This is my third fanfiction so please go easy on me, Take note that I haven't finish any of my stories, so I'm still a newbie to story writing.

Before we go ahead with the story, If you haven't looked at my OC at my profile, I would advise you read it first before proceeding because there's a lot of changes to the Units and updates, I would also like to give a little um…a little heads up about how my OC will interact with the situation and how the story goes, but I tell you that you'll encounter a lot of wronging as you go with the story, First is you'll encounter a lot of wrong grammars and spellings, second is that there is not much back story telling about non-canon characters, third is Character development, I mostly forget how other characters should act to OC's or strangers and how they grow fond with each other or vice versa, Lastly and the most worst part, Is lack of words in explanations and descriptions, that is the one of the things I suck at most in writing stories. I'm not that Descriptive.

My OC Gryle Bane is a nineteen year old Nod Commander of the Black Blades, a certain organization of the Brotherhood of Nod, as the name pronounces, Militants of the Black Blades are fully trained soldiers that can take on dozens of GDI Riflesquads, Experts in both Range and Close Combat they can go with a head-to-head fight with a GDI Commando, Each military personal must a least kno how to use a LTBK (Liquid-Tiberium Built Katana). Read more about my 2nd OC and the rest in my profile because there are a lot of things changed and I can't explain all of them.

Now for the heads up, My OC Gryle Bane will be transported into Remnant along with her MCV and AI Assistant Legion, she will try to settle in Remnant as soon as she find a way back home, how my OC will work is just like the game…You Heard Me. Just like the game, if you haven't played any C&C games, try the tutorial, any series can help you understand what I mean. Even though it works like the game, I will still add real characters who would like to join the Brotherhood of Nod, and how they talk is how real people talk okay! Because in the game, they say the same dialogue all over and over and its freakin annoying, Take note that my OC won't aim for Global Domination in Remnant, especially spreading tiberium, Why? Because she's just a commander of a certain force, not a prophet like Kane whom she is very loyal to, and because I'm too lazy to think how the story would go, and Yes! I won't add the Scrin in this story.

You'll find it weird that why my OC is like a Good-Cop Sided Commander, she's still 19, She just had 5 years of fighting.

I own nothing with C&C and RWBY. Go ask EA or Rooster Teeth not me.

Arrival in Remnant

Location: ?/Remnant

Time: 10:00

"3rd Person POV"

Gryle Bane woke up inside her MCV, she was sure that she was rather transported somewhere, Gryle remembered that she was taking a stroll around inside her MCV in the Australian Red Zone after mounting a defense with fellow Nod commander, until a Scrin Wormhole appeared out of nowhere and sucked her along with her MCV into its void, Gryle stood up pressed a blinking button, then the cockpit came to life as red lights started to light up and a robot voice spoke to Gryle.

"Welcome back Commander"

"Hello legion, where are we?" Gryle said as she held her head in pain, and bit tired.

"No commander, not any of the data does not match ground formation"

"Not match? Do a surface scan legion"

"Initiating surface scan…" the AI said then replied after 5 seconds

"Confirmed, Ground formation does not match stored mapping data"

"Hmmph…Any more details legion?" Gryle asked as she held a hand in her chin trying to be calm.

"Readings indicate that we are in a large forest surrounded with mountains, and the land seems not to be infected with tiberium, and is now identified as blue zone" Legion replied making Gryle widen her eyes.

"Wait? You sure about that? Because we were just in a red zone" Grlye simply asked.

"Yes Commander, Doing second scan…Confirmed, no signs of tiberium infection,"

Gryle's eyes widened when she heard legions answer. It's not there is no tiberium, It's just the fact that she was in a Blue Zone or more likely…GDI territory and she is a high value target, but then something took her out from shock.

"Legion, did any of the reading s match the data we have in Blue and Yellow Zones"

"Negative Commander, we are in an unidentified Blue Zone"

Gryle sigh in relief and confusion, Where is she? What happened to her? What's happening with the war? How will the brotherhood react to her absence? How would Kane react? Questions like this bombarded her mind. Gryle mentally slapped herself and tried to remain calm as possible. She needed to roll with it.

"Legion, can you do a global surface scan"

"Until we build an Operations Center Commander, Why?"

"Just a theory, if we did get sucked by that Scrin Wormhole, is it possible were in a another planet or dimension"

"Judging how much data we have gathered from the visitor's and Kane's belief, yes it may be possible commander"

"Okay…Is the land isolated and suitable for a staging ground legion?"

