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Just a note though, since I'm starting to add a bit of Ford into it. I decided before watching NWHS that I would stick to what I had for the back story with the twins. But of course, as usual I do try and include as much of the actual plot. So it's going to bit of a mash. So when it comes to plot points involving Stan and Ford's past, these things have been set in stone from the get go and they aren't going to change much. Though, as you will see, it has a bit of the 'original mystery trio', so that's not really a bad thing.

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The Author and the Westwoods



Dipper sat on the wooden floors, looking at the pages spread out before him. "The author," he murmured. "I don't believe it. The author was here! He was in this room! He... Why was he here? Why would all this stuff of his be in the shack?"

"I don't know," she shrugged.

"I can't believe... Look at all this stuff!" he cried, spreading it out. "Redcaps, witches, the gnomes. It even mentions Shmebulock! Senior! This has more detail and subject range than the journals! It's – it's like he did even more study after he wrote their page in the journals, and wrote it all down here. It's – it's-"

"Not all there is."

"Exactly! There's more than just the journals! This is-"

"No, Dipper," she said, getting his attention. "There's more than this. This isn't even one draw."


She gestured to the cabinets, which had a few draws pulled open. "There's all sorts of stuff in there. Seriously, this isn't even part of it."

Quicker than she could blink, Dipper was on his feet and peering into different draws. Rolling her eyes fondly, she carefully got to her feet and went over to help him as he started to grab things out. It wasn't long till the floor was littered with random things they'd taken from the cabinets. There were all sorts. From complete files on certain subjects, to things the Author had collected, and experiments he'd done himself. There were around fifteen different books that for a moment Dipper had thought were more journals, but they were just random books it seemed he'd collected. Some of them wouldn't even open, and others were in strange languages.

"Hey, what are these?" Pacifica asked from her spot on the floor. He went over to her to see that she had picked up a small crystal from a pile of them. It had a bit of a pink and blue sheen to it, and he realised what it was. A height altering crystal.

"Do you have a torch around here? Because if this is what I think it is, you're going to love it." Without a word, she turned the flash from her phone on, then handed it to him. "...That will work. Now watch this."

He aimed the phone at the clock on the mantle and placed the crystal in front of the flash. When the light hit the clock, it shrank.

"Oh my god, you can shrink things with it?!"

"Yep," he said proudly. "And that's not all." He flipped the crystal over and when the blue light hit it, it grew back to its normal size.

"That's amazing! She gasped. "Hey, you could use that to make yourself taller!"

"Ha ha, very funny," he said sarcastically, giving her her phone back. "No, I've actually tried that already. Didn't work out."

"Why not?"

"Well, Mabel and I started fighting over it. Then Gideon got a hold of it and shrunk us so he could steal the deed to the shack."

"Yikes," she said, picking up one of the books off the floor. "Talk about 'Darling I Made the Kids Tiny'."

"Yeah, it was a little bit like that. We didn't run into any ants, but there was a very lazy hamster. Remind me to tell you the whole story later."

"Seriously, how is it that you've done so much since you got here, yet I've lived here my entire life and nothing has ever happened."

"Who knows. Something probably did happen, but your memories were erased. I mean, there were a lot of names in that vault, I wouldn't be surprised if you had a tube too. That and, well… You know. The fairy thing."

"Yeah..." she said, her fingers trailing over the cover of the book she was holding, tracing over the triquetra symbol curiously. "Have you ever gone back to watch any of them?"

"Not yet, but I'm tempted to-"

"Whoa!" She started when the book glowed slightly and opened. "What the hell? That was weird."

Dipper's mouth practically dropped open. "How did you do that?" he gasped. "I tried to open that before but it wouldn't budge."

"I just traced around the triquetra like it shows you, see," she pointed to the area around the symbol... there was nothing there.

"Wait, you know what a triquetra is?"

