Prompt - Oooooo yay! Felicity is getting ready for a date with Ray and then she hears a know on the door of her apartment to find Oliver.

Felicity had not pictured her evening ending like this, nope not at all. She was meant to be eating out, even maybe do a little dancing with her date, Ray, not looking after a half naked Oliver Queen who was currently asleep in her bed. She sighed as her mind wandered earlier to the evening.

She stood in front of her floor length mirror gently placing her second earring through her ear, before staring back at her reflection. She was wearing a navy blue dress; it hugged her figure in all the right places. Ray had always said he liked her in blue and it did match her skin tone. She wore it for him, to make him smile after everything. A thudding on her door brought her attention back in the room. She frowned glancing at the clock, he was early.

"Just coming." She shouted as she span on her bare feet, walking out her bedroom and towards the door. The hammering got louder and more persistent. "I said I'm coming." She said pulling the chain open and turning the key in the lock, but still the knocking continued. She pulled the handle opening the door "God Ra-" she gasped as Oliver fell face forward straight to the floor in a heap. "Oliver?" She said staring at him unblinking.

"Felicity." It came out pained and as a whisper, she immediately found herself on her knees beside him. She turned his face towards her; he was covered in small cuts and bruises like he had taken a beating.

"What the hell happened?" She gently rolled him over, her eyes immediately fell to his blood stained shirt. She found herself gasping, and inched closer. His eyes snapped to hers as he pulled himself into a sitting position. He still hadn't answered her. "Oliver..." He nodded to the wide open door, she ever so gently rose to her feet, shutting and locking it.

"Bratva." He said slowly trying to pull himself up.

"Wait... What!? I thought you said we had the night off, all of us, where are Dig and Roy?"

"They're fine. It was just me." He looked into her eyes then and he could see the fury in them.

"What the hell Oliver?" She said standing taller her voice rising. "Seriously how stubborn have you got to be to go out there alone? Have you learnt nothing? We're a team Oliver. A TEAM!" She sighed and he dropped his head, slowly he pulled himself up off the floor.

"I wasn't... I was on my way here..." He didn't look at her then.

"Oh..." She shook her head. "Wait so they grabbed you off the street?"

"To be more precise... They knocked me off my bike, took me to a warehouse, tied me to a chair and proceeded to beat me."

"But why?"

"Apparently to test my loyalty." She ran a finger between her eyes sighing. "Which was proven when I broke free and knocked them all out, threatened their leader and spoke to Anatoly."

"Then why are you here?" She asked staring into his blue eyes.

"Because..." He looked her up and down then, taking in her appearance. "I should probably go, you clearly have plans."

"Well obviously, you gave us the night off I'm not planning on staying in every time. Not that I don't enjoy staying in with a tub of mint choc chip and a good film, just you know." She shrugged and Oliver couldn't help the smile that crept up on him. He slowly made his way to the door, wincing slightly at his aching sides. As his hand reached for the key he felt delicate fingers circle his wrist; his eyes snapped to see the bright blue nails against his dark jacket, then up to her even brighter blue eyes.

"Oliver?" She said it so softly, with such concern. "You've come all this way, let me take care of you." His eyes widened. "I mean your wounds... You're injured, what sort of partner would I be if I let you go back out like that," she gestured at his face and chest, "not that there's anything wrong with you I mean god... I'm gonna stop..." She said closing her eyes briefly; she opened them to his eyes staring intently into hers.

"Felicity I don't want to stop you living your-"

"Stop! Stop right there. You are a part of my life Oliver. Now come on." She pulled on his wrist gesturing him to sit on the stool in her kitchen.

They stayed in a comfortable silence as she cleaned the small cuts on his face, nothing too bad thankfully. She looked at Oliver then, a small frown appearing, as she took a step back from him as his breathing seemed slightly off.

"Jacket and shirt off... Wait not like that; I… just let me see how bad it is."

"Felicity there is no need, I didn't mean-"

"Oliver..." She said crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow, ever so slowly he slipped his brown leather jacket off his shoulders. Then even slower he pulled his grey shirt up, Felicity's eyes widened as his skin was mottled shades of red, and purple. He had tiny cuts on his body; he winced heavily when he had his arms above his head. Felicity instinctively helped ease his arms out pulling the shirt over his head.

"Thank you." He whispered, not looking into her eyes. She gently trailed her fingers over his skin, making sure not to press too hard. She could feel his breath hitch at different points, clearly in pain and nothing else. She looked into his eyes then.

"Jesus Oliver, I don't even know if you have broken ribs or not. Why didn't you go to Dig he would have been so much better..." She watched him arguing with himself. "Come on just talk to me." He sighed then.

"I've told you, I rely on you." She closed her eyes as she carried on cleaning the cuts and wounds across his chest and body. The air between them seemed to crackle in the silence.

"Why did you really want to come here Oliver?" She asked whilst cleaning his back.

"I... I miss you." She frowned, and stopped. "I mean, I miss what we used to have the carefree conversations, talking to each other... Confiding in each other... All I want is you to be happy Felicity." She came back around to face him.

"When are you going to realise you make me happy Oliver?" They stared into each other's eyes, completely lost in the moment slowly they leant closer, when suddenly there was a slight knock on the door. The atmosphere between them changed, and Felicity suddenly remembered her date.

"I should go." Oliver said attempting to stand.

"No." She placed a hand on his shoulder pushing him down. "You need to sleep, need to heal and I don't think you'll get that at the loft with Merlyn there." She said raising an eyebrow.

"But your date?"

"It's not as important as you." She answered instantly, and she noticed the look of surprise on his face. She shook her head, "I mean your health. Go get some sleep Oliver."


"No my bed is free, go relax, nothings gonna happen here." He gently got up then as she made her way to the door and him her bedroom. She opened the door, to Rays easy smile.

"Hello gorgeous ready for-" his mouth fell open as he took in her appearance. "Are you okay?" She glanced down then to see her blue dress was now stained with small spots of red.

"I... I'm fine. I just I'm not feeling great."

"Want to stay in?" Her mind wondered to the man in her bedroom.

"Err no! I mean sorry Ray can we rearrange, something's come up with a friend."

"Of course, are you sure you're okay?"

"Yes, thank you." She leant up and placed a kiss on his cheek before spinning back and locking the door.

"Sorry about the dress." Oliver said standing in her bedroom doorway. "I mean you'd look beautiful wearing a rag but I think red suits you more than blue anyway." Her heart quickened in her chest.

"Bed Oliver." She said a little breathlessly trying not to let his words affect her.

"I know. Thank you Felicity."

"It's what friends are for." She smiled softly, his eyes saddened for a second before he turned away.

"Don't ever doubt how much I need you." Oliver said softly disappearing into the darkness.

And now here she was, sat in her living room in her ruined dress, watching TV, eating mint choc chip out of the carton as Oliver Queen slept in her bed. She sighed to herself, wishing that he was in there for an entirely different reason other than sleeping. She closed her eyes taking a calming breath before she sought comfort in her ice-cream.