"I read multiple life signatures farther beyond the forest, possibly wild-life, and for our current position, yes this land is suitable for a staging ground, we only have to cut a couple of trees if we are expand commander"

"How are we with resources legion?"

"We have 500,000 tiberium resources stored commander" Gryle again was in the state of shock but it only lasted for less than a second.

"Five hundre-…Very well, so this world is the answer to our ascension. Legion, unpack this thing, construct a Tier 5 military base, plant tiberiums in the outer edge, have it spread and then begin harvest operation afterwards, make sure you contain it I don't want this land identified as yellow zone" Gryle said with a commanding tone and headed to hatch door of the MCV.

She opened the hatch slowly and was greeted with the sight of a flat green terrain along with hundreds of trees singing and high mountains on the horizon, she slowly stepped on the green ground headed in front of the working MCV.

"Unpacking MCV….Unpack Complete, Construction Yard ready, ready to build for the Brotherhood commander" said Legion.

"Begin Construction!" she shouted in front of the Construction Yard as Nod buildings and structures started to arise from the ground and form.

4 Hours Later…

The base was constructed in a 600m spherical perimeter surrounded by high walls with the combination of Shredder, Laser and SAM turrets mounted on the walls, the two entrances to the base were each protected by two Obelisk Towers, inside the base walls was a total of 67 Nod Military Structures excluding the Turrets and Obelisks, In the middle was the Temple of Nod surrounded with smaller walls, inside the inner wall was the Temple of Nod in the middle along with the Construction Yard, Operations Center, Temple Shrine , Tech lab and a 12 meter long statue of Kane. In the outer walls were lots of Hand of Nod's, War Factories and Air Towers, along with dozens of standing militant soldiers with their weapons intact, parked vehicles ready to be driven and docked aircrafts waiting to reach the skies of this new world. In the outer edge of the wall was the shining Tiberium Crystals beginning to spread and waiting to be harvested, Gryle have it surrounded with wall hubs making it like a garden of crystals, the reason was to keep it from spreading any further and keep it at minimum at state to avoid the Scrin from discovering the planet, There were still a lot of spaces left outside and inside the Nod Wall ready for base expansion.

On top of a Wall Tower, Gryle stared in awe at the beautiful red glimmering paradise she had built in honor of Kane. She was thinking about how her people lived under influence of the Brotherhood, The people looks Gryle as the daughter of the Prophet (Kane), thou she didn't want to rule over the people, What Gryle all wanted was her revenge on the GDI and showing her loyalty to Kane, She was taken out of her Daydream when Legion spoke through her ear-piece.

"Commander, Global Surfaced Scans are Complete" Said a robotic-male voice

"Excellent, I'm heading to the temple…Wiiiii!" Gryle said as she jumped off the tower and used her glider to navigate in the skies.

After a while, Gryle was now standing in a Metallic black room with a rather large red screen in front of her with two high-ranking officers behind her.

"Activate Tactical-Global Control Chart, I want to see this new world" Gryle said

"Bringing up TGCC…" Legion said before the screen showed a map of the planet.

"Okay, this does not look like earth, Legion is there life on this planet"

"Yes commander, but what I'm about to tell you is going to be a bit surprising"

"Oh, Surprise me" Gryle said sarcastically

"Sensors indicate several major Human populations are located in these four settlements which I seems to be walled cities" Legion said as the screen highlighted four separate locations, while Gryle is in the state of shock after hearing that humans lives in this world and why do they have little territory, Legion continued his explanation.

"Outside the wall of these cities, I read multiple life signs scattered all over the continent, which I believe to be natural wild life, No Tiberium readings. At our current location, we are surrounded by a couple of thick forests and high mountains, making outsiders hard to discover us, Readings also indicated that there are several small populated settlements scattered all over the continent, the nearest is 5km west of the nearest city of our current location which I believe to be a village, thou I don't read it human"

"A small populated village but not human, A walled city with lots of humans, which do you prefer legion?"

"For our current situation commander? I suggest we lay low for now, we don't want to get unwanted attention if we are to settle in this world."

"Ok. Ready a small strike force, I want to meet this alien villagers, we'll need all the information we can get" Gryle said to the Officer behind her who walk out of the room afterwards.

"Alien? Commander, aren't we the visitors here?" asked Legion as Gryle chuckled a bit.

"Oh yeah…pfft. Take care of the base while I'm gone, activate the disruption towers and link me the location of the village" Gryle said and walked out of the room.

