Warning: Rated 'M' for a reason

Give Me A Reason
By: Rise of the Blossom

Chapter 1 – Just A Gamer

Avenger–S signed in.

Fall–of–the–Blossom: You're later than usual. Did something happen?

He stared at his computer screen for a moment, silently thinking, but then before he even knew it, his fingers were skimming along the keyboard of his laptop, typing the words he hadn't even wanted to say.

Avenger–S: My father was being a dick again, arguing with my brother about something and somehow, I got involved. I hadn't meant to get myself involved and my brother tried to get me out of the argument, but apparently my father had other ideas.

There was a pause and several times, the notification-like pen that told him the other person was typing appeared on the bottom of the chat box. However it took a while for the other person to actually reply.

Fall–of–the–Blossom: If it makes you feel any better, I made a total idiot out of myself today…

He shook his head and chuckled once.

It had been around three months since he and Fall–of–the–Blossom started speaking, having met in an online game. They didn't exchange any personal details, like their real names or anything that could give away their identities. It was more like… He wasn't entirely sure what they were. They had never met before, only spoke on instant messenger or an online game, but they told each other their problems and did what they could to cheer the other up.

Avenger–S: That depends on how you made yourself look like an idiot.

For all he knew, his online friend could be a fifty year old man jerking off in front of his computer. Gods, he hoped that wasn't the case, otherwise he'd be tracking the creep down and beating him to within an inch of his life. Fall–of–the–Blossom had told him that she was a girl, and he had told her that he was a guy. They had decided to not tell each other their ages as of yet, even though it sounded a little stupid. It made guessing kind of fun, though. Even he would admit that. Fall–of–the–Blossom spoke maturely and she told him that he did, too. However, there were moments or days when they would goof off with one another. If he had to guess, he'd say she was no older than twenty, maybe twenty-one.

With her, even though they had never met, he found himself acting like a totally different guy, completely different to how he was supposed to act or did act in front of anybody else.

He liked that.

Once more, she was typing.

Fall–of–the–Blossom: Well, I was in gym and I'm usually pretty good at sports! But my sensei is a total hardass and I ended up throwing up in front of the entire class.

Oh. He grimaced. Well that did sound kind of bad.

Also, maybe she wasn't twenty or twenty-one, then.

Avenger–S: It happens to the best of us. At least you can say you put all of your effort into the lesson.

Fall–of–the–Blossom: Are you saying that it's happened to you, too?

Shaking his head, he smirked.

Avenger–S: Of course not. I was simply trying to make you feel better. I don't think I've ever seen anybody puke from working too hard.

This was what he meant. With any of his friends in the 'real world', he would never speak or act in such a way with them. To them, he was cold and distant, preferring to keep to himself. There was simply something about Fall–of–the–Blossom that made him act differently and for once, he found he didn't particularly hate it. Just speaking with her took away his stress, because he listened to her problems and helped her through them. In response, she gave him advice, too.

She knew that he lived with his mother, father and older brother, the latter having just returned from university. And he knew that she was an only child who lived with her mother. Her father had left them a few years ago and it was just the two of them. But she didn't mind that. Apparently. Others may have believed that, but he didn't. It was how she worded things, and how long it took her to respond.

Fall–of–the–Blossom: Wow. Thanks. And here I was, being so kind to you, and trying to make you feel better. Jerk!

Once again, he smirked.

Avenger–S: Oh? If I'm such a jerk, I wouldn't have bothered trying to make you feel better in the first place. I simply would have laughed.

A knock on his bedroom door grabbed his attention, making him close over the laptop lid ever so slightly. Part of him knew that it would look suspicious of him to do such a thing and no doubt they would think he was doing something completely different. Whatever. Let them have their assumptions. The light on the screen dimmed, but it was obvious he was still using it for it was not completely closed.

"Come in."

The door opened, revealing his older brother.

"Mother asked me to check up on you, Sasuke," his brother told him, stepping into the bedroom and shutting the door behind him. "I'm sorry that you were dragged into that argument. That should not have happened."

Sasuke sighed and placed his laptop down on the bed beside him. It was only Itachi. If it had been his mother, there was no doubt in his mind that she would have asked question after question, wanting to know who he was talking to and whatnot. Speaking with Itachi, however, had a calming effect in Sasuke's opinion. Of course not everybody agreed, for his brother could be incredibly intimidating when he wanted to be.

Sometimes, Sasuke wondered if Itachi got lonely. Ever since he returned from university, he would always find his younger brother and make conversation. And despite having more than enough money to move out, he didn't.

"I'm fine," he murmured, leaning back against the headboard of his bed as he watched Itachi sit down at the desk. "I just… didn't like him yelling at you like that."

