword swallowed up the fog. "And now...Energy Slash!" He sent another razor sharp energy wave at Viper and his snake.
"In the air!" Viper yelled. His snake lifted him and evaded the attack by flying up in the air.
"Hmph, for your information, Doku is not a thing, he's a he." Viper said while petting him.
"'re a lot like your half brother." Lucy said.
"Now, poison dragon roar!" He yelled.
"Everyone get back!" Lance exclaimed.
"Shield!" Ares said. At that point, Ares spawned a giant metal shield that was able to block the attack.
"Huh, that won't be enough." Viper said evilly. Then he blew harder, and Ares began to lose his grip until it eventually broke through the shield, and hit Lance, and Ares directly.
"Sorry Lance...I...I failed you." He said and vanished. Lance was panting heavily, and now felt the effects from Vipers attacks. He was feeling disoriented, and weak. He felt like the poison was sucking the life out of him like a leech. Lucy and Leo went to his aid.
"Lance, sit back." She said.
"I don't think so." Viper said. He jumped off the snake, and Doku went and tackled Lucy away from Lance.
"LUCY!" Leo and Lance exclaimed. She tried to get up off the floor, but then the Snake tackled her again, and this time, into a tree, which made it snap in half. The top half began to fall on top of Lucy, and Luckily, Leo protected her by pushing her out of the way.
"Leo no!" Lucy said.
"Sorry...Lucy." He said, then returned to the celestial spirit world.
"Ugh, You little..." Lance growled through his panting. I'm almost out of magic power, and at this rate, I think I'll collapse at any given moment. He thought to himself. Then he stood, and began to devise a strategy. Okay, well I already used Apollo, and Ares, and I won't go to Hades unless I really need to...but the moon is out, and I have one goddess perfect for it. Then he used his magic for his silver ring.
"Now I call forth, goddess of the moon...Achelois!" He said. A lady dressed in a white tunic appeared. Her hair was brown and it was tied with a crescent shaped hair tie.
"Hello Lance, great to see you again." She said.
"Great to see you to." He said. "Now listen, I need you to help us defeat him." He said, pointing at Viper.
"I have a name ya know." He said.
"Roger that." Achelois said. Then she equipped her self with a crescent shaped bow, and had it absorb the moon's light.
"Moon Arrows!" She yelled, then shot a multitude of moonlight arrows at Viper, who managed to dodge them all with grace.
"Oh no, I missed." She said.
"It's Okay, aim for..." He began to say, but then began to feel lightheaded. He knelt to the ground and felt highly dizzy, most likely due to the poison.
"Lance, are you okay?" She asked.
"Yeah, aim at the black snake named Doku." He said. Achelois was now hell bent on striking Doku down, and fast, before he began to really feel fatigue from the poison and keel over.
"DODGE EM ALL DOKU!" Viper said frantically. Doku tried to dodge them, but an arrow was finally able to strike him in the back.
"I hit him!" She said.
" Viper."
"Right." She nodded. "Here I go...Mega TSUKI BLAST!" Her arrow turned into what looked like a comet that was the same color as the moon, then shot it at Viper. He just managed to miss it, but she moved her bow which changed the direction of the comet and sent it directly in his back making him squeal from the pain.
"G-great." Lance said, then held his stomach.
"Lance." Lucy said.
"Hehehe." Viper chuckled in pain. "I may be nearly defeated...but...nothing beats my poison."
"YOU JERK!" Lucy said, she used her Fleuve de toile and lashed him with it out of anger. Then again and again, until it was wrapped across his wrist.
"Huh, you think...that'll hurt me Blondie?" He asked. He roughly yanked her towards him and punched her in the stomach. Then across the face knocking her to the ground. Lance was fuming mad, but he was being restrained by Doku.
"You stop hurting her!" He said through gritted teeth.
"Make me." He said. Then he grabbed her wrist and slammed her into a tree behind him, then wrapped his hand around her neck. Lance was beginning to glow, and a portal opened below him.
"Lance, be careful with that attack." Achelois said as she vanished. Then Doku was blasted off of Lance, and he was engulfed in the golden light.
"Ha, what is that supposed to scare me?" he asked. Then the light faded and Lance looked like he was full of energy and health.
"Oh yeah, the poisons gone, and that was just part one of the attack." He said. Viper loosened his grip on Lucy's neck, but she felt like she was about to pass out.
"Wh...what do you mean?" He asked.
"You'll find out." Lance said. Then he began to glow golden. Then another portal opened behind him, and Ares's spirit wrapped around Lance. "Now open thy, portal number 2, portal of Senso!"
"Wh-what's going on?" Viper asked fearfully.
"Special move: SENSO SPIRIT!" Then due to the light, Lance changed into Ares's suit of armor then wielded his sword of war. Then Lance and Ares's spirit charged towards Viper.
"DOUBLE RENDING ATTACK!" They yelled, and slashed Viper with there glowing swords, and defeated him together.

Ares's sprirt nodded at Lance, disappeared and the glowing ended. Lance morphed back into his clothes, then fell to his knees, exhausted. Lucy came to her senses and saw that Viper was knocked out, and Lance was panting heavily. She ran to his side.
"Lance...that move..." She said while surprised. "Was incredible."
" leaves ya totally exhausted." He said. "But thanks, I call it Portal Power." She giggled.
"Well thanks to that, we defeated him." She said.
"Yeah...he won't be hurting anyone anytime soon." He said.
"You got that right." She said, then kissed Lance on his cheek. Then the two dragged Viper and his snake to the Burgundy police station where they locked the two away. And Lance and Lucy were rewarded with the Jewel.

The two made it back to there room, and when they entered Lance and Lucy tripped and collapsed on the first bed Lucy had been sleeping on. The two blushed deeply and then kissed. And kissed heavily they did. Lance's warm breath, which smelled like spearmint gum, and peppermints was heating Lucy's cold neck. Lucy combed through his tangled hair with her soft hands.
"Lucy...I...I love you." He said.
"Lance...I love you." She said, and then the two got busy. And the night ended with them making out.

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