Gryle was now outside of the Temple grounds, she walked to her raider convoy and escorted her to the Air Towers where the Carryall transports were being loaded with Militant Squads, Raiders and Scorpion tanks, she arrived in the Air Towers with her forces ready and awaiting orders, she exited the vehicle and headed towards her perspective Carryall transport with a Militant squad. Gryle got into her transport and ordered the rest of the Carryall to lift off and head towards the targeted location.

"7 minutes later"

Location: 1.2 KM from targeted location/Near Vale/Remnant

Time: 2:49

"Gryle's POV"

I ordered all carryall to drop me and my forces not far from the village, we saw a dirt road which seems to lead to our target location, I was surprised that the trip was rather fast when we got out the Carryall, we dropped off so we can approach the village with little suspicion, I ordered the men to form a convoy and we started to follow the dirt path for a couple of minutes until a dozen of unknown black red eyed creatures appeared from the bushes blocking our path, the convoy then stopped.

"What's the hold up?" I said impatiently through the radio.

"Commander some strange black creatures are blocking our path, how should we proceed?" replied the militant.

"Stand by for now, keep your distance, I'm coming" I said and jumped off from the raider.

I approached the militant squad who was assigned to be on the front, they were aiming their guns at a dozen of figures on the road, I saw a group of creatures starring at us with killing intent, this creatures seems to have similar shape of a werewolf but their bodies were covered in white tiles and their eyes were glowing red, after an awkward starring conversation with these strange creatures, suddenly an army of this creatures came out of the bushes and charged towards our location.

"ROOOOAAAR!" Screamed the creatures as they close in to us.

"Well s**t, OPEN FIRE!" I yelled as I brought my dual Pistol and opened fire along with the militant squads and the raider on the front.

"In the name of Kane!" yelled a militant as the others roared in unison.

We continued to fire at these strange creatures as they fall down one by one, I saw a lucky one close in to one of my militants, the creature raised its claws and strike its prey, the militant easily dodged the strike as he unsheathed his LTBK and swing it 3 times, the creature then fell and the militant brought back his rifle and continued to fire at the advancing creatures, I turned my attention to the Raider Buggy who was assisting our defense, to my surprised that the spitfire laser attached in the raider easily cut down the charging creatures, they were a lot blood splatters everywhere, the infused tiberium bullets of our rifles easily pierce through the creatures skins like paper, the spitfires lasers cut the creatures body like a fruit .

After a while, All the waves of black charging creatures ceased, we took down about 43 of them, luckily we still had a lot of bullets, I'm so glad I took a force with me, I would be having a hard time if I haven't, I didn't even had a chance to use my katana, I sigh and looked at the approaching militant officer.

"Report" I said to the Militant officer.

"All are accounted for commander, No casualties" replied the officer with respect.

"And the convoy?"

"Awaiting orders commander"

"Then let's start moving shall we" I said and started walking, this time I was on the front along with a militant squad.

"After a While Again"

We reached the village, but to my surprise, I see buildings and houses destroyed or burned, I ordered my forces to proceed with caution as we continued down the road, I see rotting corpses of people with animal features in the road, I can tell that they were recent and was not killed by the creatures we encountered along the way, they have holes in their body and some are even hanged and burned, It had to be someone not something.

"Spread out, find survivors human or not, kill anything that is a threat!" I ordered the militants as they nodded and separated in groups. God…I now remember the wastelands of the old European yellow zones, the damn GDI who ignorantly detonated that Tiberium radiation that spread because of the Ion cannon explosion, It's their fault for killing millions and not just that, they turned the sacred land in to a Red Zone.

"I got a live one here! She's badly hurt!" I heard militant yell as I turned my attention to him.

"3rd Person POV"

Gryle then saw a small figure that was laying the on ground that was barely breathing, Gryle immediately ran towards injured figure.

Gryle observed the Faunus which appears to be rabbit faunus child, she saw bruises all over the child's body, Gryle was confused and angry, she questioned to herself 'Who would do this to a child!? Who would harm a precious and cute being' then a memory appeared in her mind, she remembered how the GDI treated the mutated citizens of The Forgotten, and they treat them like lesser Humans,

"MEDIC!" Gryle yelled making the soldiers snapped and escorted a field medic.

The field medic reached gryle and started to treat the injured Faunus, and then the child started to wake and coughed.

"Mama, Papa" whimpered the faunus as she opened her eyes.

