By: Neko-chan

A/N: Bit of dialogue that I thought up between the two 'mysterious' characters during the glass staircase scene. It may be an original thought (probably not, though...), but I hope you enjoy it. Remember: This ficlet is ALL IN DIALOGUE. 'Kay? 'Kay. *nods* Enjoy!

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"He seems somewhat determined, my friend."

"'Somewhat'? You're underestimating him. You've _been_ underestimating him from the very start. He loves her. It's not something you and I can really understand--but you _must_ have figured out by now that he loves her."

"So? She's a defect. She isn't the perfect Video Girl."

"And you think that that _matters_ to him?"

"Why not? It should. If she isn't perfect, what purpose does she serve to me and to others? Her job is to be a Video Girl. That's what she was _created_ for. If she can't do that, then what purpose can she possibly serve me? The answer is simple, my _friend_--nothing. She can serve me NOTHING if she is not perfect."

"Aren't you even LOOKING at what's happening below? Look how he's climbing the staircase, even though it's cutting him and his blood is gushing down the staircase in streams. This is something more than neither you or I can understand. Just _look_ at what's happening below you!"

"...I can _see_, you fool. It still doesn't matter. She isn't perfect. And if she isn't perfect, then she needs to be...erased. But the young man _does_ seem to be a tad bit determined to reach her before I do so."

"Why can't you understand? He's doing that because he loves her! When people love each other, they will sacrifice all for each other. Nothing will stop him. Ever. Nothing--no matter what it is--will stand in his way. He WILL reach her, even if he dies in the process."


"Because that's what people do when they love each other."

"I still don't understand. Why is he so determined to reach her? I don't She can't possibly love him back. She's an extension of me--no matter _how_ imperfect--so it's impossible for her to love him back."

"Ah. But she does. Watch them."

"... ... ... I still don't understand."

"Do you think that you'll _ever_ understand the emotions that goes on between two people that love each other? That's not why you created the Video Girls--you didn't create them to love. You created them to comfort. And that's why you'll never understand the feelings that they have for each other. It's because she's the very first of a new kind. A kind of Video Girl that loves."


"_Yes._ Look at what's happening below you. See how the glass is cutting into his feet? See how he doesn't care--he just forges on. See how she's trying to reach for him, even though she's in great pain herself? Can't you just look for only _one_ second?"

"Hn. They both do seem somewhat determined."

"You still don't understand, now do you?"

...No answer awaited him. Only silence.


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