She shot him a look of annoyance before brushing aside her hair to show her earrings, holding out her hand to show her ring, and pulling up the string of the necklace to reveal the pendant. They all had some form of triquetra. "It's my favourite symbol. It's really pretty, and it can have lots of meanings, as long as its three things that work in harmony." She looked back at the pages. "Wow, this book is seriously weird."

Dipper peered over his shoulder. "Huh, it really is. I mean, what is all this." He pointed to the writing on the page.

She looked at him as if he were daft. "Words. They're words, Dipper."

"Um... no. No, that looks like-"

"Hey, some of it's in Latin. Listen to this..."

"No, no! Don't read-"

"The Temporus est nunc, I sum autem age.
Sit hoc magia liberum autem eius caveam.
Long habere I exspectatus hoc potestas.
Autem I inveniet illud in hoc magnus hora.
Apud the benedictio autem dea tribus,
Fac me qui ego sum intelliguntur ad erit."

Suddenly a small gust of wind blew up around her and the air glowed. Her skin tingled almost pleasantly, and she had the feeling of being... free. Like something had been trapping her her entire life, and now she was unchained. It felt incredible... And it scared the hell out of her.

With a squeal, she dropped the book in shock and jumped back. It thumped to the floor, the page spread out. "What the hell was that?!" she cried. Nearby, one of the height altering crystals shattered and she squealed again. "Dipper, what's happening?!"

"I-I don't know, just calm down!" he said, holding out his hands in a calming gesture. Cautiously, he went and picked up the book. It didn't seem to be doing any of the creepy glow-y stuff anymore. "I don't know what any of this is, I can't read it. But I think it's some sort of spell."

"Spell?" she said, her voice still a panicked squeak. "Oh god, what did I do? Did I raise the dead like you did? Oh god!" Again something shattered, and they turned to look in surprise. "It's a ghost! I've summoned a damn ghost!"

The globe broke, crumpling in on itself. Oh god, she'd summoned another ghost. For the second time in one week, a ghost was going to try and kill her! She covered her head at the sound of something else shattering.

She felt Dipper laying his hands on her shoulders. "Pacifica, calm down! I don't know what it is, but I promise we can figure it out together. Just calm down. Breathe." She took in a deep breath, and opened her eyes to keep eye contact with him as she breathed out. "That's better. Just relax. I don't think it's a ghost... I'm going to check the papers. I think I saw a sketch of that book in one of the files on the floor."

Placing the book down on the bed, he began searching through the papers on the floor. "Where is that file on this thing. I saw it before... Ah, here." He picked up a case file and flicked through till he found the sketch of the book Pacifica had picked up and began to read. "The Witches Book of Shadows. I found the first of these books about a month ago. I found that I was unable to open the book no matter how I tried. After doing some research I discovered what the book was. It is a called a Book of Shadows, a book belonging to a witch that acts as both a spell book and a journal. I found that a Book of Shadows can only be opened by-"

"By what?" Pacifica asked, sounding a little worried.

Dipper looked at her a moment before continuing to read. "By a witch, or someone with innate magic. - Huh. Innate magic." He stared at Pacifica, then at the page, a little shocked. Yet another thing shattered, and he looked towards where the sound had come from. Pacifica was still sitting on the floor, her eyes wide. "A witch... What do you know, I was right all along," he muttered the last part.



"No, but seriously. I'm not a witch," she said. "I can't be. This is some joke, right?"

"Well, you opened the book, so you have to at least have some form of magic. Wow, that's a weird thought. What else does this thing say?" She just stared at him incredulously, her mouth open and shock taking over. "Recently I was lucky enough to find two more books. One was left open. I managed to look at a few pages before someone closed it. The book was written in a code, or a series of symbols, much like the one I use. I could not find the symbols anywhere after spending days at the library researching. I have concluded that it is a code only witches can understand. Whether the knowledge of this code is taught or innate, I do not know."

"What code?" Pacifica said, sitting on the bed, grabbing the book and flipping through the pages. "This is all in English... and Latin."

"Right, I'm going to say the language is innate, then," he smirked.