"You're going to be fine young one, how do you feel?" said the Medic

"Mama, Papa, they took them" said the faunus as tears started to fall in her eyes

"Who they?" said Gryle with anger in her eyes

"Humans…They treated us like animals" the faunus then cried.

Gryle was very surprised and enraged with the answer, it was happening again, the sight of dead innocent people, unable to protect the innocent, Purging and whatever violent things the GDI did. Gryle wasn't the only one angry about the situation, the men and women who were with Gryle was enraged seeing the site of burning and rotting corpses in the view, people who doesn't have a chance to fight back. Gryle then stood up and spoke with cold voice.

"Take care of her, Wait for my signal" Gryle simply said and started to walk towards the center of the village. The kind commander now turned into vengeful and furious commander with an emotionless face.More likely a Bad-Cop side.

Upon arrival, Gryle saw strange human figures rounding up another group of human figures with ears and tails, Human Mercenaries were torturing or killing the wounded Faunus and burning their homes, Gryle walked pass by glaring mercenaries who were minding their own business and towards a muscle build figure that was standing in the middle carrying a giant axe and a shotgun of some sort in his back. She guessed that he was the one in charge.

A certain dust company demanded the authorities to raid the village of faunus suspecting that they are a of the White Fang, the authorities declined with the demand, so instead the company they hired a group of mercenaries who hated the faunus to purge the village.

As soon as gryle was in front of the mercenary she gave a cold glare which made the mercenary shiver a bit and then she spoke a very cold voice.

"Are you the one in charge here?" asked gryle to the mercenary.

"Yes, State your business here stranger" the mercenary simply replied.

"My business does not matter, what I need is the reason why are this people suffering?"

"People? You mean these filthy animals…It's because they are rebelling, they are part of the White Fang"

Gryle's eyes twitch when this man called the Faunus 'filthy animals'.

"No where not! I beg of you, please spare us were not part of the White fang" yelled a kneeling Faunus being held by two other mercenaries, earning Gryle's attention to the Faunus.

"Shut up, you dog"

"Please! We did nothing to you, spare us!"

"I said Shut UP!" yelled the man as he knocked out the faunus.

"Who hired you to do this?"

"Don't know, Don't Care, All I care is the cash" the man said with a big grin.

"Then what are their reasons calling this people as rebels? My good friend." Gryle said with a sarcastic smile.

"Equality and if you call this filthy animals people again, I will have yo-"The Mercenary was cut off when he felt a hot radiating blade pierce through his chest.

"Thank you for your cooperation, now DIE" Gryle with a venomous voice as she removed the blade from the man and fell.

"You son of a…Kill her!" As four of them surrounded her with their weapons ready.

"AHHHH!" The roared as they charged.

"Die oppressors" Gryle said in a low voice with a blank face.

"You saying something you bi-….Guhk" The mercenary said as he raised his weapon until he was cut off when he noticed that his throat was sliced and bleeding.

"When did you…" Was the last thing he said before a blood splatter appeared in his neck and he fell to the ground along with others. Gryle sheathed her LTBK and fired a shot with pistol, but the shot wasn't a regular bullet, it sounded like a flashbang.

The Faunus in the scene stared in awe and shock in seeing Gryle killing the people one by one who invaded their home, The Faunus were both in relief and scared, who was she? Is she a huntress or a new enemy? The faunus switch their attention when they heard rumbling noises and a lot of footsteps, they saw approaching Hooded and Masked Black-clad figures and vehicles with black scorpion emblems, They were surrounding the village center making sure that what they call oppressors cannot escape.

Gryle her signal to her forces to surround the village and kill anyone who blocks their path, she wanted to leave some of them alive so she can make a sample out of them, and there was a small firefight but soon stopped when the mercenaries were no match with Nod forces, they were soon boxed in the village square.

"Who are these guys?! I wasn't paid for this!" yelled a mercenary.

"The White Fang?!" said another.

"No there not! Look" A mercenary pointed Scorpion tank with Nod Logo painted on the side, then they saw a man in black using a binoculars on top of tank.

"They're humans! We got to get out of here"

"No can do, we're surrounded" another said as a squad Militant squad approached and aimed their weapons at them.

"Stand down oppressor scum!" yelled one the Militant as the confused and scared mercenaries dropped their weapons and had their hands up, Gryle approached the group. The captured mercenaries shivered when they saw a death glare from the approaching teen that killed their leader.

"What shall we do with them commander?"

"Detain them, put them in the hogs" then she turned her attention to the Faunus.

