Chapter 2: Lance's First Job

It was a week since Lance had joined Fairy tail, and he hasn't really been socializing with the other Guildmates. The only person he really talked to was Erza, but no one else after that. Some of the Guildmates would actually question his solitude, but he didn't mind, because it takes him awhile to get used to the changes. The only change he got used to was being able to snag an apartment for 50,000 jewel a month. For 50,000, it had one master bedroom, a living room that connects to the kitchen, a master bathroom, and a widows walk. The only bad thing was that he had used up the last of his money to rent it, and the month was almost over and he needed to pay.

He stood in front of the request board, looking at the different jobs there was to offer. One said to find a lost cat with a reward of 50,000 jewel, but Lance wasn't feeling what the job had to offer. They're was another Job to stop 5 masked marauding swordsmen from assaulting civilians, for 80,000 jewel, however that job was out of Lances league. While Lance was still trying to choose a job, a bulky man with black spikey hair that reached his spine approached him.
"Either pick a job, or get lost newbie." He said irritably. Lance wasn't a fighter, and didn't often stand up for himself. Actually, he never really stood up for himself, but he knew he wasn't a push over. "Hey did you here me?" The man said again. Lance's heart was beginning to pump faster, as his anxiety was increasing.
"Sorry I..." Lance was then grabbed from behind and thrown into the pink haired boy named Natsu. Natsu was about to blow his fuse.
"Uhh...Sorry, but..." Lance began to say, until Lance was then thrown into a half naked Gray. Gray was on the edge of losing his cool.
"HEY WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA LANCE, ARE YOU TRYIN TO KILL ME?!" Gray asked, Juvia then reacted by pushing Lance away from her 'beloved' with a force of water.
"AAAHHHHH, I'M SORRY!" Lance yelled as he was pushed outside and into another person.
"Ugh...Hey Lance...What's up." Lucy had said feeling uneasy. Lance then had his head pressed against something soft, pillows he thought. He then opened his eyes only to see that his face was on Lucy's breasts. Not again. He thought, as he raised his tomato red face up and away from her chest. Oh no...I can't be getting hard now. Lance thought, feeling an embarrassing lump growing in his pants.
"Hey Lance, what's up?" Lucy asked. He froze up and searched through his mind to find the right words.
"F-fine, and y-you?" He said nervously. She then sat up to see his face turning red.
"Hey, you're looking a little red there, you alright?" She asked.
"Uh-I'm fine." Lance said.
"He's in looove." Happy teased.
"SHUT UP CAT." Lance said as he punched the flying blue cat out of orbit.
"Hey don't punch Happy!" Natsu scolded as his fists turned into balls of red orange fire. "FIRE DRAGON IRON FIST! His fist connected with Lances and the pale blonde wizard was knocked out.

After the fiasco that happened, Lance went back to the request board, but seemed a lot more stumped than he was before.
"Huh, why is it so hard to pick just one job?" He asked.
"Good morning Lance." Erza greeted.
"Oh, hi Erza." He said.
"Something seems to be troubling you, are you alright?" Erza said.
"Oh yeah it's just that...It's really hard to find a job for a low leveled wizard to do around here."
"Hm..." The armored red head thought for a moment. "Natsu!"
"Yeah, what's up?" Natsu said.
"What was that job you picked out earlier?" She asked.
"Umm, it says that there is a thief/burglar in a town called Marigold." Natsu said. "But I don't know if I'll do this one."
"How much Jewel?" Gray asked.
"300,000." He said. Lance nearly choked on his own saliva when he heard that much.
"Breathe man breathe." Erza said.
"300...thousand...Jewel?" He asked.
"Well...I guess I could do the job, my rent is due in a couple of days anyway."
"Yeah, and for that much, it better be worth it." Gray said.
"Hm...then it's settled." The armored red head said. "Lucy, Natsu, Gray, and Lance. Pack you're things we're going to Marigold."
"Alright." Lance exclaimed.
"Oh, Gray my love...please...think of me when... you're...gone." Juvia said, but Gray had already walked away from her, and it left poor Juvia feeling like muddy water.
"And don't forget Happy." Natsu said.
"Aye sir!" The blue cat eating a silver trout had said.