She glared at him in annoyance. "You've got to be kidding, Pines. It doesn't say that, you're just pulling my leg!"

"I'm not! Honestly!" he turned the page around, pointing to where it was written. "I told you, I can't read that. It looks like gibberish... Oh, here's another update. - After the purge of the infamous Westwood Witches, we have collected a total of eight books. We have no use-"

Suddenly a vase that sat in the window shattered. Dipper looked at it in shock, still not used to everything suddenly breaking. Though, he was starting to get a suspicion of what was causing it. Pacifica also had a look of utter shock on her face, but she wasn't looking at the vase. She was looking at him.

"Hang on, wait, what? Say that again?" she demanded.

"That vase just shattered when you..."

"The book, Pines!"

"What? Ah, there's eight books."

"No, the witches. Who did they take the books from?"

"The Westwood Witches. It says there's a file on them. Number 618."

"No, no, no, no, it's not possible," she muttered, crawling to the draws and rifling through the files.

"Why? What is it?"

"Westwood is my mother's maiden name."

"So... your mom's a witch. I mean, that would explain..." He wiggled his fingers at her to indicate the magic.

"No, that's the thing. She's not. I mean, I do call her that sometimes, but I don't mean it literally. I would have noticed that, right? Besides, if she really is a witch, and I am too, then why hasn't she told me... or been teaching me? She wants me to succeed at everything, surely magic would have come in handy with that!"

"Here, I found it!" Dipper said, having been helping her search by looking in the cabinets too. They both sat down on her bed, the book between them. "Let's see what it says. - The Witches of Westwood are a very old coven. There is evidence of them arriving with the first settlers of Gravity Falls. It is believed that they simply moved south from Salem after the near re-occurrence of the witch trials late in 1841. Within the coven, most members belong to the founding family, the Westwood's. Unlike some of the witches I have come across in my travels, they do not use their magic for good. Nor do they use it for chaos. Instead they are very selfish, and use it for personal gain. Over the years this has led to their vast wealth and high status in the community. March 30th 1982. It has come to my attention that the Westwood's have been dealing with Bill Cipher. They regularly summon him to our plane of existence. I have found out that they have been dealing with him for centuries, even offering sacrifices and willingly doing jobs for him over the years. We found this tapestry that depicts this, shown right. I have -"

"Hey, that's in my house!"


"That tapestry." She pointed to the picture. "It's hanging up in my house. It's always been there. I never even questioned it... Well, I thought it was creepy as hell, but I usually ignored it."

"Maybe your mom inherited it."

"She could have done. I mean, I never asked about any of the paintings in the house. They were just there. Man, this is too weird. I'm dreaming. That's it. I'm still dreaming. And for some reason I'm dreaming about being a witch. Any moment now something is going to try and kill me, and I'm going to wake up with the real Dipper shaking me awake. Yep. That makes more sense."

Dipper looked at her sympathetically, though slightly amused. "Okay, Sif. We'll go with that."

"Yep. I'm dreaming."

"Well, while you're still 'dreaming', let's find out more about these witches... Um..." He skimmed through a good section of it, leaving out all the fluff that the author seemed to be putting in the files that he had previously omitted in the journals. "It says that after 'recent events' - that's it, it doesn't explain that further – someone called 'Lee' went on a revenge driven rampage. He wanted to wipe out every witch in the coven, and considering how dangerous they were, the author agreed. But rather than killing them like Lee wanted, he thought that stopping them from using magic would be a better idea."

"That's possible?" she said.

"It says that they went to their friend, America, for help. She created them a spelled ink that would bind their magic and stop them from being able to access it. Then they managed to track them all down and tattoo a sigil on them, and erase their memories of everything to do with magic with McGucket's gun! Whoa!"

"Oh my god, I know that symbol!" she pointed to the sigil that was drawn on the page. "That's my mom's tattoo! She said that she tried to have it removed, but it didn't work. She hates it."

"That's the sigil that stops them using magic," Dipper told her. "I guess that's why your mother never told you she was a witch. She didn't even know."