"As for them, Help them with anything, Treat the wounded, give them food or water you can find"

"Yes Commander" said the militant officers as they left with their perspective orders.

"Legion, bring me medical supplies and any food we can contribute, have carryall transports deliver them" Gryle said through her radio.

"Affirmative Commander, Carryall's are being loaded"

"Thank you Legion, Please Inform me afterwards"

'Whoever ordered these imbeciles to kill the innocent, Kane smite you' Gryle said in her head with anger.

Gryle headed to the groups Nod Medics who were treating over 300 injured Faunus and Nod militants who were distributing any water or food they have. A Lion Faunus in his sixties approached the commander who was helping her troops with the situation.

"Whoever you are human, I'm Grog, the elder of this village, you and you're people have our heartfelt thanks" said the Elder as he bowed his head.

"I just did the right thing, I just don't want innocent people being harmed " Gryle thought of the horrible things she knew from the GDI.

"You see Faunus as people?" said the surprised elder.

"I'm guessing that your people are called Faunus and why wouldn't I, your people are the cutest beings I have ever met in my life"

"Why thank you for the compliment miss?"

"Oh…Gryle, Gryle Bane of the Brotherhood of Nod" Gryle said as she offered her hand to the elder with a bright smile.

"Well Gryle Bane, The people of this village owes you and your brotherhood a great debt" said the elder as they shake their hands.

"Is there anything else I can do to help your people?"

"You've helped us enough young Gryle, thou there is one thing my people need" Gryle raised an eyebrow.

"Anything Mr. Grog, please" Gryle pleaded.

"Our village will be soon overruned by the grimm, we wouldn't want to live in the walled cities due to-" Again cut off by gryle.

"Wait Grimm? I'm guessing that's what you call those creatures we encountered along the way"

"Yes, as I was saying my people need to relocate for a suitable land if we are to-"

"Done! I invite your people to the Brotherhood of Nod, we'll give you shelter, protection, education and food, you will be treated equally like humans, do you accept this offer Mr .Grog?" Gryle said with a bit fast and demanding tone.

"That's a bit generous commander, but what do we do in exchange, we have nothing to gi-"

"Information, loyalty and happiness, give us any information you can submit, have faith and just live peacefully under the Brotherhoods influence and protection, that's all the brotherhood wants" The elder was surprised along with the Faunus who were present in the conversation.

"Who am I to not accept on such offer"

"Then we have a deal, I'll have your people transported safely to our territory, Welcome to the Brotherhood, Brother" The elder nodded happily along with smiling Faunus who we're listening to the conversation then Gryle's forces cheered and welcomed their newly invited brothers and sisters. Making Gryle happy for giving hope to this Faunus.

"Legion, change of plans, unload the supplies, have all the carryalls ready for evacuation with nemesis escorts and move to our location for evac, start building civilian structures for the people to live in." Gryle said through her radio

"At once commander, Carryall transports are en-route to your location, ETA 15 minutes"

The peace was broken when a Militant came running and yelled at the commander.

"Commander!" yelled a Militant

"What is it?"

"The strange creatures have appeared and is now advancing from the west, first unit are currently engaging them"

"As I predicted, Mr. Grog have your people to the north-east part of the village, will try to hold them off the grimm until help arrives" Gryle explained as the Elder nodded and started to head towards his people being escorted by two militants.

"Commander, the creatures have appeared from the south"

"First and third unit fall back, we will form up a defensive line in the village center, have second unit escort the civilians to north-east part of the village, Have the Shadow team plant charges on the roads and houses, I want all Raiders and Scorpion Tanks to be in the defense, Have second unit guard the rear after their escort, we can't let them reach the civilians" said Gryle to all her forces through the radio.

A few minutes later 2/3 of gryle's forces were dug in the village center, hundreds of beowolves and ursa's were headed towards the defensive line, they were completely outnumbered, but luckily the creatures our fragile and easy to kill and they are advancing from the south and west making it an easy for them hold out until evac arrives.

"Hostile armor approaching!" yelled a militant when he noticed that his bullets weren't doing much to the scorpion like creature being followed by another two.

"Rocket Squads and Scorpions! Concentrate your fire on those creatures" Gryle ordered as she pointed at the three Deathstalker charging.

"Aiming at target, firing" said a tank-gun pilot as dozens rockets and lasers hit their targets killing the two deathstalkers in the process, one of the deathstalkers managed to stand against incoming missiles but soon melted as a volley of spitfire lasers followed.

"Target down, proceeding to next target" as the tank turned to other.

