Before my life began, my mother lived hers to the fullest. She and her Rhyhorn dominated the racing circuit all over the Kalos region. She was adored by fans the world over, and she in turn appreciated them. One fan was special to her though. He was present for every race, and he volunteered to be a bodyguard in public places so she would be safe. She had allowed him to take her to dinner, and from that moment on, my mother and father were inseparable.

When I was born though, things got rough. Dear old dad had it in his mind that once a woman marries and has a kid, she's supposed to stay home to raise the children while the man went out to get a paycheck. For many families, this works. Motherhood is a rewarding job on its own, and nothing can sever the bond between mother and child. Not my mother though. She did care for me, but she couldn't give up her old life easily. Mom and Dad fought about this constantly, and for most of my infancy, their soft voices and tenderness were reserved only for me, treating each other like dirt while they raised their voices to each other.

When I was 5, Dad left us. He just could not deal with my mother's independence anymore, and his ideals were more important than we were. It was at this point my mother gave up Rhyhorn Racing full-time in order to care for me. I know what you're thinking, this is the part where she starts abusing me and blaming me for ruining her life, right? Wrong. The bond between mother and child is very strong, and almost nothing can break it. Unfortunately though, there are a few things that CAN drive a mother to do terrible things to her child. Giving up a dream that you already achieved is not one of them. At least, not in this case.

When I was 8, Mom tried to teach me how to race just like her. Her Rhyhorn wasn't very cooperative though. He threw me off every chance he got, and would evade my mom when she tried to fit him with the starter saddle. When I think about it, he probably did that to protect us. He wanted to make sure Mom didn't try to turn me into her so she could continue to live her dream through me, and he wanted to make sure I wouldn't be stuck in her shadow. After everything I've gone through with my new friends, I know how smart pokemon really are, and how loving they can be.

At 10, I was allowed to get a pokemon and begin my journey, but I didn't want to. See, I didn't know then that Rhyhorn was just trying to help me, all I knew was that pokemon were wild, unpredictable scary things that threw you around until you went flying into mud. I turned my back on them, but I didn't want to admit it to my mother. So I didn't. Mom and I fought about this for many years, but neither of us wanted to give in to the other.

At 15 I just couldn't take the fighting anymore. I went to Lumiose City under the guise that I'd go get my first pokemon from the Professor, but instead I went right to the train station and hitched a ride to Coumarine City and purchased a ticket to the ferry that was leaving the soonest. I arrived in Castelia City soon after, and I never looked back. At least, not until I met him.

At 16 I was making my way back to my apartment after getting groceries, and there was a gathering at the square. A group of people dressed up as knights were surrounding a tall old man with green hair and a red electronic eye. He spoke of pokemon being abused by humans, being forced to do things they hated, and he was asking people to help support his group's cause of freeing them from humans. I listened to his words, and I thought that everything made sense. I thought Rhyhorn was mean to me just to be mean, but back then I thought I realized he was just fighting against being controlled. It was never his idea to be in races, was it? My mom could be pretty controlling, and it occurred to me that she might have forced him. I stepped up and volunteered to join this cause so that pokemon wouldn't have to suffer anymore. After meeting with their "king", I was given a baby Purrloin, and I was accepted into Team Plasma.

At 17, our king N succeeded in not only awakening Zekrom, but winning him over. I was elated to know that everything I had worked so hard to achieve was coming to fruition, but there was something not right here. Team Plasma was all about separating pokemon and humans because it was impossible for the two to co-exist, and yet my partner and I couldn't bear the thought of being separated. My Liepard and I built a strong relationship during my time in Team Plasma, he was my closest friend. I was confused by my conflicting ideals, but I pushed this worry to the back of my mind and kept going. And then a trainer named Carina rose up with Reshiram and confronted N and Zekrom, and when she came out on top and Ghetsis revealed his true motives, I was relieved and angry. I was happy that Romeo and I would never have to worry about being separated, but infuriated that I had been lied to, and that everything I did to help pokemon was actually HURTING them instead. Romeo and I quit Team Plasma, and we left it all behind to find our own ideals.

At 18, I was approached by Rood of the Seven Sages, and at first I was distrustful of him. But he asked me to hear him out and he told me that he still believed in N, and he was working to make things right in Unova again. He needed help to return as many of the stolen pokemon to their trainers as he could, and I agreed to help him. I rejoined Team Plasma, the one that N envisioned, and Romeo and I were at Rood's beck and call. At some point during our work, we found out Ghetsis had reconstructed his forces, daring to call themselves by our name. It was then I decided to pay him back, and with Rood's blessing, Romeo and I infiltrated the new Team Plasma, intending to take it down from the inside. I made reports to Rood about Ghetsis' movements and plans, and I learned that there was someone else who was standing against him. A young girl by the name of Vixen had gotten involved in the fight, and for reasons I wasn't sure of at the time Ghetsis was trying to do everything in his power to destroy her. I was approached by Colress, who found me out, and worked with him to make sure that Vixen would be safe and Team Plasma would pay. After many tears and hardships, after licking our wounds, Ghetsis was FINALLY stopped, and Vixen ensured he would never again be a threat to Unova.

I am 19 now. I have been close friends with Vixen for a year now. At her urging, I left Team Plasma altogether, and I visited her at the Pokemon League all the time. She convinced Caitlin of the Elite 4 to make sure I was mentally healthy after all the strife I've been through, and for a time, all was well. I still felt lost though. Even though the crimes I committed in Team Plasma no longer haunted me, I still felt like something was missing in my life. I was a little jealous of Vixen as I watched her and her team get stronger every day, working towards the goals that Grimsley laid out for her. They knew exactly where they were going in life, and all I had was my Liepard.

"Maybe you should go on a journey too? I didn't find myself until I met Lola and traveled around Unova." Vixen had told me once. She worried about me, and I hated it. The poor thing had gone through so much already, and even though I had only known her for a short time, I found I couldn't bear seeing her distressed, especially for my sake. But to go on a journey now? Could I really do that even though I rejected the offer years ago?

Well, Carina was 18 when she started out. 19 really isn't that much older, right? Maybe I will take Vixen's advice after all. But I wouldn't stay here in Unova. No, too much has happened here for me to travel in Unova. Even though I no longer associated with Team Plasma, barring my interactions with Colress, I knew I still left a bitter taste in the mouthes of Unovans. I stole pokemon from people back before I knew what Team Plasma was really all about, and some of them had yet to make it back. It wouldn't be right for me to ask the region to forgive me for it.

I've been away from home long enough. If Vixen and I could trade places, I knew she would in a heartbeat. As kind as Grimsley and Shauntal were to her, Vixen would give anything to see her mom again, and to continue to ignore my own was an insult to the strong little girl with the gentle Hydreigon.

It is time for me to begin the journey I refused to go on. To answer the call I had ignored. To face the past I worked so hard to run away from. My name is Aldith, and from this point on, my quest to conquer the Kalos League and find my place in this world has begun.


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