"Witches, fairies… Next you're going to tell me that there is a bogart or whatever that thing is in Harry Potter," she laughed incredulously.

"Sif, this is serious…"

"No! It's not, Dipper! It can't be! I am not a witch. My mother was never a witch. This is all just some messed up… trick!"

"A trick set up for you thirty years ago? Sif, that's nuts."

"This whole thing is nuts!" One of the crystals shattered.

"Oh yeah? Then how do you explain that?"

"Explain what?"

"This…" Suddenly he shouted, lunging at her slightly. Pacifica squealed in shock and jumped back. Yet another crystal broke. "Every time you've been shocked or surprised, something's shattered or broken. You're doing that." Pacifica scowled at him and shook her head slightly. In the next instant, one of the files on the ground burst into flame. "Ah! And that! Crap, crap, crap!"

He jumped up and started swatting at the fire a few times before he grabbed the old blanket Pacifica had shoved under the bed and smothered it. He let out a sigh of relief when he checked and found that the fire had been put out. Though, now the blanket was slightly melted and the floor charred. Pacifica was just staring at the burnt spot on the floor in fear.

"I really hope that wasn't important," he said, trying to lighten the mood. Curiously he began searching through the pile of ashes to find out what the file had been about. He managed to find a few bits that weren't so damaged that some of the writing was discernable. Only one of them gave any decent information. "Water horse… Huh, maybe he found Nessie or something."


"The Lochness Monster. Most people think that it's some kind of water horse."

"Oh." She looked down at her lap where she was clasping her hands together tightly. Noticing this, Dipper frowned and sat back up on the bed with her.

"Hey, why don't we find out what that spell was? How did it go again?"

"The tem-"

"No, no, no! Wait! Don't- don't read it out loud. Trust me, I've already learnt my lesson with the whole raising the dead thing. Never read a spell out loud if you don't want it to happen. Here, write it out." He handed her the journal and a pen that he'd brought down with him. "Besides, it will give me a good key to start deciphering that witchy code."

She grabbed the book and flipped to the next empty page, beginning to write it neatly up the top. "I still don't understand how you can't read this."

"I still don't understand how you think it's English," he countered.

She shrugged, continuing to write. "The words look a little funny, and some of them look like they're trying to dance off the page, but that's normal."

"Ah... no, it really isn't."

"It is for me."

Dipper blinked. "Are you-"

"Dyslexic? Yes." She handed him the book back and he glanced at what she'd written.

"Really? You wouldn't be able to tell from your writing. You spell better than Mabel."

She shrugged again. "Practice I guess. They didn't realise it until I was almost seven. It's normal for young kids to write like I did. But when I didn't improve my school had me do some tests. My parents hired tutors and experts to help me. It wouldn't do to have me failing in school because of spelling and reading, you know. So they brought the tutors in every week day for years. And by the time I was taking exam level studies, I had the best scores in our grade." She didn't look at him, instead choosing to focus on the pen she was twirling through her fingers. "I hate reading. I still have days where I just can't seem to spell even the easiest words. Writing still looks funny, and I have to read something a couple of times before I understand it properly. And numbers are just useless. But I'm better than I was even a few years ago. Unlike you, some of us had to work hard to be average... let alone the best."

"I never said-"

"I know," she said quickly. "I just mean, well, it's not fair. For people like you it's effortless. And for people like me it's a constant struggle. I'd hate to think what life would be like if my parents weren't rich enough to get in all that professional help."

Dipper rubbed at the back of his head. "Yeah, it would really suck not being able to read. Speaking of..." He looked back down at the spell. "Let's see. The time is now, I am of age. Let this magic free of its cage. Long have I awaited this power. Now I find it in this great hour. With the blessing of Goddesses three. Make me who I'm meant to be. Wait, why does this rhyme in English, when it's written in Latin? Never mind, this sounds like it's-"

"An awakening spell."