Everything was going well for Gryle and her troops until the next 5 minutes, they were running out of ammo and the energy lasers were almost depleted.

"Status!" gryle yelled to the nearest officer.

"We got 6 injured, the rocket squads are out, scorpions and raider energies are down to 10% commander"

"Order the rocket squads' to stay on the rear, have them switch to side-arms and LTBK's"

"Multiple hostile airborne closing in!" yelled a militant as he pointed a couple oversized raven creatures in the sky.

"Tch. What a bad timing, have th-" Gryle was cut off when she heard rockets roared at the skies and exploded when they collided with the Nervermore's, she turned to see dozen Carryall and Venom crafts floating in the skies in formation. The venom's were occupying the nevermore's while the carryall's descended to pick up Gryle and her troops, It only took a minute for gryle and the rest to load the carryalls.

Inside a lying carryall transport where Gryle was standing with a pad in her hand.

"All accounted for commander" the officer said.

"And the faunus?" Gryle asked

"Already on their way home commander" he added.

"Then hit the charges, let's get out of here" then a shadow operative brought out a small box and activated it.

The village that was being overwhelmed by grimm came to view and the last of the transports has lifted off, then suddenly a series of large explosions on the roads and houses occurred killing the grimms that were in the area. Gryle just be seated and just stared at burning village…again.

"Damage report"

"We got over 300 of the evacuee's safely transported, 9 injured and no casualties commander"

"Yay…First day and people are already dying"Gryle say with a fake smile.

"There's nothing we can do Commander, I also feel sorry for them too" Gryle just sigh.

"That'll be all, let's call it a day" Gryle said then instantly fell asleep in her passenger chair.

"Kane smiles on you commander" as the officer left her in her meditation.


Ahhhh….That was good, I hope you enjoyed that one, which was just a prologue part 1, the next chapter will be little part 2 and season 1 of RWBY. Anyways Thank You for Reading. The following below is a bit of changes about the C&C TW units & Objectives .

I already said that the Militants of Gryle, are fully trained and professionals in swordsmanship, Even thou I call them militia, one militia can take down a couple beowolves, ursa's or White Fang grunts.

The Black Blades don't stick with hit and run tactics and guerilla warfare, but they use it in covert operations and raids, but back on earth they put a hell of fight against a GDI Strike force.

The New Brotherhood in Remnant will consist of angry humans (From earth) and faunus (Rescued or recruited) who seeks equality for the benefit of their races, but in the right way and not the wrong ' or rather White Fang' way, thou the faunus are mostly Nod civilians, some of them will join the Militant forces of the Brotherhood of Nod to pay their respects to the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood will introduce themselves later on the story, their objective won't be human evolution and the spreading of tiberium, but restoration, by sharing and giving help to the weak, finding a way back to earth and killing the oppressors.

If you are asking who is the fellow commander that I mentioned in her profile, He is the player.

-Slight OMAKE-

"Gryle's POV"

9 Months Ago

Location: Nod Forward Camp/ Somewhere in Europe

I was so freakin bored, I was just there sitting in the Operations Center looking at the screen map, waiting if somehow the GDI would appear and take me out from the boring state. An hour passed, I was literally dead due to being bored, I wanted to go to a mission or raid a GDI base, and I then decided to head out to find something to do. And yes I did.

I found my fellow Commander sleeping in a beach chair at the cliff while wearing headphones beating with random music from the Phone in the table beside him, I decided make 5 Hand of Nods behind him since I have a lot of Tiberium harvested at my disposal, I ordered each of the Hand of Nods to train 20 militant squads.

"Fighters Arm Up!"

"Fighters Arm Up!"

"Fighters Arm Up!"

"Fighters Arm Up!"

"Fighters Arm Up!"

They keep repeating that annoying dialogue as they come out of those building, I laughed a little. After 2 minutes, over 700 militants stand unorganized behind a Nod commander that was sleeping peacefully, I carefully removed his headphones, I went to the other side. I plugged my ears, brought out my binoculars and brought out my pad, I made very big box which selected the 700 militants, then came the very loud battle cry from the militants as they raised their rifles ignoring the sleeping commander.

"MILITIA!" cried the 700 militants.

"Wahhh!" The commander jumped out of his chair, then fell off the cliff.

I laughed very hard and I dropped my binocular and fell to the ground, due to the priceless face of my fellow commander.

Luckily I ordered a very large spring bed below to fall for him as he fell, just in case I fell to the ground because of a painful stomach for not catching him.