What made it so much worse was that Itachi didn't yell back. He merely stated facts calmly. He never raised his voice. Having their father yelling at him the way he was had just seemed so very wrong. Sasuke wasn't even entirely sure what the argument had been about. One moment, it was about the family business and then the next, it was about Itachi being too antisocial. Sasuke would admit that his older brother kept to himself quite a lot (unless it was with Sasuke, their cousin or their mother), couldn't always understand them and was rather quiet, but why bring that up in an argument? To score points? No. Itachi couldn't help the way he was.

A small smile was pulling at Itachi's lips. "Thank you for defending me, but next time, it may be best if you come up here and listen to music or something of the sort. You do not need to be burdening yourself with our arguments. They–"

The sound of his laptop beeping cut him off.

"Sorry," Sasuke mumbled awkwardly and closed the lid completely. Fall–of–the–Blossom would have to wait for a while. Right now, his brother needed him. "How am I supposed to ignore something like that, though? Would you ignore the argument if our roles were reversed?"

Itachi smiled once again and shook his head. "No, I suppose I wouldn't."

"Then don't expect me to do so."

"Very well." Itachi paused for a moment, eyeing the laptop. "May I ask what you were doing before I came in?"

For somebody who preferred keeping to themselves, Itachi had a habit of being nosy. He was the type of person who felt as though they needed to know everything, otherwise it would keep him up half the night wondering about it. Sasuke wasn't even sure how his older brother had survived college or university. The exams must have been torture for him. Sleepless nights, skipped meals…

"Just talking to Naruto." He shrugged. "I'm supposed to be finishing some coursework, but the idiot keeps messaging me."

From the raising of Itachi's eyebrow, it was obvious his brother didn't believe him for a second.

Another beep.

Damn. She was persistent tonight.

Suddenly, Itachi was smirking and stood up. "Reply to her, Sasuke."

"Naruto can wait," Sasuke muttered, his eyes narrowing and telling his brother that he did not appreciate the teasing comment. "What makes you think I'm talking to a girl, anyway?"

The older Uchiha leaned back against the door, seeming thoughtful for a moment as he regarded Sasuke. It was slightly unnerving. "For starters, had it really been Naruto-kun, you would have replied immediately, telling him to shut up despite it not being polite to do so. Not only that, but you would have also signed out, meaning you do not actually want to stop speaking with the person you are conversing with. Whoever it is, they probably know to wait for your reply."

Damn it. There was no getting passed Itachi.

"It's just another gamer," he sighed, opening his laptop and creating a new tab to show Itachi the game. "See? No secret affair or whatever your mind's coming up with." Itachi chuckled once in response. "We've been talking for a while now about nothing important. Just… talking. We don't tell each other our names or where we live."

"I should hope not," his brother murmured after a moment, narrowing his eyes on the screen. It was a violent game – not the kind he enjoyed, Sasuke knew. In fact Itachi didn't care much for games. He preferred to read books or listen to music. "I'm glad nobody has to give you a talk on internet safety."

Sasuke pulled a face. "Actually… Shisui did. He gave me a massive lecture about most crimes now happening online or because of people meeting online."

Itachi smiled to himself and he knew that his brother thought it was nice to know Shisui had taken care of Sasuke in his absence. However, he was home now. Now, it was his responsibility to do such a thing. It was the look in his eyes. "It is the truth."


He sounded distracted and after a moment, Itachi noticed how his brother's eyes were fixed on the flashing box at the bottom of the screen, telling him he had two unread messages. "Do not stay up too late, Sasuke. You have school tomorrow and father will not be pleased if you develop a habit of being late or sleeping in."

"I won't." Just as Itachi was about to open the bedroom door, Sasuke added much more quietly, "…It's good to have you back, Itachi."

"It is nice to be home, despite the arguments."

With that, he left.

Sasuke sighed and opened the messenger once more.

Fall–of–the–Blossom: You probably laughed anyway, you jerk!

Fall–of–the–Blossom: Ugh. Are you ignoring me now? Seriously, you need to learn how to take a joke! I don't really think you're a jerk. You can be kind of sweet, actually. Kind of. Not really.

Sasuke rolled his eyes.

Avenger–S: My brother came to talk to me. Tch. You're so annoying.

The response was immediate.

Fall–of–the–Blossom: Tch? You actually type 'tch'? What are you, some stoic, badass anime character?

Avenger–S: Definitely.

Fall–of–the–Blossom: Wait, are you being sarcastic or…?

Avenger–S: What do you think?

Fall–of–the–Blossom: How am I supposed to tell? I can't exactly see you and we're talking over instant messenger. For all I know, you could be being serious. You could even be offended! Oh, did I offend you?

Fall–of–the–Blossom: I hope so. Jerk.

Sasuke honestly couldn't help but chuckle. This girl… She was unlike any of the girls in school. She was honest. Bluntly, harshly honest. And Sasuke liked that about her. It kept him interested. All other girls bored him. Hell, he wouldn't even waste his time sleeping with them because he knew it would only cause more hassle in the long run. The last thing Sasuke wanted was emotional, overly attached fan-girls chasing him around the school, refusing to give him a moment's peace.