The next morning, everyone was on the train with there luggage enjoying the ride. All but one.
"Ugh, I don't feel so good." Natsu said, almost ready to vomit. Lance had chuckled.
"Motion sickness huh." Lance said.
"Yup, he's got it bad." Lucy said. "Oh By the way, I meant to ask you, what kind of magic do you practice?"
"Oh, well, I practice opening and closing portals to other dimensions." He said.
"Really?" Lucy asked.
"But that's not see I'm an Astral wizard." He said.
"Really...what's that?" Gray asked. This then caught Erza's attention.
"Well let me start from the top." Lance said. "You see this platinum ring? well it allows me to open the portal to the heavens and call forth a greek god or goddess. Similar to a celestial wizard, it doesn't take a lot of magic to get them through the portal. I'm only allowed to summon one at a time though because opening the portal takes up a lot of magic energy. And since I'm just a beginner, my body can't take the amount of strain."
"Whoa." All four of them said.
"The greek gods I have are Apollo: the god of light, Ares: the god of war, and Hades: the god of the underworld. The greek goddesses that I have are Aphrodite: goddess of love, Artemis: goddess of wilderness and Athena: goddess of wisdom." Lance said.
"So do you have to make a contract with them?" Lucy asked.
" see, there always there when I need them the most." Lance said, then looked down at his platinum ring. Oh dad. Lance thought. I didn't get a chance to properly thank you.
"Hm...well, I can't wait to meet you're gods and goddesses." Erza said.
"So now I'll ask a question." He said. "What kind of wizards are you?" Lance asked.
"Well, I'm a celestial wizard." The blonde girl said.
"I'm a Ice wizard." The dark haired wizard."
"I'm a requip wizard with 100 different types of armor." The armored red head said. "And Natsu here is a fire wizard."
"So what is Happy?" Lance asked.
"Oh...he's just an annoying blue cat." Lucy said. Happy gasped and flew away to sulk.
"Fine, our friendship is over Lucy!" He said.
"Um...maybe you shouldn't have been so mean." Lance said.
"Don't worry, watch this." She said. "Happy, I have a big juicy fish for you." Happy darted back over to our train booth, full of happiness and joy.
"I love you again Lucy." Happy said, as she handed him a fish and he chowed down on it happily.
"Wow, that was fast." Lance said.
"See, I told you." Both Lucy and Lance shared a laugh afterwards.

After the train ride, Lance, Lucy, Gray, Natsu, and Erza all end up in the station of Marigold, although they didn't get they're until sunset.
"Okay everyone, lets get into town, stay at a hotel, we can't look for the burglar while tired." Erza said.
"Yeah, and I don't think Natsu will be able to catch a burglar in his state." Lance said, looking at a motion sick Natsu. His face changes from green with sickness, to red with fiery fury.
"Okay, I'm ready to catch this guy!" He said, while spewing fire.
"Uh, that was fast." Lance said. Everyone steps off the train, and out of the station.

The five wizards make there way to the hotel, and the lady at the counter gives them each a room key. Natsu and Gray have to share a room with Erza, and that only left Lance and Lucy to share the last bedroom in the hotel. Lance blushes unconditionally, while Lucy was feeling upset. Erza, Natsu and Gray all get to the sleeping quarters, and so do Lance and Lucy.

"It's not so bad." Lance said. "I mean...we have separate beds."
"Yeah, but it's just weird for males and females who barely know anything about each other to share a room." She said.
"Good point." Lance sits down on the edge of the bed on the left side of the room. "Well why don't we try."
"Well okay, what do we talk about?" Lucy asked.
" many gate keys do you have?"
"Oh that's easy, in total I have 14 gate keys. I have 10 zodiac keys and 4 silver keys." She said. Even her voice is magical.
"I see. So which zodiac keys do you have?" Lance asked.
"Oh that's easy." She said. "I have Aquarius, Cancer, Taurus, Virgo, Sagittarius, Leo/Loki, Aries, Scorpio, Gemini, and Capricorn."
"Cool, so your only missing two." Lance said.
"Three, because there's a thirteenth key."
"Well, that's pretty cool." Lance said. "So which one is you're favorite?"
"Well I hate choosing between all of them because I love them all equally."
"Hm...So you treat them like how you would treat me." Lance said. "Like...friends." Lance blushes, and so does Lucy.
"Yeah." She said with a blushing smile.
"Hey, one of you're gods and goddesses are you close too?"
"Well, I usually ask all of them for help because...they're there when I need them." Lance said. "The one I usually call on the most for help is Aphrodite."
" trouble?" The celestial wizard asked.
"Yeah." He said. "I'm just...unlovable."
"Welcome to my world." She said.
"'re beautiful." Lance said out loud, and it made him and Lucy blush at the same time. "S-sorry, I mean...ugh."
"No it's okay, really...mean that?" The blonde wizard asked with her sparkling chocolate eyes. Lance was getting nervous, and when he did, he would sweat, and stutter on his words.
"W-well...I-I mean...I...I think we should go to bed!" He finally got out as he rapidly got under the covers and pretended to snore, much to his and Lucy's dismay.

