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Dimitri POV:

I could hear Rose's sharp intake of breath, at the sight of younger me.

"Miss Hathaway, you were expected at the gym 20 minutes ago."

Rose immediately began to act like her old reckless self, but I knew that when she flipped her hair it wasn't just her trying to be sassy. We had to hope that younger Dimitri didn't see her neck. "Now Comrade, why would I sprint to the gym, after my classmates handed me my ass on a silver platter." Rose groaned. "And don't feed any bullshit about my education, I know whats going to happen in those training sessions."

"Hmmm. Enlighten me then." My younger self was amused, I could tell by his tone of voice.

"You're gonna beat me to a pulp, and lecture me about everything thing I do."

My younger self shook his head.

"Gym, Hathaway. Now."

"I actually have to grab something from my dorm first," Roza started.

"It can wait. I don't have time to wait for you and your silly teenager needs."

That pissed Rose off, no matter how much she loved me.

"Silly teenager needs? That's low comrade, even for you. I'll get there when I get there."

At this point Rose was hissing and giving my clueless younger self her famous death glare.

"Fine. You have 2 minutes. You must run there, get whatever you needed to grab, and run back in two minutes. If you're not back at the gym before the timer ends, you'll have to run 35 laps when you get back."

Rose winced but agreed nonetheless, anything to get us away from younger Dimitri.

She turned and took off sprinting, probably to warn younger Rose about her encounter. I knew and Rose knew that even if Rose had been back in two minutes, younger me would have made her run those laps anyways.

Young Dimitri began to walk towards the gym and I immediately made a bee line for the kitchen.

Acting like I did a year ago was harder than it looked, Rose was an exceptionally good actress.

All I had to do was enter the staff lounge and grab some 'snacks'. Simple...

I walked into the lounge and pretended to look bored, before walking to the table with food and beverages on it. I grabbed a couple waterbottles, 6 mini sandwiches, and two granola bars.

I was about to leave when a Alberta stopped me in my tracks. "Hungry Belikov?" She raised an eye brow at all the food in my arms. "A bit. Majority of this is going to go back to my room. After a long run its good to stay energized." Alberta nodded in agreement. "Alright, good luck with Hathaway. When does your session start again?"

I had to think fast... Young me would replay without hesitation.

"20 minutes ago, actually. Hathaway was late and then proceeded to inform me she needed something from her dorm. Figured I wouldn't waste time, so I grabbed some snacks for latter.

I'm supposed to be back at the gym in 5 minutes."

Alberta shook her head at Rose's behavior.

"Well you better get going." She sighed.

"Yes. I will see you tomorrow, Guardian Petrov."

"Good luck, Dimitri."

I nodded and left. As soon as I was out of sight I sprinted to the cabin.

Rose was lying on the couch. Looking over a piece of paper with a troubled expression on her face. The sound of me setting the food on the table made her jump into a fighting position. At the sight of me, she relaxed. But at the sight of food her stomach growled and she was standing by the sandwiches in less than a second. As she was stuffing her mouth with food, I grabbed the paper she had been reading. She came up behind me, offered me a sandwich and then wrapped her free arm around my waist.

"Read." She ordered me, so I did.





This was not good.

"Dimitri what does this person expect?! We don't know how to get back..." Rose was stressed I could tell. I sighed, this was very bad. If someone knew what time we were really from they could potentially expose us, which in turn would expose spirit before the moroi world is ready for it. We had to figure out something soon...

" I know. But I guess we'd better start brainstorming."

"Hmm. I wish Lissa or Adrian were here... They might know how to help us..."

A bright light suddenly filled the cabin.

A bang was heard and then...

"Lissa?!" Rose shrieked.

"Hey Rose." Her majesty herself stood up and brushed herself off.

"I think I figured out how to time travel." Rose pulled her best friend into a hug.

"Great you can get us out of here then!?" Rose exclaimed.

"No. But I have an idea that just might work. But it might take a while..."

I was disappointed at the fact that we couldn't leave right now. But at least now we had a spirit user that could help us.

"So Lissa, mind explaining why the hell you went back in time?!" Rose was pissed, not because Lissa was with us now. But that she had put herself in all that danger.

"About that..."

So Lissa's with Rose and Dimitri! Why'd she go back in time?

Who's 'S.D' and what are they planing?

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