Avenger–S: Yes. You wounded me deeply.

Fall–of–the–Blossom: Good! So, what did your brother want? Is he okay after that argument you were talking about?

That was another thing about Fall–of–the–Blossom. She genuinely cared. At first Sasuke had been uncomfortable with opening up to her, with typing his problems into an instant messenger in case somebody somehow got a hold of the messages. But after the first time it didn't seem so bad. Actually, now, Sasuke looked forward to speaking with her at the end of every day, even if it was only for an hour or two. Fall–of–the–Blossom was smart, she gave adequate advice and she had one hell of a killing streak on the game they had met on.

Avenger–S: He seemed fine when he came to speak with me just now, but he's good at hiding how he's really feeling.

Fall–of–the–Blossom: There are guys like that in school.

It would be a lie if Sasuke said that his interest was not piqued.

Avenger–S: Oh? And what are they like?

Fall–of–the–Blossom: Total assholes. I used to have this crush on this one guy (all the girls are in love with him) but he barely paid me any attention. It was like he hated me and my existence even though he barely even knew me!

Avenger–S: Maybe he wouldn't have acted that way if he got to know the real you?

Fall–of–the–Blossom: I doubt it. He's an even bigger jerk than you are!

Sasuke scowled. He didn't appreciate being compared to pricks. There was a slight chance – a very high chance – that he often acted how Fall–of–the–Blossom was describing, but still.

Avenger–S: Maybe he knows you're annoying, then.

Fall–of–the–Blossom: Oh, he does. He's called me annoying before. Many times actually. And then the entire class laughed at me like it was all some big joke!

Sasuke winced. Yeah… The guy she was describing sounded very much like him. A total ass.

Avenger–S: Just forget about him then.

Fall–of–the–Blossom: Did that long ago!

He didn't like it when their conversations moved onto relationships or crushes or whatever. Mostly because Fall–of–the–Blossom was the one who did most of the talking, for she had had many crushes and been with one or two guys, whereas he had been with zero girls, had zero crushes. One time Sasuke had accidentally kissed Naruto, but then he kicked the blond's ass afterwards.

Fall–of–the–Blossom: I didn't tell you, did I?

Thank the Gods, the conversation was moving on!

Avenger–S: Tell me what?

Fall–of–the–Blossom: I got this amazing offer to go abroad this summer and work in a hospital!

That was an amazing offer. Even though they didn't know each other's ages, she had assured him that she was not older than twenty–five and was definitely not a dirty, lying old man who was going to kidnap and brutally murder him if they ever met. She also knew that Sasuke was not older than twenty–five, but had yet to guess his actual age.

Avenger–S: So you want to become a doctor, then?

Fall–of–the–Blossom: For as long as I can remember! What about you? What do you want to do or what are you doing?

What did he want to do? Sasuke grimaced. He would most likely join the family business because it was expected of him. It wasn't exactly a family business, but his family practically ran the police force. Part of him wanted that, wanted to one day become captain, but… Sasuke knew that that would never happen. Their father wanted Itachi to take over his place, not Sasuke. And if Itachi failed, then Shisui would become captain.

Avenger–S: I still haven't decided yet.

Fall–of–the–Blossom: You're still in high school!

She was smart, he'd give her that.

Avenger–S: I am.

Fall–of–the–Blossom: Me too. My final year, actually.

Same for him.

Avenger–S: But if it's your final year, doesn't that mean you're not even eighteen yet? How did you get that offer? Did you lie about your age?

Fall–of–the–Blossom: Nope! It's called hard work. I'm one of the youngest ever to receive such an opportunity, though.

As far as he was aware of, she was. Sasuke hadn't heard of anybody receiving anything like that. He had always believed that, to work in a hospital, you had to be a certain age. Don't ask him why. It was simply because of all the years at college and then at university.

Avenger–S: Well, good luck. And try not to mess up.

Fall–of–the–Blossom: Wow. Thanks! Means so much.

Fall–of–the–Blossom: Anyways, I've got to go, now. School in the morning and whatnot.

Avenger–S: Same here. Goodnight.

Fall–of–the–Blossom: Night!

Fall–of–the–Blossom has signed out.

Sighing, Sasuke also signed out and shut down his laptop, getting out of bed for a moment to put it onto the desk. Like he had thought earlier: they could only speak for an hour or two every night. Sometimes, despite it seeming clingy and so unlike him, he wished they could speak for longer. She didn't annoy him like everybody else did.

Pulling his shirt over his head and tossing it to the side of his room, he pulled back his covers and climbed into bed, pausing in laying down to switch out the light.

One final question plagued his mind before sleep finally claimed him:

If she didn't already live in Konoha, would she be coming to Konoha to work in the hospital?

A/N – My first try at a multi-chaptered SasuSaku fanfiction! I decided to try something different from the other stories. Well, so far I haven't seen any like this and hopefully there aren't any! I just wanted it to not be like the predictable, cliché stories.

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