That night, While Lucy was sleeping peacefully, Lance was outside of the hotel, gazing at the midnight blue sky.
"Well, I guess I better ask for some advice." The astral wizard told himself. Lance took his middle finger and his thumb and lightly gripped the platinum ring and a midnight blue magical circle was formed in front of him. "I call forth, goddess of love, Aphrodite." The portal to the heavens opens, and Aphrodite comes out.
"Hello Lance, is everything alright my love?" She asked motherly.
"Yes," He said.
"What troubles you." Not even Aphrodite's soothing voice could help his troubles fade away.
" see, I...have a crush on someone." He said.
"I see, so...who is she?" The goddess dressed in a pink and white tunic said.
"Her name is Lucy, and...well...I just need advice on how to talk to her without getting nervous." Lance said.
"I see. Lance, you must talk to the girl and get to know her better." She said.
"I tried that, but then I said she was beautiful out loud, and froze up when she asked me if that's what I really thought." The pale blonde wizard said.
"Hm." Aphrodite said. "You know, you're father had the same problem when he met you're mother."
"Yes my child, and what you must do is talk to her, become accustomed to the girl, but more importantly, you must know that she is right for you, and you are right for her." Aphrodite said.
"Hm, thanks Aphrodite, I'll try." He said.
"You're welcome my child." Just then, a glass breaking sound, alerted Lance. Then it was the sound of a girly scream.
"Uh oh, go back Aphrodite." Lance said. Aphrodite went back through the portal, and Lance equipped himself with a golden archery bow. Lance runs in the direction of where the sound came from. Then another girly scream, But this time, he recognizes it.
"LUCY!" Lance yelled as he sprinted back to they're room, and spotted the blonde wizard in her bed, with the covers to her neck, as she shook in fear. "What's going on?"
"Look!" She yelled. Lance looked over and saw her suitcase being lifted up. But no one is they're. Almost as if a ghost is stealing her belongings. The pale blonde wizard aimed at the suitcase with his archery bow, and the magical blue arrow was shot. It hit the air, but stuck they're.
"Oh crap, Lucy, it's the burglar." Lance said.
"Where?" She asked.
"Right." He looked back over, only to see that her suitcase had disappeared, along with the invisible burglar. "There." Lance hung his head in shame.
"Huh, well at least we know one physical trait of his." Lucy said.
"Yeah, that he's an invisible perv." The astral wizard said.
"That, and he probably specializes in stealth magic."
"Right." Lance said. "Well, are you alright?"
"Yeah, I'm fine." Lucy turned her head to her nightstand and gasped. "Oh no! HE TOOK MY KEYS!"
"That bastard!" The pale blonde wizard snarled. They're sleeping quarters door had been kicked open, and Lucy hid under her covers.
"LUCY YOU SCREAMED!" Natsu yelled.
"WHAT'S WRONG?!" Gray asked.
"The burglar struck and..." Lance said, before he was cut off by a dramatically sobbing Lucy.
"AND HE TOOK MY SUITCASE AND GATE KEYS!" She said. Natsu punched his fist in his palm.
"THAT BASTARD!" He yelled.
"Wait until we get our hands on him." Erza said fiercely. "Tomorrow."
"WHAT!" Lucy said. But Lance wasn't about to let this blow over until tomorrow. After Lucy screamed what, he stealthily jumped out the window, and began the manhunt on the invisible burglar.

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