"Yeah. Like, to remove a seal on magic or something. I mean, the first line makes it sound like a time based thing, and-"

"No, Dipper. It's an awakening spell." She held up the book and pointed to a large line of text at the top of the page. To him it just looked like random markings, but clearly to her it was a title that must have read 'Awakening Spell'. It certainly had the right amount of characters and ended in a double figure.


She frowned as she looked at the page again. "I really should have read this first," she said.

"Why? What does it say?" He shuffled over so that he could see the book, even though it did him no good. Pacifica began to read, using her finger to guide her.

"As is tradition, a Westwood witch comes of age in their thirteenth year, and is allowed to unbind their powers. The Westwoods are a noble and powerful family. Every generation the magic of the Westwoods becomes stronger and stronger. As a result, children are coming into their powers before they are old enough to even learn how to control them. It became a danger. And so a seal was placed upon our bloodline that all those born to it would have their magic bound till they were of age. Below is the spell that will break the seal you were born with. Read well, young Westwood. Blessed be."

"So, Westwoods are born unable to use their magic."

"Until they read this."

"That would certainly explain why you never knew." He gave her a half-hearted smile. He could tell that she was on edge, and he wanted to try and reassure her.

Pacifica's brow was creased as she read over the information again. "Hold on... what year that this purge thing? When did your author and stuff seal everyone?"

"Ah..." Dipper looked at the files. "August 1982."

"1982... She would have been twelve. My mom. She was twelve."

"So, she never would have had the chance to use her magic. She wasn't of age. They just sealed her up and removed her memories anyway."

"And they did that to my entire family? That actually sounds... brutal. Does this author of yours usually do stuff like this?" she looked at him in concern."

"No, never," Dipper said, worry starting to creep into his voice. He flipped through some of the pages of his own journal. "He's always just been and observer, a documenter. At the very most, he's done experiments on non-sentient things or had to fight things off when they attacked him. It sounds like this Lee guy was hell bent on revenge and dragged the author into it."

"Do you know who that guy is?"

He shook his head. "He's never even mentioned anyone else before. Not even McGucket. Well, not really. I kind of thought he was just this lone adventure guy, you know?"

"This is too weird," she muttered. "This whole town is too weird!" She hid her face in her hands.

"Are you okay?"

She uncovered her face to look at him in exasperation. "Well let's see? In less than a week I've been attacked by a ghost. Watched a whole bunch of people – including you – be turned to wood in a way that looked like a way that looked like a fucking horror film. I disobeyed my parents and ran away from home. I've injured myself and been stalked by some creepy monster. I've been having nightmares almost every night. I just found out that I used to know some fairies, that some group of crazy guys have been erasing my memories for how many years, and that I'm a god damn witch!" She grasped at her hair in frustration, only to look even more annoyed. "And I keep forgetting how short my hair is! Do I seem okay to you?!"

As she spoke the last of the crystals shattered, all of the papers on the floor flew up like they had been blown about by a strong wind, and the journal snapped shut on Dipper's hand.

"Ow! Okay, okay, I know, I'm sorry. I just... want you to feel okay. You've been through enough." He gave her a small, wary smile and her eyes softened. "But, ah... we're going to have to get all this under control."

They looked about at the messed up room and her face fell. "Yeah..."

"Is there anything in those books on basic control?"

"I don't know, I'll have to look. But... there may be... I don't know, I think. It's just a random thought, but there may be another option."

"There is?"

She nodded slowly. "Another witch. Well, not exactly. But maybe someone who might know. There's a bit of a rumour in my family that my great aunt was a witch. America Northwest. She went missing years and years ago, when my dad was a kid. My cousin Ami ended up inheriting all her stuff. She said she's really interested in fantasy and the supernatural. I thought she just meant books and stuff, but... I don't know. Maybe I could talk to her. See if she knows anything. It's a long shot, but..."

"It may be a long shot, but it's worth a shot."

With a small smile, she nodded and pulled her laptop out from under the bed. "Right then. I just hope she's online. Ah, Dipper. I'm going to need the wifi password."